20 Best Customer Service Companies

By: | Updated: December 09, 2023

Here is our list of the best customer service companies.

Customer service companies improve customers experience with a product or service. The companies use consumer-focused strategies to increase customer loyalty and retention. Examples of customer service companies include MicroSourcing, Pure Moderation, PartnerHero, and Odondo. These companies help your customers with their problems around the clock. These organizations are also known as “customer service providers” and “customer support agencies.”

These providers are similar to virtual assistant companies, customer service software, and customer service training programs.


This list includes:

  • customer service outsourcing companies
  • customer experience companies
  • customer care companies
  • customer support agencies

Let’s get to it!

List of customer service companies

From Sykes to UpCall, customer care companies drive customer loyalty. Here is a list of the 20 best customer service companies.

1. Sykes

Based in Florida, Sykes is one of the best customer service outsourcing companies. The company offers various services, including IT consulting and technical support. Sykes’s agents work from the UK, the US, and Europe. The agents’ skills, education, and experience determine their placement.

Sykes is HIPAA-compliant, which means it can handle sensitive data. Also, Sykes’ team can offer strategic advice on improving customer experience and loyalty. The company offers multichannel communication, including emails, social media, and phone calls. But, it is worth noting that Sykes’s strength is in call-based support.

Beyond customer service, Sykes also improves customer experience. The company works hard to ensure that your clients feel satisfied with your services.

Sykes is evolving and improving its offerings. The company is an excellent choice for a small business looking for technical support. Large IT companies can also partner with Sykes, as the company offers support in more than 40 languages. With its team of experienced agents, you will be sure to get the quality support you need to succeed.

Check out Sykes.

2. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is one of the best customer experience companies in the US. The company uses customer service representatives from across the United States and Canada.

Working Solutions connects over live chat, email, video, social and phone calls. The company offers customized business-oriented solutions to maximize those communication channels. The company also analyzes representative performance through proprietary portals. The representatives help you connect with active consumers and prospective customers.

Working Solutions aims to:

  • Promote your business at every touchpoint
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Provide uninterrupted customer communication channels
  • Elevate customer satisfaction
  • Improve your customer service

Apart from tracking their representatives’ performance, the company measures its success with your company. To improve your operation, the company aims to boost first-call resolution by 24%. Working Solutions focuses on increasing brand loyalty by exceeding customer expectations. Through seamless service and targeted outreaches, the company turns prospective customers into your best advocates.

However, Working Solutions focuses on large and enterprise companies. Hence, the company is not the right solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

Hire from Working Solutions.

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3. Sitel

Headquartered in the US, Sitel is an example of a thriving customer care company. Sitel provides high-quality experiences for customers. These include customer service to sales and technical support to other business processes.

Sitel seeks to improve and evolve to meet customer needs. The company does this through chatbots and interactive voice responses. The company also deploys analytical systems and AI-enabled data. These systems help the firm fine-tune its responses and platforms. This feature allows for a streamlined and tech-focused solution. Additionally, Sitel consults on process optimization, data, and customer experience. This organization is among the top customer support agencies.

Work with Sitel.

4. Odondo

Odondo is based in the UK. The company offers a scalable pay-as-you-go model for its services. Therefore, the company has no fixed contracts. Clients can choose what services they want to use and scale according to their needs.

This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for companies with seasonal highs and lows. These businesses include travel companies during the summer or tourist businesses during Christmas. Odondo’s model allows for unlimited flexibility in scaling services to match demand.

Besides its flexible structure, Odondo offers high-quality, professional agents without geographical restrictions. Rather than working on a shared service model, Odondo’s agents work only for one company. Their sole focus allows them to become familiar with the specifics of your business. This personalized customer service approach can benefit companies looking for more tailored support.

Get support through Odondo.

5. Upwork

Created in 2013, Upwork helps businesses find and hire remote customer service workers. Upwork is perfect for discovering individual freelancers who offer flexible contracts. But it is possible to build a team of experienced customer service agents on the platform. You may also choose to work with large customer service agencies.

Using Upwork is as simple as posting a job detailing your needs. Then, you assess the applications and interview your chosen candidates.

Upwork streamlines hiring with features like:

  • instant hiring
  • global payments
  • diverse contract types
  • chats scheduling
  • time tracking

Pricing on Upwork depends on individual freelancer rates. Hence, you can select a customer service professional within your budget.

Find customer support agents on Upwork.

6. Ascensos

Ascensos provides a seamless and top-notch customer experience across all communication channels. The customer service company prides itself on delivering world-class, pan-European customer service. The company adapts to modern customer demands with precision and care.

Ascensos is a one-of-a-kind service specializing in consumer retail. Its representatives have worked in everything from food service to fashion to healthcare.

Customer service needs are different for every company, and Ascensos embraces this knowledge. Hence, the company uses data-driven strategies to create customized solutions for each client.

The company’s agents, referred to as brand ambassadors, are in various countries. You can hire brand ambassadors in the UK, South Africa, Turkey, and Romania. This international coverage allows Ascensos to offer traditional and remote-based workers. Hence, you can access a broader pool of qualified talent, promoting diversity.

Work with Ascensos.

7. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a multichannel provider based in France. The company focuses on customer care, retention, tech support, and social media. Teleperformance has a diverse global workforce of 420,000 agents in 170 countries.

The workforce boasts 265 different dialects and languages for global coverage. The multilingual advantage allows the company to offer services via various communication channels.

Teleperformance also provides services such as:

  • content moderation
  • analytics and consulting sales support
  • back-office functions
  • business process optimization
  • AI operations

Teleperformance’s advantage is its ability to create personalized customer service for clients. The company draws insights from customer behavior data to improve its services.

The company has been in the customer relationship business for over four decades. Its experience spreads across industries, and its highly-skilled workforce has an impressive portfolio. Hence, you can rest assured that every touchpoint will leave your customers feeling valued.

Support your customers with Teleperformance.

8. Influx

Influx is located in more than 100 cities worldwide. Some of its clients include Adobe, Linkree, Vista, and ClassPass. Its team of professional customer service experts trains to deliver seamless customer interactions.

Influx has three management models:

  • Local
  • Client-specific
  • Data-driven

These models improve performance and ensure efficient customer interaction. Influx also helps businesses customize their plans according to their needs and budgets. Hence, you can always get the support you need, regardless of your size.

The agency has pay-as-you-go plans. Influx also has a dynamic system where businesses commit only for the next month. This plan is great for seasonal businesses.

Connect with Influx.

9. Skycom

Skycom has over 17 years of experience. Skycom operates in America and Europe and offers multi-continental support to its clients. The company has a unique hybrid structure. Skycom combines traditional and home-based workers, allowing for flexibility and optimal service.

The company has many certifications, including:

  • PCI
  • SOC 1-2

Skycom can work with organizations of all types. The company also utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance its operations. Skycom offers free consulting and a quick business boost without set-up or licensing fees. The agency tailors its pricing to each client’s needs.

Work with Skycom.

10. Support Your App

Support Your App is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company operates globally in across more than five locations. Support Your App boasts a decade of experience providing round-the-clock support.

The customer service solution provider offers flexible pricing models. Support Your App works through diverse communication channels in 55 different languages. These channels ensure that all customers can get support with ease.

Support Your App’s agents have a track record in the tech industry. The company offers Amazon support as well as inbound and outbound call centers. Support Your App also has its own QCRM, adding another communication channel option.

Work with Support Your App.

11. Back Office Betties

Back Office Betties offers a team of virtual legal receptionists. This team helps attorneys save time and increase efficiency. The receptionists handle administrative tasks, screen for solicitors, and complete client intakes.

The services allow attorneys to focus on billable hours. The service is easy to set up. Direct your calls to a designated phone number, and the receptionists will handle them. The receptionists never place calls on hold. Additionally, they resolve outbound call requests within 90 minutes during business hours.

Besides time-saving benefits, the service also comes with a guarantee. If the company does not meet all promised expectations, it will provide the business with a $100 gift card and make a $100 donation to a charity of the customer’s choice. The service costs $349 per month. With Back Office Betties, attorneys can streamline their workload and better serve their clients.

Improve your customer support with Back Office Betties.

12. MicroSourcing

MicroSourcing is located in the Philippines. The company makes it easy for businesses to build dedicated teams. The company’s experts and tools can save you up to 70% on occupancy and labor costs.

MicroSourcing allows clients to control productivity, workflow, KPIs, and quality. With over 500 clients and 6,000 employees, the company provides round-the-clock client support. MicroSourcing has become one of the biggest providers of excellent customer care.

The customer service outfit has a robust infrastructure to ensure fast turnaround times. MicroSourcing offers a flexible pricing model and business growth and scaling opportunities.

MicroSourcing categorizes its customer service agents into three levels based on experience. The levels include:

  • junior level, for agents with less than two years of experience
  • intermediate level, for agents  with  two to four years  experience
  • senior level, for agents  with  more than four years experience

​MicroSourcing uses various communication channels. The agents track customer issues, transactions, and complaints using a CRM database.

Also, the senior-level agents can help train your company’s team. The agents also provide end-of-year KPI updates to management teams. MicroSourcing has a good insurance policy and an effective risk management structure. Its contingency and recovery plans protect clients’ assets in case of unexpected disasters.

MicroSourcing is lSO and PCI-DSS compliant. The company makes it easy to accept and store credit card information.

Get a support team at MicroSourcing.

13. PartnerHero

PartnerHero trains its customer care teams to align with your business goals and match your customer’s needs and cultures. The company’s global teams are available 24/7. Also, they offer nearshore, offshore, and onshore options.

Customer care agents provide support through various channels. These include email, SMS, video and web chats, and calls. Technical specialists can also assist with more specialized tasks. Such tasks include black box, snapshot, regression, and refactor testing.

Besides these services, PartnerHero offers online risk abatement, policy, and workflow consulting. The company also provides real-world risk abatement and system integration testing. The company’s pricing starts at $10 per hour with custom quotes for extensive coverage.

Check out PartnerHero.

14. TELUS International

TELUS International provides advanced and technical support solutions. The company develops a unique customer experience for your customers. Your new system promises to be seamless and intuitive. The company can also expand the experience to 50+ different languages.

Telus International currently serves many industries, including:

  • ​gaming
  • ​healthcare
  • automotive
  • ​financial services and fintech
  • ​travel and hospitality
  • ​communications and media

In gaming, ​TELUS International offers AI Data Solutions, games analytics, and in-game support. In healthcare, the company provides medical hotlines, digital integration, and patient/provider engagements. TELUS International also offers inbound and outbound calls to help with telesales and business growth.

The company also offers an assistant chatbot to improve its support operations at lower costs. TELUS International is famous for its proven fraud prevention and detection services. Businesses partner with the company to manage their reputation, risk, and compliance.

TELUS International is an excellent choice for global and pan-European companies that want to improve conversion.

Offer customer support through TELUS International.

15. UpCall

UpCall is based in the US. The company converts leads through email, phone, and text conversations.

Upcallers agents can also help with the following:

  • lead generation
  • market research
  • sales calls

The company’s software allows brands to track conversions, make predictions, and record improvements. UpCall is a good choice for service-based companies looking to generate leads and increase business. The company also offers a campaign builder with curated templates, a local caller ID, custom data fields, and tailored call scripts.

Upcall operates a flexible payment model with basic to enterprise plans. These plans suit teams of all sizes, with discounts for higher volumes. UpCall is completely TCPA-compliant. This compliance ensures no robocalling, autodialing, or prerecorded messages.

Improve customer satisfaction with Upcall.

16. LiveOps

LiveOps is a US-based company that operates on a virtual model with independent agents. These high-performing, result-oriented agents can connect with customers through all communication channels. The agents work around the clock to create the best results for clients and charge per minute.

Other services LiveOps offers include:

  • Inbound and outbound sales
  • Program development
  • 24/7 data production
  • Compliant facilities, systems, and networks

LiveOps can scale its services in the event of unexpected demand. Disaster recovery support is accessible with LiveOps. Its Quality Assurance team evaluates and scores its agents to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Build your customer support team with LiveOps.

17. Sensée

UK-based customer care company Sensée helps UK companies improve their performance. The company creates accessible careers and provides excellent customer service. The team consists of several full-time remote UK agents.

Each agent works for a single business and provides expert answers to customer inquiries. Sensée is ISO accredited and approved to offer financial services. These features make Sensée a good choice for companies in the financial industry.

The company also provides disaster recovery and business continuity services. Also, Sensée helps with crucial customer service problems and case studies. Sensée provides cloud-based contact care, Live Desk. Live Desk has a 60- day trial and offers standard and enterprise plans.

Get support agents at Sensée.

18. Arise

Arise is a US-based company. This firm connects world-class businesses to many service partners. These partners provide sales and technical support services from their homes.

They also provide customer service through phone, text, email, and social media. Arise can handle unplanned and unexpected growth spikes, scaling up to 400% to meet demand.

The company also plans to accommodate annual seasonal spikes. Arise uses a tiered security approach. Additionally, the company complies with security practices and regulatory requirements.

Connect with customer support representatives through Arise.

19. Ventrica

Ventrica is a UK-based customer care company. The company provides representatives that are home-bound or working from a central location. The company offers a 24/7 outbound and inbound call center that offers customer and lead nurturing services.

Their new technological channels for effective customer experience strategy include:

  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Chatbots

Ventrica’s goal is to be the best customer care provider in the UK. To achieve this, the company assesses its staff’s suitability and enthusiasm for each product and service. Ventrica also supplements these with training tailored to your business. Ventrica’s agents are all social media savvy. The company can manage customer concerns and interactions from all social media platforms.

Boost customer loyalty with Ventrica.

20. Helpware

Helpware is a customer services outsourcer that tailors custom teams for businesses. The company provides support through inbound calls for leading startups and modern companies.

Helpware has offices in California, Germany, the Philippines, the US, and Mexico. Helpware was a start-up that catered to other start-ups. Now, this firm partners with large enterprises as well. Helpware is also an expert in back-office support across data entry, account set-up, and annotations.

Check out Helpware.


Great customer service doesn’t only improve your operations, it also boosts your bottom line.  Additionally, customer support is a key brand-building opportunity. Customer service companies help you deliver excellent support at every touchpoint. These firms drive sales, generate leads, and improve customer loyalty. Hence, you reap the benefits of meaningful support in more business.

Customer service companies are essential if you only have a small team and a growing customer base. Before developing your internal support team to meet demand, outsourced services can help you keep your customers happy. Seasonal businesses also leverage outside support help, so do large businesses with international customer bases.

Next, check out customer service quotes and customer service books.

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FAQ: Customer service companies

Here are answers to some popular questions about customer service companies.

What are customer service companies?

Customer service companies deliver a positive experience to your customers through customer support. These companies are essential for growing businesses. These firms are experts in driving customer loyalty and retention.

What are the best customer service companies?

Some of the best customer service companies include:

  • Ventrica
  • PartnerHero
  • Sykes
  • Arise
  • Sensée

Many customer service companies allow you to select agents with experience in your industry.

Why hire a customer service company?

Businesses hire customer service companies to:

  • improve retention
  • solve customer problems
  • generate leads
  • drive customer loyalty
  • create a positive customer experience

Customer care companies are essential if you have not built an in-house team or need to scale.

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