18 Top Holiday Gifts for Employees & Coworkers

By: | Updated: December 13, 2023

Here is our list of the best holiday gifts for employees and coworkers.

Holiday gifts for employees and coworkers are presents you can get to wish your team members and work friends a happy holiday. Examples include Miniature Christmas Trees, Happy Holiday Wristbands, and Holiday Yellow Style Cartoon Portrait. The purpose of these gifts is to celebrate the holiday season while appreciating the recipients and building friendships.

These gifts are similar to employee corporate gifts & gifts for coworkers and are great for office Christmas parties and office gift ideas. The gifts can boost employee morale and improve office culture.


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Here we go!

List of holiday gifts for employees and coworkers

Giving your employees and colleagues gifts is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season at work. From the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Molds to the Happy Kwanzaa Growing Kit, here are the best holiday gifts for work.

1. Custom Ugly Sweaters

If you are looking for fun gifts for holiday work parties, then you can design a custom ugly sweater on Printful’s platform. This gift is an excellent idea if you plan to host an ugly sweater party. Printful’s design maker is free and easy to use. With this online tool, you can create fun holiday-themed designs within a few minutes. You can also upload your own artwork.

Depending on your recipients’ preference, you can choose the ugly sweater’s style as a sweatshirt or hoodie. You can also get the apparel in varying sizes for both kids and adults. In addition, you can explore the Christmas-themed graphics on Printful’s platform if you need design inspiration. Also, you can make this gift reflect your brand by including your logo or business name in the imprint.

Learn more about these Custom Ugly Sweaters.

2. The Christmas Palace Santa Figurines

The Santa figurines from The Christmas Palace are among the best holiday gifts for your colleagues. These soft-bodied items make great decor to brighten your colleague’s workspace during the holidays. You can get these figurines in different themes and sizes. For instance, the collection features a two-foot-tall Santa wearing an all-white coat. You can also check out the elf Santa and animated musical figurines.

Choosing an option based on your recipients’ personalities is a great idea. For example, you can get the “Animated Santa Playing Violin” for your colleagues who play this instrument. The “Red Parachutes Santa with Bag” is great for your extroverted and outdoor-loving employees. In addition, these figurines’ sizes range from 14 to 15 inches.

Learn more about The Christmas Palace Santa Figurines.

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3. Happy Kwanzaa Growing Kit

The Happy Kwanzaa Growing Kit is one of the best holiday gifts for work colleagues observing this celebration. This gift is perfect if you are looking for unique Kwanzaa gift ideas aside from traditional greeting cards. The vendor takes pride in planting ten trees in developing countries for every purchase. You can support this sustainable goal and impress your colleague by getting this growing kit.

This gift set comes in a biodegradable paper pouch. The content includes the seeds, an instruction label, and a special code your recipient can use to redeem an additional ten trees in ForestNation. Also, the available tree seeds include California Redwood, White Spruce, Orchid Tree, and Stone Pine. The kit is ideal for recipients of all ages. Furthermore, ForestNation will help you decide and select the seeds appropriate for your recipient’s area. Plus, you can rest assured that the seeds are easy to grow.

Learn more about the Happy Kwanzaa Growing Kit and check out Kwanzaa activities.

4. 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Molds

The 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Molds from Huck + Paddle is a unique holiday gift for your work friends. The vendor offers a mold named after each day of Christmas. Also, each mold showcases characters from the 12 Days of Christmas song. You can purchase each day’s cookie mold to curate an outstanding holiday gift package for your recipient.

To make a complete holiday gift set, you can also add the custom copper cutter to your cart. Aside from making pressed cookies, these items can mold chocolates or create cake decorations. Furthermore, each cookie mold has a booklet containing recipes and instructions.

Learn more about the 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Molds.

5. Holiday Yellow Style Cartoon Portrait

The Yellow Style Cartoon Portrait is one of the best holiday gift ideas for office staff. This artwork can feature your team members posed for the holiday as yellow Simpsons-like characters. Since the artist custom-makes each portrait, you can customize the details. To get started, select the number of characters to feature in the portrait. The picture can contain over eight characters, including pets.

After, choose the background, which can be blank, on a couch, or any custom design you like. A great idea is to use a snowy background or a room decorated with a Christmas tree. Furthermore, you can customize the characters’ apparel, hairstyles, poses, and height to match your staff members’ personalities. To make this holiday gift more fun, you can also request the artist dress up the characters in ugly sweaters or elf costumes. The portrait is available in a half or full-body option to fit different needs and budgets. Furthermore, Get Animized will revise the art as much as possible until the portrait meets your satisfaction. In the end, you can print, frame, and give this unique portrait to your staff members to commemorate the holiday season.

Learn more about the Holiday Yellow Style Cartoon Portrait.

6. Art of Scooter Mulled Wine

This mulled wine from High Roller Tiki Lounge’s collection is a great holiday gift for your colleagues who are mulled-wine enthusiasts. The set includes a bottle of red wine blend and a bag of mulling spices. All your recipients need to do is mix the spices with the red wine blend and create the best holiday beverage. This mulled wine has a unique taste highlighting various notes, including red fruits and spicy pepper jack cheese.

You can check out Scooter’s special mulled wine recipe featured on the website. Furthermore, your colleagues can enjoy this red wine blend alone without making mulled wine from the beverage.

Learn more about the Art of Scooter Mulled Wine.

7. Happy Holidays Wristband

This Happy Holidays Wristband is one of the best holiday gift ideas for employees on a budget. Plus, businesses can market their brand by printing logos on the band’s front side. You can order this band in bulk. Also, the item comes in varying sizes for adults and youth.

You can also upload the artwork you want to feature on the band. However, be sure to upload a good-quality design to avoid a delay in your delivery date. Furthermore, the wristband is durable, and your employees can flaunt the accessories for the entire holiday season without damage or tears. You can also request digital proof of your design for an additional fee.

Learn more about this Happy Holidays Wristband.

8. Gordon Bonetti’s Exotic Custom Fruit Basket

A fresh fruit basket is a versatile gift you can give your work colleagues during the holiday season. You can opt for this basket from Gordon Bonetti Florist if you need a thoughtful gift idea for any holiday, whether for Hanukkah or Easter.

The fruit assortment ranges from apples to grapefruits. Also, depending on your budget and needs, you can get the package in the standard or deluxe size. Gordon Bonetti offers same-day shipping and can deliver the baskets directly to your employees. To make this gift special, you can also add chocolates, stuffed animals, and balloons.

Learn more about this Gordon Bonetti’s Exotic Custom Fruit Basket.

9. Santa Claus Key Tags

These key tags are among the most affordable bulk holiday gifts for coworkers. The item comes with a Santa Claus-shaped tag painted white and red. However, you can change the color to options like yellow, black, or brown. This festive key tag requires a minimum purchase of 25 units.

You can print your brand logo and a special holiday message on the tags. If you are on a budget, then you can opt for the non-personalized version of this product. In addition, you can add these key tags to your party favors during a holiday party for your employees and clients.

Learn more about the Santa Claus Key Tag.

10. Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

The tabletop Christmas tree from Best Pysanky’s collections is one of the best holiday gifts for coworkers. This hand-crafted decor is around 12 inches by 10 inches. Your recipients can use this object to brighten their home or office space during the holiday. Also, the product is portable enough to fit on a shelf or a table.

The artisan carefully designed this miniature Christmas tree with 15 wooden and 10 metal bell ornaments. Furthermore, these hand-painted ornaments come in different designs, including snowman figurines. Plus, setting up this tree is easy and fast.

Learn more about the Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree.

11. Gingerbread Cookie and House Kit

The Gingerbread Cookie and House Kit is a great gift for your employees during the winter holidays. Ginger’s Breadboys curates this kit with all the DIY essentials your recipients need to make amazing gingerbread houses, from gingerbread mix to cardboard bases to candies.

The set also features a builder’s toolkit containing decorating tubes, pastry bags, and green food coloring. Your recipient can use this kit to create and decorate two large-size gingerbread houses. You can check out the unboxing video featured on Ginger’s Breadboys’ website if you want to take a peek at this kit before purchasing. Also, you can reach out to Ginger’s Breadboys if you would like to buy this kit in a gluten-free version. Furthermore, your order covers a complimentary recipe card and a refrigerator magnet.

Learn more about the Gingerbread Cookie and House Kit.

12. Happy Hanukkah Menorah Basket

The Happy Hanukkah Menorah Basket is one of the most thoughtful holiday gifts for work friends celebrating this holiday. The set comes with a tealight menorah neatly crafted by hand. In addition, this set comes with a bottle of kosher wine. However, you can upgrade the wine to other beverages from Gifting Kosher’s collection, including beer and liquor. Add-on options include fruits, cheese, chocolate, and cakes.

Aside from Hanukkah, you can also give this gift basket during other holiday celebrations. Gifting Kosher lets gifters add a gift card for different occasions, from Christmas to Hanukkah to Easter. You can also write a heartwarming holiday message on the card.

Learn more about the Happy Hanukkah Menorah Basket.

13. Custom Christmas Socks

You cannot go wrong with giving your workers these custom cotton Christmas socks. To get started, you have to create a design for your socks. Depending on your preference, your design can feature icons of Christmas trees, bells, or even elves. The customization process is free and easy. All you have to do is send your artwork to Soxwow and explain the sock designs you want. If you do not have artwork featuring your logo, then Soxwow can help you create a unique design.

After the design process, you will receive a virtual proof before approving mass production of the socks. Then, the vendor will revise the design as much as possible until the sample meets your taste. These fully customizable fuzzy socks are a great way to spread holiday cheer at work. Aside from adding your brand logo, you can customize the sock’s size, material, length, and packaging.

Learn more about these Custom Christmas Socks.

14. Christmas Candle Gift Box

The Christmas Candle Gift Box is one of the best holiday gift ideas for office staff. This set comes with two candles specially crafted to facilitate a relaxing holiday experience for your recipient. Inspire Lites neatly packs the items in a white box tied with a black ribbon.

You can contact the vendor to help decide the best fragrance for your work friends. Your recipients will also receive a box of matches featuring a Christmas tree design on the package. Similarly, one of the candles’ packages features a Christmas tree design, while the other product has a fuzzy sock image.

Learn more about the Christmas Candle Gift Box.

15. Small Geode Ornament

Ornaments are a great choice for holiday gifting, and these small geode ornaments add a natural flair to your present! Glitterville Studios makes these stunning ornaments that will add sparkle to any tree. These two-inch natural rocks come in a gold-plated setting. You can choose from eight unique colors to find the perfect match for your colleagues. After the holidays, recipients can also hang these geodes in their windows or even attach them to a chain to wear as a necklace.

Learn more about the Small Geode Ornament.

16. 12 Nights of Wine

The 12 Nights of Wine is one of the most unique gifts for holiday work parties. The box comes in either day or night sets. Regardless of your choice, this holiday wine box will surely impress your recipient. The set features craft wines from various regions, including France and Italy. Plus, you can add a personalized gift message for your recipients.

Furthermore, the gift comes with complimentary daily wine-tasting videos featuring instructions and explanations from Vinebox’s sommelier. Additionally, you can upgrade this wine gift to 24 nights instead of 12. This gift is an excellent way for your recipient to count down during the 12 days of Christmas. You can also purchase this gift for a wine-tasting experience with your colleagues during other holidays besides Christmas.

Learn more about the 12 Nights of Wine.

17. Promotional Santa Hats

These Santa hats from AnyPromo.com are among the best holiday gifts for work parties. You can purchase this holiday gift in bulk, from 144 to over 5,000 units. Also, these Santa hats are an excellent promotional tool. You can imprint your logo and a special message on the band around the bottom. Plus, the apparel already has the words “Ho! Ho! Ho!” printed on one side to commemorate the holiday.

In addition, you can customize the imprint’s size and color. The best part is that these Santa hats are one size fits all.

Learn more about the Promotional Santa Hats.

18. De La Design Pottery Stamps

De La Design Pottery Stamps are among the best holiday gifts for work colleagues. The gift set features an outer stamp for creating snow globe shapes. The set also has six inner stamps for cutting out shapes like Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen. Plus, you can purchase these stamps individually, depending on your needs.

Your recipients will find this gift useful in various crafts, from cookie making to pottery. Furthermore, you can personalize this gift set by adding a date to the item’s base. You can also get these pottery stamps in different sizes. However, the outer snow globe stamps in smaller sizes do not come with matching inner stamps. Therefore, you should opt for the largest snow globe stamps if you plan to purchase other designs.

Learn more about the De La Design Pottery Stamps.


Giving your coworkers and employees gifts during the holiday is a great way to build camaraderie and strong work culture. There are countless holiday gift options you can opt for, from gift baskets to promotional apparel. You can consider making your gifts personal by customizing the products to your recipient’s taste and including a special holiday message.

The holiday gift you should opt for is up to you. Be sure to consider your budget, your recipient’s preference, and the holiday celebration while making your choice. You can get items curated with a specific holiday in mind. Otherwise, generic gifts like a fruit basket or cartoon portrait can be the perfect “one-gift-fits-all holidays” present idea. Furthermore, if you plan to cater to many recipients, then you can opt for bulk holiday gifts to cut costs.

Next, check out these last minute Christmas gifts. For more holiday ideas, you can check these holiday team building activities and holiday party themes.

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FAQ: Holiday gifts for employees and coworkers

Here are answers to questions about holiday gifts for employees and coworkers.

What are holiday gifts for employees and coworkers?

Holiday gifts for employees and coworkers are items you can give your staff or work friends to celebrate the holiday season. These gifts can range from craft tools to branded apparel to figurines. You can give the items to celebrate various holidays, including Christmas and Kwanzaa. Also, these gifts help spread holiday cheer and build a positive work culture.

What are some excellent gifts to give employees during the holiday?

Good gifts to give employees during the holiday include the Art of Scooter Mulled Wine, Customized Fresh Fruit Basket, Happy Holidays Wristband, and De La Design Pottery Stamps.

Why should you give employees and coworkers holiday gifts?

Giving employees and coworkers holiday gifts is a traditional gesture for wishing your recipients compliments of the season. Also, these gifts will make your employees feel valued and recognized at work. If you give presents to your work friends, then you can build a stronger relationship with the recipients. Furthermore, holiday gift giving is a great way for team leaders to thank employees for their commitment and service to the company. This gesture can also develop your workplace culture and reduce employee turnover.

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