32 Cool Corporate Retreat Gifts and Swag

By: | Updated: January 01, 2024

You found our list of the best corporate retreat gifts and swag.

Corporate retreat gifts and swag are items presented to workers or customers as a token of gratitude after an event. Examples include hoodies, water bottles, and T-shirts. These gifts are distributed during company events and retreats to show appreciation to recipients for their hard work or continued patronage.

These ideas are similar to branded gifts for employees bought from swag companies. These ideas are types of staff presents and employee appreciation gifts that are often given out at events like corporate retreats.

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List of corporate retreat gifts and swag

Gifts for a corporate retreat may range from cheap items to luxurious keepsakes. Promo items are an investment for every business, not simply a needless expense. Here are some excellent promotional items that are customizable with your company’s name, colors, and logo.

1. Koozie Kamp 20 Degrees Sleeping Bag

A picture of a sleeping bag and a pack

The Koozie Kamp 20 sleeping bag is a great choice for camping. Companies looking for great outdoor retreat gifts should consider this brandable gift. This item features strong polyester and has useful features like a smooth zipper, a pocket inside, and straps for carrying. The outside is resistant to water and fire for safety. The bag is long enough for folks up to five foot eleven and keeps users warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether in the wild or just on a weekend trip, this sleeping bag ensures a comfy night’s sleep.

Learn more about the Koozie Kamp 20 Degrees Sleeping Bag.

2. Massif Sand Art Award

A picture of a frame with colored sand

This Massif Sand Art Award is one of the top gifts for leadership retreats. This award is particularly fitting for an award ceremony on the beach! In this art piece, the sand flows through air bubbles to make beautiful and intricate designs. Additionally, the item’s compact size fits well on a desk, reminding attendees of the retreat’s importance and the bonds formed during the event.

Learn more about the Massif Sand Art Award.

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3. Mini Telescope

A picture of a small telescope attachment

The Mini Telescope is a compact and handy device made from strong metal with a stainless steel body. This item helps users see in low-light conditions, like at night, and it comes with a special lens called XP5 that makes the view super clear.

This little telescope is small enough to fit right in a pocket, making it perfect for traveling. Plus, the scope has some cool features, like zooming in and adjusting the focus. The item also has a neat retractable viewing scope that adds to its convenience. Whether exploring nature or just gazing at the stars, this Mini Telescope is a handy tool to have during a retreat.

Learn more about the Mini Telescope.

4. Instax Blush Pink Mini 11 Instant Camera w/ 10 Count Film

A picture of a pink camera with a photo printing

The Instax Instant Camera is designed for easy and quick photography. You can give this gift out to retreat attendees at the start of the event so they can take photos throughout! The camera automatically determines the right brightness and shutter speed, making it easy to take great photos. Users can switch to a selfie mode by pulling out the lens.

The Instax also pushes out the photo after taking it, and the packages come with a handy mirror for selfies. The camera’s flash works up to nine feet away, and the photos it prints are about two inches by three-and-a-half inches in size. If users forget to turn the device off, it shuts down after five minutes to save battery. As a bonus, the item comes with a ten-pack of Instax mini film, two AA batteries, and a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Learn more about the Instax Blush Pink Mini 11 Instant Camera w/ 10 Count Film.

5. KeepCup

A picture of some colorful stacked cups

Attendees at your retreat will need to drink. You can give your guests a water bottle or KeepCup to use during the event to reduce waste. Productivity rises among workers who drink water regularly. In addition, a water bottle is an item that most individuals have with them at all times. Participants will think of your business every time they fill up their water bottles or have a drink at their favorite coffee shop if you give them a branded KeepCup.

Check out KeepCup.

6. Wine Glasses

A picture of an insulated wine cup

Your recipients can always use extra glasses and cups. If you give your clients or employees a set of branded wine glasses, your business will get additional exposure every time they use them. If you have just achieved a major organizational goal, then you can use special glasses to toast the occasion. For example, tumblers made from stainless steel are great because they last a long time, are simple to clean, and are well-liked business gifts. The tumblers are vacuum insulated, so your drinks will stay hot or cold for hours.

Check out wine glasses.

7. Fuzzy Slippers

A picture of blue fuzzy slippers

When considering gifts for staff retreats, consider distributing branded fuzzy slippers to keep your team’s toes warm throughout the cold months. These company-branded slippers will allow you to put your feet up while you work without feeling guilty.

Check out fuzzy slippers.

8. Eco-Friendly Bags

A picture of five colored tote bags

For your retreat gift bag ideas, having your company’s name printed on eco-friendly totes can help spread the word that you care about the environment. Wastefulness is a problem with business swag, but eco-friendly gift bags solve this problem by allowing recipients to recycle or reuse the bags several times.

It is a win-win situation if you can collaborate with a local eco-conscious business to make a stylish, eco-friendly bag with your branding. Moreover, your recipients will be grateful to take home a practical gift.

Check out eco-friendly bags.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

A picture of a black Bluetooth speaker

In terms of functionality, Bluetooth speakers are unrivaled. Music provides many psychological benefits, so branded speakers are a fantastic addition to gifts for a leadership retreat. When recipients listen to music, the speaker reminds them of your company, meaning continuous brand exposure and awareness.

Check out branded Bluetooth speakers.

10. Quality Laptop Bags

A picture of a black backpack

You may find great branded business gift options in common areas like supermarkets and health clubs. If you need a laptop bag, look for one that will not break the bank but is sturdy and practical. Any time your recipients use the laptop bags, they will give your brand plenty of visibility.

Check out quality laptop bags.

11. Reusable Straws

A picture of two metal straws and a bag

A custom-made reusable straw is a thoughtful gift for any event, and the carrying bag advertises your firm. Teams can use these straws every day, from iced coffee to water to evening cocktails. These straws are the best branded swag idea since they are durable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly.

Check out reusable straws.

12. Tradeshow Stickers

A picture of a laptop covered with stickers

Stickers made especially for your tradeshow are a great way to make your event memorable. Making stickers featuring your logo is a great way to get your name out there. In addition, employees might appreciate a trade show sticker in their goodie bags or on their computers, and providing them with one would be a great gesture.

Check out tradeshow stickers.

13. Self-Care Wellness Kit

A picture of shirts, a hat, a box, towels, and bands

Getting workers and business partners to care for themselves pays off in the long run. Employees who receive presents that promote self-care feel appreciated, which helps improve the company’s culture. Items that promote relaxation and health include aromatherapy, candles, and food-delivery services like GrubHub. You can also consider yoga mats if you are planning a health and fitness event.

Check out wellness swag boxes.

14. Wireless Earbuds

A picture of white earbuds

Many employees jam to music as they complete their workday. Listening to music may boost productivity, relieve stress, and spark inspiration. If there is one item you should look into for corporate welcome gift ideas, it would be earbuds.

Check out wireless earbuds.

15. Drink Coasters

A picture of black leather coasters and a glass

The combination of coasters and branded glasses makes a great present. Whenever your recipients have guests, they will probably bring out the coasters, increasing your brand’s awareness. Additionally, these items are great for virtual company outings and meetings when workers are sitting at their desks with a cool drink in hand.

Check out drink coasters.

16. Backpacks

A picture of a blue backpack

Recipients who are often on the go will appreciate a backpack or a commuter bag as a promotional gift from your firm. Workers in sales or customer service who frequently travel to meet with customers should invest in a sturdy bag. Your return on investment will increase since visitors can display your logo on the branded backpacks you provide them.

Check out backpacks.

17. Wireless Chargers

A picture of a white smartphone on a wireless charger

Every individual who owns a modern smartphone appreciates the ease of wireless charging. The recipient can keep their phone charged without a bothersome cable, making this the perfect gift for employees who work from home. Naturally, it is preferable if the receiver chooses which kind of charger they need.

Check out wireless chargers.

18. Reusable Notebook

A picture of a black notebook

Having a high-quality pen and paper set on hand makes it easier to get through the day’s duties and jot down some thoughts or drawings. Most professionals write to-do lists when they get to work. You can consider getting a set that recipients can reuse and sync notes in the cloud to take their note-taking to the next level.

Check out reusable notebooks.

19. Branded Sunglasses

A picture of a pair of sunglasses

The arrival of summer makes this item a particularly nice gift option. With your firm’s logo and colors prominently displayed on the frames, your staff members will be walking billboards for your organization. Additionally, if retreat attendees break or lose a pair, then these sunglasses are cheap enough to replace.

Check out branded sunglasses.

20. Electronics Organizer

A picture of a black cord organizer filled with cords and electronics

This item is perfect for serious techies since it helps them keep track of all their favorite devices. You can provide your staff or clientele with a stylish and practical carrying bag for their electronic accessories, such as cables, headphones, and chargers.

Check out this electronics organizer.

21. Custom Coffee Cups

A picture of a purple mug

When it comes to the artisan mug market, solar-powered Deneen Pottery is a great idea to consider for your corporate swag. You can create a mug your VIP client can use every morning by adding your company’s personalized touch.

Check out custom coffee mugs.

22. Whoopie Pie Baking Kit

A picture of ingredients to make a whoopie pie

If you are looking for a unique item to gift, consider a baking kit, such as this Whoopie Pie Baking Kit from Baketivity. Baking is perfect for getting the entire family together in the kitchen. This set is a great way to express gratitude in a tasty and entertaining way.

Check out the Whoopie Pie Baking Kit.

23. Hydro Flask

A picture of a smiling man and woman pouring a drink

Gifts from Hydro Flask are abundant and of good quality, making them a great choice as a corporate gift for workers or customers. The rapidly expanding business also provides lunch bags and coolers, which you can personalize with custom colors and company branding.

Check out Hydro Flask.

24. Travel Care Kit

A picture of a travel kit

It is a good idea to offer some comforts of home in the gift bag for out-of-town guests at your conference or event. For example, you could choose between a bamboo or an electric toothbrush. You may also ensure your visitors have a restful stay by providing earplugs, eye masks, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. If you want to give your visitors toiletries that will last, then put them in travel sizes that will get through airport security.

Check out travel care kits.

25. Cord Tacos

A picture of a white cord holder and a cord

Custom cord tacos have quickly become a popular accessory for road trips. Miniature leather or cloth pieces snap together to secure your earphones and other cables and prevent them from becoming tangled. Cord wontons and cord clams are only two examples of the many available styles. You can choose one that complements your company’s image to keep recipients organized on their way to and from the office.

Check out cord tacos.

26. Flash Drives

A picture of a white flash drive

If you plan for attendees to take files home, then you can save them on a reusable flash drive. By including slides from any PowerPoint presentations or keynote speeches, your recipients can review the content again later if it is not confidential.

Another option is to provide links and information on interesting local attractions for out-of-town tourists as well as travel advice from locals. Providing customers with a memorable experience in your city might strengthen their emotional connection with your business.

Check out flash drives.

27. Smartphone Magnifier and Projector

A picture of a screen playing a movie

If your budget allows, then consider a smartphone projector as corporate swag. These convenient tools transform your mobile device into a portable projector. The item works well for mobile video playback and quick slideshow presentations. Similarly, a screen magnifier may make a smartphone’s display roughly the size of a tablet’s.

Check out smartphone magnifiers.

28. Plant-Growing Kit

A picture of three plant kits and one plant

Including a grow-your-own plant kit in your corporate gift ideas is a great way to show that you care about the environment. Modern Sprout offers kits for growing popular herbs like parsley, mint, and chamomile. These items are packaged in canning jars and need little effort to set up and maintain. The kit has a “self-watering” mechanism, so you do not even need to remember to water the plant.

Check out plant-growing kits.

29. Virtual Swag Bags

A picture of a colorful screen with gift options on it

A virtual swag bag is a terrific alternative when you cannot store many physical products. A virtual swag bag may be as easy as an email or printed card with instructions for your visitors to follow to redeem incentives. You may either make your own digital tote bag or buy a preassembled one. E-books, gift cards, service subscriptions, and other digital goodies are all great ideas for a digital swag bag. In terms of corporate gift bag ideas, this is among the most versatile and creative options available.

Check out virtual swag bags.

30. Mini Wine Box

A picture of two wine glasses and two boxes

Wine is a great swag bag addition, but standard wine bottles are cumbersome and easily broken, while little plastic bottles might give off an impression of being cheap. Wine from Vinebox comes in vials designed like fancy laboratory test tubes, and the company sells them with paired chocolates. If you give your visitors a package of wine glasses, they can take their beverage of choice with them without worrying about breaking or spilling. As long as your clientele is of age, this is a great goodie idea.

Check out a Mini Wine Box.

31. VR Cardboard

A picture of a cardboard VR headset

You do not need to invest in expensive gear to give visitors an exciting VR experience. By providing attendees with Google Cardboard headsets to use with their cell phones, you can transform any presentation or product launch into a fully immersive VR experience. You can choose from several unique styles of Google Cardboard.

Check out VR cardboard headsets.

32. Inflatable Hammock

A picture of a smiling woman laying on an inflatable hammock

Giving your staff a Wekapo inflatable hammock to use during their free time is a great way to show them you respect their relaxation. The hammocks are self-inflating and foldable for easy transport. Recipients can use this item for picnics, outdoor events, or simply relaxing after your retreat.

Check out inflatable hammocks.


Overall, giving out gifts and swag during corporate retreats is a fantastic way to express gratitude to staff and strengthen customer ties. Businesses may impact their workers and customers by giving them high-quality and useful items. Assembling corporate gift bags can be a simple task once you get imaginative. Giving out swag and presents during a corporate retreat may be a great way to leave a long-lasting impression on staff and customers.

Next, check out our lists of luxury swag ideas, cheap swag ideas, and promo products.

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FAQ: Corporate retreat gifts and swag

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate retreat gifts and swag.

What are corporate retreat gifts?

Swag, or corporate retreat gifts, are objects provided to workers or customers as a sign of gratitude or as a means of advertising the firm. Gifts are a great way for businesses to show appreciation for their workers and customers at company events.

Why should you give gifts to retreat attendees?

Giveaways during a corporate retreat may double as a subtle form of advertising for the business. For example, adding the company’s logo or other identifying characteristics to various products is a great way to promote the company’s name and products. In addition, companies show that they value their workers and customers by giving high-quality and useful gifts.

What are some good corporate retreat gifts?

Corporate retreat gifts might be any item, from T-shirts and coffee mugs to high-tech gadgets and gourmet chocolates.

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