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16 Fun Take Your Child to Work Day Ideas for the Office

Here is our list of the best Take Your Child to Work Day ideas. Take Your Child to Work Day ideas are events and activities planned to entertain and teach children when their parents bring them to the office. For example, doing a service project, planning a scavenger hunt, or having kids a sales pitch. […]

26 Extra Fun Office Game Room Ideas

You found our list of the best office game room ideas. Office game rooms are types of break rooms where teammates can gather for friendly competition and team bonding. Examples of fixtures include ping pong tables, arcade games, and board games. These creative office game room ideas seek to elevate these common areas beyond the […]

Field Day Games, Activities & Event Ideas for Adults in 2022

Here is our list of the best field day games for adults. Field day games are activities and event ideas to keep teams engaged during a field day. Examples games include a Water Gun Race, Hula Hoop Marathon, and Tissue Collage. The purpose of these ideas is to have fun outdoors, emphasize the importance of […]

Employee Recognition: Importance

You found our guide to employee recognition. Employee recognition is the process of acknowledging staff members for good performance and extra input into a job. The recognition process may be structured or unstructured, delivered verbally or in writing. For example, sending thank you emails and awarding recognition certificates. Employee recognition exists to appreciate, motivate, and […]

23 Fun Office Breakfast Ideas for Employees in 2022

You found our list of the best office breakfast ideas. Office breakfasts are work events centered around breakfast foods. Office breakfast ideas feature menus and themes that focus on regional food, cultural cuisine, visual motif, or fun activity. These events boost employee morale while everyone enjoys a delicious breakfast in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. […]

89 Powerful Conference Quotes for Events in 2022

You found our list of the best conference quotes. Conference quotes are motivational statements you can use during speeches at large-scale events. For example, “great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  The purpose of these sentiments is to inspire audiences, command attention, and increase engagement. These phrases are a form […]

154 Fun Balance Game Questions for 2022

You found our list of creative balance game questions. Balance game is a challenge that gained popularity in Korea. The game is a mix between This or That and Would You Rather, and asks questions like “one best friend or multiple best friends” or “sneeze scrambled eggs or cry milk.” The purpose of this activity […]

23 Fun Summer Team Building Activities for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best summer team building activities. Summer team building activities are ideas you can use to foster team bonding and increase workers’ engagement in the summer. Examples include Go-kart racing, paddling excursions, and city tours. The purpose of these activities is to boost workers’ bonding and productivity by encouraging collaboration […]

20 Minute to Win It Games for the Office & Corporate Events

Here is our list of the best office Minute to Win It games. Office Minute to Win It Games are games and activities contestants must complete in under a minute. These fun events only require office supplies. For example, Office Tennis, Sticky Wall, or Scoop It. These activities aim to make team members more comfortable […]

80 Mental Health Awareness Month Quotes For Work In 2022

This is a list of inspirational Mental Health Awareness Month quotes for work. Mental Health Awareness month quotes are sayings that speak to the experience with living with mental illness and the importance of tending to psychological wellbeing. For example, “Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” These sayings aim to educate listeners about mental […]

103 Powerful Jewish Heritage Month Quotes for Work in 2022

This is a list of Jewish Heritage Month quotes. Jewish Heritage Month quotes are sayings that you can use to honor the Jewish community during the month of May. The purpose of these messages is to acknowledge the achievements and struggles of the Jewish people and to celebrate the identity of Jewish team members. Sharing […]

18 Creative Conference Breakout Session Ideas for 2022

Here is our list of the best conference breakout session ideas. Conference breakout session ideas are topics and activities that create a fun and interactive conference environment. For example, hosting lightning talks, playing the spectrogram game, or running a group meditation. The purpose of these activities is to encourage discussion and learning among attendees. These […]

11 Creative Mentorship Program Ideas & Tips in 2022

You found our list of the best mentorship program ideas for the workplace. Work mentorship programs are well-defined learning relationships established inside a company. The programs allow workers to learn from colleagues who have specialized expertise. Work mentorship program ideas may help workers improve emotionally and professionally via their interactions with their mentors. The mentee […]

20 Professional Development Ideas, Topics & Activities

This is a list of professional development ideas. Professional development ideas refer to topics and activities for employees to improve their skills and advance their careers. This growth may help employees gain more confidence in their abilities and improve their contribution to the company. Example topics include workplace conflict resolution, communications, and critical thinking. This […]

16 Best Mother’s Day Ideas For The Office in 2022

Here is our list of the best Mother’s Day ideas for work. Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrating motherhood observed every second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day office ideas are ways you can celebrate the holiday at work with employees, working parents in particular. For example, collecting mom jokes, playing Mother’s Day Bingo, and giving […]

23 Father’s Day Ideas for the Office in 2022

Here is our list of the best Father’s Day ideas for work. Celebrants observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June in the US, UK, Canada, and other regions globally. Father’s Day office ideas are activities that you do to celebrate and acknowledge fathers among your workforce. Examples include Father’s Day gifts, dad joke […]

18 Best Virtual Team Building Kits for Remote Teams in 2022

You found our list of helpful virtual team building kits. Virtual team building kits are boxes or baskets of activities that foster teamwork among remote staff. Examples include coffee-making kits, art kits, and cookie-making kits. The best virtual team building kits may serve as icebreakers, team building exercises, or even celebration-starters. Virtual team building kits […]

16 Best Mental Health Awareness Month Ideas for Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best Mental Health Awareness Month ideas. Mental Health Awareness Month is an observance meant to bring awareness to mental health issues. This month is typically celebrated in May, though some organizations and countries observe the occasion in October. Examples of ways to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month at work […]

25 Best Corporate Event Management Companies in the World

Here is our list of the best event management companies in the world. Event management companies are vendors that take the stress out of social or business event planning by designing, organizing, and promoting events. These companies coordinate events such as corporate meetings, conferences, and galas. Examples of services these companies provide include event design, […]

70 Retirement Wishes, Messages & Sentiments for Coworkers

You discovered our list of the best retirement wishes for coworkers. Retirement wishes for coworkers are verbal or written farewell words to share with a retiring colleague. For example, “congratulations, and happy retirement.” The purpose of these sentiments is to celebrate, commend, and reassure the retiring coworker as they begin the next stage of their […]

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