18 Top Memorial Day Activities For Work

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of Memorial Day activities for work.

Memorial Day activities are programs, events, and activities teams can do to honor Memorial Day. For example, consider a patriotic potluck, a charity run, or letter writing campaign. The purpose of these activities is to honor veterans and foster a sense of unity and appreciation among employees. These activities are also known as “activities for Memorial Day at work” and “creative Memorial Day activities for work.”

These memorial day activities for work are similar to virtual Memoral Day ideas, Remembrance Day ideas, and Veterans Day activities.

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So, here is the list!

List of Memorial Day activities

From Patriotic Potluck to Field of Flags Display, here are the top ways to celebrate Memorial Day at the office.

1. Patriotic Potluck

A Patriotic Potluck is one of the top work activities that celebrate Memorial Day. This exercise fosters a sense of community and gives folks the chance to showcase their cooking skills. To organize a successful potluck, create a sign-up sheet. Participants can sign up for categories like appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts.

For a patriotic touch, folks can bring dishes that have red, white, or blue elements. Then, set up a table where chefs can place their meals. Folks can grab a plate, get some food, and enjoy! You can also decorate the potluck area with flags and other red, white, and blue decor. Sharing homemade dishes allows coworkers to express their creativity.

2. Memorial Day Trivia

Memorial Day Trivia is a fun and engaging way for employees to honor the holiday. To play this game, create a list of trivia questions related to Memorial Day. Examples include historical facts, military traditions, or famous war heroes. Participants can form teams and see who can answer the most questions correctly.

Here are some examples of Memorial Day trivia questions:

  1. When is Memorial Day observed in the United States? Answer: The last Monday of May each year
  2. What was the original name of Memorial Day? Answer: Decoration Day
  3. In which year did Memorial Day become a federal holiday in the United States? Answer: 1971
  4. How is Memorial Day different from Veterans Day? Answer: Memorial Day honors those who lost their lives serving the military, while Veterans Day honors all military veterans.
  5. Which flower is a symbol of remembrance for Memorial Day? Answer: A red poppy

This exercise encourages teamwork and friendly competition. More importantly, Memorial Day Trivia provides an opportunity for teams to learn about the sacrifices of veterans. Celebrating Memorial Day with trivia is a great way to educate and engage your colleagues.

For similar activities, here are Trivial Pursuit questions.

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3. Decorating Contest

A Decorating Contest is a fantastic activity to engage colleagues in some festive fun. Participants can decorate their workspaces with patriotic themes. Examples include red, white, and blue decor as well as flags.

There are two versions of this contest. First, you can provide teams with decorating supplies. Then, set a timer for five to ten minutes. Folks can race to decorate their desks. Then, give out awards to the best desk!

In the other version of the game, there is no time limit. In addition, folks can bring in their own decor. You can let folks spend the entire day setting up their decor. At the end of the day, give awards to the best displays!

No matter how you play this game, it is sure to get your team in the holiday spirit.

4. Charity Run

A Charity Run is a fantastic activity to consider for your Memorial Day work event. To organize a charity run, start by picking a charity that supports veterans. Next, create a route, set a date, and encourage participants to participate. Any profits from registration fees, merch sales, food sales, or donation stations can support your charity.

Here are some examples of charities you could work with:

This activity has several benefits. First, this experience supports those in need. Next, employees will get to support a worthy cause. Finally, participants will get to exercise. A charity run brings folks together for fitness and philanthropy.

5. Moment of Silence

Observing a Moment of Silence is a powerful way to honor the significance of Memorial Day in a work setting. A moment of silence is a great way to either open or close the workday.

During this solemn moment, colleagues can pause from their daily activities. Teams can take this time to reflect on the sacrifices made by servicemen and women. Taking a moment of silence allows for collective remembrance and appreciation. By adding this gesture to your workplace activities, you can foster a sense of unity and gratitude among colleagues.

6. Veteran Guest Speaker

A Veteran Guest Speaker can bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to any Memorial Day activity at work. Speakers can share personal stories and experiences. Through keynotes, employees can deepen their understanding of service members and foster a sense of gratitude.

Examples of guest speakers include Nicole Malachowski, Jason Harris, and Waldo Waldman. Inviting these veterans to the office can also create an opportunity to have open discussions. Teams can talk about inclusivity and understanding in the workplace. Hearing firsthand accounts from veterans can be incredibly impactful.

Here are more examples of keynote speakers.

7. Cultural Cook-Off

A Cultural Cook-Off is a fantastic activity to organize for Memorial Day at work. To host the cook-off, divide participants into teams and assign each a specific cuisine. Teams will have 30 to 40 minutes to cook a dish from their cuisine. For a Memorial Day twist, ask a panel of veterans to judge each dish and choose a winning team.

This event is one of the most creative Memorial Day activities for work. Employees can embrace diversity, celebrate cultures, and appreciate their community. Working together to make a meal together is a great way to improve teamwork. After the event, folks can enjoy the dishes they created.

Read about how to do a team cook-off.

8. Thank-You Cards

Thank-You Cards are a thoughtful and meaningful way to show appreciation to veterans. To host this activity, start with blank cards or colorful stationery. Teams can write personalized messages to troops. Letters should express teams’ gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the country. Writers can even add quotes or jokes to make troops smile.

You can work with programs like A Million Thanks or Support Our Troops to send out your letters. Writing Thank-You Cards is one of the top ways to honor service men and women.

Check out A Million Thanks and Support Our Troops.

9. Remembrance Wall

One impactful activity for Memorial Day in the workplace is creating a Remembrance Wall. This simple yet powerful tribute allows employees to honor and remember veterans. To create a Remembrance Wall, provide a designated space for the wall. Employees can place photos, notes, or other memorabilia of loved ones who have served in the military. This collaborative effort serves as a reminder of the troops’ bravery and sacrifices.

10. Peace Parade

A Peace Parade is a fantastic activity to commemorate Memorial Day in the workplace. Colleagues can walk the streets to honor the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives. You can hold the parade in the office or on nearby streets. Participants can wear patriotic attire and carry signs with messages of gratitude. A Peace Parade is one of the best activities for Memorial Day at work, as it shows respect for fallen heroes and promotes teamwork.

11. Historical Film Screening

One of the great Memorial Day activities for work is hosting a Historical Film Screening. This activity allows employees to learn about the past and those who have served. For this activity, choose a documentary that relates to the holiday. For example, The Longest Day or Flags of Our Fathers.

This screening creates an opportunity for education and reflection. Further, watching these films together can foster a sense of unity among teams.

Here is how to do a team movie night.

12. Flag Folding Ceremony

A Flag Folding Ceremony is a meaningful and patriotic activity. To begin, gather a group of colleagues and grab an American flag. Teams can follow the proper protocol for folding the flag.

Here are the steps to folding the flag:

  1. Straighten out the flag.
  2. Fold the flag lengthwise two times.
  3. Take the bottom corner and make a triangle fold.
  4. Continue triangle folding until the flag is wrapped up.

After folding the flag, you can display it at the office to honor veterans.

Learn more about how to properly fold a flag.

13. Patriotic Dress Code

One way to show your patriotism during Memorial Day is by following a Patriotic Dress Code. By encouraging employees to dress in red, white, and blue, you can create a sense of unity and pride. This theme promotes camaraderie among coworkers. Further, this activity also serves as a visual reminder of the sacrifices made by service members.

Having a patriotic dress code can have several benefits for your workplace. These business Memorial Day activities create a festive atmosphere and boost morale among employees. Dressing in patriotic colors also allows teams to show their support for the military. Best of all, this dress code fosters a sense of community as teams come together with a common purpose.

Here are more office dress up ideas.

14. Boot Camp Workout

A Boot Camp Workout is a fantastic Memorial Day activity. This exercise promotes team building and physical fitness. Workouts combine cardio, strength training, and agility. To organize a boot camp workout, find an open space like a park. Next, set up stations for exercises like push-ups, low crawls, and burpees. Teams can either do these exercises at their own pace or race in a relay-style contest! This activity is a fun way to have a friendly competition and work toward fitness goals.

Check out more office workouts.

15. DIY Poppy Making

When looking for meaningful corporate Memorial Day activities, consider Making DIY Poppies. To create your own poppies, you will need red construction paper, black buttons, green pipe cleaners, and glue. Participants will cut out flower shapes from the construction paper. Then, folks can attach a button in the center. Finally, teams can glue a green pipe cleaner to the back as the stem.

Participants can either make poppies at their own pace or race to see who can make the most in a set amount of time. After creating the poppies, be sure to wear them around the office for the day. This simple activity is an impactful way to show respect for fallen heroes.

16. Story Sharing Session

A Story Sharing Session can be a meaningful way to engage colleagues during Memorial Day at work. Before hosting this activity, be sure to talk to your team to ensure they feel comfortable discussing their backgrounds. During the exercise, encourage the group to share personal tales related to the holiday. These stories could be employees’ own experiences or those of a family member.

By hosting this exercise, teams can deepen their appreciation for one another. This activity fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie. In addition, sharing stories provides an opportunity for reflection and gratitude.

17. Wreath-Laying Ceremony

A Wreath-Laying Ceremony is a meaningful way to commemorate Memorial Day. Teams can go to a memorial site or monument together. Then, participants can set out wreaths at these sites. This activity allows coworkers to come together and honor those who served in the military. In addition, laying wreaths fosters a sense of unity, respect, and appreciation among colleagues.

18. Field of Flags Display

Setting up a Field of Flags Display is one of the most powerful company Memorial Day activities. To host this experience, gather many American flags. Then, choose a field or another area for your display. Teams can work together to set out each flag in a neat and orderly way. You can also include small informational cards explaining the significance behind the display.

This display creates a visual representation of gratitude. Seeing rows of flags waving in the wind can be a reminder of our troops’ sacrifices.

Final Thoughts

Memorial Day is an opportunity to respect those who paid the price of freedom. Celebrating this holiday at work is a great way to honor veterans. You can work directly with service men or women and charities to support troops. Many of the activities on this list help colleagues learn more about the significance of the holiday. In addition, these exercises enhance the sense of unity and pride in your team.

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FAQ: Memorial Day activities for work

Here are frequently asked questions about Memorial Day activities for work.

Why should you celebrate Memorial Day at work?

Recognizing Memorial Day at work honors those who gave their lives in service. You can also use this holiday as an opportunity to educate workers.

How can these activities boost team spirit on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day activities boost team spirit as they encourage teamwork and create shared experiences. Commemorating together builds team relationships.

How can you involve employees in honoring Memorial Day?

Teams could volunteer for veteran-focused nonprofits, decorate their offices, or set up flag displays.

What are the best community service activities that celebrate Memorial Day?

Several nonprofits aim to help veterans and their families.

Community service activities that celebrate Memorial Day include:

  • flag installment
  • cleaning or landscaping veterans’ memorials
  • collection drives for homeless veterans
  • raising funds for organizations supporting military families

Supporting these causes uplifts your community.

How can you support employees who are veterans on Memorial Day?

Supporting employees who are veterans on Memorial Day could be as simple as acknowledging their service during a team meeting. Providing resources about local veteran events and information about available veteran resources are other ways to show support.


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