33 Creative Corporate Giveaway Ideas to Boost Brand

By: | Updated: January 30, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate giveaway ideas.

Corporate giveaway ideas are ideas for gifts and prizes freely given to clients, customers, or employees as a reward or promotion. Examples include branded hoodies, gift cards, and personalized notebooks. The purpose of these gifts is to boost brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and reward hard-working employees.

These items are similar to luxury swag, conference swag, conference giveaways, employee swag, cheap promo items, and small business promo items. You can order these items from promotional product companies and corporate swag vendors.


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Let us get started!

List of corporate giveaway ideas

When doing corporate giveaways, try to think outside the box. A gift does not have to be tangible and can be emailable or experiential. Here is a list of the best giveaway ideas for your business.

1. Customized T-shirts

You can personalize this classic corporate giveaway item with your company’s logo or slogan. This idea works best for clients when you have a strong customer base. However, this gift is also one of the most easy-to-execute corporate promotion ideas. To up the fun level and grab folks’ interest, you can create entertaining and appealing limited-edition tees that winners would love to receive.

2. Weekend getaways

Employees almost always appreciate tickets to weekend getaways. These gifts show that you care about the staff’s well-being and happiness. Plus, these tickets are great for team-building and boosting morale. A weekend getaway is an excellent example of business giveaway ideas demonstrating your desire for your employees to have wholesome lives.

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3. Gift cards

Many folks write off gift cards as impersonal gifts. However, these prizes are great for giveaways. Gift cards remove the uncertainty behind choosing a corporate gift. The recipient will also appreciate the freedom of choosing the perfect gift for themselves. Knowing what the recipient likes, you can choose the ideal store. Gift cards are easy to redeem and generally convenient. These prizes also come with the option for equivalent cash exchange. However, gift cards are more suited to coworkers than to outside partners.

Here is a list of the best virtual gift cards.

4. Snack basket

Unique corporate giveaway ideas, such as a basket filled with yummy snacks and drinks, can work well for your customers. For example, after you complete a business with a client, you can send them a goody basket. This idea is easy to plan and relatively affordable. You might even find businesses that offer this service, so you only have to provide the recipient’s details.

You can send this gift randomly to promote customer loyalty, and during holidays you know the client observes. For instance, you can send your client a Christmas-themed or Ramadan-themed basket.

Here is a list of snack box companies.

5. Customized blankets and pillows

Customized blankets and pillows may sound unconventional, but these items make great gifts for long-term customers or employees. If you want to make this giveaway even better, then you can throw in pajamas or a sleep mask. These are items that you are sure recipients will use these items for a long while, and your company logo will be on the winners’ minds during those long winter nights. However, it is nice to keep branding subtle, so recipients can easily use it in their homes.

6. Paid day off

An extra paid day off for your employees to use is a great employee giveaway idea. Everyone appreciates some time off work, which is why this prize works well. To make this giveaway even better, you can send the employee a gift basket or a ticket to an all-expense-paid spa day.

7. Customized mugs

Mugs are practical and popular gifts for employees and customers alike. You can print a  funny, quirky quote or your brand logo on the mug to add a touch of personality. These touches will remind recipients of your business’ spirit. Customized mugs can give recipients a connection to the company’s brand identity. Also, knowing how long mugs last when taken care of, you can consider this an investment.

8. Vouchers

Corporate party giveaway ideas like vouchers to a local spa can excite your employees. This giveaway is relatively easy to plan, but the idea is also fun. You can also collaborate with the local spa, so the free voucher you give your employees serves as a medium for advertisement. This way, you are supporting local businesses, making your employees happy, and increasing job satisfaction.

9. Concert ticket

Concert tickets for your employees can set the mood at your workplace. This idea can be a fun surprise and works best when the ticket is for a group outing. This way, the gift can double as a team bonding exercise. Imagine your employees singing Coldplay or Beyoncé songs together at the top of their voices! In the absence of a big artist, a known local concert can also suffice.

10. Customized USB sticks

If your employees use computers, then they will likely need USB sticks. A customized USB stick is a useful and unique giveaway item that your recipients are sure to love. Your employees get to represent the brand while the USB fills a need. USB gifts work even better if your company is in tech or deals well with data.

11. Stress balls

Mental health is very important, and you can get stress balls as part of a wellness giveaway package for employees and clients. These stress balls can come branded with the company logo or a slogan that showcases your business’s contribution to mental health. For an extra fun touch, choose a fun non-sphere shape like a strawberry or moose.

12. Personalized stationery

Personalized notebooks are practical and stylish gifts for your employees. To make your employees feel even more appreciated, customize the notebooks with the names and pictures. The basic info you will need should not be easy to gather. You do not need a specific occasion for this giveaway. Also, you can share these items at events. These giveaway items are great ways to promote your brand cost-effectively.

13. Customized keychains

A customized keychain is a useful and practical item that recipients will use daily. We have all lost our keys at some point, so employees and customers that get keychains would appreciate the gesture. Keychains are great giveaways for all team building contest participants or even for event sponsorships. To make the giveaway more memorable, hand out unconventional and useful keychains such as phone holders, bottle openers, or fidget toys.

14. Hotel or B&B vouchers

A calm day at a local hotel or bread & breakfast after a long week at work can be soothing. You can plan these corporate gift giveaway ideas as a surprise for employees or a way to attract new leads. The voucher can also be a gift to the most punctual employee or a client that always brings business to your company.

15. Free business tours

You can gift free tours of your facility, especially if you are a manufacturing business. This way, clients and prospects get a glimpse into the inner workings processes of your business. In addition, business tours establish trust between your business and the company you are entertaining. Special insider access makes great experiences that employees or visitors will remember. The recipients may get a chance to meet the CEO or partake in creating a product. The giveaway costs little it can be valuable.

16. Home-cooked meals

This idea works best if the recipient is a remote worker. Home-cooked meals are a way to remind employees that you care about their health. To execute this idea properly, you must know the employee’s allergies, likes, and dislikes. The more personalized the meal, the more your recipients will appreciate the gesture. However, you can also give away vouchers to food delivery services.

17. Custom AirPods

Music is a universal language that your clients and employees can enjoy. Gifting a custom AirPods Pro is a good giveaway idea for music lovers. This gift may be pricey, but it is a sophisticated way to celebrate a good financial year. Plus, this device makes an attractive raffle or contest prize. Additionally, this gift shows your employees and clients that both are worth the price, boosting customer loyalty and employee morale.

18. Sports ticket

If you have coworkers that are big sports fans, then sports events tickets may be the perfect giveaway idea. You can buy the tickets for one employee, a pair, or an entire team. There are obvious team building benefits to going out as a group, so that can be a big plus.

19. Drinkware set

Drinkware sets can include metal strands, bottle cleaners, bottle holders, and bottles. These items work well as giveaway items if you run fitness and wellness brands. A drinkware set will be with the recipient for a long time, so this can be more than a giveaway. You can also put together adult beverage sets that include specially printed beer, wine, or cocktail glasses, along with mixes and liquors.

20. Cooking classes

A cooking class would give your employees a fun chance to learn a new skill while bonding. However, recipients should have the choice to use the gift together or alone. Another cool aspect of this gift is that employees can use the voucher remotely or on-site. Thus, making this gift a practical business giveaway idea!

21. Customized phone cases

This idea is a great way to show your customers that you value their business. Customized phone cases are good corporate promotion ideas because clients, customers, prospects, and employees carry phones. In addition, this giveaway makes your brand more visible to many eyes.

22. Branded water bottles

Your clients and employees can stay hydrated on the go with a custom water bottle! You can give out these water bottles to all employees and clients that do business with you. You can share these items at company events and end-of-year parties. Generally, branded water bottles work well with company outdoor events like hiking or camping. To make the best impression, invest in a high-end brand.

23. Customized pens

Pens are a classic giveaway item and a great way to promote your brand. Pens are ubiquitous and can travel farther than you expect. If you give your employees and customers customized pens, the pen will become a free advertisement for your company. Also, these customized pens are a great addition to business hampers. To grab recipients’ attention, choose ultra high-quality pens or fun novelty pens.

24. Happy hour box set

Your employees also have fun outside the workplace. A great corporate gift item to raise morale is a happy hour box set. These boxes can include cocktail mixers, spicy pistachios, small-batch nibbles, and a fun canvas tote. You can also include a guide to make simple cocktails. This idea is great because winners of the giveaway can use the items in the box for a long time.

Here is a list of virtual happy hour kits.

25. Customized sunglasses

This idea is a fun and practical corporate giveaway for summertime events! Customized sunglasses make your employees remember you all vacation long while serving looks. Plus, an extra pair of shades comes in handy! However, you should remember not to compromise on quality, as poor quality gifts defeat the purpose of the giveaway.

26. Custom-printed tote bags

Tote bags are practical, versatile, and great for promoting your brand. Your employees will appreciate these gifts because recipients can use the bag repeatedly. This quality makes the tote eco-friendly, which is now quite popular.

27. Customized bracelets and wristbands

A great way to promote your business is to use bracelets and wristbands. These are cool and affordable giveaway prizes. However, what makes this idea stand out is the intention behind it. The bracelets or wristbands must represent your brand or a cause your brand stands for.

28. Duffel bags

Duffel bags with your business’s logo make sense, especially if your business is a travel brand. You can give these items to employees, customers, or winners of a contest. This idea stands out because winners can use duffel bags for different purposes, from traveling to gyming.

29. Free consultation

If you run a service-based company, then unique corporate giveaway ideas like free consultations work well. This corporate giveaway idea works great for prospective clients. For instance, if you own a spa, recipients of your giveaway can win a free skin consultation. This idea would help you promote your business and generate new leads.

30. Levitating Bluetooth speaker

This device is a cool corporate giveaway idea because the speaker plays music and levitates! The levitation is due to the action of magnets below the speaker and is bound to make heads turn. You can gift this device at end-of-year parties or company events as souvenirs. Remember to add your company logo to the Bluetooth speaker for brand awareness.

31. Seasonal fruit baskets

If you need a cute corporate giveaway idea to use on clients, then a seasonal fruit basket is a great pick.  You can curate these baskets with choice fruits, snacks, and collectibles that go well with the season. Try to find out if the recipient has any food allergies or preferences before giving any food gifts.

32. Whiskey box gift set

You can go old-school and gift your clients a whiskey box set. To do this gift, you need to get quality spirits that would be perfect for a whiskey lover. Corporate giveaway ideas like this box set show sophistication, and your clients will appreciate it. You could also add choice cigars to go with the gift. You should note that you do not give these types of gifts to every client.

33. Baked goods

A great way to thank your clients or employees for a job well done is to get baked goods. This corporate giveaway idea is one of those gifts that coworkers will probably love. To make this gift stand out, mix the baked goods with different pastries such as cookies, cakes, and truffles. You can then add these goodies to a food hamper.


There are so many unique and great corporate giveaway ideas, and choices can be overwhelming! Each corporate giveaway idea has unique benefits for your business and employees. Ideas can range from tangible gifts such as customized t-shirts and mugs to experiments such as a paid day off and concert tickets. Different gifts serve different purposes and make distinct impacts. When choosing your giveaways, first decide your intention and desired impressions, then seek out objects that will help you project the right image and reach your goals. Remember that being generous in your giveaways is an investment that often results in reciprocal client business or employee productivity or loyalty that recoups the upfront cost!

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FAQ: Corporate giveaway ideas

Here are answers to questions about corporate giveaway ideas. 

What are corporate giveaways?

Corporate giveaways are items given to clients, customers, or employees, often for promotional purposes. Examples of items for corporate giveaway includes branded hoodies, gift cards, paid trips, personalized notebooks, and branded water bottles. The purpose of these gifts is to boost brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and reward hard-working employees. Corporate giveaways can range from intangible gifts to experiences.

What are some good corporate giveaway ideas?

Here are some good corporate giveaway ideas:

  • Customized t-shirt
  • Whiskey box gift
  • Gift cards
  • Concert tickets
  • Duffel bags
  • Levitating Bluetooth speaker

Any of these ideas, or a mix of ideas, should work for your corporate giveaway.

How do you plan a corporate giveaway?

You can plan a corporate giveaway by first finding an activity that directly impacts your target audience. After finding the activity, you make a strict budget. This budget is important because you only want to spend what you intend to get back. The budget would be contingent on what kind of products or services you would be giving away and how many employees, customers, or attending would be attending.

Next up, ensure you make all plans for the giveaway in advance. You should finalize the date of events and logistics. Then, ensure you prepare all gifts before the day of the giveaway. You do not want to promise more and deliver less. To make this easier, you can enlist a third-party company’s help to make the branded items. Also, make sure you have set the timeline for all activities beforehand.

After the planning is over, execute the events with finesse. However, make sure you have contingency plans if things do not go as planned.

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