18 Best HR Newsletters to Read

By: | Updated: August 29, 2023

You found our list of best HR newsletters.

HR newsletters are periodical publications, usually emails, which send useful and relevant HR news, analyses, and trends directly to subscribers’ inboxes. Examples include Workology, Granted, and SmartBrief Daily. The purpose of these newsletters is to help HR professionals to stay on top of the latest industry news, tips, insights, and topics. These tips will help these professionals perform their jobs more effectively.

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​This article includes:

  • free HR newsletters
  • HR director newsletters
  • HR newsletters for employees
  • HR department newsletters

Here we go!

List of best HR newsletters

The HR industry constantly changes, especially as updated policies and new technology emerge. Hence, you should stay updated with industry trends and standard practices. With more content coming out daily, finding the best HR department newsletters that fit your needs can be a daunting task. Here is a list of the best HR newsletters.

1. HRZone

HRZone is an online community and resource hub for HR professionals. HRZone is an online platform that provides advice, guidance, opinions, and up-to-date information on various HR topics. The platform covers employment law, HR technology, leadership, recruitment, talent management. Readers will also learn more about wellbeing, diversity, benefits, and training.

The newsletter offers a variety of content including articles, research, whitepapers, and discussions. Readers will find info related to human resources, talent management, and leadership. HRZone’s newsletter provides subscribers with updates on the latest trends, insights, and best practices in the HR field. The content covers a wide range of topics, from employee engagement and performance management to HR technology and workplace culture.

Learn more about HRZone.

2. HR Gazette

HR Gazette is an online publication that focuses on HR news, insights, and thought leadership. Founded in 2014, the firm focuses on topics related to human resources and improving the ways folks work. Articles cover a wide range of HR topics, including HR technology, talent management, recruitment, and employee engagement. The HR Gazette provides fresh perspectives, opinions, analysis, news, and reviews from experts in HR and management, addressing the most relevant issues in the world of work.

The newsletter covers a wide range of topics within the human resources and talent management space. The publication includes articles, interviews, and opinion pieces from HR experts and practitioners. HR Gazette aims to provide valuable content that helps HR professionals stay informed about the latest industry trends, challenges, and innovative practices. When searching for free HR newsletters, be sure to check our HR Gazette.

Learn more about HR Gazette.

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3. TalentCulture

TalentCulture is a platform that provides resources and insights related to talent management, leadership, workplace culture, and HR technology. The TalentCulture community includes HR professionals, thought leaders, and experts. These professionals contribute to discussions, webinars, podcasts, and articles.

The TalentCulture newsletter offers a blend of practical advice, industry news, and thought-provoking content to help HR leaders and professionals navigate the evolving landscape of work.

Learn more about TalentCulture.

4. Workology

Jessica Miller-Marrells’ newsletter targets industry leaders in disruptive workplaces. The ideal readers work toward transforming work, leadership, and the human capital industry. This newsletter offers valuable workplace resources, leading trends, leadership tips, and HR buzz.

The community focuses on empowering industry leaders to usher in a more innovative, employee-focused era. The newsletter goes out three times a month, and over 500,000 HR industry leaders contribute their expertise to the community.

Some of the incentives you will enjoy as a subscriber of this newsletter include:

  • Special access to case studies and curated resources based on your interests and job title
  • HRCI and SHRM recertification credit webcasts and courses
  • VIP access to articles, valuable content, and strategies on how to provide real value to HR and recruitment
  • Access to community-only events, discounts, and insider information

If you are seeking effective recruiting and onboarding strategies, keep your eyes on Workology.

Subscribe to Workology.

5. SmartBrief Daily on Workforce

SmartBrief is a popular newsletter for HR professionals. This newsletter compiles the latest news, articles, and content from leading industry sources. The newsletter provides daily summaries of all the information that matters to you. SmartBrief saves you from spending countless hours surfing the net for the best HR resources. Expert editors write essential updates on the topics you care about, delivered straight into your inbox daily.

This newsletter partners with more than 180 professional societies, corporations, nonprofits, and trade associations. These partnerships provide professionals with the industry’s most reliable and up-to-date information. Some topics include trending HR news, tools and software, employee online learning, strategic risk-taking, compensation, and culture.

Sign up for SmartBrief.

6. TLNT Daily

TLNT is a top HR resource with a vast archive of up-to-date HR articles. This publication provides timely news, insights, analysis, and emerging trends. This free newsletter comes from top HR and talent management experts and takes a business approach to HR.

You will get daily updates on topics like:

  • employee engagement
  • professional training and development
  • compensation and benefits
  • legal issues
  • HR technology and software
  • career advancement

The TNLT newsletter’s highlighted format makes it easy to follow. The newsletter also features pictures and artwork, making it visually appealing. Once you sign up, you will get updates of all the great new HR information delivered to your email every weekday. The letter will include a list of the writers and contributions and easy-to-find links to previous newsletters, in case you happen to miss any.

Sign up for TLNT Daily.

7. Wavelength

Asana’s newsletter, Wavelength, inspires HR professionals who aim to achieve great strides. This newsletter aims to reduce workplace chaos by encouraging accountability, productivity, clarity, alignment, and results. Curated with industry leader insights, Wavelength provides helpful articles and resources for HR professionals and leaders.

You will get information on topics like:

  • hiring and inclusive onboarding
  • company health
  • employee engagement
  • team structures
  • organizational design
  • employee empowerment

Although the publication targets HR leaders, Wavelength is also an amazing resource for managers or leaders.

Subscribe to Wavelength.

8. SHRM Weekly Newsletters

The Society for Human Resource Management aims to align companies with their employees. The newsletters seek to empower HR leaders with insights, analytics, trends, and data needed to improve themselves.

SHRM offers newsletters on topics like:

  • daily breaking HR news
  • professional development
  • compensation and benefits
  • HR technology
  • workplace compliance

This newsletter offers a lot of flexibility when you sign up. For example, you can choose to only receive daily updates on HR news, insights, and trends. Otherwise, you may prefer weekly recaps of HR insights and technology. You can also specify your preferred topics and email frequency.

Subscribe to SHRM Newsletters.

9. Recruiting Brainfood

This weekly newsletter is specifically for recruiters. You will get some of the most valuable HR content, including reports, articles, tips, tools, videos, and podcasts. This information can help recruiters find, hire, and retain top talent. Recruiting Brainfood is the perfect resource for HR leaders and professionals looking for insightful HR articles, interviews, and trending industry news. You will find information covering diverse topics like sourcing, recruitment, employer branding, best workplace practices, diversity, and inclusion.

Curated by Hung Lee, the newsletter strives to keep HR professionals’ brains full of industry tips from lesser-known sources. In addition to the newsletter, Brainfood also hosts Brainfood Live every Friday and releases the Recruiting Brainfood Podcast. The podcast hosts hold brilliant conversations about recruitment and HR with top recruiters weekly.

Sign up for Recruiting Brainfood.

10. I<3 Humans

If you want must-read HR stories delivered to your email, check out I<3 Humans from Lattice. Lattice is an HR software platform that offers diverse business solutions.

The weekly stories and insights come from insights from leaders in the HR industry weekly, including:

  • employee engagement
  • performance
  • analytics
  • profiles
  • inspirational HR stories
  • job postings
  • trending HR news

The core selling point of this newsletter is the people-focused approach. The platform has built a community of people management leaders who share meaningful stories, helpful HR tips, and resources. Beyond the newsletter, the community offers extra support with their magazine, curated HR articles, and free Slack channel that allows HR professionals to exchange ideas. You will also get access to a job board that helps you find the next big step in your HR career journey.

Subscribe to I<3 Humans.

11. People First by Compt

People First highlights the most important HR tools, personnel, and innovations. Just like its name, the content of this newsletter is people-focused. You will find captivating topics like preventing employee burnout, setting up remote employees for success, and supporting mental health in the workplace.

People First offers incredible resources like:

  • relevant and timely topics and tools
  • must-read articles
  • emerging HR trends
  • helpful statistics
  • virtual events
  • book recommendations

Overall, the newsletter offers tips to help you become the best in your profession while prioritizing your well-being.

Subscribe to People First by Compt.

12. Granted

This unique newsletter is from Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, professor, and New York Times bestselling author. The letter provides monthly insights on finding motivation and meaning in the workplace and in your personal life.

Grant moves away from the traditional HR newsletter writing style, making you feel like you are exchanging emails with your smart friend. The newsletter brings new ideas and evidence about work and psychology to the forefront.

The newsletter caters to over 100,000 readers and offers impactful insights that foster growth and encourage self-reflection. Your inbox stays interesting with topics like pop culture and existential questions. You can almost never guess what kind of psychological ideas or topics the next issue will cover.

Subscribe to Granted.

13. HR Dive

HR Dive is a comprehensive database for HR topics, such as recruitment marketing, HR news, compliance,  and talent management. HR Dive is for both new and experienced HR professionals. The newsletter offers daily and weekly newsletters, so you can choose the HR topics and how often you want to get them. You can subscribe to the Daily Dive, a publication highlighting the latest HR trends and news, that goes out every weekday.

Moreover, if your focus is finding HR newsletters for employees and gaining insights on announcing recruits to the team, then you may want to check out their Talent Daily newsletter. This particular publication focuses on talent recruitment and retention.

Sign up for HR Dive.

14. Onrec

This online recruitment resource is for HR professionals who want to stay on top of industry news, leading trends, and events. The curators source the latest information from recruitment professionals, private companies, and government bodies. The newsletter provides readers with hot HR topics like managing the workplace, remote working, mental health, and the rise in freelance careers among the youth. Readers will find daily recruitment updates, trending HR news, statistics, a contact directory, and events.

Subscribe to Onrec.

15. Human Resource Executive

HR Executive offers daily HR news, strategic insights, and analyses for HR leaders. Readers will find topics around HR leadership, recruitment technology, and talent management. Content ranges from white papers, webinars, case studies, exclusive offers, and special reports. If you are looking for HR director newsletters, then you should consider signing up for this option.

Sign up for HR Executive.

16. The Modern Recruiter

Designed for busy recruiters, The Modern Recruiter provides a straightforward breakdown of the latest buzz in the HR industry. Greenhouse’s weekly newsletter features articles, webinars, and white papers from across the web. By subscribing, you can stay up to date on all your favorite topics. Additionally, the newsletter also features job openings, just in case you are looking for a new organization.

Subscribe to The Modern Recruiter.

17. Bonusly

Bonusly is a core HR tool that focuses on helping organizations recognize, appreciate, and reward their employees. Doing so keeps them motivated, engaged, and productive. Bonusly presents an extensive resource library and HR tools like employee recognition software. The biweekly newsletter offers fresh insights on the best HR practices. You will get valuable articles, tips, and tricks to build a strong organizational culture. The newsletter also addresses issues like the significance of the onboarding process to employee success, how to celebrate important work anniversaries, and retention tips.

Subscribe to Bonusly.

18. SelectSoftware Reviews

SelectSoftware Reviews is an amazing guide to the best HR and recruiting software. Whether you want to improve your internal HR skills, set up new systems, or buy performance management software, SelectSoftware does most of the work for you. The newsletter offers information on the latest trends and highlights the software that best fits your needs. Some of their categories include talent sourcing, applicant tracking systems, employee engagement software, and talent acquisition software.

Sign up for SelectSoftware Reviews.


The HR and talent management industry is always changing. Reading newsletters written by experts in the field is a great way for HR professionals to stay ahead of the curve and improve their job skills. The highlighted newsletters provide invaluable resources on diverse topics that are relevant to the future of work. Although there are many resources online that provide information, signing up for an HR newsletter helps to save you time and energy. You will not have to spend hours researching and scouting the internet to find the best resources and information needed to stay current. Instead, all you have to do is open your inbox and start reading.

Next, check out our list of the best HR books to read.

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FAQ: HR newsletters

Here are frequently asked questions about HR newsletters.

What are HR newsletters?

HR newsletters are periodical email publications that share valuable and relevant HR information, news, leading trends, and insights with subscribers. These publications contain curated content from HR industry leaders.

HR newsletters address important topics, including:

  • hiring
  • inclusive onboarding
  • training and development
  • performance management
  • employee engagement
  • maintaining company health
  • leadership
  • tools and software
  • strategic risk-taking
  • compensation
  • culture

This tool helps HR professionals who want to scale their careers and transform their organization, the future of work, and the human capital industry.

What are the best HR newsletters to read?

Finding the best HR newsletters that suit your needs can be quite overwhelming. Some of the best HR newsletters to read include TLNT Daily, Workology, The Assist, I<3 Humans, and Wavelength.

Why should you subscribe to HR newsletters?

HR practitioners and talent managers have a lot to keep up with, from industry trends, changing laws, compliance issues, and employee management to rapidly evolving HR technology systems. Subscribing to quality HR newsletters is important to help you keep up with your profession. You will gain access to valuable information and resources needed to stay relevant and improve your skills.

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