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You found our list of fun group activities in Minneapolis, MN.

Fun group activities in Minneapolis, MN, are recreational exercises for teams to do in Minneapolis. For example, indoor rock climbing, playing golf, and ax throwing. The purpose of these activities is to improve team cohesion, promote camaraderie, and nurture a sense of belonging.

These experiences are examples of team bonding ideas and group activities for adults. These ideas are similar to company outings in Minneapolis and Minneapolis team building activities.

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Here we go.

List of fun group activities in Minneapolis

Group activities help team members to understand that success relies on teamwork and cooperation. Here are some of the best group activities in Minneapolis.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

trivia night in nyc

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a high-energy team building game. This exercise takes about 90 minutes and simulates a game show atmosphere.

To play Ultimate Trivia Showdown, the host, a professional entertainer,  splits the group into smaller teams. Then, the host runs several rounds of unique and creative questions. Players need more than knowledge of random facts to answer the clever twists on quiz competitions. Contestants must also apply teamwork and creativity to win this showdown.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a collaborative game where players assume the role of investigators. In this game, the bank is robbed, and team members are determined to hunt down the daring bank thieves. Players must follow clues and crack the puzzles to understand how the criminals got past the tight security. Group members should prepare to work together to discover the thieves in this fun, high-energy, and social deduction game.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

3. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is among the most fun things to do in Minneapolis as a group. This game consists of a series of fast-paced, physical challenges. Each of the mini-challenges takes a minute and requires quick thinking and quick-acting.

Minute Madness creates a fun environment for participants to appreciate cooperation and friendly competition. The high-energy exercises are also an excellent way to relieve tension, build confidence, and help participants feel bolder, happier, and more relaxed.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is among the leading large group activities in Minneapolis. This activity promotes bonding and networking. For 90 minutes, an entertaining host will engage the team members in entertaining activities that encourage folks to mingle and connect. The host will also introduce interesting discussion topics that resonate with team members to help participants have naturally-flowing conversations.

Mix n’ Mingle can pair folks with individual commonalities and deepen the bonds among team members.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

5. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is an exciting party activity to do in Minneapolis. Groups can have this event in the office or other preferred locations in Minneapolis. For one and a half hours, team members will engage in several avocado-themed games, including the popular guacamole-making competition. Once the group confirms a reservation for this event, the host will provide the ingredients, dippers, and prizes. This event can help your team to have a great time and learn a few food presentation skills.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

6. Hike At Old Cedar Avenue Bridge

Hiking is a great exercise that promotes body, mind, and soul wellness. Hiking as a group gives participants much better results. For instance, it builds team resilience, fosters stronger relationships, helps reduce anxiety, and creates lasting memories.

The Old Cedar Avenue Bridge is a beautiful landscape and track near Minneapolis. This moderately challenging, 11.3km long trail takes hikers about two hours to complete. The route is wooded and consists of muddy tracks and a mix of slight and steep elevations. Hikers will likely see wild animals like snakes, squirrels, foxes, and wild turkeys.

To enjoy the hike, group members should carry bug spray and wear long pants to prevent insect bites and pricks from plants. Group members can bring their dogs, as long as the pets are on a leash.

Learn more about Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.

7. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Visiting the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is among the most enjoyable but inexpensive group activities in Minnesota. The park is free to enter and operates all year from 6 AM to midnight.

The pieces of art in the park spark visitors’ creativity and relaxation. Some of the most enjoyed sculptors include the Spoonbridge and Cherry fountain, the Big Blue Rooster, and the Wind Chime. Your group can organize activities at this park to bring members together. A team picnic, mini golf, or a dog walk are among the best choices. However, park rules require that pets remain leashed and owners clean up after them.

Learn more about Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

8. Massage And Spa at Spavia

Work often becomes stressful and physically straining. One of the most effective ways to lower stress and manage fatigue or physical pain is massage and spa therapy.

Spavia prides itself in providing some of the best treatment in Minneapolis. Services at this facility include skin care, beauty, and body treatment for both men and women. Groups can book massage and spa sessions to ensure every member gets a restorative and relaxing healing. The therapy sessions can also help group members relax, sleep more, and feel happier. This spa day can improve group morale and productivity.

Learn more about Spavia.

9. Laser Tag at Tactical Urban Combat

Laser tag is among the best small group activities in Minneapolis. This game encourages friendly rivalry, and participants work out in a fun, playful environment.

Tactical Urban Combat can accommodate private parties of up to 20 players. Your group can choose to play laser tag or Nerf. Since the Nerf games shoot using foam balls, the company provides protective masks to ensure teams experience maximum fun and safety while playing. In addition, groups can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or other private events at the facility. Public games last 30 minutes. However, players can reserve a private, more extended session.

Learn more about Tactical Urban Combat.

10. MSP Film at The Main

Watching movies with a group is enjoyable and benefits the team. For example, movies create thoughtful topics to discuss and help to deepen the understanding of each other’s personalities.

Formerly known as Saint Anthony’s Main Theater, MSP Film at The Main cares about group diversity and inclusion. This facility captions all the movies to ensure that members with hearing problems can enjoy the films. The theater is also fitted with cozy chairs with sufficient legroom to make clients comfortable. MSP sells the tickets at a relatively affordable cost and has some of the best popcorn in the city for your group to consume while watching favorite comedies, action, or educational content.

Learn more about MSP Film at The Main.

11. Ice Cream at Milkjam Creamery

Taking ice cream is one of the most refreshing things to do on a hot day or after a workout. The cooling effect rejuvenates the body and makes you feel livelier. Group members can also take ice cream after a meal as a dessert or organize an independent ice cream outing.

Milkjam Creamery has some of the best variety of ice creams in Minneapolis. From flavor to texture, your group will not lack choices. You can sample the flavors like mango, cocoa, and caramelized corn. In addition, the ice cream menu at Milkjam Creamery is carefully designed to accommodate folks with different tastes, preferences, and allergies. For instance, the facility provides a vegetarian menu, gluten-free products, and nuts on request.

Learn more about Milkjam Creamery.

12. Golf at Braemar Golf Course

Playing golf is one of the leading group activities for adults in Minneapolis. This outdoor game is excellent at promoting interactions and building relationships outside the work environment. One of the ways to ensure that all players are comfortable with each other is by encouraging new players to take a theory golf class beforehand. Braemar Golf Course offers beginners’ classes to help players to understand the game’s jargon, basic rules, and how to play. Players should, however, realize that group golf is more about enjoying togetherness than focusing on winning.

This golf course is located near Edina, a Minneapolis suburb, and sits on a 500-acre land. Braemar Golf Course has a refreshing atmosphere, scenic hills, lakes, and oak trees. Group members can also do walking exercises or relish the serenity of the course for meditation.

Learn more about Braemar Golf Course.

13. Ax Throwing at Bad Axe

Bad Axe offers ax throwing services for fun and entertainment. However, the facility runs a separate fundraising program to help build communities. Your group can partner with Bad Axe and organize fundraising and charity events. The donations help provide needy children and families with basic needs such as food, clothes, and learning materials. Before throwing axes, participants should familiarize themselves with safety precautions to avoid injuries.

Learn more about Bad Axe.

14. Indoor Rock Climbing at Vertical Endeavors

Indoor Rock Climbing tops the list of fun group activities in Minnesota. This climbing challenge offers physical and mental workouts that teams would love.

Vertical Endeavors runs several safe indoor rock climbing facilities across Minnesota. The team of professional staff at this facility aid the participants, especially first-time climbers, to feel comfortable and have a blast working out. In addition, the attendants advise climbers on appropriate exercises for different age groups and abilities.

Indoor rock climbing can encourage group members to interact better. Meeting other folks at Vertical Endeavors also prompts participants to make new friends. For the best climbing experience, team members should wear comfortable athletic shoes and clothes.

Learn more about Vertical Endeavors.

15. Biking at Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Loop

The Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Loop is a biking path along the shorelines of five lakes. These lakes are Lake Harriet, Brownie Lake, Cedar Lake, Lake Calhoun, and Lake of the Isles.

Your group can explore the scenic 16.3km loop for a biking tour. The trail is open for use throughout the year. Group members can opt to do the entire or part of the loop around the lakes. Aside from the physical benefits of cycling, bikers get a mental renewal. Getting away from the town noise into the refreshing quiet atmosphere helps to relax bikers’ minds.

Learn more about the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Loop.

16. Escape Room Games at Mission Manor

Escape Rooms are interesting group games where participants work on a puzzle- and hint-guided mission, and must then escape the scene within a limited time. Team members rely on collaboration and each other’s skills and wits to complete escape missions.

Mission Manor offers immersive rooms that engage and entertain players. The pricing packages are competitive and friendly to enable more groups to experience the fun.

Here are some of the best rooms:

  • Asylum: Players are touring an abandoned Sanitorium in Hill Valley. The facility was once a large, reputable hospital. The mission is to discover the cause behind the hospital’s lost glory.
  • Inheritance: Mr. Abernathy, a wealthy man, died leaving a great fortune behind. In his last will and statement, Mr. Abernathy expressed that his money and gold should go to the first person to follow his clues and find the treasures.
  • Countdown: You are having a day off when a call comes through informing you of a bomb set in the city. The bomb is expected to detonate in an hour. You can defuse the bomb and save the city by working out the puzzles fast enough.

Other than the escape rooms, Mission Manor provides private space for corporate and group meetings and parties. If you want a private event after the games, you can access the rooms at a sales discount of up to 15%.

Learn more about Mission Manor.

17. Rum River Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most wonderful small group activities in Minneapolis. Recreational kayaking for groups is exciting and enhances the quality of the tour. Team members can make this activity more interesting by holding conversions, racing against each other, or capturing the adventures on video.

Several canoe and kayak rental services facilitate kayaking at Rum River. These companies rent out kayaks and paddles for return trips or one way. Groups can launch their kayaking from a given location, and the company will pick up the vessels at designated areas. You can also arrange with authorities to include fishing in your adventure at the Rum River.

Learn more about Rum River Kayaking.

18. Jim Lupient Water Park

The Jim Lupient Water Park offers some of the best group activities for kids in Minneapolis. The water park offers fun games such as tube slides, swimming, and interactive spray pools to intrigue children. Children groups can compete on mini challenges like log water walks and swimming through rings.

The park is also a great choice for working parents with younger kids. The parents can bring their children to the park and get time to interact with other parents. In addition, the park has enough shade structures, outside lockers, and a sunbathing area to enhance visitors’ experience.

Learn more about Jim Lupient Water Park.

19. Minneapolis Institute of Art

Visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art, MIA, is one of the most inspiring things to do with groups. The Institute is open Tuesdays through Sundays and exhibits over 90,000 pieces of art from each continent.

To reserve a group visit for at least ten members, you must fill out a self-guided group registration or call the facility with your information before visiting. Your group can also hold board meetings, brainstorming sessions, and work parties at the museum.

Learn more about Minneapolis Institute of Art.


Fun group activities help to strengthen bonds, boost morale, and increase the level of commitment among team members. Minneapolis has robust options for team games and exercises, including kayaking, playing escape rooms, and indoor rock climbing. These activities allow group members to socialize and have fun outside the workplace.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here are common questions regarding fun group activities in Minneapolis.

What are good group activities in Minneapolis, MN?

Good group activities in Minneapolis include:

  • Ax throwing at Bad Axe
  • Biking at public trails such as the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes loop
  • Playing laser tag at Tactical Urban
  • Watch movies in theaters like The Main
  • Physical and hydrotherapy at Spavia
  • Playing golf and working in courses such as Braemar Golf Course

After these enjoyable exercises and challenges, team members can appreciate each other’s work and non-work skills.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Minneapolis?

Understanding your team’s interests and preferences is the best guide to finding the most enjoyable group activities. Minneapolis has a wealth of attractive destinations to hold party activities. As a planner, you can research the fun stuff to do and advise the team members on the items they need to carry, the dress code, and best practices on how to behave when undertaking group exercises.

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