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8 Employee Retention Techniques That Actually Work in 2021

You found our list of the best employee retention techniques. Employee retention techniques are ways to reduce staff turnover and hold onto your organization’s talent. These approaches not only save on hiring and training costs, but also increase employee satisfaction. These strategies are also known as “employee retention strategies” or best practices. These techniques are […]

18 Employee Engagement Best Practices in 2021

Here is our list of employee engagement best practices. Employee engagement best practices are policies that companies put in place to spur enthusiasm towards work among their staff. For example, leading from the front lines or cultivating diversity. Generally speaking, these guidelines are designed to get employees more invested in their work and involved in […]

32 Best Team Building Movies About Leadership & Teamwork

You found our list of team building movies. Team building movies are films that showcase incredible leadership or feature the assembling of a team of misfits to achieve a difficult mission. Viewing these movies with your team inspires everyone to work better together and to believe in a common goal. Also, because you and your […]

24 Free Personality Tests for Team Building in 2021

You discovered our list of free online personality tests. Personality tests are assessments that reveal motivations, psychological preferences, character, temperament, and beliefs. Individuals use these tests to gain a better sense of self-awareness, or just for fun. Employers use these questionnaires to balance teams and optimize management approaches. This format is also knows as “personality […]

34 Best Online Volunteering & Community Service Ideas in 2021

You found our list of online volunteering ideas! Online volunteering is ways to dedicate time to philanthropies by using a computer or mobile device.  For example, with the Red Cross or an emergency translation service. The purpose of these activities is to support communities and people in need. These efforts are also known as “virtual […]

254 Good Get To Know You Questions for 2021

Here is our list of the best get to know you questions. Get to know you questions are prompts that reveal personal information, beliefs, and fun facts about conversation partners. For example, “what is your earliest memory?” or “which book would you read over and over?” These questions are often used by kids, adults, couples, […]

14 Virtual Games to Play on Microsoft Teams with Coworkers

You found our list of fun Microsoft Teams games. Microsoft Teams games are games, competitions, and puzzles playable on the Microsoft Teams platform. For example: Trivia, Guess Who, and Scavenger Hunts. These games use the platform’s features like video, chat and white boards to engage remote workers and facilitate virtual team bonding during online meetings […]

40+ DIY Free Escape Room Puzzle Ideas (Printable)

You found our list of free escape room puzzle ideas. Free escape room puzzle ideas are tips and tricks that help you build an escape room from scratch. These suggestions make escape room set-up quick and simple, so you can make escape rooms for kids or adults at home, school, the office, or community centers. […]

27 Corporate Holiday Party Favor Ideas for Adults in 2021

You found our list of the best corporate holiday party favors. Corporate holiday party favors are gifts presented to employees at company Christmas parties. Traditionally, these gifts are part of individual place settings or sit on a designated gift table. However, if your holiday party is remote, then you can still send party favors to […]

20 Tips For Building Successful Virtual Teams in 2021

You found our guide to creating successful virtual teams. Successful virtual teams are remote colleagues that work productively together. The nature of remote work calls for higher levels of trust and increased communication, and these teams use that use technology and team building best practices to collaborate from a distance. Since employees do not inhabit […]

100 Best Would You Rather Questions to Ask in 2021

You have found our list of would you rather questions. Would you rather questions are prompts that pose a simple decision between two options. Generally, these options are two extremes, for example, “would you rather go to outer space or the bottom of the ocean?” The purpose of these questions is to reveal preferences of […]

20 Best Virtual New Years Eve Party Ideas for 2021

You found our list of the best virtual New Years Eve party ideas. Virtual New Years Eve parties are online New Years celebrations held on web conference software, such as WebEx, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Ways to celebrate New Years online include virtually swapping resolutions, sending champagne candies, and posting a countdown clock. The […]

21 Best Virtual Retreat Ideas & Games for 2021

You found our list of the best virtual retreat ideas. Virtual retreats are extended company gatherings that take place via online platforms like Zoom and Webex. These events might include fun games and activities, important company updates and bonding time. The purpose of these events is to allow teammates to disconnect from normal responsibilities, socialize, […]

12 Best Employee Engagement Software Applications

You found our list of the best employee engagement software. Employee engagement software are online tools that prompt employees to become more engaged at work. Generally speaking, this kind of software focuses on letting your team feel seen and heard through a combination of pulse surveys, rewards, and analytics. This software is helpful for employee […]

21 Online Classroom Games, Activities & Ideas in 2021

You found our list of online classroom games. Online classroom games are fun activities that teachers can play with their students over the internet. For example, Digital Scavenger Hunts, Virtual Pictionary and Online Bingo. The purpose of these games is to educate and entertain students, which also helps build friendships. These activities are also known […]

14 Best Virtual Remembrance Day 2021 Ideas for Schools

You found our list of virtual Remembrance Day ideas. Remembrance Day is November 11 in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other Commonwealth Countries. Virtual Remembrance Day ideas are ways to honour armed forces and veterans online on that day. The purpose of these activities is to educate, and to pay tribute to the troops […]

28 Best Virtual Murder Mystery Games to Try Online in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual murder mystery games online! Virtual murder mystery games are online social events where participants act out a murder story and figure out which character is the killer. These games are often part of a virtual happy hour or remote team building activity. The purpose of these events […]

9 Best Professional Employer Organizations in 2021

You found our list of the best professional employer organizations. Professional employer organizations are companies that work with small businesses and mid-sized organization to handle HR functions. For example, the organization may handle payroll, workers compensation and healthcare benefits. Because these organizations work in such a vital capacity with clients, they are often called co-employers. […]

12 Best Event Management Software Apps in 2021

You found our list of the best event management software. Event management software is any app or platform that helps you plan or manage events. These events may be online, hybrid, or in person. Most event management software includes features for ticketing and registration, communicating with attendees, and reporting data to help improve future events. […]

17 Virtual Veterans Day 2021 Ideas for School and Work

You found our list of virtual Veterans Day ideas. Veterans Day is November 11 in the United States and is a federal holiday. Virtual Veterans Day ideas are ways to honor armed forces online on that day. For example, by learning on history websites or participating in activities via web conferencing platforms. The goal of […]

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