15 Free Online Team Games For Work

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

Here is our list of the best free online team games for work.

Free online games are exciting virtual activities that employees can engage in at no cost. Examples include Words With Friends, Sudoku, and Risk. These games boost team performance and help improve team collaboration.

These games are similar to online office games, online family games, online board games, and free online team building activities.


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Let’s get started!

List of free online team games for work

From Jackbox to Typing Games to Skribbl, here are examples of free games to play online at the workplace.

1. Jackbox

Jackbox is a fun game that can help lift employees’ moods. This app features a series of video party games. One participant must download and stream the app using the shared screen feature for other teammates to view. In addition, colleagues can use their phones to enter their own game rooms on the website.

To organize this activity:

  1. Go to Jackbox.tv.
  2. Choose a game to play.
  3. Input the game’s four-digit code.
  4. Send the code to players to join.
  5. Meet using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet.
  6. Share your screen with your teammates.
  7. When employees join with their codes, the site will signal when to start if there are enough players for the game.
  8. Employees will use their phones, tablets, or computers to compete.

Some games allow up to eight players at a time. For larger teams, colleagues can play in batches of six to eight participants. Then, all the top competitors can play together in a final round to get a winner. Some great games to play with your team on Jackbox include Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, and Fibbage.

Learn more about Jackbox.

2. Sudoku Race

Sudoku Race is a brain-racking game that encourages teammates to think logically. This game challenges employees to concentrate and engage their problem-solving skills. Sudoku Race is one of the best free virtual games for work teams because it promotes healthy competition between workers.

To play Sudoku Race:

  1. Find a free website like Speed Sudoku to play against colleagues.
  2. Sign up using a valid email address and password.
  3. Send links to teammates to register for the game. Two to eight players can play this game at a time.
  4. When all the teammates have registered, choose a game and start.
  5. The colleagues must race against time to complete the puzzle.
  6. The first player to finish wins the game.

The site displays winners in real time. Therefore, employees do not need to stress with culminating scores. Colleagues can even organize a sudoku race tournament where they choose overall winners after playing several rounds.

Learn more about Speed Sudoku.

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3. Typing Games

Typing Games are fun games that improve employees’ cognitive and time-management skills. Plus, participants may become faster at typing! In this exercise, employees must type given sentences within a given timeline.

To organize this activity:

  1. Choose a platform like Typing Tests to host the game.
  2. Send links to teammates via email.
  3. Choose a typing game for your colleagues.
  4. Select the difficulty for the game and text difficulty.
  5. Start the game.
  6. The first player to finish the typing test before the timer runs out wins.

The website allows up to ten players at a time. You may start with the simplest difficulty level and work your way up to challenge teammates even further.

You may also use the elimination method by removing players who do not pass the first level. Then, you can proceed with the winners to the next difficulty level. In this mode, the player who wins the hardest level wins the game.

Learn more about Typing Tests.

4. Skribbl

Skribbl is an engaging guessing game where employees must cooperate to win points. In this game, employees will take turns drawing a prompt while other team members try to guess what the player is drawing.

To play Skribbl:

  1. Create a private room on the Skribbl website.
  2. Create a list of words for teammates to draw, or use the words generated on the website.
  3. Send the game link to teammates.
  4. Players will take turns drawing given words.
  5. Other team members must guess the word before the timer runs out.
  6. The players have 60 seconds to guess correctly.
  7. Players get more points the faster they guess.

Two to 12 players can join this activity, and teammates have up to 30 minutes to gather points. This simple and fun activity improves employee communication and builds a cohesive workforce.

Play Skribbl online.

5. Psych!

Psych! is a fun and tricky game for employees to test their cognitive skills. In this game, employees will give incorrect answers to trivia questions, and other team members must guess and vote on the answer they believe is real.

To play Psych!:

  1. Download the Psych! app.
  2. Share a game code with colleagues so they can join the game.
  3. Teammates must answer as fast as they can.
  4. After the game, teammates will meet using any video conferencing tool.
  5. The colleagues will share their answers and display them on the screen using the share screen feature.
  6. Teammates will take a vote on which answer they believe is true.
  7. Employees with the most votes from each round win the game.

The best part is that this game has no maximum number of players. To make this exercise even more fun, players will get a chance to defend their answers. The participants can gather proof from the internet to prove their answers are correct. Players who correctly guess which fact is true earn a point. Otherwise, guessers lose a point. At the end of the game, the player with the highest point wins.

Play Psych! online.

6. Songlio

Songlio is an entertaining music guessing game that employees can play online for free. This game allows employees to have better social interactions while enjoying trendy songs. In this game, employees will compete against each other to guess the title of songs while listening to a short snippet.

To play Songlio:

  1. Visit the Songlio website.
  2. Choose the types of songs you want to use in the game. Examples of different genres include Disney songs or rock.
  3. Choose the multiplayer level.
  4. Each employee will select a song for other teammates to guess.
  5. The colleagues will listen to 20-second snippets of the tunes on the list.
  6. Players must type the title of the songs as soon as they identify them. The faster, the better!
  7. The player will gather points with every correct answer.
  8. The player with the most points wins the game.

This activity is one of the best free team games to play online because it allows employees to enjoy their favorite songs together.

Learn more about Songlio.

7. Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is a combination of Pictionary and the telephone game. This activity tests how well employees cooperate and teaches them to pay attention to detail.

To play Gartic Phone:

  1. Visit the Gartic Phone website, register, and create a username.
  2. Send invite links to employees.
  3. Employees will follow the link to set up their avatars.
  4. Create a catchy or cool avatar.
  5. Start the game.
  6. The first player will write a funny or weird sentence.
  7. The second player will draw a picture to depict the sentence.
  8. The third player will try to guess what the sentence is by looking at the drawing.
  9. Teammates gather points for every correct answer.
  10. The game will continue in this manner until the players gather enough points.
  11. The player with the highest point wins the game.

Gartic Phone is a great way for teams to bond and connect. This game can accommodate up to 30 players at a time. You can make this activity even more fun and challenging by making the starting sentences a little wacky.

Play Gartic Phone.

8. Guess Who

Guess Who is a classic game that employees can use to connect. In this game, employees will create mystery characters and use yes-or-no questions to guess other employees’ characters. This game is a simple way to boost team collaboration.

To play:

  1. Go to the Guess Who website.
  2. Send links to two to six players.
  3. Each employee will choose a mystery character.
  4. Teammates will take turns answering yes-or-no questions to guess each other’s mystery characters.
  5. Employees who guess incorrectly are out of the game.

If players have difficulty guessing each other’s characters, then the teammates can offer one or two hints to guide their colleagues.

Play Guess Who.

9. Selfie Games

Selfie Games are fun guessing games where teammates have to create different hilarious expressions for other colleagues to guess.

To play:

  1. Download the Selfie Games app.
  2. Send links to up to ten players.
  3. Meet on a video call.
  4. Take a selfie, and create a caption.
  5. Doodle over the selfie, and other colleagues must guess the original caption by looking at the sketches around the picture.
  6. The first player to guess right wins that round.
  7. The game will continue in this manner until all the players get a turn.

This game is a great way to test employees’ creative and observational skills. Colleagues will need to pay great attention to detail to figure out the sketches on each image.

Learn more about Selfie Games.

10. Risk

Risk is a thrilling game that tests employees’ courage and loyalty. In this game, teammates will compete against each other by battling armies and conquering territories on a map until only one player is left standing. The game consists of six continents, which are further divided into 42 territories. The teams can decide to split each continent into four to 12 territories, depending on the number of players in the game. Then, the players will choose a different color for each territory.

To play:

  1. Download the Risk app.
  2. Split the players into teams to represent each continent. There is no maximum number of players for this game.
  3. Each team will choose a color.
  4. Count the number of armies each continent will begin with.
  5. Roll a die. Whichever team gets the highest number takes a piece of infantry and places it on any territory on the game board.
  6. Other players will roll a die and subsequently place an army piece on an unoccupied territory.
  7. The game will continue this way until the players claim all the territories.
  8. The teams will play until there are no more armies to conquer.

Players must note that this game requires strategic thinking and planning. Therefore, players must be calculating and smart before making any bold decisions. The teammates must consider their defenses before attacking and conquering other territories.

Play Risk online.

11. Colonist

This free online multiplayer game is a fun alternative to Settlers of Catan. In Colonist, every player is a mayor and must gather craftsmen, farmers, and citizens to grow their village. The villages must expand, and the players must upgrade the buildings and grow their population. Each team will work toward building and developing their settlements by trading and acquiring resources. Teams must spend their resources to get a total of ten victory points.

To play:

  1. Create a private room on the Colonist website and share the link with up to six teammates.
  2. Employees will gain one point for every settlement they build and upgrade.
  3. Players will also get a point for every development card they acquire.
  4. Teams get two points for gathering the largest army or building the longest roads.
  5. Opposing teams can steal the points for the largest army or longest road if they outdo the former record holder.
  6. The first team to gather ten victory points wins the game.

Colonist is one of the best fun online team games for work because it boosts employees’ collaborative skills and morale. This game is a great way for employees to develop resource management or leadership skills.

Play Colonist online.

12. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an adult icebreaker activity for teams. In this game, employees must complete fill-in-the-blank statements using provocative and funny phrases on digital cards. Employees will take turns judging each round by picking which answer card best fits the question card prompt.

To play:

  1. Each player draws ten white cards.
  2. The players must not look at any cards other than theirs. The rest of the stack of cards will stay facing down.
  3. Select the first player. There are different criteria for choosing the first player. For example, you may select the colleague who smiles the most or drinks the most coffee.
  4. Player one will flip a card from the stack of black question cards.
  5. Each player will play a white card from their hand in response to the question card.
  6. Player one will shuffle each card so the team members do not know which card belongs to whom.
  7. Player one will choose the best answer.
  8. Put the used white cards aside, and begin another round.

You can choose the player with the best answer to begin the next round. You can make this game as hilarious as possible by offering weird and crazy answers to the question prompts, then colleagues have to choose the funniest response to the question. This game has no maximum number of players, but it works best with six to eight players at a time.

Play Cards Against Humanity online.

13. Geogee! Countries of the World Game

Geogee! is one of the best free online group games for work because it allows employees to learn about different countries and cultures. In this game, colleagues will identify regions by their borders, trivia, flags, map shapes, and populations.

To play:

  1. Go to the Geogee! website.
  2. Start a new game.
  3. Send the game link to colleagues.
  4. Players will answer global trivia.
  5. Participants get points for every correct answer.
  6. The player with the highest points wins the game.

As a fun bonus, once you choose the correct region, the game shares additional information about that location. This game is an excellent opportunity for teammates to broaden their vocabulary and learn about different parts of the world.

Learn more about Geogee!

14. Words With Friends

Word With Friends is a fun game for employees to improve their spelling and vocabulary. In this game, teammates will find words crossword-puzzle style using letters from previous players’ generated words.

To play:

  1. Download the Words With Friends app. To play on the computer, colleagues will need to use Facebook.
  2. Start the game, and drag letter tiles to the game to make a word. You can make a word by arranging letters vertically or horizontally on the board.
  3. Other players must create new words using the letters on the board.
  4. Players will continue to build words until the board is full.

Players must place letters on the star at the start of the game. Other teammates will then use the letter on the star as the first letter of the new word they will generate. You can return to Words With Friends anytime, making it a great game for colleagues to play for extended periods.

Play Words With Friends.

15. Codenames

Codenames is a fun investigative activity that challenges employees to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This game requires colleagues to work together to discover their codenames.

To play:

  1. Visit the Codenames website.
  2. Create a room. Players have the option to play with video chat.
  3. Send colleagues links to join.
  4. Split the players into two teams of four to six.
  5. Each group will choose a spymaster.
  6. The game will create 25 codenames and fill them into a five-by-five grid table.
  7. The spymaster will offer clues to teammates to guess the codenames.

This game is a great way to test how well teammates pay attention to detail and challenge employees to think logically.

Play Codenames with friends.


Free online team games are exciting team building activities that groups of employees and teammates can enjoy at no cost. These games promote team collaboration, build a stronger workforce, and create a friendly work environment. Employees can enjoy these games by visiting custom game websites or downloading apps, allowing colleagues to connect and play virtually.

For more virtual game inspiration, check out our lists of online team building games, virtual games, and online group games.

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FAQ: Free online team games for work

Here are frequently asked questions about free online team games for work.

What are free online team games for work?

Free online team games for work are fun and engaging games that large groups can play at no added cost online. These games help create a free and friendly work environment where employees can enjoy themselves.

What are the best free online games for teams?

The best free online games for teams include Cards Against Humanity, Colonist, and Heads Up!

Where can I find free games for teams online?

You can find games for teams on digital distribution platforms like the Google Play Store and App Store. In addition, some video conferencing platforms and instant messaging applications like Zoom, Slack, and Discord also offer free games for teams.

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