20 Top Employment Agencies for Job Seekers

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

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Employment agencies are companies that match job seekers with potential employers. For example, Adecco, Randstad, and ManpowerGroup are all well-known employment agencies. The purpose of these firms is to streamline the hiring process for both parties. These agencies are also known as “career agencies” and “contract staffing agencies.”

These employment agencies are similar to recruiting companies, HR consultants, and HR outsourcing companies.

This list includes:

  • career agencies
  • contract staffing agencies
  • employee leasing firms
  • employment companies
  • executive search agencies
  • companies for job seekers

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List of employment agencies

From Adecco to Volt Workforce Solutions, this article lists the top agencies to help job seekers and employers connect.

1. Adecco

Adecco is a global leader in employment services. This firm connects workers with leading companies across various industries. Employers can find workers from around the world. Adecco offers a range of services, including temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition, and talent development. With a large network and an in-depth understanding of the job market, Adecco helps individuals find their ideal roles.

Learn more about Adecco.

2. Randstad

Randstad is one of the top global career agencies. Candidates can connect with suitable job opportunities. Workers can find temporary or permanent placement in sectors like tech, finance, and healthcare. Randstad’s services also extend to human resource consulting and professional training. The firm also offers other resources, including resume building, job profiles, and business insights. Searchers can even compare salaries and job titles across cities. When looking for a new career, consider Randstad.

Learn more about Randstad.

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3. ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup is a global leader in workforce solutions. This firm helps companies across all industries find the right talent for their needs. The company understands the changing job market and the skills in demand. Areas of expertise include engineering, finance, life science, and supply chain.

With ManpowerGroup, over 600,000 individuals connect with meaningful employment each year. From recruitment to training, ManpowerGroup can help with many hiring stages.

Learn more about ManpowerGroup.

4. Allegis Group

Allegis Group is a global leader among employee leasing firms. This company offers a broad range of specialized staffing and recruitment services. The company’s robust network spans the globe, serving industries from technology to healthcare. Using a strategic approach, Allegis Group helps candidates and employers understand each other. The firm establishes durable matches and fosters career growth.

Allegis Group also conducts research to gain insight into the market. For instance, global surveys analyze trends in how companies connect with workers. Allegis Group’s excellent service sets them apart.

Learn more about Allegis Group.

5. Robert Half

Robert Half offers specialized staffing services. The firm’s extensive global network gives candidates access to exciting employment opportunities. The job search begins with a free resume analysis and job matches. Once applicants land an interview, the firm helps guide folks through questions and even negotiate salaries. Finally, Robert Half offers free online training and expertise.

The agency excels in fields like finance, technology, and creative practices. Robert Half analyzes the job market, such as which jobs are most in demand. By understanding the unique needs of individuals and organizations, Robert Half delivers great results.

Learn more about Robert Half.

6. Kelly Services

Kelly Services offers staffing solutions across various industries. The firm specializes in providing reliable temporary, permanent, or outsourced employees to businesses. Workers looking for jobs in industries like finance, education, and manufacturing will love this firm.

Kelly Services helps with attracting talent, screening and hiring, safety, and benefits. Many Fortune 100 companies work with this firm. However, the services also cater to small businesses. Businesses will find the right fit in no time with Kelly’s expansive network.

Learn more about Kelly Services.

7. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is one of the most well-known global executive search agencies. This firm specializes in executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, and professional search services. Korn Ferry uses a data-driven approach to understand the market. Job seekers can benefit from career coaching, skills development, and interview prep.

Korn Ferry’s tailored approach ensures the right fit. Companies looking for efficient hiring will love Korn Ferry’s in-depth talent acquisition techniques.

Learn more about Korn Ferry.

8. Hays

Hays is one of the leading employment companies. The firm caters to a wide range of industries, including finance, IT, and construction. Experienced recruitment professionals offer personalized job-search assistance and strategic staffing solutions. Workers will benefit from an interview guide, resume advice, and salary benchmarks. Hays is a top choice for both job seekers and organizations.

Learn more about Hays.

9. Michael Page

Michael Page is a top global employment agency. This company offers recruitment and career solutions to organizations worldwide. The firm specializes in placing candidates in permanent, contract, temporary, and interim positions.

Using a consultative approach, Michael Page offers industry expertise and local knowledge. Job seekers can look for roles based on region, industry, and sector. The broad portfolio addresses several industries, such as construction and IT. Be sure to check out this firm to hire a new worker or find a new career.

Learn more about Michael Page.

10. Express Employment

With an innovative spirit and high standards, Express Employment is one of the top contract staffing agencies. This firm aims to understand the needs of both employers and job seekers. Folks looking for careers in administration, commercial, or skilled trades will love working with this agency.

Express offers comprehensive services, from recruitment to training. Efficient processes and dedicated staff find the ultimate job match. The agency offers flexible scheduling, weekly pay, and no service fees to help workers find their ultimate careers. Express’s goal is to encourage corporate growth and individual career success.

Learn more about Express Employment.

11. Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings has a global reach in staffing solutions. This HR company has a presence in 60 countries. Recruit Holdings offers job advertisements, permanent placement, temporary staffing, and other HR-related services. This firm significantly eases job hunting and recruiting processes.

Recruit Holdings focuses on three sectors, which are HR technology, matching and solutions, and staffing. The company’s outreach makes it a go-to agency for clients across various professional fields. With Recruit Holdings, employers and job seekers alike can navigate the job market easily.

Learn more about Recruit Holdings.

12. Aquent

Aquent is a global employment agency. The firm specializes in temporary and permanent staffing solutions. Aquent offers several services, including talent acquisition, talent scouting, and project management. Further, this firm combines AI with specialty recruiters to find the perfect fit. Job seekers seeking careers in creative, marketing, and digital industries will love this company.

Aquent features some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies in its client list. The company’s collaborative approach and reliable services make it a compelling choice. Folks seeking unique careers and businesses looking for the best workforce will love Aquent.

Learn more about Aquent.

13. Impellam

Impellam is one of the best talent acquisition and workforce solutions providers. This company offers specialized staffing services, ensuring the right candidate-job fit. Workers looking for professional, technical, and industrial roles will love Impellam.

This company handles contract, permanent, and temporary placements, utilizing an extensive database. With a stronghold in the UK, USA, and Australian markets, Impellam offers great staffing solutions.

Learn more about Impellam.

14. Brunel

Brunel is a globally recognized employment agency known for its tailored solutions. Brunel focuses on recruitment for pioneering projects. This firm connects professionals from industries like oil, gas, mining, and automotive to careers. Available services include project and consulting, workforce, and global mobility solutions.

Boasting an extensive network, Brunel has a prominent presence in over 40 countries. The firm has over 120 offices and 12,000 employment specialists. Whether you are a job seeker or a business, Brunel’s high-standard services will fit your employment needs.

Learn more about Brunel.

15. Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles helps companies secure top executive talent. Experienced workers have a deep understanding of industries and business transformation. Hendrick & Struggles’ services include executive search, leadership assessment, and board advisory. Using industry expertise, the company finds the best candidates for executive roles.

Firms can also use Heidrick & Struggles to identify leaders within their own organizations. Companies looking to transition leaders can also benefit from succession planning. With a strong global presence, this firm offers top services for leadership roles.

Learn more about Heidrick & Struggles.

16. Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart is one of the leading global executive search and leadership consulting firms. With a vast international network, the firm offers several specialties. Available services include board advisory services, leadership assessment, CEO succession, and executive search. The firm’s innovative approach guarantees successful recruitment. Spencer Stuart tailors their approach to the client’s needs, ensuring talent matches and growth opportunities.

Learn more about Spencer Stuart.

17. Spherion

Spherion is one of the top companies for job seekers. This firm offers comprehensive workforce solutions to businesses of all sizes. Services include temporary staffing, direct-hire placements, and managed services. Spherion can help companies meet changing business demands and fill key positions.

The firm can also help companies with vendor management, workforce planning, and staffing-related needs. Spherion has expertise in several industries, like admin, light industrial, and customer service. Employers and skilled candidates will love connecting through this agency.

Learn more about Spherion.

18. Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is an employment agency offering innovative workforce solutions. This agency provides tailor-made staffing solutions. Remedy specializes in talent acquisition, on-site services, and recruitment process outsourcing. Recruiting processes include web-based skill assessments and working interviews. Job seekers interested in industries like manufacturing or finance can benefit from working with Remedy.

Learn more about Remedy Intelligent Staffing.

19. Volt Workforce Solutions

Volt Workforce Solutions is a reputable employment agency. The firm specializes in offering comprehensive job-seeking services. Available services include resume enhancement, interview training, and job matching. Talent services span 85 offices and 35,000 employees.

Known for its high success rate in job placements across various industries, Volt stands out as a top-notch choice. Employees benefit from job satisfaction, while companies gain skilled employees.

Learn more about Volt Workforce Solutions.

20. Creative Circle

Creative Circle specializes in staffing creative, marketing, and design professionals. Companies in need of talent for projects and campaigns will love working with this firm. Creative Circle helps businesses find skilled individuals for roles such as graphic designers, copywriters, marketers, and web developers. The agency offers both temporary and full-time staffing solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. Creative professionals can match with companies seeking their expertise.

Learn more about Creative Circle.

Final Thoughts

Employment agencies play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with potential employers. These companies offer a range of job opportunities. Plus, most firms offer resources like resume writing and interview preparation services. By using these services, individuals can increase their chances of getting a job in their desired field. Job seekers and companies looking for new talent should consider these employment agencies.

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FAQ: Employment agencies

Here are frequently asked questions about employment agencies.

What is an employment agency?

An employment agency is an organization that connects job seekers with potential employers. These companies work in various industries and help individuals find jobs that align with their skills and interests.

How do employment agencies work?

Employment agencies collect information from both job seekers and employers. The firms then match the employer’s needs with the job seeker’s skills, arranging interviews where necessary.

What are the benefits of using an employment agency?

Employment agencies offer access to a wider range of jobs, which saves time during the job search. Plus, these firms offer expert advice on resume writing and interviewing techniques.

How can you get help from an employment agency?

To get help from an employment agency, you typically need to register with them either online or in person. You may need to provide your resume or complete a skills assessment.

What is the difference between an employment agency and a recruitment firm?

The main difference between an employment agency and a recruitment firm is that employment agencies often focus on temporary roles, while recruitment firms specialize in permanent ones. Several of the companies on this list offer both services.


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