17 Best Gift Sending Services for Work

By: | Updated: February 25, 2023

You’ve found our list of top gift sending services.

Gift sending services are companies that make shopping easier by shipping packaged gifts directly to your workers or associates. These convenient websites make it easy to shop online for personalized items and arrange shipping from your computer, smartphone, or mobile device. Gift options often include one-time orders or gift subscriptions that allow you to schedule treats to send every month. Examples of popular gift sending services are Greetabl and Edible Arrangements.

These services are similar to virtual event gift boxes, company swag, and employee care packages. These services come in handy for Customer Appreciation Day and virtual holiday parties.

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List of gift sending services

From tempting baskets of gourmet goodies to elegant branded items, here are the best gift sending services for your professional gift-giving needs.

1. Sugarwish

You can help spread sweet happiness to your associates and team members with gifts from Sugarwish. As one of the more tempting choose your own gift websites, Sugarwish is a snacker’s paradise, with categories that include popcorn, cookies, and fun candies. Your gift arrives as a text to the recipient, an invitation for them to choose the specific items they like best within the category you selected with your order. Then, Sugarwish packages their choices in an eye-catching candy store-style box and sends it on its way for your giftee to enjoy.

Shop at Sugarwish.

2. Spoonful of Comfort

You can show your gratitude through a gift of cozy food with Spoonful of Comfort. This gift sending service specializes in care packages that include fresh soups, breads, and desserts boxed with printed notes that express your appreciation. Whether you choose a simple snack or a full-fledged meal, your giftee can enjoy handcrafted treats chosen with care. Though most dishes arrive ready to eat, some require a bit of preparation. There are instructions in each box to guide the recipient on how to store and heat the items for safe consumption.

Prices start at $29 for cookie packages and increase depending on gift size and category. To prevent spoilage, certain perishable items ship on a seasonal basis. You can verify the availability of perishable items before making your purchase.

Shop at Spoonful of Comfort.

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3. Goody

Goody makes it possible to send gifts without knowing your recipients’ addresses. You can shop from a selection of curated gifts that cover home goods, gourmet snacks, kitchen items, and personal accessories. After confirming your order, your giftee receives a notification with the option of accepting or declining your gift. Instead of paying when you order, you only issue payment when the recipient accepts your gift.

Goody offers free gift sending services, with paid tiers providing discounts and special options for larger companies. For example, with the Goody for Business program, priced at $20 per month, you can add your company logo and send items to up to 1000 recipients at once or schedule gifts to send automatically for special events. For the Employee Engagement program, priced at $100 per month, companies can enjoy automated gifting options and integrate with more than 30 leading HR platforms.

Shop at Goody.

4. Harry and David

The high-quality gift packages at Harry and David allow you to send elegant arrangements of fruits and gourmet snacks. This world-class gift sending service provides thoughtful holiday, seasonal, and all-occasion corporate gifts in tasteful boxes and baskets. Harry and David have curated special collections for employee recognition and client appreciation to make shopping easier. You can get your order started by contacting a corporate sales consultant who will explain your options. Greeting cards allow you to add a personalized message of thanks or congratulations.

Shop at Harry and David.

5. Greetabl

Greetabl is one of the more comprehensive gift sending websites, with consultants on hand to help you define your gift sending needs. Corporate gifts from Greetabl include personal trinkets and treats boxed in attractive customized packaging. You can choose the service tier that works best for your needs, whether you intend on sending two gifts per month or more than 250 in 12 months. All tiers include strategy advisement for optimizing Greetabl’s gift sending services.

Shop at Greetabl.

6. Birdytell

With Birdytell, you can support local creators while providing fun and unique gifts for your associates. Featured gift options make it easy to select the right item for the occasion. Curated gift boxes start at $50 and adhere to pre-chosen themes that make shopping a breeze. You can also assemble your own collection of gifts to create a custom box with a more personal touch. An array of categories such as apothecary, cocktails, and goodies help you find what you need. Gift boxes ship within two business days of placing your order. Shipping costs will vary depending on your gift box selections and your recipient’s location.

Shop Birdytell.

7. Drizly

Drizly makes it easy to send wine, spirits, and mixology-based gifts to your workers and associates. You can select bottles from a wide-ranging selection of products to celebrate job completions or contract signings. By working with various retailers, Drizly brings support to local shops around the U.S. for gift order fulfillment. Plus, a team of knowledgeable concierges is on hand to help arrange your gifts and ensure your order ships as intended. These guides will assist you in selecting the right drink for your gift-giving occasion while keeping you within your budget.

The Corporate Gifting Form on the Drizly website provides options for sending to multiple recipients simultaneously, making simple work of gifting to more than one associate in a single order. Because shipping liquor is not allowed in several states, Drizly provides a listing to help you plan your deliveries.

Shop at Drizly.

8. Gift Blooms

Occasions that call for flowers call for Gift Blooms. A pretty bouquet or live houseplant makes a considerate choice when you are uncertain about the tastes or interests of the individuals receiving your gift. Though the Corporate Flowers section on the website restricts your selection of arrangements, you can shop categories that cover all occasions.

Beyond flower arrangements, corporate gift selections at Gift Blooms include cakes, balloon bouquets, and gift baskets filled with gourmet wines and snacks. Holiday-themed selections let you add a touch of whimsy to your gifts or send a thoughtful surprise to help your clients or colleagues celebrate.

Shop at Gift Blooms.

9. Goldbelly

Goldbelly brings the joy of delicious food from around the U.S. to corporate gift giving. With regional specialties represented, you can select gourmet selections from local vendors in your home state, or theirs. The menu of options offers hot food kits, cakes and cookies, and even ice cream among the expansive listing. You can also choose food subscriptions to keep your clients happy longterm.

Corporate gifts at Goldbelly will accommodate a range of budgets, with many gifts listed at price points for under $50. This gift sending service boasts on their website that no order is too big and offers nationwide shipping anywhere all year long for gift order counts of 15 or more.

Shop at Goldbelly.

10. Loop and Tie

Your environmentally sensitive clients will appreciate receiving gifts from Loop and Tie, and you will feel good about sending them. This company includes carbon offsets for every gift they provide and commits to sustainability programs like regenerative agriculture and land restoration projects. Local entrepreneurs and makers provide the items in Loop and Tie’s catalog, with diversity as a key feature among their partner companies.

The gift collections at Loop and Tie are as mindful and unique as their corporate culture. Eco-friendly bath and body products invite a luxury experience, while one-of-a-kind home décor items will add a touch of style. Headings on the website include a price point option, making it easy to stick to your budget. Recipients can select their own gift within the collections you create, for a personalized gifting experience you both can enjoy. Your giftee can even donate the cost of their gift to charity, a notable option among online gift giving services.

Shop at Loop and Tie.

11. Good Gift Delivered

Good Gift Delivered offers you the option of choosing pre-curated boxes to minimize the pressure of shopping. For a more personalized gift, you can curate your own box and include items from their thoughtful collection. These gifts are largely personal items, such as spa and relaxation products and gourmet snacks. You can work with the Gift Concierge Team to assemble the right collection for your giftee.

All shipments include a fee of $16 per address. If you plan on sending 10 or more gifts, then Good Gift Delivered requests two weeks or more advance notice.

Shop at Good Gift Delivered.

12. Marigold & Grey

Selecting and sending luxury gifts is a simple task with Marigold & Grey, one of the higher-end business gift sending services. This company’s stylish boxes and crates contain curated items for relaxation, bath and body care, and gourmet snacking. Each gift is carefully designed with posh enjoyment in mind for the recipient.

Prices for ready-to-ship boxes from Marigold & Grey begin at $59. You can add your company logo to existing gift packages for semi-custom gifting options. If you cannot find gifts that suit your needs, then you can assemble your own fully custom corporate event and holiday packages. Custom gift designs require six weeks lead time and a minimum number of gifts purchased, which varies by gift type.

Shop at Marigold & Grey

13. Mouth

From craft cocktail sets to monthly pickle subscriptions, Mouth provides snack packages custom-made for gifting. All products in Mouth’s gift collections are small-batch specialties from food artisans around the U.S. The business gifts catalog on Mouth’s website includes groupings by gift-giving scenario to help you choose the right item for the occasion. To ensure your giftee can enjoy your present, Mouth also allows you to shop by dietary needs, with gluten-free and vegan options among their tempting offerings.

Shop at Mouth

14. Spirited

At Spirited, you can send a client a bottle of bubbles for a job well done or share gift crates filled with wine and treats with a team that provided critical last-minute help. This online liquor gift shop catalogs its baskets by beverage type and offers custom champagne bottles for a highly personalized touch. In addition to beverages and snacks, Spirited offers an array of cigar and humidor gifts that come with a perfectly paired spirit selection. Bulk corporate gifts are an option, with company logo engraving available as a stylish add-on to your purchase.

Because certain U.S. states prohibit shipping alcoholic gifts, Spirited provides a list of available states to help you coordinate your gift sending.

Shop at Spirited

15. Edible Arrangements

Better than a bouquet of flowers, Edible Arrangements sends decorative food displays that taste as good as they look. These delicious sculptures come in various fresh fruit options, with chocolate-dipped strawberries, apple slices, and pineapple flowers available upon request. You can also find bakery-style gifts, such as cupcake trays and dessert boards among the selections. The website offers a dedicated menu for gifts under $50, a helpful option for companies with a modest gift-giving budget.

Shop at Edible Arrangements.


With gift sending services, you have a handy method for choosing and sending thoughtful tokens to colleagues. Even if a gift-giving occasion arises at the last minute, you can shop and send over the Internet and time the arrival of your parcel to suit your needs. These services provide a helpful tool for strengthening networks and showing your appreciation to valued associates.

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FAQ: Gift sending services

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about gift sending services

What are gift sending services?

Gift sending services are companies that offer a selection of items shipped directly to recipients. The convenience of these services makes it easy to shop and ship all at once. You can select from one-time gifts or gift subscriptions to send gifts regularly. Some services offer memberships that provide perks to make the most of companies with frequent gift-sending needs.

What are some good corporate gift sending services?

Some good corporate gift sending services are Swag, which offers customizable items with your company logo, and Spirited, a wine and liquor delivery service. Among edible gift sending services, Mouth curates collections of small-batch snacks from around the U.S., and Edible Arrangements sends whimsical bouquets of fresh fruit and other treats to celebrate special moments.

How can you use gift sending services for business?

You can use gift sending services to thank key clients for their business or to show your gratitude to valuable associates. This type of gift giving can strengthen relationships by adding a personal touch to your business interactions. Gift sending services are also helpful when choosing gifts for milestone moments for your workers and celebrating important holidays. Shipping prices and delivery timeframes vary by company, so check the company’s policies before placing an order.

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