Updated: February 05, 2024

17 Leading In-Person Team Building Companies

You found our list of the best in-person team building companies.

In-person team building companies are organizations that offer activities designed to enhance teamwork. For example, these companies might organize scavenger hunts, leadership courses, or cooking classes. The purpose of these services is to foster better workplace relationships. These services are also known as “on-site team development services” and “business team bonding services.”

These in-person team building companies are similar to outdoor team building companies and team building consultants. These groups specialize in facilitating corporate team building activities.

This list includes:

  • ​​on-site team development services
  • business team bonding services
  • companies for in-person team building
  • companies providing in-person team activities
  • company outing services
  • corporate group strengthening companies

So, here is the list!

List of in-person team-building companies

From culinary experiences to daring adventures, these companies offer some of the best team building services.

1. teambuilding.com

teambuilding.com is an awesome company that specializes in team building activities. We offer over 20 unique exercises, ranging from trivia to scavenger hunts to outdoor exercises. Examples include The Great Guac Off, Field Day, and Gingerbread Games. Expert facilitators lead these experiences, and they help improve collaboration and strengthen team bonds.

These activities enhance communication, productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction. Our events create a positive atmosphere where teams can bond while having a great time. If you are looking for company outing services that offer fun and engaging experiences, then check out teambuilding.com!

Learn more about teambuilding.com.

2. Museum Hack

Museum Hack combines team building with museums for an incredible adventure. This firm specializes in turning regular museum visits into interactive adventures.

During guided tours, teams get to think creatively, work together, and solve problems. Expert hosts lead fun stories, team activities, group photos, and icebreakers. Best of all, hosts can customize the experiences to match your industry!

Team members will be able to explore art and artifacts in a fun and unique way. This activity fosters creativity, boosts morale, and strengthens team bonds.

Note: This company is our sister brand!

Learn more about Museum Hack.

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3. Adventure Associates

Adventure Associates offers exciting experiences to improve teamwork for organizations. This firm hosts activities like outdoor adventures and indoor challenges. From hiking to rafting to scavenger hunts, Adventure Associates runs several fun experiences. Safety is a priority, with professional guides ensuring proper training, equipment, and support.

Adventure Associates helps teams break away from their usual work routines. The physical nature of the activities promotes teamwork and a sense of accomplishment. Adventure Associates offers options for different fitness levels and preferences. By taking part in these exercises, teams can boost communication and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about Adventure Associates.

4. Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success offers culinary business team bonding services across the nation. Even without a kitchen, your team can work with this firm to bond over good food. Available activities cover a wide variety of cuisines. For instance, you can face off in a chili cookoff or enjoy a pasta palooza.

The signature event is TeamCuisine, where teams go head-to-head to create gourmet meals. Judges award winners based on taste, presentation, cleanliness, and teamwork. This event lasts three to four hours and can accommodate up to 250 chefs. Be sure to check out Recipe for Success for a delicious team building experience!

Learn more about Recipe for Success and check out team cook-off ideas.

5. Yes Travel

Traveling together is the ultimate way to get to know your team. With Yes Travel, you can go on a memorable team building adventure! This firm plans detailed team building getaways to encourage bonding. The company has facilitated trips to over 110 locations. Yes Travel will outline the whole experience, from transportation to accommodation to events. The firm can even connect you with trained team building facilitators!

Yes Travel’s instructors can design a program based on your company’s needs. Exercises range from challenging outings to fun and relaxing events. Games and activities aim to improve teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Working with Yes Travel is a thrilling way to create team connections.

Learn more about Yes Travel, and check out destination management companies.

6. The Program

The Program is a veteran-owned team building and leadership firm. This company takes an active approach to creating strong team bonds. You can choose between athletic and corporate events. Athletic events include Judgment Day, Coaches’ Clinics, and Take My Hand. During Judgment Day, teams spend two days training with log poles, small boats, the wilderness, or combat mindsets. Coaches’ Clinics focus on areas like Creating a Championship Culture and the Roles of a Leader. Take My Hand is a keynote address from Lead Instructor Sam Cila.

Corporate events include Organizational Culture Development, The Leadership Challenge, and Leadership and Attacking Adversity. Organizational Culture services include on-site consulting and executive coaching. The Leadership Challenge features three to five hours of outdoor exercises. During Leadership and Attacking Adversity, keynote Eric Kapitulik discusses his experiences as an outdoorsman and veteran.

This firm takes a hands-on approach to team building. No matter which event you choose, your team will leave The Program with a new understanding of teamwork and leadership.

Learn more about The Program.

7. WITS Team Building

WITS Team Building is one of the top companies providing in-person team activities. This program began with The National Comedy Theatre. The troop created a series of exercises for their cast to do before every performance. An audience member asked if these games would work for a corporate team, and WITS was born.

WITS uses improv comedy techniques to create connections. Participants will learn to laugh, collaborate, and have fun together. These exercises enhance communication, collaboration, and problem-solving in teams.

The firm can customize these programs to meet specific organizational goals. Plus, this company can work with teams of all sizes. Best of all, WITS runs team building exercises nationwide.

Learn more about WITS Team Building.

8. Laugh.Events

Laugh.Events specializes in bringing laughter and fun to corporate events. The firm hosts engaging activities that foster teamwork, boost morale, and enhance communication. Examples of available activities include stand-up shows, improv workshops, and humor-based experiences.

Improv events feature warm-up exercises, improv games, and presentations. Live entertainment events include stand-up, musical comedy, juggling, and jokes. These activities create a lighthearted atmosphere to help teams connect. These workshops promote friendly competition and teamwork. Laugh.Events is a great team building company that improves morale and communication.

Learn more about Laugh.Events and check out group improv games.

9. Knuckleball Comedy

Knuckleball Comedy aims to help teams learn to collaborate, solve problems, and communicate. This firm offers several team building agendas to suit your needs.

Available team building experiences include the following:

  • Charitable Team Building: Teams work with underprivileged youth to create a children’s book.
  • Leadership Workshops: Leaders learn valuable active listening skills.
  • Professional Development & Team Building: Participants do improv activities to build communication skills.
  • Keynote Speaker: An experienced speaker shares insights with teams and guides them through exercises.
  • Corporate Entertainment: Performers stage improv, stand-up, and comedy shows.

Knuckleball helps participants step out of their comfort zones. Colleagues will learn to trust their instincts and collaborate under pressure. Plus, laughing together relieves stress and creates connections.

Learn more about Knuckleball Comedy.

10. Mobile Room Escape

Mobile Room Escape brings an exciting team building activity right to your workplace. Your team faces puzzles and challenges in a themed room, working together to escape within a set time. Each participant plays an important role in solving the puzzles.

This company also offers a conversation about Leadership, Overcoming Obstacles, Communication, and Kindness. Adding L.O.C.K. to your escape room elevates the team building elements.

This immersive experience boosts teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, lifting team morale. The convenience of Mobile Room Escape is a big plus. The firm comes to your office, saving time and avoiding planning hassles. Also, the flexibility of on-site team development services allows customization based on your team’s goals.

Learn more about Mobile Room Escape.

11. California Survival School

California Survival School is a great way for teams to grow and bond. Adventures include survival, leadership, and soft skills training. Teams will learn techniques like friction fire, animal tracking, and primitive shelter. Survival skills also include camouflage, wild edibles, and stone blade making. Expert instructors will be able to translate these outdoor lessons into workplace skills.

California Survival School can host these experiences at any location of your choice. Groups of two to over 500 can participate in these exercises.

These experiences help build resilience, creativity, and trust among team members. This program provides practical skills for both work and personal life. Teams will learn to trust and communicate with one another.

Learn more about California Survival School.

12. The Paint Bar

The Paint Bar is a fantastic option for in-person team building activities. With this firm, teams can come together to unleash their creativity. You can choose from several experiences, including canvas painting, watercolor, wine glass painting, wooden desk art, or collaborative murals. Experts guide participants through the process of creating their own artwork. Folks will be able to express themselves and bond while making art.

One of the main benefits of The Paint Bar is that it encourages communication. As participants create, they can interact, share ideas, and provide feedback. This experience fosters a positive and inclusive environment. Doing art together is also a great way to unwind. Plus, attendees will leave with a souvenir!

Learn more about The Paint Bar.

13. Creative Team Events

Working with Creative Team Events is a fantastic way for teams to bond and collaborate. The firm offers several team building activities, including drumming, animating, and singing. Exercises range from playing with boomwhackers to fire walking.

Creative Team Events’ huge range of activities breaks the routine. These games bring fun to the workplace, which boosts morale and increases productivity. Several events also require communication as teams work together on tasks. Since teams can choose from so many exercises, they are sure to find an activity to suit their goals.

Learn more about Creative Team Events.

14. Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park is among the top corporate group strengthening companies. This venue offers attractions like high ropes courses, zip lines, trampolines, and climbing walls. Examples of team building activities include the warrior course, battle beam, and dodgeball. Exercises suit several different interests and skill levels. You can split the team into smaller groups to encourage open communication and strategizing.

Choosing this park for team activities allows employees to step out of their comfort zones. Further, folks will engage in trust-building and collaborative experiences. Conquering challenges together strengthens bonds and improves communication among team members. Also, going to the adventure park is a great way to get some exercise.

Learn more about Urban Air Adventure Park.

15. On Purpose Adventures

On Purpose Adventures is one of the best companies for in-person team building. Experienced facilitators create a positive and inclusive atmosphere. These workers understand group dynamics and encourage active participation.

Activities aim to improve teamwork, communication, and morale in the workplace. Examples of in-person team building experiences include kayaking, archery, and C-suite team building.

The benefits of these activities include better collaboration, increased productivity, and stronger team relationships. Outdoor challenges foster teamwork, leadership skills, and resilience. Teams can enjoy tangible improvements in workplace relationships and performance.

Learn more about On Purpose Adventures.

16. The Murder Mystery Co.

Murder mysteries make for great team building events, as they put teamwork, deduction, and critical thinking to the test. You can enjoy an exciting night of murder mysteries with The Murder Mystery Co.’s team building events! With over 15 years of experience, this firm offers an unforgettable experience. The company’s event planners set up the whole party.

This game is much more interactive than a traditional murder mystery dinner. Teams will act as sleuths and suspects, working in small groups to solve the crime. The Murder Mystery Co. provides materials like costumes and suspect binders. Groups will go head-to-head to find the killer first!

This game is great for all types of players. Solving a mystery requires both analytical and critical thinking. Learning to rely on each other and use each other’s skills will help teams bond. Plus, you can combine this activity with a meal, award ceremony, or other team building experience.

Learn more about The Murder Mystery Co.

17. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off runs guacamole-making competitions for teams. A host will travel to your location with all supplies and handle setup. Then, hosts divide the group into teams. The games begin with a series of icebreakers and mini-games where players can bond with their teams and win points to exchange for secret ingredients. Then, the main event: the mash-off and tasting. Each team will try to devise the tastiest and most creative bowl of guac, then the judges and other contestants will sample the dips and vote. The event lasts ninety minutes and is a deliciously competitive way to grow closer to your teams.

Note: The Great Guac Off is run by teambuilding.com.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

Final Thoughts

Getting help from experts to strengthen your team’s unity can boost the success of team building activities. Companies that hire professionals for in-person team building often see improved teamwork, communication, and productivity. These guided experiences also play a big role in creating a positive company culture. This environment benefits both employees and the overall performance of the business. Whether you are interested in a relaxing art-making experience or a thrilling adventure, team building companies can help!

Next, check out our posts on team building worksheets, team building facilitators, and team building courses.

FAQ: In-person team building companies

Here are frequently asked questions about in-person team building companies.

Why should companies invest in team building?

Companies should invest in team building because it cultivates stronger ties among colleagues. These bonds increase mutual trust and communication skills. Teams who can rely on each other will perform better in the office.

What activities do in-person team building companies offer?

In-person team building companies offer a wide array of activities. You can choose exercises designed for different types of teams and objectives. Some common events include escape room challenges, scavenger hunts, culinary courses, or even wilderness survival training-based expeditions.

How do team building companies improve team performance?

Team building companies encourage open communication, collaboration, and camaraderie. This atmosphere improves coordination, leading to more efficacy.

Are there any remote alternatives to in-person team building?

Many organizations offer remote alternatives. Examples include virtual workshops or online game challenges. These exercises are perfect for work setups like remote teams or hybrid offices.

Does team building improve productivity and morale?

Team building activities can enhance employee relationships. Better bonds often translate into improved communication and cooperation. This attitude positively affects the overall team productivity and morale.

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