26 Get-Well Gifts for Employees

By: | Updated: November 02, 2023

Here is our list of the best get-well gifts for employees.

Get-well gifts for employees are presents that an employer sends to hurt or sick staff. Examples include a soup gift box, a tea kit, and a healing wishes blanket. The purpose of these gifts is to show employees support and send them well wishes in their time of need.

These get-well gifts are types of employee care packages and corporate gift boxes, and usually come from gift-sending services.

This list includes:

  • get-well basket ideas
  • get-well gift box ideas
  • get-well gift ideas for coworkers
  • get-well gifts for bosses

Let’s get started!

List of get-well gifts for employees

When looking for get-well gifts to send to staff, check out our list of the best get-well presents for your team.

1. A Bountiful Bushel Gift Basket

When feeling under the weather, colleagues will love reaching for healthy snacks. A Bountiful Bushel Gift Basket comes with 13 artisanal treats, such as Denver Chip Co. Potato Chips, Altitude Spring Creek Snack Mix, and Enstrom’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee. Plus, the basket can be reused for decoration or storage solutions!

You can find this gift basket from It’s Only Natural Gifts, a Colorado-based business selling local, healthy products. You can create a custom gift basket or choose from their premade get-well gifts.

Buy the Bountiful Bushel Gift Basket, and check out the rest of It’s Only Natural’s get-well gifts.

2. Best of Italy Pasta Gift

A warm, comforting bowl of pasta is a great meal on the road to recovery. The Best of Italy Pasta Gift includes eight specialty items, including DeLallo gnocchi, pesto, and extra virgin olive oil.

You will find this gift on DeLallo’s website, a family-owned business producing and distributing authentic Italian and Mediterranian food.

Buy the Best of Italy Pasta Gift, and check out the rest of DeLallo’s get-well gifts.

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3. White Wine & Antipasto Gift Box

A photo of an antipasto gift box set

Gifting wine is a great way to show employees you are thinking of them. The Mangia Con Gusto Italian White Wine & Antipasto Gift Box contains Biso pinot grigio, charcuterie items, and sweets.

This gift basket is on Winebasket.com, a family-owned business that creates curated get-well baskets for coworkers on the mend.

Buy the Mangia Con Gusto box, and check out the rest of winebasket.com’s get-well gifts.

4. Oregon’s Finest Gift Box

When your colleagues are sick, send them the gift of vitamins and minerals with The Fruit Company. Oregon’s Finest Gift Box features agricultural favorites from Hood River. This gift box includes chocolate-covered cherries and blueberries, a white chocolate pretzel, three imperial fuji apples, and six French anjou pears.

These fresh fruits will be a healthy snack for employees on the mend.

Buy Oregon’s Finest Gift Box, and check out the rest of The Fruit Company’s get-well gifts.

5. Fun & Games Get Well Basket

When employees are at home and unwell, boredom may strike. The Fun & Games Get Well Basket offers recipients plenty of games and snacks. Contents include checkers, Uno, M&Ms, and caramel corn.

Games and candy are a great cure for boredom, and The Candy Gift Basket has plenty of get-well basket ideas!

Buy The Fun & Games basket, and check out the rest of The Candy Gift Basket’s get-well gifts.

6. Soup Gift Box

In 2007, Spoonful of Comfort’s founder, Marti Wymer, received the news that her mother had cancer. Unable to visit, Wymer wanted to send her mom some chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, she could not find a service that mailed soup to loved ones. Inspired by this experience, Wymer started her own company to send comfort around the nation.

Soup is a classic sickness remedy, and you can send soup straight to your employee’s door with Spoonful of Comfort. The Get Well Soon Gift Package contains soup or macaroni and cheese of your choice, rolls, and cookies. You can also select cozy add-ons, like a blanket, socks, or honey.

Buy the Get Well Soon Gift Package, and check out the rest of Spoonful of Comfort’s get-well gifts.

7. Deluxe Feel Better Spa Box

No matter why your colleague is out of the office, a box from Give Sunshine is a great way to cheer them up! The Deluxe Feel Better Box is the key to a relaxing spa day, with lotion, bubble bath, sugar scrub, a bath bomb, bath soak, and soap. In addition, you can choose between lavender, honey and vanilla, or citrus scents. The site also has the option to include add-ons, such as the refresh bundle.

Give Sunshine’s founder, Angela de Armas, created the boxes to stay connected to her long-distance best friend. Each box contains items curated to make recipients smile.

Buy the Deluxe Feel Better Box, and check out the rest of Give Sunshine’s get-well gifts.

8. First Aid Sweets Kit

The Emergency Get Well First Aid Sweets Kit is designed to tend wounds of any kind. This kit contains a pill box filled with jelly beans, chocolate shots, gummy gauze, and a prescription notepad.

From nuts to chocolate to dried fruit, Oh! Nuts has gift baskets for all your get-well gifting needs. The Klein family started Oh! Nuts back in 1995 when they decided to cut out retailers and bring their products straight to customers. If any of your employees keep kosher, Oh! Nuts has options for them!

Buy the Emergency Get Well First Aid Sweets Kit, and check out the rest of Oh! Nuts’ get-well gifts.

9. Sorry You Feel So Waffle

The Sorry You Feel So Waffle box comes with mini stroopwafels, peppermint tea, a phone stand, an adult coloring book and colored pencils, hard candy and honey drops, tissues, and a coffee mug with free name engraving.

If you are looking for personalized get-well gift box ideas, then be sure to check out Shadow Breeze. Co-founders Matt and Jennie come from large families, and they found themselves overwhelmed with gift-giving. Shadow Breeze is designed to make gifting a breeze!

Buy the Sorry You Feel So Waffle kit, and check out the rest of Shadow Breeze’s get-well gifts.

10. Five Nights of Comfort Meals

Employees on the mend may not feel up to cooking themselves dinner. Omaha Steaks can help with their precooked dinner packages! You can choose from the preselected boxes or build a custom box.

The 5 Nights of Comfort Meals box is enough to feed a family of four for five days. Inside, you will find fully cooked chicken fried steaks, beef pot roast, chicken and dumplings, chicken parmesan, and stuffed chicken.

Buy the 5 Nights of Comfort Meals box, and check out the rest of Omaha Steaks’ gift sets.

11. Get Well Soon Tea Kit

If a cold or flu has your coworker down, some cold and defense tea from Sips By makes a great get-well gift! The Get Well Soon Tea Kit includes elderberry immunity elixir, throat therapy, and headache teas. The kit also comes with a mini honey bear and a loose-leaf tea infuser.

Sips By carries tea collections ranging from immunity boosting to sore throat relief.

Buy the Get Well Soon Tea Kit, and check out the rest of Sips By’s get-well gifts.

12. One Sweet Spread

Some employees may be out for a serious reason, like surgery. If your team member is in the hospital, Hospital Gift Shop can send them a bedside gift. Hospital Gift Shop partners with over 8,000 hospitals in the US and Canada. Same-day and private residence shipping are also available for some items.

The One Sweet Spread Bundle has a range of delicious treats, including two dozen cookies, chocolate-dipped fruits, and a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory sampler box.

Buy the One Sweet Spread Bundle, check out the rest of Hospital Gift Shop’s get-well gifts.

13. The Get Well Book

For employees out of the office for a long time, consider a get-well gift with a personal touch. The Get Well Book is the perfect place to collect letters, photos, and thoughts from colleagues in one special place. You can order a digital, paperback, hardcover, or premium binding.

You can get the Get Well Book at From A Birdie’s site, which began when co-founder Agustin Schapira had the idea to collect letters for his wife’s birthday. She loved the present so much that they decided to create letter books for those looking to send a special gift.

Buy the Get Well Book.

14. Bathtub Tray Caddy Gift Set

The Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Gift Set is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. This gift box includes nine bath bombs, shower gel, shampoo, bubble bath, and the bamboo bath caddy.

Nothing beats a good at-home spa treatment when you feel under the weather. You can send the gift of the spa straight to employees with Loverly’s spa gift boxes. Loverly’s products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sustainably packaged.

Buy the Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Gift Set, and check out Loverly’s other get-well gifts.

15. Words of Affirmation Socks

Employees who are not feeling well may enjoy hearing words of affirmation. Notes to Self sells comfortable socks printed with positive messages. This gift set includes three pairs of socks with “I am brave,” “I am strong,” and “I am courageous” written on them. No matter how employees feel, one of these messages can help lift their spirits.

Notes to Self also gives back to the community by donating socks to women, children, and homeless populations in need.

Buy the three-pair gift set, and check out the rest of Notes to Self’s get-well gifts.

16. Healing Wishes Blankie

When looking for get-well gift ideas for coworkers, check out BlankieGram. BlankieGram offers plush blankies with meaningful words and colors.

The Healing Wishes blankie features phrases like healing energy, positive attitude, and warm hugs. You can choose from purple, gray, or teal, which all have different meanings. Purple encourages sleep, soothes stress, and decreases pain sensitivity. Gray represents meditation and calm energy. Teal offers increased energy and companionship.

BlankieGram also donates blankies to those in need.

Buy the Healing Wishes blankie, and check out the rest of BlankieGram’s get-well gifts.

17. A Gift For Busy Families Meal Kit

To help improve your employee’s recovery process, consider sending them some premade meals. Send A Meal mails precooked dinners straight to your door.

A Gift For Busy Families includes a week’s worth of meals that can feed a family of four. The dinners are chicken fried steak, lemon chicken with orzo, meatballs, chicken and dumplings, orange chicken, short rib macaroni and cheese, and lasagna.

Buy A Gift For Busy Families, and check out the rest of Send A Meal’s get-well gifts.

18. Relax to the Max Massage Crate

The Relax to the Max Massage Crate from Man Crates is great for coworkers who need to unwind. This box contains a massage gun, a tobacco-and-caramel scented candle, amber incense, and chocolate-covered almonds.

Man Crates sells crates filled with items like snacks, alcohol, and cooking supplies. Gifts come in a sealed wooden crate, and the company includes a crowbar for the recipient to pry their gift open!

Buy the Relax to the Max Massage Crate, and check out the rest of Man Crates’ get-well gifts.

19. Healthy Snack Box

A photo of a gift set of healthy snacks

The Healthy Snack Box from Munch Mail is a great way to get your employees back on their feet! The box comes in large or medium sizes, depending on your needs. Recipients will find delicious snacks like Kind bars, Skinny Pop popcorn, and chickpea puffs. Additionally, shoppers can choose to add an insulated tumbler to their orders. To help your employees enjoy healthy snacks and recover, consider this treat box!

Buy the Healthy Snack Box, and check out the rest of Munch Mail’s gift boxes.

20. The Hoodie-Footie

A picture of a smiling man in pajamas

The Hoodie-Footie is a fleece onesie with cozy built-in slippers. This fuzzy outfit also features two large pockets. This item comes in regular and tall and ranges from small to 4XL. Feeling cozy is key to getting well. When your team is feeling down, you can send them cozy pajamas with PajamaGram!

Buy the Hoodie-Footie, and check out the rest of PajamaGram’s get-well gifts.

21. Send A Hug Candle

A photo of a candle that reads hug

Candles can be calming and make great get-well gifts for employees. Hello You has candle gift boxes that include personalized messages.

The Send A Hug candle is available in three sizes. In addition, you can choose from over 20 different scents, such as pomegranate or vanilla. On the back, Hello You will print your custom message.

Buy the Send A Hug Candle, and check out the rest of Hello You’s get-well gifts.

22. Zeylanica Snake Plant

The Zeylanica Snake Plant is easy to take care of and adds a great burst of greenery to the home. This plant comes in four different sizes, so it will fit in any space.

Plants are a classic get-well gift, and Lively Root offers a wide variety. The site even shows which plants are pet friendly, which is great for colleagues with animals in the home.

Buy the Zeylanica Snake Plant, and check out the rest of Lively Root’s get-well gifts.

23. Get Well Soon Succulent

The Get Well Soon Gift Set comes with an evergreen succulent, a scented candle, and matches.

Succulents are a great gift to show employees you are thinking of them. Lula’s Garden has several get-well succulent gift boxes to choose from.

Get the Get Well Soon Gift Set, and check out the rest of Lula’s Garden’s get-well gifts.

24. Garden Of Wellness Bouquet

Teleflora’s Garden Of Wellness Bouquet comes with a beautiful rainbow of flowers and a plant pot that reads Bee Well Soon.

Flowers are a traditional get-well gift, and Teleflora can help you send coworkers fresh flowers and well wishes. Each Teleflora bouquet comes with a reusable vase or basket.

Buy Teleflora’s Garden Of Wellness Bouquet, and check out the rest of Teleflora’s get-well gifts.

25. Aromatherapy Gift Basket

A photo of items from a get-well gift basket

The Aromatherapy Gift Basket contains a mug, tea, honey, chicken noodle soup mix, ginger snaps, an aroma diffuser, essential oil, and a handbell. This gift comes in a reusable wicker basket.

From funny to luxury gift baskets, Just Don’t Send Flowers has a present for every employee.

Buy the Aromatherapy Gift Basket, and check out the rest of Just Don’t Send Flowers’ get-well gifts.

26. A Little Sunshine Gift Basket

A Little Sunshine Gift Basket includes chocolate cashews, chips, salsa, gourmet nut snack mix, cheddar cheese straws, caramel corn, truffle cookies, cheese, and crackers.

When looking for get-well gifts for bosses, consider Executive Baskets. These gifts contain candy, snacks, and soaps. You can also contact them to create a custom gift.

Buy A Little Sunshine Gift Basket, and check out the rest of Executive Baskets’ get-well gifts.


When your employees are under the weather, consider some of these fun options for get-well gifts to send them. The best part about get-well gifts is they are easy to personalize for each employee. For instance, if your staff member loves plants, you can order them a snake or a succulent plant. Or, if that team member is a foodie, they might enjoy a snack box or premade dinners. Whatever the reason your colleague is out of the office, these get-well gifts should result in a smile.

For more gift ideas, check out our lists of virtual gifts, gift box companies, and gifts under $50.

We also have a list of companies that send snack boxes to employees.

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FAQ: Get-well gifts for employees

Here are answers to common questions about get-well gifts for employees.

What are get-well gifts for employees?

Get-well gifts are gift baskets, boxes, or items you send to team members who are not feeling well. Your staff may be out for several reasons, and get-well gifts are a great way to cheer them up.

What are some good get-well gifts to give employees?

Getting your team get-well gifts is a thoughtful way to send well wishes. Some examples of good get-well gifts to give employees include a snake plant, an aromatherapy gift basket, and a movie night box.

Why should you give employees get-well gifts?

Get-well gifts are a great way to show employees you care. Workers may be out of the office due to illness, accidents, or surgery, and receiving a gift can brighten their day and make them excited to return to the office.

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