15 Top Employee Gifting Services for Work

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of employee gifting services.

Employee gifting services are platforms businesses use to give gifts to their team members. For example, Tinggly, Giftogram, and Goody. The purpose of these services is to boost employee morale, foster a positive work environment, and increase productivity. These services are also known as “business gifting services” and “company recognition gifts.”

These employee gifting services are similar to corporate gifting companies, group gift ideas, gift sending services, and get-well gifts for employees.


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Let’s get to it!

List of employee gifting services

From Giftogram to YouEarnedIt, here is our list of the top-rated company gifting solutions.

1. Giftogram

Giftogram is a service that companies use to simplify their employee gifting process. Whether you want to celebrate birthdays or holidays or show appreciation, Giftogram has a solution. The site’s tools make it easy to manage and send gift cards in bulk, automate events, and even customize catalogs.

You can choose from a wide range of designs or create a custom one, and recipients can select their favorite presents from over 200 top brands. Plus, with same-day digital delivery, this process is hassle-free. Trusted by leading companies worldwide, Giftogram is the go-to choice for corporate gifting.

Learn more about Giftogram.

2. Gifted

Gifted offers a user-friendly platform for birthdays, work anniversaries, and spot bonuses. Trusted by over 2,000 recognition heroes, Gifted makes employee appreciation a breeze.

Firms can choose from custom swag, automated celebrations, and impactful rewards. Features include unlimited users, gift cards from 3,500 brands, and comprehensive reporting. Plus, integration with HR platforms streamlines workflows, ensuring seamless gifting experiences.

Learn more about Gifted.

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3. O.C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner helps organizations build strong cultures by recognizing their employees meaningfully. The firm offers a platform called Culture Cloud, which provides various tools and services for employee recognition. With Culture Cloud, companies can easily acknowledge individual and team achievements and celebrate career milestones. Further, O.C. Tanner creates peak experiences for their employees.

The platform includes features like points, awards, nominations, and an award store, making recognition fun and creative. O.C. Tanner emphasizes recognizing employees at every opportunity, from onboarding to life events. Plus, the firm provides custom business team gifts tailored to each company’s culture and values.

Learn more about O.C. Tanner.

4. Giftcards.com

Giftcards.com offers a convenient solution for businesses looking to reward and engage their employees. With customizable gift cards featuring your company logo, you can show appreciation in a personalized way. Firms can give gifts for hitting targets, special occasions like birthdays or work anniversaries, or simply to say thank you. These gift cards are a versatile and appreciated gesture.

With options ranging from $10 to $500, businesses can easily tailor their rewards to fit their budget and the occasion. Plus, with quick approval and shipping processes, this site is a hassle-free way to boost morale and show employees they are valued members of the team.

Learn more about GiftCards.com.

5. Snappy

Snappy is an award-winning gifting company that simplifies the process of expressing gratitude. The site’s all-in-one platform offers various gifts, including personalized options and branded swag. With a belief in fostering meaningful connections through gratitude and gifting, Snappy caters to businesses of all sizes.

Committed to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, Snappy partners with minority-owned businesses. This site also supports charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish. Snappy is a great choice for employee gifting.

Learn more about Snappy.

6. WorkTango

WorkTango offers solutions to engage, inspire, and retain employees. The site’s recognition and rewards feature helps organizations automate recognition practices. The site offers products, experiences, and swag from top companies like Apple and Amazon.

Employers can empower their workforce by letting them choose rewards that resonate with them. Workers can even redeem points for airline travel, hotels, or charitable donations. WorkTango is a leader in the field of employee engagement and recognition.

Learn more about WorkTango.

7. Giftpack

Giftpack makes buying business recognition gifts for employees easy and fun. This firm offers a smart gifting service that saves time and boosts engagement. With Giftpack, you can avoid the hassle of finding the right gifts. The platform handles every step, from choosing the perfect present to delivering it to the recipient’s door.

Giftpack even offers a first-of-its-kind gifting CRM to track your gifting progress. Plus, the site’s diverse gift catalog includes physical goods, vouchers, and experience gifts, ensuring each individual can find a gift they love. With Giftpack, you can personalize every relationship and create lasting memories.

Learn more about Giftpack.

8. Goody

Goody is a handy platform for giving gifts in business. You can easily sign up and send your first gift for free. You can choose the perfect gift from a wide selection, and your recipients can even swap it for another item if they prefer. Plus, Goody offers global shipping and supports sending gifts to over 140 countries.

Goody automates and elevates employee gifts, making sure your team feels appreciated. With Goody, you can integrate with various platforms, including Salesforce, Calendly, and Workday. Further, you can rest assured that every gift is carefully curated and quality-tested.

Learn more about Goody.

9. Choose-Your-Gift

Choose-Your-Gift makes it easy to recognize and reward employees. With over 50,000 brand-name gifts to choose from, the site offers a personalized experience for each recipient. Examples include electronics, appliances, housewares, and sports equipment.

The corporate gifting program allows companies to go beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Whether welcoming new employees, celebrating work anniversaries, or recognizing key accomplishments, Choose-Your-Gift helps create memorable moments.

Learn more about Choose-Your-Gift.

10. Givenly

Givenly is one of the top business gifting services for employees. With Givenly, recipients can choose their own gifts from a wide range of options, making the experience personal and enjoyable. The platform allows businesses to create customized gift catalogs. The site even offers a unique custom kitting service for special projects. With an integrated dashboard, companies can easily track their gifting activities and stay informed about their spending.

Moreover, Givenly collects “thank you” notes from recipients. This feature provides tangible feedback on the effectiveness of the gifting program. Firms can gift for sales achievements, customer appreciation, corporate holiday gifting, or employee recognition. Givenly makes corporate gifting hassle-free and impactful.

Learn more about Givenly.

11. Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie offers a simple and fun way to give gifts to your colleagues or employees. With Loop & Tie, you can send a collection of gifts to an individual’s email, and they get to choose their favorite one. This process is like giving employees a mini shopping experience from the comfort of their inbox!

You can even personalize the email with your own message and logo. Plus, Loop & Tie partners with small businesses and local artisans, so you’re not only giving a great gift but also supporting small-scale creators. Whether for a birthday, a holiday, or just to show appreciation, Loop & Tie makes gifting easy and meaningful.

Learn more about Loop & Tie.

12. Giftagram

Giftagram makes corporate gifting easy. With a wide range of categories to choose from, you can find the perfect gift for any occasion or budget. Examples of gifts include gourmet treats and tech gadgets. The platform allows you to customize your gifting experience, from personalized messages to branded emails.

Plus, Giftagram takes care of every step of the process, from sourcing products to shipping to tracking. With intuitive software and tailored dashboards, managing your gifting programs is simple and efficient.

Learn more about Giftagram.

13. Giftsenda

Giftsenda makes choosing company recognition gifts simple and efficient, whether you send gifts to recipients globally or locally. With features like charity donation and gift swapping, recipients can choose what they prefer. This feature ensures higher acceptance rates and a more personalized experience.

The platform offers various gifts and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools. Plus, with dedicated gifting experts to assist you every step of the way, managing your gift campaigns becomes effortless. Whether you want to send personalized gifts or create custom gift collections, Giftsenda has you covered.

Learn more about Giftsenda.

14. Caroo

Caroo is a platform designed to make employee recognition easy and meaningful. You can create a culture of recognition and understand what fulfills you and your team. Caroo helps you effortlessly celebrate occasions like work anniversaries and birthdays. The site offers team gifts, group eCards, employee rewards, and affinity months.

Recipients can even choose their own gifts from a wide selection, ensuring they receive a gift they truly value. Plus, with personality assessments and insights, you can better understand your team’s preferences and show appreciation in the most meaningful way. Caroo’s user-friendly interface and diverse gifting options make it a trusted choice.

Learn more about Caroo.

15. Tinggly

Tinggly is among the best company motivation services. You can treat your team to unforgettable experiences that align with your company’s values and show appreciation for their hard work. You can look for employee gifts, client appreciation tokens, retirement presents, or event prizes.

Recipients can choose from many experiences, from skydiving to relaxing spa treatments to gourmet food tours. The gifts have no expiration date, easy refund and exchange options, and global availability. Tinggly makes it simple to send personalized rewards that enhance the employee experience and foster loyalty.

Learn more about Tinggly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right employee gifting service can significantly impact your team’s morale and productivity. A thoughtful gift can make an employee feel valued and appreciated, increasing job satisfaction and company loyalty. It is important to consider your team’s preferences when selecting a service. Some workers might prefer tangible gifts, while others would appreciate experiences more. Regardless of the type of gift you choose, what matters most is the thoughtfulness behind it.

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FAQ: Employee gifting services

Here are frequently asked questions about employee gifting services.

What is the importance of employee gifting services?

Employee gifting services play a crucial role in any organization by fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition. These firms help acknowledge employees’ efforts and achievements. Recognition can lead to increased job satisfaction, improved performance levels, reduced turnover rates, and enhanced team spirit.

How do employee gifting services boost morale?

Employee gifting services boost morale by making employees feel valued for their contributions. When employees receive gifts from their employers, it sends a clear message that leaders notice their hard work.

What are the best employee gifting services?

The best employee gifting service varies depending on your company’s specific needs. Some highly rated firms include Giftogram, GiftedIn24, and Blueboard. These platforms offer diverse options, ranging from personalized gift cards to unique experiences.

How do you choose the right employee gifting service for your company?

Choosing the right employee gifting service for your company depends on several factors. Consider your budget, the size of your team, and their preferences. It is important to choose a service that offers flexibility, a wide range of gift options, and customization to meet your specific needs.

Can you customize employee gifting services to fit specific needs and budgets?

Most employee gifting services offer customization options to fit specific needs and budgets. Users can choose from a selection of gift types, set spending limits, or even create personalized messages for each recipient.

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