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Here is our list of the best group activities in Sacramento, California.

Fun group activities in Sacramento are ideas you can use to entertain your team in the Sacramento region. Examples include a team tour to Sacramento Zoo, Raging Waters, and K1 Speed. These activities aim to increase workers’ resourcefulness and motivation for work. These ideas will also help develop your team’s soft skills and create an inclusive company culture.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and relationship-building activities. These experiences are similar to group outings in Sacramento and Sacramento team building ideas.

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List of fun group activities in Sacramento

As the capital of California, Sacramento boasts a rich culture, history, and fantastic attractions that will interest your team. From a California State Railroad Museum tour to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Old Sugar Mill, here is a list of the best fun group activities you can engage your team in Sacramento.

1. The Great Guac Off

As one of the most popular fun things to do in Sacramento as a group, The Great Guac Off is a must-try with your team. First, your workforce will bond over the love for guacamole. The host will bring all you need to make the event memorable, including ingredients. Then, your team will partake in fun activities such as avocado-themed trivia. You will then get to the epitome of the event, which is the guacamole-making competition. You can make the event more memorable by adding catering and BYOB. You can choose to run the 90-minute event at your office or rental locations in Sacramento.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a workshop that will equip your team with essential storytelling skills. The 90-minute activity involves an educational session where professional storytellers alike will guide your team in a step-by-step breakdown of the process of crafting compelling narratives. The workshop includes active practice, and attendees will create short stories together in groups. Writers will perfect these messages based on feedback from peers and the instructor. In addition, this event will improve your team’s communication skills as attendees learn how to captivate listeners and enhance their work performance. You can run the fun storytelling event at any location in Sacramento.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness tops the list of re-energizing group activities for adults in Sacramento. A host will lead your workforce through a series of physical challenges. You will watch as each participant races to complete each challenge in under sixty seconds. Minute Madness will foster team bonding and teach your team healthy competition. Since the activity involves intense physical challenges, outdoor spaces work best for this event.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy is an engaging 90-minute activity to see participants race against time to defeat the villain and save the world. Your team will immerse themselves in a real-life comic book scenario requiring attendees to solve puzzles to defeat the villain. Since Superhero Academy involves the input of each team player, participants will bring out their individual capabilities. The activity will foster collaboration, communication, and teamwork among your workforce.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

5. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is one of the most interactive social group activities in Sacramento. A fun host will engage your team in activities that will help attendees chat and connect more naturally. For one and a half hours, attendees will bond over shared interests or experiences. Mix n’ Mingle will strengthen your workers’ relationships and help teams learn how to deal with work-related conflict.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

6. Sacramento Zoo

If you have animal lovers on your team or want to educate your workforce on the importance of conservation, then the Sacramento Zoo is a must-visit. The zoo, home to nearly 400 rare, native, and endangered animals from over 125 unique species, tops the list of large group activities in Sacramento. Here, you may can spot rare animals like the white-faced Saki, the squirrel monkey, Tawny Frogmouth, and the Axolotl.

Some notable exhibits you can tour with your team include the Small Wonders of Africa, Reptile House, and the Big Cat Row exhibits. You can also purchase your team tickets to feed the giraffes. In addition, be sure to experience the fun rides at Sacramento Zoo, such as the Zoo Train or the Serengeti Cyclone. A team tour to the Sacramento Zoo will promote conservation by inspiring appreciation and respect for animals.

Learn more about Sacramento Zoo.

7. Crocker Art Museum

As the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi River, the Crocker Art Museum holds a comprehensive display of California art. The museum is home to a collection of art pieces that date from the Gold Rush to the present. Crocker Art Museum rotates the over 25,000 objects in the collection frequently throughout the exhibits. You will find a vast collection of European paintings, Asian art, African and Oceanic art, and one of the largest collections of ceramics in the U.S. Beyond these exhibits, your team can also enjoy the guided tours, films, and music events. With lots to explore at the Crocker Art Museum, schedule enough time for your team to wander through the beautiful and historical pieces.

Learn more about Crocker Art Museum.

8. Raging Waters

If you are looking for large group activities in Sacramento, then be sure to visit Raging Waters. As one of the largest waterparks in Sacramento, Raging Waters offers an impressive assortment of attractions. The venue has over 25 wet and wild slides, splash zones, and pools where your team can have a fun-filled day and cool off from the heat. Attendees who have a fear of wild waters can start with a swim in the crystal-clear pools. Participants who are looking for a thrill can enjoy the Breaker Beach Wave Pool, the Cliffhanger Speed Slides, or the Shark Attack Waterslide complex. Team players who want to relax can explore the Treehouse Reef or the Calypso Cooler Lazy River. Be sure to let participants grab their choice of food and drinks at the in-house eateries after the fun day’s activities.

Learn more about Raging Waters.

9. Golden 1 Centre

Located in downtown Sacramento, Golden 1 Center is a convenient venue for sports-related outings. The arena, which has a seating of 17,600, is home to the National Basketball Association and the Sacramento Kings. You can also catch non-sporting events such as conventions and concerts at the venue. Golden 1 Centre has multiple levels of seating that facilitate a great view of the match. If you want to offer your team a memorable outing, you can book a premium experience. The venue provides a variety of suites and lofts where your team can watch events as attendees bond. Be sure to grab meals and drinks at the Golden 1 Center’s in-house restaurants after or during the event.

Learn more about Golden 1 Center.

10. iFLY

Skydiving at iFLY is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can offer your team. Through the state-of-the-art wind tunnels, attendees will get a thrill of a lifetime in a safe environment. First, world-class instructors will take your team through the basics of indoor skydiving. Attendees will then get a flight suit and helmet and head to the wind tunnel. The all-weather activity takes approximately 45 minutes, with each flight within the wind tunnel lasting 60 seconds. The iFLY experience will give teams the thrill of freefall while eliminating the risks of jumping out of a plane.

Learn more about iFLY.

11. Old Sacramento

If you are looking for small group activities in Sacramento where participants can learn the history of Sacramento, then Old Sacramento is a good bet. The eight blocks of historic buildings consist of shops, museums, and restaurants. The historic district is also home to renowned museums, including the State Railroad Museum and the Sacramento History Museum, which you can explore with your team. Participants can stroll and shop collectibles, antiques, and jewelry at the locally owned shops. You can also let your team enjoy the historic horse-drawn carriage, a riverboat excursion, or a railroad ride. Your group can also enjoy a wide selection of Sacramento cuisine while catching a live music performance.

Learn more about Old Sacramento.

12. William Land Regional Park

Covering over 200 developed acres, William Land Regional Park is a major park in Sacramento. The park has a variety of amenities that you can use to entertain your team. For instance, participants can jog along the paved paths as attendees catch the stunning lake views. If you want to engage your team in competitive sports, then be sure to pass by the basketball court, golf course, softball fields, and soccer fields. You can also plan a team picnic for large and small teams at the park For golf lovers, be sure to play a game or two at the 9-hole William Land Golf Course. Finally, if you visit William Land Regional Park during summer, then your team can swim at the in-house swimming pool.

Learn more about William Land Regional Park.

13. World Peace Rose Garden

The World Peace Rose Garden is a sanctuary of love, peace, and inspiration for all visitors, regardless of culture or religion. The 42-acre garden, which takes a Victorian style, has a fountain as its centerpiece. Your team can stroll the garden and marvel at the over 650 roses from more than 153 varieties, fragrances, and colors. Attendees can also read the inspirational peace messages on plaques throughout the garden. You can also pass by the veteran’s section with roses that honor war veterans. Your team can sit at the numerous benches scattered throughout the garden and enjoy the breathtaking beauty amidst a historic ambiance.

Learn more about World Peace Rose Garden.

14. Scream Park California

If you are looking for small group activities in Sacramento, then Scream Park California will offer your workforce a memorable experience. Although only the bravest attendees and horror lovers may enjoy the Scream Park California experience, you can use the team visit to help your workers tick their bucket lists. Scream Park California offers teams varying experiences throughout the year, such as Midnight Asylum, House of Undead, and Voodoo Bayou. Attendees will have a haunted-house experience that features ghouls, demons, and live actors.

Learn more about Scream Park California.

15. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

As one of America’s top theme parks, Six Flags Discovery Park is a great option for fun group activities. The 135-acre theme park features a variety of amusement rides, animal attractions, and roller coasters. The park is one of the best venues for fun group activities in Sacramento for a diverse team. Attendees can pass by the Air Penguins, Alligator Isle, Animal Nursery, and the Butterfly Habitats where team players will learn about the importance of conservation. Then, thrill seekers can experience the Batman, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, Sidewinder Safari, and the SkyScreamer. After the tour, you can get your team full meals, drinks, or snacks from the in-house eateries.

Learn more about Six Flags Discovery Park.

16. Enchambered

Emchambered offers real-life experiences where participants live the game. Your team will solve puzzles, mysteries, and challenges to escape a custom-built environment. With varying escape room themes, the venue will interest horror lovers and attendees who are not looking for a scare. You can let participants choose rooms they enjoy and the difficulties that teams can handle.


  • Containment Breach- A research scientist is holding a matter teleportation device in an inaccessible laboratory. You and your team will enter the secret lab and retrieve the teleportation device.
  • The Whispering Halls- An old Victorian manor caretaker has invited you to a property. However, there are paranormal occurrences in the building. In efforts to solve the mysteries, you will go into the property, armed with your new ghost detection gear and escape before midnight.

Escape rooms are some of the best fun group activities in Sacramento that you can use to teach your workforce teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Learn more about Enchambered.

17. California State Railroad Museum

Based at Old Sacramento State Historic Park, the California State Railroad Museum tops the list of fun things to do in Sacramento as a group. The museum features locomotives and cars that date back to the 1800s. Your team will explore exhibits that showcase the influence of railroads on travel, daily life, the unique culture of California, and commerce. With changing exhibitions that feature photography and artifacts, the tour will inspire knowledge about the history of the railroad. Some of the most fascinating locomotives include a dining car and a Pullman-style sleeping car. You can also book your team the excursion train rides, where attendees will ride a historic diesel or steam locomotive along the Sacramento River.

Learn more about California State Railroad Museum.

18. K1 Speed

K1 Speed is one of the best venues where you can host a team of speed lovers. The indoor racing center features electronic go-karts that will excite both beginners and pro racers. K1 Sacramento also features a collection of authentic racing memorabilia that your team can peruse after a race. For instance, you will find full-size race cars, signed race apparel, and artwork. When not racing, attendees can relax in the spacious lobby, play video games, or enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks. If you have a large team, attendees can cheer racers from the indoor screen televisions displaying each race. You can also reserve the exclusive use of the K1 track for your corporate event.

Learn more about K1 Speed.

19. Old Sugar Mill

Situated 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento, Old Sugar Mill is one of the best group activities for adults in Sacramento. The venue features 14 unique wineries that offer wines such as Cabernet, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and Sangiovese. A few of these wineries include Todd Taylor, Three Wine Company, Carvalho Family Winery, and Due Vigne Winery. You can also host your corporate event at Old Sugar Mill. Other than wine tasting, your team will rave about the venue’s picturesque craftsmanship and artistry, historical old brick walls, and rustic windows.

Learn more about Old Sugar Mill.

20. California Automobile Museum

The California Automobile Museum is home to a collection of over 150 race cars, classic cars, early models, and muscle cars. The museum aims to preserve and teach the history of automobiles and their effect on modern life. Your team will explore a collection of vehicles in California that span 120 years. Participants will also explore a rotational display of Japanese cars and micro cars. Some notable cars you should check out include an 1886 Benz replica, an 1896 Ford replica, and the 1963 Shelby Cobra. For a better learning experience, arrange docent-led tours instead of self-guided tours.

Learn more about California Automobile Museum.


Sacramento is one of the best cities to tour with a team. The city boasts sunny days throughout the year, giving you ample time to enjoy the outdoors with your workforce. From the historical hidden gems to Gold Rush-era architecture and traditions, it may take a lifetime to fully explore what Sacramento has to offer. You can opt for group activities throughout the city, in downtown Sacramento, or take a drive to enjoy nearby attractions. When well executed, group activities in Sacramento will positively impact workers and organizations.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Sacramento, California

Here are answers to common questions about fun group activities in Sacramento.

What are some good group activities in Sacramento?

While group activities will benefit your workforce and the entire company, the key to a successful outing lies in selecting group events. Some good group activities in Sacramento include Enchambered, World Peace Rose Garden, and iFLY.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Sacramento?

Group activities improve workers’ morale and foster team bonding. However, a successful group activity all goes down to meticulous planning. It will help if you start by determining the aim of the activities. For instance, if you want your group to have a thrilling experience, a park may not be the ideal group outing idea. Involving your team in the planning process can help to prevent you from choosing ill-fitting activities.

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