Updated: February 05, 2024

20 Thrilling Crime-Solving Games for the Office

Welcome to our list of top crime-solving games.

Multiplayer crime-solving games are engaging team activities. These games challenge players to work together to solve mysteries and catch criminals. For example, teams can play as detectives in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments or find imposters in Among Us. The purpose of these games is to hone teams’ cooperation, reasoning, and communication skills. These games are also known as “collaborative crime games” and “cooperative detective games.”

These crime-solving games are similar to virtual murder mystery games, how to run murder mysteries, and virtual crime scene investigation games.


This list includes:

  • collaborative crime games
  • crime-solving games for work
  • crime investigation games
  • crime scene investigation games
  • crime-solving games for groups
  • crime-solving multiplayer games

Let’s get to it!

List of crime-solving games

Your team can immerse themselves in espionage, suspense, and strategy with our list of crime-based games.

1. Murder in Ancient Egypt (Top Choice)

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a thrilling experience that turns your team into historical detectives! Seasoned facilitators guide teams through a real historical mystery.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with world-class hosts
  • ingenious puzzles and cryptic clues
  • challenges like math problems, code breaking, riddles, and scavenger hunts
  • an immersive and captivating story

By competing in small groups, sleuths can discuss theories and find the answers to the mystery. Be sure to check out Murder in Ancient Egypt to boost communication and camaraderie!

Check out Murder in Ancient Egypt.

2. Murder in the Speakeasy (Team Favorite)

murder in the speakeasy

Murder in the Speakeasy sends your team back in time to the Roaring ’20s. During this immersive experience, players will encounter real-life characters and locations.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with expert facilitators
  • historical figures like Cleon Francis “Throck” Throckmorton and George Herriman
  • a jazz-age mystery at the Krazy Kat club
  • hidden messages, math problems, and cryptic codes

Teams will compete in mini-games and analyze evidence to solve the crime. To make this activity even more exciting, you can include optional add-ons, such as cocktail kits, prize wheels, and treat boxes. This experience will test your employees and encourage teamwork!

Check out Murder in the Speakeasy.

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3. Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh (Popular)

Art Heist is a race against time to find a missing artwork! In this mystery, a thief steals Van Gogh’s The Bedroom from the Art Institute of Chicago. Teams must work together to uncover the truth.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with knowledgeable hosts
  • jigsaw puzzles, clues, and mini-challenges
  • activities that inspire attention to detail and in-depth discussions
  • hidden secrets and trails of evidence

Participants will work in small groups to find the location of the missing painting. To improve your employees’ critical-thinking skills in a fun environment, check out Art Heist!

Check out Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh.

4. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is one of the most immersive crime scene investigation games. Players step into the shoes of the famous detective. Players must gather clues, analyze evidence, and make deductions to solve each case. The game features six distinct cases, including murders, thefts, and missing persons. 

The game allows for cooperative gameplay, where multiple players can work together to crack the cases. Teams can use their collective knowledge and problem-solving skills to solve issues. Working with others enhances the gaming experience, promotes teamwork, and boosts communication skills.

Check out Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

5. Deceit

Deceit is an intriguing multiplayer crime-solving game. Players must uncover the truth amidst a web of lies and deception. In Deceit, players split into two groups, which are innocent civilians and infected beings. The goal is for the innocent to survive while the infected eliminate them without getting caught.

This thrilling gameplay provides a unique twist on traditional crime-solving games. Trust is crucial during this immersive game. In addition, Deceit fosters communication skills as players determine who to trust.

Check out Deceit.

6. Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular crime-solving multiplayer games. Players assume the roles of crew members on a spaceship. Participants must complete various maintenance tasks. However, an impostor among the crew aims to eliminate the other members. Impostors complete fake tasks while trying to kill crewmates. Players can vote to eject other participants. If crewmates remove the imposter, then they win. However, if the imposter kills all of their competitors, then they win.

Among Us fosters communication, as folks must cooperate to find the impostor. In addition, this game fosters strategy, critical thinking, and deduction skills. These skills help with problem-solving scenarios at work. Plus, this game is great because colleagues can join from any device!

Check out Among Us.

7. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a thrilling multiplayer crime-solving game. Players get into the shoes of both survivors and a killer. The game’s intense gameplay and chilling atmosphere offer a unique experience. As survivors, players must work together to repair generators and escape the killer. Meanwhile, the killer’s objective is to hunt down and sacrifice the survivors.

The game’s detailed graphics and sound design further enhance the suspenseful atmosphere. This game provides hours of entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Check out Dead by Daylight.

8. The Ship: Murder Party

The Ship: Murder Party is one of the most thrilling crime-solving games for groups. Set aboard a 1920s luxury cruise ship, players take on the roles of passengers. Players must navigate the ship’s mazes to uncover a murderer among them. Folks will gather clues, interrogate suspects, and use deductive reasoning. Teams will need to identify the killer before they strike again.

Players must carefully observe their surroundings and analyze character behavior to unravel the truth. Collaborating with others adds an extra layer of challenge as you determine who to trust. This game can be a valuable tool for team building activities or just for fun.

Check out The Ship: Murder Party.

9. Town of Salem

Town of Salem will keep players engaged and entertained. Set in a town filled with deceit and mystery, this game tests your deduction skills. Players get various roles, such as Townsfolk, Mafia, Neutral, or other unique roles. Each position has its own abilities and objectives. Folks play the game in rounds, working together to identify and eliminate the evil factions. On the other hand, factions eliminate the townsfolk.

The game involves discussion, voting, and various strategic elements. Players try to figure out who is lying or who poses a threat to the town. Town of Salem has different modes, including Classic, Ranked, and Custom. The game’s social deduction and the need for effective communication make it a popular choice.

Check out Town of Salem.

10. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a fun multiplayer crime-solving game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a gritty, noir-inspired world, players step into the shoes of Sheriff Bigby Wolf. Teams unravel a series of mysterious crimes. Working together with other players, you will examine crime scenes and interview suspects. Players will make tough choices that influence the outcome of the investigation.

By teaming up with others, you can discuss clues, share insights, and crack the case. Players must think critically about different perspectives and consider solutions to complex problems. 

Check out The Wolf Among Us.

11. Dark Stories

Dark Stories is one of the most engaging and immersive crime investigation games. In Dark Stories, participants work together to solve intriguing and mysterious crimes. Players unravel clues, examine evidence, and piece together the puzzle of each case.

Participants take turns acting as the game master who reads the scenario of a crime aloud. However, the game master withholds crucial details. The other players then ask yes or no questions to uncover the truth behind each story. Through deductive reasoning and careful analysis, coworkers must solve these mysteries.

Check out Dark Stories on Apple and Android.

12. Mafia Mystery

Mafia Mystery is an exciting multiplayer crime-solving game. Participants take on different roles within a mafia-themed setting. Each night, mafia members kill the villagers. Villagers must collaborate to identify the hidden mafia members. Folks each play unique roles, including Interrogator, Creeper, and Deputy. 

This game has several fun extras, including avatar customization. Further, members can chat on Discord, Reddit, or Instagram. Through teamwork and collaboration, players will be able to uncover the truth!

Check out Mafia Mystery.

13. Unheard

Unheard is a thrilling multiplayer crime-solving game. Players must listen to audio recordings to uncover clues and piece together the truth. The game’s unique mechanics share each word spoken at the scene of the crime. Teams must use each piece of information to find the connections between the different cases.

One of the major benefits of playing Unheard is the chance for folks to improve their listening skills. Players must pay close attention to conversations, noises, and other auditory clues.

Check out Unheard.

14. Cluedo

Cluedo, based on the classic board game Clue, has been entertaining players for decades. In this game, players take on the roles of suspects and work together to solve a murder mystery. Participants must identify which suspects, weapons, and rooms were involved in the death.

Features include a 3D setup, new locations, and new case files. Teams will get to interrogate suspects and explore the crime scene. This game even features international locations. Participants can play Cluedo on PC, mobile, or console. This game fosters teamwork and communication skills. Colleagues will need to share information and speculate to solve the crimes. When looking for collaborative crime games, be sure to consider Cluedo.

Check out Cluedo.

15. Interrogation: You will be deceived

Interrogation: You will be deceived is an indie game where players step into the shoes of a detective. Folks must work together to solve a complex case. The story follows a terrorist organization and related tasks. The game emphasizes the psychological aspect of detective work. Participants must navigate deception and uncover the truth in this experience.

The game centers around intense interrogation scenes. Over 35 characters and real actor footage make this experience immersive. Players must question suspects, analyze responses, and make crucial decisions. The player’s choices influence the outcome, leading to various possible endings. Colleagues will need to collaborate in order to find the truth!

Check out Interrogation: You will be deceived.

16. Return of the Obra Dinn

In Return of the Obra Dinn, players take on the role of an insurance investigator in the early 19th century. Participants must solve the mystery of the ship the Obra Dinn, which reappears after being lost at sea. Gamers can freeze time to reconstruct events and see the fates of the ship’s crew members.

Players must gather clues, examine evidence, and solve crimes aboard the ship. This gameplay fosters critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Thus, Return of the Obra Dinn is an excellent choice for team building exercises.

Check out Return of the Obra Dinn.

17. SpyParty

SpyParty is one of the most thrilling crime-solving games for work. Teams will enjoy a unique and immersive experience. In SpyParty, players take on the roles of either the spy or the sniper. The spy’s objective is to complete various secret missions at a high-profile party. At the same time, the sniper must carefully observe and decide who among the partygoers is the spy.

One benefit of SpyParty is its strategic gameplay. Both spies and snipers must outsmart each other. Participants must carefully analyze behaviors, find patterns, and make split-second decisions. In addition, playing with friends or joining online communities allows for lively discussions. This exciting experience challenges players to think strategically and analyze their surroundings.

Check out SpyParty.

18. The Black Watchmen

The Black Watchmen is an alternate reality game. Players jump into the secretive world of a fictional organization. Agents must protect society members from murder, cults, and paranormal activities. The story involves solving complex puzzles and deciphering cryptic messages. Folks can collaborate with other players to uncover the true story.

The game blends fiction and reality, relying on social media, websites, text messages, and even real-world locations. Plus, this game releases new content every two weeks during active seasons. Colleagues will use deductive skills and teamwork to solve these mysteries.

Check out The Black Watchmen.

19. Whispers in the West

Whispers in the West sends players back to the Wild West to solve a murder! This point-and-click mystery has hour-long stories to solve. Users can look for clues, interrogate suspects, and explore locations. The initial release features six unique storylines. The main narrative is The Break-In, wherein a criminal breaks open the Brimstone Break. The thief may have uncovered more than just money, and players must work together to solve the crime.

Up to four participants can work together on this game. Best of all, friends play for free! Whispers in the West is a great way to test observation and communication skills.

Check out Whispers in the West.

20. Detective GPT

As the name suggests, Detective GPT is an AI-powered mystery game. Up to eight players can interact with the AI in a murder mystery. In this experience, the AI comes up with unique narratives and dialogue. However, instead of players solving the crime, they are committing it! The AI is the detective, and players must hand it items to trick it into solving the crime incorrectly. Participants can frame their friends and try to outsmart the AI.

This game is a fun and unique way to spend time with colleagues. Detective GPT‘s unique storylines will keep participants on their toes!

Check out Detective GPT.

Final Thoughts

Playing these games is a thrilling way to test your skills while having fun conversations. These exercises challenge your investigative skills and decision-making abilities. Depending on your strategy, you can work with fellow players or deceive them. No matter which method you choose, crime-solving games are a fun addition to your team building activities. Whether you are solving crimes or uncovering lies, these games are a ton of fun.

Next, check out our posts on murder mystery ideas and murder mystery party kits.

FAQ: multiplayer crime-solving games

Here are frequently asked questions about multiplayer crime-solving games.

What are the best crime-solving games for work?

Strategy-focused titles such as Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments or Contradictions can boost analytical skills at work. Social deduction games like Among Us can improve team coordination while having fun.

Why should I play crime-solving games with colleagues?

Playing crime-solving games with colleagues can strengthen team bonds, enhance communication, and promote critical-thinking skills.

Are there any free multiplayer crime solving games?

Yes, there are free multiplayer crime solving games. Titles such as Among Us and Dark Stories are available for free and offer thrilling multiplayer crime-solving experiences.

What are some strategies for success in multiplayer crime-solving games?

Winning multiplayer crime-solving games often relies on effective communication and logical reasoning. Collaborative strategies work best in these setups.

How can multiplayer crime-solving games enhance team building?

Team members must collaborate to solve problems, which improves bonds and creates a sense of unity. Gameplay can also assist with real-world skills like conflict resolution.

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