Updated: November 02, 2022

20 Best Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

Here is our list of the top marketing conferences.

Marketing conferences are events that allow you to network with marketing professionals, acquire new skills, and learn directly from industry leaders. Examples include Annual Georgia Marketing Summit, The Virtual MarTech Summit Europe, and B2B Marketing Exchange. The purpose of attending these events is to stay updated on new changes in marketing while connecting with fellow marketing experts.

These events are industry conferences, similar to leadership conferences or HR conferences. Some of the gatherings on this list are virtual conferences. You can also learn more about the industry by reading marketing books.

This list includes:

  • digital marketing conferences
  • brand marketing conferences
  • content marketing conferences
  • marketing technology conferences
  • social media marketing conferences

Let us get started!

List of marketing conferences

As a marketer, you must attend professional development and education conferences. Here is a list of the best conferences for marketers you can attend this year.

1. LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert

This marketing conference hosted by Access Intelligence is a packed program that discusses strategies for nurturing sales relationships. The conference has more than 30 sessions and caters to more than 1,000 attendees.

LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert holds in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has speakers from J.D. Power, loanDepot, Lending Tree, Rocket Mortgage, and LLC. These speakers provide insights into the techniques you need to market effectively, nurture quality leads, and convert customers.

Learn more about LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert.

2. Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

The world is fast-paced, and you must develop disruptive sales strategies to win. Technology adoption is currently at an all-time high and will only continue to rise. Marketing technology conferences such as the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference aim to bridge this technology gap in marketing.

When you attend the program, you will receive actionable insights to improve the sales strategies in your company. If you are a busy professional, then this event will work well for you since it is virtual.

Learn more about Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference.

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INBOUND’s key goal is to connect professionals in the marketing industry. Every year, this marketing conference is one of the biggest marketing events and attracts thousands of world-class professionals. The program is usually hybrid, which means you can attend in person in Boston, MA, or comfortably from your home.

At INBOUND, you will meet some of the best and brightest minds in sales and revenue operations. You also get to network with leaders in marketing and customer success.

Learn more about INBOUND.

4. Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World stands out among brand marketing conferences by providing a space for you to improve your content creation skills and connect with other creators. At this conference, you will meet important professionals in the industry, meet potential hires, and gain knowledge about improving your marketing systems.

This content marketing conference is impressive enough that workers from Dell, Walmart, and Microsoft attend yearly. Some top speakers include Olga Adrienko of Semrush, Andy Cristodina of Orbit Media, and Carl Bonjanowski of Kimpton Hotels. If you choose the virtual option, you pay $649, but the in-person option costs between $699 and $2,199.

Learn more about Content Marketing World.


You should take advantage of content market conferences like Adobe DITAWORLD, which offer attendees a unique insight into leveraging technology for content creation. The conference exposes attendees to the intricacies of marketing communication and technical communication. You will also learn how to use effective content creation and marketing to enhance customer experience.

This program is virtual and offers free registration. If you need a free marketing conference that offers you practical and strategic knowledge to market, then this program may be perfect for you.

Learn more about Adobe DITAWORLD.

6. Seismic Shift

True to the name of this marketing conference, Seismic Shift promises a disruptive program where participants gain skills and knowledge relevant to the present day. This conference lasts three days, with 24 breakout sessions and four keynote speeches.

Seismic Shift is one of the top content marketing conferences. If you are a marketer looking for an event with fun and engaging seminars, then you should attend Seismic Shift.

Learn more from Seismic Shift.

7. Strategic Marketing USA

Strategic Marketing USA is a good example of a brand marketing conference that brings together many CMOs showcasing innovation and mapping the future of marketing. Hosted in San Diego Mission Bay Resort, CA, by Reuters Events, this marketing conference features speakers from Indeed, Verizon, General Mills, Logitech, and EA. This conference is right for you if you want to learn how to re-energize your brand’s customer relationship in a purpose-driven manner.

Learn more about Strategic Marketing.

8. Digital Summit Series

Digital Summit Series happens across the United States in over 15 cities, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. The summit includes several sessions covering digital marketing best tactics and practices. Experts from 3M, MarketingProfs, and LinkedIn are some of the usual speakers at this event.

Digital marketing conferences cover SEO, content, social media, analytics, and strategy. Brands such as Airbnb, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and Uber are usually present. Conversations around newer aspects of technology, such as the metaverse, are also common topics of discussion. You can choose either a virtual event or attend in person.

Learn more about the Digital Summit Series.

9. B2B Forum by MarketingProfs

The B2B Forum is a great space for B2B executives to meet and share advice on the best digital marketing tactics and technology. Typical prices are about $596 for the virtual event or between $1,995 and $2,495 for the in-person event in Boston, MA.

While at the conference, you will get the chance to network and connect with other driven marketing and business professionals. The sessions cover authenticity, logic, empathy, and building trust with your potential and existing clients. The program also gives insights into your marketing style and what could be missing.

Learn more about B2B Forum by MarketingProfs.

10. MozCon

MozCon is like a summer camp for marketers. This conference brings together digital marketers from all over the world for three days. During the program, marketers learn to overcome all the common and specific obstacles in the current marketing world.

The speakers range from leaders in performance marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, local search, digital marketing strategy, and conversion optimization. You also learn how to make your marketing department a dream team. This program costs $449 for virtual and between $1,099 and 1,699 for in-person programs.

Learn more about MozCon.

11. GURU Conference

GURU Conference is a good choice if you are looking for virtual marketing conferences. This free marketing conference assists marketers in improving their email marketing programs. Email marketing may seem to be more dated when compared to social media. However, email marketing is still useful in building your brand’s visibility, personalizing customer communication, generating website traffic, and collecting surveys.

While at the conference, you will learn the nuances of email copywriting. You learn how to structure eye-catching emails, follow up on cold and hot leads, and convert leads to sales. As a marketer, no matter where you work, you need a good understanding of email marketing. This conference is where you can get all that knowledge from top marketers who are successful at email marketing.

Learn more GURU Conference.

12. Programmatic Pioneers Summit

You can join the World Business Research in London, UK, for two days as more than 200 heads of marketing, advertising, media, digital, and programmatic come together. This conference offers you the unique chance to network with big names and industry leaders.

The speakers at the program come from large companies such as MediaCom, Pepsico, Heineken, and Gucci. This program will teach you how multinational companies market products and services.

Learn more about Programmatic Pioneers Summit.

13. Traffic & Conversion Summit

Thousands of the world’s best and brightest minds in marketing come together yearly at Traffic & Conversion Summit for a powerful, three-day marketing conference.

While at this conference, you gain knowledge in:

  • search marketing
  • demand generation
  • digital marketing best practices
  • social media marketing
  • digital marketing technologies

Social media marketing conferences like the Traffic & Conversion Summit are great for your social media team. Every session in this program includes tested and proven strategies to increase traffic and sales.

You also learn how you should be marketing in a digital world and how to leverage TikTok to boost your traffic. This conference takes place in San Diego, CA, and costs $895 for the virtual event and between $895 and $1,595 for the in-person event.

Learn more about Traffic & Conversion Summit.

14. AdWeek: Outlook

You can join AdWeek for a value-heavy program to talk about the benefits of monetization strategies and new tools disrupting the industry. Speakers in attendance include top names in media, marketing, and tech.

This program aims to figure out how to use these innovations to supercharge and drive growth and revenue. Over three days, you learn how to connect with customers and tackle talent and transformation. Some of the partners for this marketing conference include ORACLE, convene, vidmob, dstillery, and ROUNDEL.

Learn more about Adweek: Outlook.

15. ProcureCon Marketing

Hosted at Palm Springs, ProcureCon Marketing focuses only on senior-level marketers. This conference is dedicated to exploring the challenges of sourcing marketing resources. The event engages you through innovative workshops, interactive keynotes, and fun networking sessions. The marketing conference is also cross-industry, which makes it unique.

Apart from getting valuable knowledge about the intricacies of marketing, you also get access to industry secrets from senior marketing procurement experts. You can gain insights to help your business prepare better for the future. Some companies that attend the conference are Vodafone, Shell, ASDA, Coca-Cola, and PANDORA.

Learn more about ProcureCon Marketing.

16. Conversion Conference

Conversion Conference focuses on innovating the science of conversion. This conference is highly-rated, with more than a dozen shows in the US and Europe. Your conversion rate affects your revenue and business ability to scale. This reason is why the Conversion Conference explores ways to optimize conversion rates as a tool to grow your business.

The speakers at the conference are from notable companies such as Purpose Pioneers, New Horizons, and State Farm. The speakers delve into integrating search and nailing messaging. Some of the speakers that have graced the Conversion Conference stage include Elmer Boutin, William Leake, and Elmer Boutin. The location for the 2023 conference is Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Learn more about Conversion Conference.

17. Digital Travel EU

Digital Travel EU offers the tools to build digital strategies for customer preferences. Top marketing leaders from all around Europe are usually in attendance. This conference explores how to drive sales without relying on third parties and building customer loyalty. The conference is specially tailored toward travel companies.

At the London-hosted event, you get interactive learning, keynotes to inspire you, and fun networking events with your peers in the industry. Many major travel companies attend, including trivago, RYANAIR, Lufthansa, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and TRAVELZOO.

Learn more about Digital Travel EU.

18. DMO Advanced

At this conference, you get insights into the coolest and latest technology and marketing trends from more than 100 attendees. The program focuses on the future of marketing and how to solve some of the current marketing-related challenges affecting business growth.

The conversations at this conference also touch on speeding up the shift to e-commerce through valuable content, professional networking, and collaborative education. There will be more than 20 speakers, all from different industries.

Hosted in Napa Valley, CA, attendees will be from large companies such as Vivid Seats, DigitalOcean, Cox Automotive, and Under Armour. Some speakers include Lily Ray, Patrick Stox, and Cindy Krum.

Learn more about DMO Advanced.

19. Marketing Analytics Summit

If you are a digital analyst or marketing professional, then you can learn how to leverage marketing data at this conference. Data runs the world, influencing major marketing decisions as the world becomes more digitalized.

The workshops at this conference cover topics such as Artificial Intelligence and international cultural marketing. The speakers include big names from multinational companies such as Amazon Music, Deloitte Intuit, and Microsoft. Some speakers include Mary Owusu, Lina Mikolajczyk, Jennifer Kunz, and Riesling Meyer. The conference happens at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.

Learn more about Marketing Analytics Summit.

20. DigiMarCon

DigiMarCon takes place across the United States in cities like Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. The sessions will focus on navigating the digital world as a marketer. Understanding how to leverage digital tools is crucial to staying ahead of the curve in marketing.

The focus topics will span:

  • conversion rate optimization
  • UI/UX design
  • influencer marketing
  • inbound and outbound marketing

The speakers at this conference include top-level employees from PayPal, Facebook, and Microsoft. You also experience an intimate gathering and network with top-level marketers. You will also get a deep insight into the best innovative strategies and emerging technologies to push your business to the next level. Some attending companies include FedEx, LG, Google, eBay, Bloomberg, Forres, NETFLIX, and PWC.

Learn more about DigiMarCon.


Marketing is constantly evolving, and better results await professionals who stay up to date. In a technologically advanced world, marketers are discovering new ways to improve brand recognition, do market research, promote products, and convert customers. Marketing conferences are where experts in this field converge to share discoveries and optimize current methods. Hence, marketing professionals must attend.

When choosing a conference, ensure you understand the promised value, know the caliber of speakers, and the industry of focus. You may also consider pricing and how the program blends with your schedule. Luckily, there are some free marketing conferences, and some you can attend virtually for more convenience.

Next, check out these lists of social media marketing books and growth hacking books.

FAQ: Marketing conferences

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about marketing conferences.

What are marketing conferences?

Marketing conferences are events that allow you to connect with marketing professionals, learn new skills, and network. The purpose of these activities is to stay updated on new changes in marketing and network with your fellow marketing colleagues. These conferences ensure that your business stays progressive and your marketers have the necessary tools and skills to navigate the marketing industry.

What are the best marketing conferences to attend?

Here are the best marketing conferences to attend:
<li>Gartner CSO &amp; Sales Leader Conference</li>
<li>Seismic Shift</li>
<li>B2B Forum by MarketingProfs</li>
<li>Traffic &amp; Conversion Summit</li>
<li>ProcureCon Marketing</li>
<li>Marketing Analytics Summit</li>
These marketing conferences all focus on different aspects of marketing, such as digital marketing and sales conversion. Before you choose a marketing conference, ensure the benefits you will gain are necessary for your business growth. You can send employees to specific conferences for maximum impact if you run a big enough company.

What do you do at marketing conferences?

You mostly connect with other marketers and exchange knowledge and information. You should be open to new opinions, tactics, and ideas to grow. At marketing conferences, you also get to listen to top industry professionals. These professionals usually offer advanced industry secrets from their experience.

You are building a working network of professionals when you network at marketing conferences. You also open yourself to information that will help you grow your marketing to more profitability. The digital landscape grows quickly, so regularly attending these programs allows you to stay updated. Additionally, you can get predictions about the future of marketing.

Finally, at marketing conferences, you can scout for new talent. If you own a company and are looking for the right professional to hire or collaborate with, then a marketing conference will help you.

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