New Employee Announcement Examples & Templates

By: | Updated: December 20, 2023

You’ve found our list of new employee announcements.

New employee announcements are notifications that welcome incoming workers. Examples include social media posts, spirited emails, and video introductions during virtual meetings. These announcements alert team members to new hires and inform clients of additions to the organization.

These memos are useful as starting points for employee onboarding activities and virtual onboarding ideas. Such announcements are similar to team building emails, bulletin board ideas, and internal newsletter ideas.


This list includes:

  • fun new employee announcement sample
  • new employee announcements to clients
  • interactive new hire announcements
  • social media new employee announcements
  • virtual new hire announcements

Here we go!

Fun new employee announcement samples

1. Baby Announcement

Welcome to our new addition! The latest member of our office family is a healthy, happy new hire who is sure to make our lives brighter. In addition to ten fingers and ten toes, this lively little worker comes with a wealth of experience in our industry and a twinkle of curiosity in their eyes, perfect for learning new things. They will definitely need to crawl before they walk in their new position, so be sure to give them a helping hand if you see them stumbling. Drop by their crib when you have a chance and welcome them to our exciting world!

2. Mystery Solved

Sharp-eyed sleuths around the office may have noticed a new presence on the premises. We can now reveal the identity of this mysterious figure as our new team member! They bring a diverse background and wealth of experience to their new role. Our new addition lends a touch of character to our already colorful crew. Though they show great ability and a canny knack for quick learning, they may require guidance as they take on their new responsibilities. Please stop by their workstation to say hello and offer your assistance in getting them settled.

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3. Royal Declaration

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! By decree of kingdom leadership, we hereby declare that our new team member has arrived in the palace. This citizen cuts a striking figure in the world of our industry and is certain to add value to an already considerable wealth of knowledge and talent. Their background speaks of their achievements and abilities, but they may need assistance learning our customs. Please extend a warm welcome when you see them on castle grounds, and be sure to offer your help to make them feel like part of the royal family.

4. Lost and Found

Found: One new team member, filled with eager energy and a curiosity for learning new tricks. They have a strong pedigree and an industry background sure to add value to their new home. They have found a cozy place to settle in and will be busy training while getting used to their new surroundings for the next several weeks. We can help them feel welcome by saying hello and offering guidance as they learn their way around.

Lost: The empty cubicle at the end of the aisle and the last vacant position in the office. Our team is now complete!

5. We Have Expanded

HR has noticed during our most recent headcount that we have one more head in the office than usual. This may be due to our recent expansion! With the addition of our new hire, we are now a fully staffed team, an occasion that calls for a round of applause! Our incoming team member comes aboard just as activity around the office is ramping up, so their presence is more than welcome. Please make your way to their workstation when you get a chance and introduce yourself. And if you happen to have an extra stapler or some sticky notes to spare, feel free to bring them along as a desk-warming gift!

New employee announcements to clients

6. Quick and Professional

Greetings! This message is a quick heads-up to let you know we have added a new member to our stellar team. [Name] comes to us by way of [previous employer or school] and brings a fresh perspective to the role of [job title]. They will report through the usual channels, so there is no real change needed on your side. Additionally, they will be handling [new responsibilities, if any]. Please feel free to reach out to welcome them by phone or email to introduce yourself personally.

7. Fresh and Fashionable

Hey, friends! Please join us in welcoming our newest influencer, [name]. They add real shine to the team already, and we look forward to seeing how much higher they can help us rise. They come with receipts in the form of [prior jobs and experience]. While they are new to us, they understand what we do and should have no problem fitting in. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions while we get our new superstar used to our process. We could not be more excited to expand the team. We hope you are ready to vibe with us in a whole new way!

8. Playful and Entertaining

It is not every day that an already spectacular team gets even better… but this just happens to be one of those days! Presenting [name], the newest addition to the [company’s name] family. They are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and we cannot wait to see what magic they add to our organization. [Name] will be reaching out soon to make introductions and learn more about how they can help you. In the meantime, fire back with any questions and concerns so we can make the transition a celebration for all involved.

Interactive new hire announcements

9. New Hire Trivia

You can share intriguing and silly facts about the newest team member by sending out an email featuring new hire trivia. A list of simple facts such as their hobbies, previous job, education, and personal achievements will introduce the new worker in a fun and whimsical way. To make collecting the information easier, you can prepare a questionnaire for the new employee to complete.

​Here are some sample questions you can use:

  • Do you have any pets? If so, what sort? What are their names?
  • What is your favorite unhealthy snack?
  • Any spelling bee, read-a-thon, or turkey trot awards in your past?
  • How would you describe yourself if you were a superhero?
  • How long can you hold your breath?
  • Would you rather vacation on a tropical island or in a cabin in the woods?
  • What is your go-to streaming show?
  • Do you have any fun collections you would like to share?
  • How many times have you been to Disneyland?

By presenting humorous get-to-know-you trivia in an enthusiastic tone, you have a lighthearted new employee announcement the whole team will appreciate.

10. Gameshow-Style Video Clip

For a creative, high-tech new employee announcement, create a video clip presenting the incoming team member in a cheesy gameshow-style format. You can find graphics and placards in Canva that make assembling an attractive video deck easy. A voiceover featuring your best gameshow-host voice rattling off the introduction will make an ideal soundtrack.

​Here is a sample script you can use:

Our new contestant hails from [hometown] and comes to us by way of [previous workplace]. They bring [#] years of experience and have held roles as [previous jobs]. In their free time, they enjoy [hobbies and activities]. Joining us in this wild production we call Our Team, please welcome [name]!

Remote teams unable to greet the new hire in person can tap into their pocket technology by recording quick videos welcoming the new employee aboard. You can add these videos to the end of the clip with some gameshow theme music to ramp up the silly fun.

Learn more about Canva.

11. Party Invitation

An invitation to a party

You can turn a simple email into an exciting party invitation to inform your team about the incoming member. A colorful graphic with a header crying out “You Are Invited!” will alert readers to the excitement ahead, with details about the new hire’s background in place of party information. Simple information that mimics a real party invitation with Who, When, Where, and extra details will introduce the “guest of honor.” By decorating the newcomer’s workspace with balloons and streamers and having treats available at their desk, you can complete the theme and entice the team to stop by for introductions.

12. Watercooler Meetup

For in-person workplaces, arrange a watercooler meetup to announce your new employee’s arrival and allow the team to see their new workmate face-to-face. You can schedule a meeting and invite the crew to gather for a quick hello. A simple 10- or 15-minute session added to your team’s calendars will remind the crew to make time for introductions. Your workers get to make eye contact and enjoy conversations before their new coworker dives into their new role.

13. Coffee and Treats with the Team

For a real treat of a new employee announcement, arrange a coffee and treats get-together to bring the incoming team member in on a sweet note. With a supply of donuts or cupcakes and a pot of java, you can create a warm moment that alerts the crew of their new workmate. Inviting key players outside of the team will extend the notification to other workers who may appreciate knowing about a new employee on the premises. Relaxed events like this provide a casual environment to announce the new worker’s presence while discussing their background and role in the department.

Social media new employee announcements

14. Instagram

For teams with active Instagram accounts, an announcement using a headshot and a brief profile of the new team member can make the introduction to both the internal team and your company’s follower list.

​Here is a sample of an Instagram announcement to inspire you:

Our little team is growing! Meet [name], the latest addition to the crew. [Name] comes to us with [#] years of experience and a ton of helpful knowledge about their new role. In their free time, [name] likes to [activities and hobbies]. We look forward to getting to know them better and discovering all the fantastic contributions they will surely make to the organization. If you happen to be in the office, be sure to find them and say “Hey!” when you have a chance. They will be as happy to see you as you are to see them!

If your department uses dedicated hashtags, then be sure to use them at the end of your post. Hashtags will capture the attention of any followers eager to know about your new addition, including customers and clients.

15. TikTok

The quick-paced style of TikTok lends itself to a fast and fun new employee introduction for followers to enjoy. You can create a pointing text clip featuring facts about your new hire with their photo to alert the team to what their new teammate looks like. In addition, you can choose a catchy soundtrack and use graphics and emojis to decorate the screen.

​Here is a sample script you can use as inspiration:

  • What has X years of experience in our industry…
  • a degree from X school…
  • enthusiasm to spare and excitement to share…
  • and a position on our team?
  • Our new hire!

Include your new worker’s photo and name as the final frame in the video. To ensure the team sees your announcement, send out an email letting them know when it goes live.

16. LinkedIn

If your company has valuable connections through LinkedIn, then a new employee announcement on the site will alert your contacts to team changes. Since this social media platform is business oriented, the tone of your announcement can be slightly more formal.

Here is an example for you to follow:

We welcome [name] to the team as a valued addition and a key player. Their confidence and experience are sure to make them an asset to the company. They will be taking over [role and responsibilities] and learning the organization’s inner workings over the next several months. Please offer a warm welcome and, as always, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns during the transition time.

You can provide contact information for both you and your new hire at the end of your message. This information will allow your connections to update their records.

Virtual new hire announcements

17. On Location

To make the most of a virtual team’s various work locales, create an “on location” virtual meeting to present your new hire announcement. Invite your workers to find a sunny outdoor space if the weather allows or a comfortable spot inside their home office. Then, announce your new hire and have them introduce themselves from their location to kick off the meeting. Existing team members can take turns returning the introduction, explaining their location, giving weather updates, and describing points of interest. Even if your team works in the same city, you can gain fun insight into what each member considers important enough to present to their new workmate.

18. Round-Robin

A simple round-robin is an easy format for a new virtual employee announcement. You can schedule an online meeting to introduce the new hire and allow each team member to take turns introducing themselves and explaining their role. Sharing details like the number of years worked and roles held with the company will clue the team in on who might be able to help them in their new position. As a fun and silly closing activity, invite the new worker to recite team members’ names from memory!

19. In-Person Meetup

For virtual teams located within the same city, an in-person meetup is a great opportunity to get the crew together in a single space. You can plan a breakfast or lunch meeting at a favorite restaurant and invite your workers to the table. This meetup may be one of the few occasions your crew gets to be in one another’s presence, which is as special for the new hire as it is for the other team members. Photos and videos to commemorate the moment will make fun mementos to share around the cyber workspace.


By preparing thoughtful and imaginative announcements, you can make incoming hires feel welcome and appreciated. Preparing a special way to introduce your new worker’s background and interests can help their new teammates make quick connections. Whether you choose a simple email to present your new hire or throw a party to announce their presence, a creative announcement goes a long way toward making an employee feel like a part of the team.

Learn more about onboarding employees by reading about innovative ways to welcome new workers and job shadowing ideas.

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FAQ: New employee announcements

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about new employee announcements.

What are new hire announcements?

New hire announcements are emails, social media posts, and live introductions that present incoming workers to the existing team and clients. These announcements provide a moment to spotlight the new hire’s personal profile and explain to the team what their role in the department will be.

What are some fun ideas for new employee announcements?

Some fun ideas for new employee announcements include themed emails like royal declarations and baby announcements, posts on the company’s Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, and gameshow-style introductions made during virtual meetings.

How do you write a new employee announcement?

To write a new employee announcement, present a profile that includes details such as their previous roles and workplaces, a few of their personal interests, and a description of their position among the team. You can also include the new hire’s location and invite team members to stop by and introduce themselves.

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