Updated: January 29, 2024

20 Fun Lawn Games for Outdoor Work Parties

You found our list of the best lawn games for work.

Lawn games for work are exciting outdoor activities. Teams can play these games during company breaks, team building events, or work parties. For example, games such as Kubb, Rollors, and Dizzy Bat Relay are fun competitions. The purpose of these games is to foster teamwork and create a fun working environment. These games are also known as “break time lawn games” and “company outdoor games.”

These lawn games for work are similar to outdoor team building games, outdoor group games, and backyard games.


This list includes:

  • lawn games for office breaks
  • outdoor games for work
  • company picnic games
  • competitive lawn games at work
  • corporate lawn games
  • employee engagement games

So, here is the list!

List of lawn games for work

From Kubb to Yard Pong, here are some of the best lawn games for your next work gathering.

1. Kubb

Kubb is among the best lawn games for office breaks or team building activities.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Split groups into two teams.
  2. Set up wooden blocks, or kubbs, in a line. Place the king block in the center.
  3. Teams take turns knocking over each other’s kubbs.
  4. Once players take down their opponents’ kubbs, they can knock over the king.
  5. Players must knock down all the kubbs before hitting the king.
  6. Whoever topples all the blocks first wins!

Kubb promotes teamwork, strategic thinking, and friendly competition. In addition, this game provides a fun way to unwind and foster positive relationships among colleagues.

Learn more about Kubb.

2. Rollors

Rollors is a fantastic lawn game for work. This activity combines elements of bowling, horseshoes, and bocce ball to create a unique experience.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Place the two goals about 25 feet apart.
  2. Split into two teams.
  3. Players take turns rolling wooden discs toward the goals.
  4. Players must get the rollers as close to the goal as possible to score points.
  5. Whichever team reaches 21 points first wins!

One of the major benefits of Rollors is its versatility. Teams can play this game on various surfaces, such as grass, sand, or even indoors with a modified set. Additionally, Rollors is great for both small and large groups.

Playing Rollors enhances physical coordination and improves problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

Learn more about Rollors.

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3. Dizzy Bat Relay

Dizzy Bat Relay is a fun and energetic game that can add excitement to any work event.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up a simple relay course.
  2. Divide into teams of equal size, and give each team a plastic bat.
  3. Players put their foreheads on the bat and spin around it ten times.
  4. Participants run through their part of the relay before passing the bat to their next teammate.
  5. The relay continues in this manner.
  6. The first team to cross the finish line wins!

If teams need to complete the race one at a time, then time how long it takes each team to finish. The fastest group wins!

This game promotes teamwork, laughter, and friendly competition among coworkers. Plus, this activity is a great way to build camaraderie while playing competitive lawn games at work.

Learn more about Dizzy Bat Relay.

4. Field Day

A picture of a man throwing a ring

Field Day is a series of tournament made up of a series of high-energy outdoor games and activities. Led by expert hosts, groups will split into teams and face off in challenges like tossing rings onto viking helmets and launching stuffed animals with a sling shot. This experience lasts 90 minutes, can accommodate hundreds of participants, and is one of the most exciting lawn games for work.

Learn more about Field Day.

5. Yardzee

Yardzee is a lawn variation of the classic game of Yahtzee.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Players take turns rolling five dice.
  2. Participants can roll up to three times per turn.
  3. After rolling, players choose a category on their scorecard for their dice.
  4. Folks earn points based on the categories and dice.
  5. Once each player fills their scorecard, they add the total of their points.
  6. Whoever earns the most points wins!

Employee engagement games like Yardzee encourage strategic thinking. In addition, you can easily customize rules to make the game more interesting.

Learn more about Yardzee.

6. Popdarts

Popdarts can bring a refreshing break to your work environment. This game is a unique take on darts and will get the whole crew laughing. 

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up a table with a smooth surface.
  2. Place the Wigglenobber Target Marker in the center of the table.
  3. Players take turns throwing Popdarts at the Wigglenobber.
  4. Participants earn ten points for landing on the target. Players also earn three points for being closest to the target and one for landing elsewhere on the table.
  5. The first team to reach or exceed 21 points wins.

Playing Popdarts is a great way to unwind and compete. You can even set up a bracket for Popdarts winners to make this game into a tournament!

Learn more about Popdarts.

7. Washer Toss

Washer Toss can add excitement and friendly competition to your work event. This activity is a variation on cornhole.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set the two boards 21 feet apart.
  2. Split into two teams.
  3. Stand behind or beside the box.
  4. Teams take turns throwing washers at the boards.
  5. Players earn points based on how close washers are to the tube.
  6. The team that reaches 21 first wins!

It is important to note that teams cannot exceed 21 points. If scores go over 21, then players subtract the last round’s points from their total. This game is a great alternative to bean bag toss, and you can even make your own set with household materials.

Learn more about Washer Toss.

8. Soccer Golf

Soccer Golf combines the excitement of soccer with the precision and strategy of golf. This activity is great for colleagues to enjoy during a work event or break.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up a course using cones to mark “holes.”
  2. Players take turns kicking a soccer ball toward each hole.
  3. The goal is to reach the hole with the fewest kicks possible.
  4. The participant with the lowest score wins!

This game requires more space than other lawn games, so be sure you have room to spread out. Large parks or parking lots are great venues for this activity. Additionally, some places have dedicated footgolf courses you can play at!

Learn more about Soccer Golf.

9. Outdoor Shuffleboard

Outdoor shuffleboard is a fun addition to barbecues or team building days. You can play as individuals or teams.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up the outdoor shuffleboard course.
  2. Players take turns sliding discs down the court.
  3. Participants can try to knock their opponents’ discs off the board.
  4. After players slide each of their discs, total up the points.
  5. Whoever reaches 21 points first wins.

Some game boards also work indoors, so you can enjoy Shuffleboard at any time of the year. Shuffleboard promotes concentration and strategic thinking. These skills can enhance problem-solving and critical thinking.

Learn more about Outdoor Shuffleboard.

10. Yard Pong

Similar to traditional beer pong, Yard Pong puts coordination skills to the test.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up two sets of ten large cups in a triangle formation. The tips of the triangles should face each other.
  2. Split into pairs.
  3. Players take turns throwing a ball into their opponents’ cups.
  4. When the ball goes into a cup, participants remove that cup from play.
  5. Optionally, teams can ask their opponents to rerack the cups.
  6. The team with cups remaining wins!

Typically, beer pong is a drinking game, so Yard Pong is a great addition to your happy hour activities. However, this game is just as fun without a drink!

Learn more about Yard Pong.

11. Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is one of the more active outdoor games for work that is great for a quick break. It is important to note that Tag Rugby is noncontact, so this game is safe for all players.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Divide into two teams.
  2. Outline a playing field with clear boundaries.
  3. Give players velcro tags they can wear around their waists.
  4. Teams pass a rugby ball and try to cross the opposing team’s try line.
  5. If players tag the individual with the ball, then possession switches to the other team.
  6. Whoever earns the most points wins!

Rag Rugby is a great workout. Plus, this game promotes teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.

Learn more about Tag Rugby.

12. Giant Twister

Giant Twister is a larger-than-life version of the classic game. This exercise is perfect for team building activities or simply having some laughs. Some versions of these boards are even inflatable to make the game extra challenging!

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Start by laying out the Giant Twister mat.
  2. One player gets the spinner.
  3. The remaining players stand on the mat.
  4. The spinner calls out a color and a body part. For instance, “Right foot on red.”
  5. Players follow directions.
  6. The spinner says the next instruction, and players must follow it without removing their last body part.
  7. Participants who fall are out of the game.
  8. The last player standing wins!

Giant Twister is a fresh take on a nostalgic game. This activity encourages folks to step out of their comfort zones and be playful. Further, this activity helps players stretch, which is relaxing.

Learn more about Giant Twister.

13. Outdoor Connect Four

Outdoor Connect Four is a fantastic addition to any workplace’s lawn game collection. This classic game offers several benefits, such as fostering teamwork and encouraging friendly competition.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Divide players into two teams.
  2. Assign a color to each team.
  3. Players take turns dropping their colored discs into the frame.
  4. Whoever gets four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally first wins!

One advantage of this lawn game is most folks already know how to play. Additionally, playing Connect Four encourages teams to think critically. Players have to analyze each others’ next moves in order to succeed.

Learn more about Outdoor Connect Four.

14. Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a classic game that is great for workplaces. This activity helps with teamwork and thinking ahead.

Here is how to play this game:

  1. Give each team or player a bowling ball.
  2. Set up ten inflatable pins in a diamond shape.
  3. Players take turns bowling using traditional scoring rules.
  4. The team with the most points wins!

To make this game more challenging, consider adding extra rules. For instance, players could bowl with their nondominant hands or stand on one leg. However you play, Lawn Bowling is great for improving teamwork.

Learn more about Bowling Scoring.

15. Giant Checkers

Checkers is a classic activity, and you can bring it outdoors with Giant Checkers!

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Two individuals or teams can play at a time.
  2. Participants can move pieces diagonally, one square at a time. 
  3. If opponents have a piece with an empty space behind it, then players can capture that piece.
  4. When participants get a piece to the opposite side of the board, the piece becomes a king.
  5. Kings can move forward and backward two spaces at a time.
  6. Participants capture each other’s pieces until one player runs out.
  7. The player with the remaining pieces wins!

This game is a great mental challenge. In addition, playing checkers as a group encourages teamwork and coordination.

Learn more about Giant Checkers.

16. Pickleball

Pickleball is sweeping the nation, and it makes for a great lawn game! Singles or doubles can take on this fun challenge.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Find a pickleball court nearby.
  2. Teams take turns serving the ball.
  3. When players miss the ball or hit out of bounds, the opposing team earns a point.
  4. As long as they are ahead by two points, the first team to reach 11 points wins.

If you do not have access to a pickleball court, then you can outline a court with rope or tape. Portable nets will complete the setup. In addition, you can buy outdoor pickleballs, which are better suited for grassy areas.

Learn more about Pickleball.

17. Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic playground activity that makes a great addition to corporate lawn games. Participants will love this nostalgic throwback!

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Split the play area into two equal territories, and make a jail area in each.
  2. Divide players into two teams and give each a flag.
  3. Teams hide their flag inside their own territories.
  4. Players try to sneak onto the opposing side to capture their flag.
  5. If opponents tag players in their area, then those players go to the opponents’ jail.
  6. Teammates can tag players out of jail.
  7. Whoever manages to capture their opponents’ flag wins!

This game puts players’ strategy and teamwork skills to the ultimate test!

Learn more about Capture The Flag.

18. Kickball

Kickball is a fun and active way to spend time with colleagues. In addition, this game is great for both large and small teams.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Set up cones in a diamond shape in a field.
  2. Split players into two teams.
  3. The outfield team covers each base.
  4. The pitcher sends a ball to the kicker.
  5. The kicker hits the ball and runs to first base.
  6. If an outfielder catches the ball or tags the kicker, then the kicker is out.
  7. Players earn a point when they cross the home plate.
  8. The team with the most points wins.

Kickball promotes teamwork, communication, and friendly competition. This game also provides an opportunity to step away from desks and get some exercise.

Learn more about Kickball.

19. Sack Race

The Sack Race is a fun activity that brings out the competitive side in teams and creates lots of laughter.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Gather large burlap sacks or pillowcases.
  2. Set up a race course with several columns and a finish line.
  3. Participants each stand inside a sack.
  4. At the same time, players hop toward the finish line.
  5. The first player to finish wins!

This classic activity is a great way to boost energy levels and improve moods. Plus, the contest is quick, so you can have several races during your event! You could even have a tournament to find the ultimate sack race champion.

Learn more about Sack Races.

20. Kingdoms

Kingdom is a unique yard game that challenges colleagues to attack each other’s bases.

Here is how to play the game:

  1. Split into four teams.
  2. Choose your kingdom. Each kingdom has a special ability or advantage.
  3. Set up stakes around your territory, and place your castle in the middle.
  4. Teams take turns throwing balls at opponents’ castles.
  5. Once groups knock over a castle, they claim that territory.
  6. Whoever claims all the territories first wins!

Whether you want to play a quick ten-minute round or expand your territories for a longer game, Kingdoms is one of the top company picnic games!

Learn more about Kingdoms.

Final Thoughts

Lawn games are a great addition to your team building agenda. These activities are fun and help folks create strong bonds. You can play lawn games during a field day, a team barbecue, or even before a meeting. Many of these activities are great for tournament-style contests as well. Choices range from simple to athletic, including Yardzee and Kickball. This list has great options for any outdoor company event, from barbecues to field days.

Next, check out our posts on field day games, group retreat activities, and company picnic ideas.

FAQ: Lawn games for work

Here are frequently asked questions about lawn games for work.

Why are lawn games beneficial for work?

Lawn games offer an outlet for employees to destress during their breaks. These activities help promote mental health by encouraging light-hearted enjoyment and exercise.

How do lawn games improve team building?

Lawn games help colleagues connect through teamwork and friendly competition. These bonds promote better understanding and improved communication among team members.

What are the best lawn games?

Some of the best lawn games include Yardzee, Soccer Golf, and Kingdoms.

What supplies do you need to play lawn games?

Most lawn games require basic sporting equipment like balls, discs, or toy darts. The specific equipment needed varies depending on the game.

Are there indoor alternatives for lawn games?

Yes, there are indoor alternatives for several of these games. For example, table tennis or indoor bowling can serve as substitutes for outdoor lawn games.

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