Updated: December 14, 2022

25 Best Luxury Swag and Promotional Item Ideas

You’ve found our list of luxury swag items.

Luxury swag items are high-end versions of promotional gifts for businesses to present to clients, customers, and associates. These gifts are purposeful selections representing an elevated sense of style and quality, with prices reflecting their value. You can use luxury swag during marketing opportunities or as goodwill offerings during special occasions. Examples of luxury swag items include wireless earbuds, curated wine flights, and gourmet chocolates.

You can consider offering luxury swag items as appreciation gifts at corporate team events and leadership retreats. You can pair these gifts with company swag to create swag bags for occasions that call for elevated promotions or special consideration. These gifts are similar to VIP corporate gifts.

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Here we go!

List of luxury swag items.

From premium fashion accessories to helpful tech gadgets, here are some ideas for luxury swag items to wow your clients and associates.

1. Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds with wires have become clumsy relics that make listening on mobile devices cumbersome. Giving wireless earbuds as premium swag lets your recipient tune into phone calls, audiobooks, podcasts, and music without getting tangled in cords that are never quite long enough. Most models come with handy storage cases that also keep the earbuds charged. The noise-canceling feature of many wireless earbud models also makes them helpful as earplugs when silence is more important than sound.

You can find different earbud options for Apple and Android devices, an important choice to consider when shopping for your target audience.

Shop for wireless earbuds.

2. iPads

An iPad is a work tool that can double as an entertainment device, a music hub, and a portable library. These tablets come in various sizes and storage amounts, providing a range of luxury swag possibilities. You can have iPads laser-engraved with an associate’s name or initials to add a stylish personal touch. If your company is promoting a particular initiative, then you can have the iPads pre-loaded with the necessary apps and software. Your clients and customers will log into a customized, high-definition digital experience that can keep your information front of mind.

Shop for iPads.

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3. Fitbits

To emphasize the importance of wellness and self-care, include Fitbits as a selection in your luxury swag catalog. By strapping one of these handy gadgets on their wrists, users can track critical physical functions like heart rate, daily steps, and sleep health. In addition, a simple connection to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop lets the wearer track their long-term activity and share information with other Fitbit users. The app even gives badges for daily accomplishments to keep your clients motivated as they improve their health!

Shop for Fitbits.

4. Hydro Flasks

As a high-end insulated thermos, a Hydro Flask lets your clients and associates keep hydrated on the go without needing single-use plastic water bottles. The more expensive Hydro Flask brand bottles are durable and longer lasting than some of the cheaper options. Powder-coated surfaces provide vivid, fade-resistant exteriors, while the stainless steel interiors are free of potentially harmful chemicals found in similar flasks made from hard plastic. You can choose from a wide range of stylish colors and include your company logo to turn portable beverage containers into luxury branded gifts.

Shop for Hydro Flasks.

5. Wireless Charging Stations

The ability to charge mobile devices sans outlets is a tremendous convenience for workers on the run. A wireless charging station makes a helpful desk accessory that minimizes unruly cables while providing energy refills for phones and tablets. You can find chic charging stations made from durable materials that blend in with modern décor, or opt for sleek, high-tech desktop versions that show off your client’s trove of tech devices. Your logo or company name will fit nicely on the surface to remind recipients of the people helping energizing their lives!

Apple and Android devices may require different charging station set-ups, something to keep in mind when shopping.

Shop for wireless charging stations.

6. Business Backpacks

For work travel, vacations, or simply toting essentials back and forth to the office, business backpacks are luxury promotional items your busy colleagues will appreciate. Business backpacks hold laptops, tablets, phones, and chargers while leaving plenty of room for folios and notebooks. Higher-end versions come in leather and have the appearance of a fashionable handbag, though more unisex options exist at the lower end of the price scale. With anti-theft features and waterproofing for added safety, your colleagues can have an attractive and functional piece of luxury swag.

Shop for business backpacks.

7. Spirit Infusion Kit

Your associates can stir up their own happy hour with spirit infusion kits in your luxury swag collection. You can find sets for creating an array of flavored drinks featuring the best-known spirits and delicious mix-ins. These kits provide unflavored spirits, flasks of botanicals for infusing the alcohol, and bottles and accessories to label and store your creations. Fans of fine beverages are your target audience for a gift of such distinction!

Shop for spirit infusion kits.

8. Cocktail Smoker Sets

Mixologists of all skill levels can elevate their bartending skills with a cocktail smoker set as a top-tier swag gift. Modern cocktail craft uses smoke to infuse spirits and mixed drinks with additional flavor. The drama that comes from adding a cloud of smoke to a drinking glass adds to the theater of upscale cocktail creation. With a smoker kit on their home bar top, your clients can become beverage artisans by topping off their concoctions with smoke from pear, apple, cherry, or oak wood piped directly into the glass.

Shop for cocktail smoker sets.

9. Ties

By including ties on your luxury swag shopping list, you can enhance the wardrobes of your most stylish customers and impress them with your attention to detail. These tasteful tie sets come in several patterns to suit the sensibilities of dapper dressers, with fashion-forward cuff links and an assortment of tie tacks included in the box. Recipients can add them to their business attire rotation or stash them in a desk drawer or briefcase for unexpected fashion emergencies.

Shop for ties.

10. Drink Decanters

For discerning drinkers, receiving a drink decanter as luxury swag signals that your company goes the extra mile to please its customers. You can shop for decanters that include glasses and freezable stones that prevent drinks from becoming watered down. You can also find fun, themed decanters in the shapes of globes, motorcycles, and ships in a bottle to lend an artful air.

Shop for drink decanters.

11. Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses can be a striking fashion accessory and luxury swag that will please your high-style clients and customers. Familiar styles like Ray-Ban and aviator bring class and sophistication while providing UV protection. You can buy a single design in bulk or select a distinct pair for each person on your swag itinerary. If you plan to assemble a deluxe swag bag featuring several accessories or pieces of apparel, then a pair of super luxe shades will fit the theme nicely.

Shop for fashion sunglasses.

12. Wine Sampler Boxes

With wine sampler boxes in your luxury swag stash, you can give key clients a taste of their favorite wines or introduce them to new flavors. Each package includes two bottles of wine and an array of sweet and savory snacks for your customers to enjoy. In addition, you can have a gift ribbon printed with your logo to ensure that your recipient knows you have their tastes in mind.

Shop for wine sampler boxes.

13. Charcuterie Serving Sets

Charcuterie boards are one of the most exciting trends to hit the foodie scene in years, making charcuterie serving sets a prime candidate for your array of luxury swag. These sets come with chic boards for displaying pretty arrangements of deli meats and cheeses, and many include utensils that help hosts slice and serve their selections. For companies operating in the food industry, charcuterie serving sets are fitting high-end swag for sharing with other culinary professionals.

Shop for charcuterie serving sets.

14. Whiskey

Few beverages suggest luxury better than well-aged whiskey. Including branded whiskey bottles in your luxury swag bag can give your more sophisticated clients a thoughtful foray into new sips to savor. Some providers offer bottles from intriguing international distillers, while others celebrate the craftsmanship of domestic American selections. Offering a bottle of high-end whiskey shows that your company has a sense for the finer things in life and that you enjoy sharing them with your colleagues.

Shop for whiskey.

15. Travel Golf Bags

The golfers in your professional circle will appreciate having a portable travel golf bag to take on the road. Light and easy to pack, these bags can accommodate clubs, balls, and accessories for convenient road or air travel. You can choose padded versions to provide added protection for expensive clubs and wheeled models that transport smoothly from the car trunk to the links. Clients and colleagues who use the golf course as a networking forum will appreciate a gift that can help create future successes and enhanced business connections.

Shop for travel golf bags.

16. Pashminas

Pashminas are stylish accessories that can turn a simple outfit into a fashion statement. These tastefully patterned wraps are available in opulent fabrics like silk and cashmere and double as a warming cover in cold weather. You might consider handing out pashminas as thoughtful, plush swag at galas and award dinners, especially in enclosed environments where air conditioning may chill the space.

Shop for pashminas.

17. Leather Wallets

Well-made leather wallets are luxury accessories that anyone with credit cards and cash to carry will appreciate. A tri-fold wallet provides enough space for several cards and folded bills while offering generous space for a corporate logo. You can find them in brown and black vegan leather options for a swag piece that announces your company’s commitment to elegance and responsibility.

Shop for leather wallets.

18. Pen and Pencil Sets

You can add a touch of elegance to your associates’ desks with a set of fine pens and pencils as part of your luxury swag assortment. These barrel-style pens come with high-quality ink cartridges and graphite refills, which are simple to replace for continued use. The instruments are engravable with a name or brief message in a selection of fonts, while the lids of the cherrywood boxes are perfect for adding a corporate logo. Fans of the timeless art of handwriting will be thrilled to receive deluxe swag that helps them continue the tradition.

Shop for pen and pencil sets.

19. Drones

The childlike fun of operating a drone makes a luxury swag experience few associates can refuse! These remote-controlled flyers link to a smartphone app for GPS positioning and come equipped with video cameras for recording adventurous journeys in HD. In addition, some models allow voice commands for even easier operation. Gearheads and tech fanatics will love finding these memorable high-ticket gadgets included in their deluxe swag bags.

Shop for drones.

20. Chef’s Knife Sets

A professional-level chef’s knife set is a luxury swag item that makes a definite statement. Brands like Henckels offer superior knives and a reputation for quality known around the world. Blocks come with a standard collection of blades that include chef’s knives, paring and utility blades, and steak knives to ensure effortless cutting for cooks and diners alike. These blocks make excellent swag gifts for aspiring gourmets on your client list and dining industry professionals who appreciate exceptional kitchen tools.

Shop for chef’s knife sets.

21. Gourmet Chocolates

For clients with a sweet tooth, gourmet chocolates are a swag option that satisfies them. The artful bonbons at Norman Love Confections look more like jewels than candy! Each piece is handmade with a sense of craftsmanship not seen in lower-priced chocolatiers. You can choose from a catalog of boxes, bars, and holiday selections to offer key customers or opt for a bulk corporate order made to your specifications to share with your team members.

Shop for gourmet chocolates.

22. Throws

Whether your client uses it in the office as a lap blanket to keep away the chill or on a couch or bed at home, a throw is a touch of luxury swag that adds comfort to their lives. You can find ultra-soft blankets are tastefully understated in design while providing maximum coziness for an undeniably enjoyable experience. With a variety of colors to suit most décor, you can order a variety to ensure swag that suits your recipients’ range of tastes.

Shop for throws.

23. Padfolios

Though most daily business occurs on a smartphone or laptop, padfolios can help your clients stay organized throughout the workday. Leather and faux leather covers are soft to the touch, a thoughtful detail that elevates these notebooks to the level of luxury swag. You can even add engraved names to individualize your swag gifts to let essential associates know how much they mean to your organization.

Shop for padfolios.

24. Massage Guns

For personal trainers, fitness professionals, and physical therapists, massage guns are a solution that will assist them in their everyday work lives. You can offer massage guns as luxury swag items at industry shows and client meetings to show your awareness of their needs and to demonstrate an interest in helping make their work more manageable. Your clients can also use their massage gun to soothe their aches and pains to be ready for the next round.

Shop for massage guns.

25. Wine Collectors Sets

Wine collectors sets can be an optimal swag item when your luxury giveaway ideas target lovers of wine culture. With a foil cutter, a bottle opener, and even a thermometer to ensure the bottle reaches the right temperature for serving, these sets are a deluxe collection of tools that make sharing vintages and varietals an easier task. In addition, these pieces come in a handsome cherry wood box that sits nicely on a counter and stores easily in a drawer or cabinet.

Shop for wine collectors sets.


By adding luxury swag items to your selection of promotional gear, you can demonstrate the elevated standard your organization strives for. These pieces can be more than just a vehicle for getting your logo seen by key clients and critical players. Luxury swag can also help you stand above competing companies by showing your commitment to higher quality in every aspect of your operation, even when it comes to the type of swag you offer.

You can learn more about choosing the best swag items by checking out company swag ideas for employees and swag bag ideas to help your corporate events be a smashing success.

FAQ: Luxury swag

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about luxury swag.

What is luxury swag?

Luxury swag is a selection of higher quality promotional items and gifts than the mass-produced branded items companies use for advertising. These items are also more expensive than general swag items and can serve more strategic purposes, such as thank-you gifts for remarkable achievements or gestures of appreciation for key clients.

What are the best luxury promotional items?

The best luxury promotional items are iPads, Air Pods, scotch samplers, and fashion accessories like silk ties and elegant wraps. You can also shop for gourmet kitchen gifts such as charcuterie sets and chef’s knives blocks as luxury swag items. These items feature engraving that displays your logo, company name, or corporate motto to ensure the recipient remembers your organization.

Who should I give high-end promo items?

You should give high-end promo items to key clients and accounts that represent an elevated caliber of relationships. Executives and strategic partners who appreciate fine things are your target audience for luxury swag as promotional items. You can also give these superior gifts to team members for high-achievement occasions and milestone moments that call for a special gift.

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