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9 Best Office Management Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of top office management books. Office management books are guides on how to effectively run an office. Many of these references are industry specific, such as medical, law, or hospitality. However, other books detail general administrative responsibilities. The purpose of these books is to help professionals run efficient and organized […]

8 Best Onboarding Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of helpful onboarding books. Onboarding books are guides on how to conduct client or employee orientations. The purpose of these guides is to improve training and transition periods and increase retention. The audience for these books is typically HR professionals and managers. These books are a subset of HR books, […]

12 Best Change Management Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of the best change management books. Change management books teach managers to lead transformations within organizations or guide employees on workplace changes. These books include topics such as organizational psychology, Agile methodology, and leadership best practices. These books are for CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. These books are […]

20 Fun Virtual Spirit Week Ideas, Games, and Activities for Work 

Hi! You found our list of unique virtual spirit week ideas. Spirit week is a week-long event that promotes company pride and employee engagement through fun activities. Virtual spirit week ideas are ways to celebrate the occasion with remote teams. For example, theme days, virtual talent shows, and costume contests. These events are examples of […]

9 Examples of Effective Team Management Skills for 2021

Hello! You found our list of essential team management skills & competencies. Team management skills are qualities that help leaders guide groups effectively. Examples skills include emotional intelligence, communication, and decision-making. These characteristics enable managers to guide employees with empathy, logic, and confidence. Leaders can improve these skills by reading management books, leadership books, and […]

11 Best Remote Work Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of remote work books! Remote work books are guides that cover topics related to telecommuting. For instance, maintaining self-discipline and focus while working from home, virtually managing teams, running digital meetings, and establishing a company culture in online organizations. The purpose of these books is to help employees master skills […]

18 Best Entrepreneur Books to Read in 2021

Hi trailblazers! You discovered our list of must read entrepreneur books. Entrepreneur books are resources that help founders launch and build businesses. Reading advice from noted visionaries helps entrepreneurs set reasonable goals and expectations, endure obstacles, stay true to their missions, and shape and grow successful organizations. Entrepreneurship books are similar to CEO books, management […]

14 Best Teamwork Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of good teamwork books. Teamwork books are guides for effective collaboration. These books cover topics like communication, conflict resolution, and the common traits of team players. The purpose of these books is to help groups work more effectively together. These books are similar to team building books, and help you […]

16 Best Business Strategy Books to Read in 2021

Hello! You discovered our list of top business strategy books. Business strategy books are guides to developing organizational plans. These books cover topics like scaling growth, outpacing competitors, and achieving longevity. People read these books for insights on how to create and improve businesses. These books are similar to CEO books and project management books. […]

15 Best Diversity and Inclusion Books for 2021

Hi! You found our list of diversity and inclusion books. Diversity and inclusion books are works that teach professionals how to navigate race, gender, age, physical ability, religion, and sexual orientation in the workplace. These guides teach respect, compassion, and dignity. The purpose of these books is to create an inclusive environment. For similar topics, […]

17 Best Company Culture Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of great company culture books. Company culture books are works that give advice on creating high-performing and engaging work environments. These books discuss organizational values, management techniques, and environmental elements that result in higher job satisfaction and more fully-realized employee potential. The audience for these books is HR Managers, Executives […]

15 Fun Hybrid Activities for Classrooms, Offices & Friends

Hi! You found our list of hybrid activities. Hybrid activities are activities that consist of both physical and virtual elements. For instance, hybrid meetings involve some attendees gathering in the same room and others joining remotely via phone call or video conference. These activities might also include sending physical materials to online participants. The purpose […]

20 Online Collaboration Tools for Business in 2021

Hello! You found our list of online collaboration tools for business. Online collaboration tools are software that lets teams work together over the internet. For example: Trello, Slack and Asana. The purpose of these tools is to facilitate communication, collaboration and teamwork for remote teams. These tools are a subset of remote work software and […]

8 Best Executive Assistant Books to Read in 2021

Hi! You found our list of top executive assistant books. Executive assistant books are guides to being an exceptional aid to company presidents, CEO’s, members of the C-suite, and other high-ranking organizational figures. These books cover topics such as developing rapport with executives, multitasking in high-pressure situations, and learning new technology. These books are generally […]

40 Virtual Employee Wellness Program Ideas for 2021

Hi! You discovered our list of virtual employee wellness program ideas. Employee wellness programs are initiatives that encourage staff to adopt healthy habits. The purpose of these programs is to decrease absence and liability and increase worker health and happiness. Virtual employee wellness program ideas are creative tips to improve the mental, social, and physical […]

28 Great Employee of the Month Ideas for 2021

Hi! You found our list of employee of the month ideas! Employee of the month is an award given to workers for above and beyond performance. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding employees and motivate workers to excel. These awards are an example of employee engagement best practices. Online awards support remote […]

21 Best Remote Work Software Platforms for 2021

Hi! You discovered our list of top remote work software platforms. Remote work software platforms are tools that facilitate online collaboration for distributed teams. For example, Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom. These software programs make it possible for distributed teams to collaborate seamlessly. Leaders can improve virtual management skills by using project management software and […]

13 Crucial HR Skills & Competencies

Hi! You found our list of top HR skills & competencies. HR skills are capabilities that help human resource professionals carry out key responsibilities. Examples of human resource competencies include interpersonal skills, recruiting, and effective communication. Reading HR books, recruiting books and change management books can help professionals develop these skills. This list includes: HR […]

16 Fun Virtual Take Your Child to Work Ideas for 2021

Hi! You found our list of the best virtual take your child to work ideas! Virtual take your child to work ideas are ways kids can participate in work-from-home career days. For example: attending mock virtual onboardings, participating Zoom question and answer sessions, and leading virtual meetings. The purpose of virtual take your child to […]

18 Awesome Virtual Graduation Tips for 2021

Hi! You found our list of the best virtual graduation tips. Virtual graduation tips are ways to make online graduation ceremonies and parties engaging and memorable. For example, hosting virtual senior nights, creating online yearbooks, or sending care packages. These ideas honor grads and entertain attendees while making the online event more interactive. Online graduations […]

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