15 Best Payroll Consultants to Work with

By: | Updated: January 26, 2023

You found our list of top payroll consultants.

Payroll consultants are companies or individuals who guide organizations on all payroll issues. Examples include Gusto, Paycor, and Paylocity. The purpose of these consultants is to simplify employee payment compliance, administrative issues, and essential business functions.

Payroll consultants are professional employer organizations that help with employee management. With the right choice of payroll consultants, companies can increase employee retention. These services are similar to HR software and HR outsourcing companies.


This list includes:

  • forensic payroll consultants
  • small business payroll consultants
  • large company payroll consultants
  • third-party payroll consultants
  • payroll outsourcing consultants

Here we go!

List of payroll consultants

Payroll consultants are the best fit for companies that want to simplify their payroll processes and eliminate compliance risks. Whether you want to upgrade your payroll provider or outsource for the first time, there are plenty of great options available. From TriNet to HROne to Wave, here is a list of the best consultants that offer payroll advisory services.

1. ADP

With over 70 years of experience providing payroll services, ADP is a great choice of large company payroll consultants. The company leverages its expertise, cutting-edge technology, and deep insights to transform payroll operations and give businesses a strategic advantage. ADP payroll solutions enable organizations to process local and global payments faster. Companies can also integrate payroll services with business software, HR systems, time tracking, and ERPs.


  • Recognized as one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies for 16 consecutive years
  • Provides various payroll tools, such as personal salary, investment, and retirement calculators
  • Has a large team of over 60,000 employees

Besides payroll functions, other services that can benefit businesses are tax, talent, time, and benefits administration services. ADP serves small, mid-size, and large businesses. The company has a range of options, including essential, enhanced, complete, and HR pro services.

Learn more about ADP.

2. Gusto

Gusto offers full-service payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company provides an automatic service that helps businesses with compliance, tax payments, and employee benefits. The 2012-founded company also provides hiring and onboarding, employee benefits, time and attendance, and talent management services. Organizations looking for large company payroll consultants will also benefit from Gusto’s actionable insights and improved people management. For example, organizations can get employee feedback, project costing, and custom reports.


  • Serves all 50 states in the US
  • Has a team of experts who embody a service mindset
  • Provides unlimited payroll runs and international contractor payments
  • Serves over 200,000 US businesses
  • Has a mobile app that runs payroll on the go
  • Is a user-friendly platform that does not require special installations or maintenance

The comprehensive payroll solution also provides integrations with top third-party business software. Gusto is also easy to use and offers multiple plans for different business types and sizes. Employees can also take advantage of the Gusto Wallet app to aid with financial management.

Learn more about Gusto.

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3. OnPay

OnPay is one of the best business payroll consultants. The company combines the latest technology to provide intuitive and fast payroll software to help small businesses scale. Some of the full-service payroll functions businesses can seek from OnPay are tax payments and filings, multiple payment schedules, and unemployment insurance withholding. Businesses can also pay via direct deposit, checks, or debit cards.


  • Has various recognitions, such as the Forbes’ Top Payroll Service in 2022 and The Ascent’s Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses
  • Integrates with various software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, PosterElite, and Deputy
  • Offers unlimited pay runs and non-payment for additional functionalities or features
  • Provides HR tools such as new hire reporting, compliance audits, document storage, and personnel checklists

OnPay works with healthcare, nonprofit, agriculture, and fitness industries. The company also serves entrepreneurs, startups, and franchises.

Learn more about OnPay.

4. Paychex

With a portfolio of over 730,000 clients, Paychex tops the list of leading payroll outsourcing consultants. The company serves small and medium-sized businesses in payroll, insurance, employee benefits, and human resource services. Paychex has a team of over 600 HR professionals and more than 7,000 customer service experts. Thus, businesses can establish payroll structures with ease.


  • Offers several business calculators, such as FICA, retirement, work opportunity, business expense, time clock, and financial calculators
  • Serves organizations across Northern Europe and the US
  • Integrates with other software, such as JazzHR, Microsoft, Quickbooks, SAP, and Xero

Companies looking to streamline all operations can opt for Paychex Flex, an all-in-one professional employer organization, human capital management, and HR software.

Learn more about Paychex.

5. Paycor

With over 30 years of experience, Paycor is a great choice of payroll consultants. The company has diverse efficient payroll services such as flexible payment options, real-time calculations, reporting, and employee self-services. Through the platform, companies can opt for suitable pay intervals such as weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.


  • Has an AutoRun capability that enables companies to preschedule payroll cycles
  • Allows for unique state and local tax deductions
  • Offers real-time updates via Paycor mobile app
  • Serves various industries, such as healthcare, nonprofits, manufacturing, and retail

Paycor also has workers’ compensation, time off, and payment garnishments capabilities. Businesses can also simplify their HR functions with Paycor’s human resource analytics software. Other vital functions that Paycor provides include talent management, benefits administration, workforce management, and employee experience. The company serves small and medium businesses.

Learn more about Paycor.

6. TriNet

If you are looking for small business payroll consultants, then TriNet is a good bet. The professional employer organization provides industry-expert teams with experience in payroll processing, compensation insurance, and employee benefits. With over 30 years of experience in payroll processing, companies get to save on administration and worry less about compliance.


  • Customizes services as per industry-specific needs
  • Has a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate
  • Is an ESAC Accredited and certified PEO company
  • Allows integrations with other accounting systems, such as QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and Intacct
  • Has a mobile expense app that allows organizations to approve and reimburse workers’ expenditures

TriNet has a self-service platform where employees can view pay stubs, enroll in direct deposits, and track paid time off. The professional employer organization also provides other HR services, including recruiting, employee onboarding, performance management, policy development, and dispute assistance.

Learn more about Trinet.

7. Paylocity

Founded in 1997, Paylocity is a payroll and HR tech company that serves the US. The company has a range of payroll solutions that save organizations time. The payroll software automates processes, simplifies payments, and enables businesses to stay compliant. Users can run custom reports, track expense reimbursements, and make on-demand payments.


  • Has a team of experts who can work with organizations to configure accruals, custom general ledgers, and complex reports
  • Offers the Paylocity mobile HR app where users can view and update the software
  • Serves small, mid-sized, and large enterprises

Paylocity also offers workforce management, talent, and benefits services. The company provides custom payroll solutions for businesses in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance, tech, retail, and nonprofit sectors.

Learn more about Paylocity.

8. Vero HR

Vero HR is a great choice of payroll outsourcing consultants. The company has a range of  comprehensive third-party payroll services, from payroll processing to retirement plans, at a better cost than in-house services. The payroll consulting firm also uses self-service and integrated technology to provide the best payroll processing services. Vero HR provides every organization with a dedicated payroll professional to support all functions.


  • Is a Bacs Approved Bureau
  • Provides full integration with the company’s HR system and other platforms
  • Serves enterprises in both private and public sectors

Besides payroll consultancy, Vero HR provides other services, including legal advice, recruitment, learning and development, and health and safety consulting.

Learn more about Vero HR.

9. HROne

Founded in 2016, HROne simplifies and automates all HR functions. The services suit enterprises of all sizes, from startups to established companies. HROne also prides itself on its 100 percent error-free and compliant payroll software. With the software, organizations can automate all the payroll functions, such as tax payments, processing deductions, return filings, and wage calculations.


  • Offers cloud-based and desktop on-premise app payroll solutions
  • Is an award-winning HRMS suite with recognitions such as the 2022 High Performer Enterprise solution
  • Integrates with time and attendance module that accounts for inputs such as overtime, leave, additional payouts, and shift elimination
  • Compatible with over 15 integrations, such as SAP, Microsoft Navigation, Tally, and Oracle ERP
  • Trusted by top brands, like Haier, Clarks, and Kyocera

HROne payroll solutions also provide insights into trends, costs, and liabilities. With the integrated HR and payroll software, companies can also seek other services such as recruitment, expense, and employee cycle management.

Learn more about HR One.

10. Rippling

Rippling is an international organization that combines information technology, human resources, and operations to provide cloud-based employee management solutions. The company focuses on eliminating the administrative work of running business payroll functions. Thus, enterprises can focus on the most important tasks promoting business growth. With the global payroll platform, organizations can hire, pay, and manage their global workforce. Rippling is also one of the most comprehensive third-party payroll consultants that does not sacrifice usability.


  • Has a global presence
  • Has an app for Android and iOS devices that enables staff to review and manage their HR tasks
  • Facilitates payments through local currencies
  • Unifies IT, HR, and finance systems
  • Enables automatic filing of taxes globally
  • Can integrate with over 500 third-party applications, such as NetSuite and QuickBooks

Rippling payroll also includes functions like direct deposit, reimbursements, new hire filing, compensation insurance, and garnishments. Besides payroll, the SAAS company also provides other management solutions for endpoint security, software, and workflow management.

Learn more about Rippling.

11. Ramco

Ramco is a unified cloud-based payroll platform that provides multi-country payroll services. The advanced payroll platform helps organizations overcome issues with payroll updates, from regulatory to tax changes. Ramco integrates expense, time, and attendance modules. With Ramco, companies can create specific rules, stay compliant, and deal with multi-currencies.


  • Has a presence in over 100 countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas
  • Has global recognitions, such as the GPA 2022 Best Payroll Software Supplier
  • Trusted by global brands, like Adecco, Coca-Cola, and Standard Chartered
  • Available on premises, on cloud, and as managed services

Ramco’s payroll services are affordable, time-saving, and highly intuitive. The company serves businesses in sectors like defense, manufacturing, facility management, and energy.

Learn more about Ramco.

12. Wave

Wave is one of the best small business payroll consultants that ensures small enterprises can pay contractors or employees with ease. Wave’s capabilities include direct deposits, tax filing and payments, self-service pay stubs, and automatic payroll entries. The company also has vital features for running small businesses, such as tax forms, timesheets, self-service check printing, and payroll reminders.


  • Focuses on easy-to-use features
  • Has offices in Toronto, New York, and Rochester, with users in over 200 countries
  • Has a web-based option and an app that supports iOS and Android
  • Has a free trial
  • Allows for automatic filing in New York, Florida, Canada, Texas, Virginia, Washington, North Carolina, California, and Illinois

The cloud-based payroll solution also provides accounting, invoicing, and payment services for small businesses.

Learn more about Wave.

13. FPC

FPC is a fantastic choice of forensic payroll consultants. The company capitalizes on a team with vast experience working with renowned payroll companies, such as ADP, Paychex, and Ovation. The payroll consulting company focuses on correcting wage data, auditing, balancing, and abating tax penalties and interest.


  • Has a team with years of experience in forensic audits
  • Has locations in Canada and the US
  • Serves small and mid-sized enterprises

Following FPC’s non-engagement with other companies, the company is the ideal third-party payroll forensic auditing consultant.

Learn more about FPC.

14. Deluxe

Deluxe focuses on simplifying small businesses, enterprises, and financial institution operations through trusted technology-enabled solutions. With the Deluxe comprehensive cloud-based payroll solution, organizations can reshape their workforce management. Deluxe simplifies tax filing and payment for any state, garnishment payments, time tracking, paycheck calculations, and payroll automation.


  • Enables integrations with other accounting software, like QuickBooks
  • Has a client portfolio of over 4,000 financial institutions and four million active businesses
  • Provides custom products for all industries

Businesses also get detailed payroll reporting, including spending breakdowns and payroll deductions. Deluxe also has a range of business operations, digital marketing, payments, and brand marketing products.

Learn more about Deluxe.

15. Grant Thornton

With an obsession for quality, Grant Thornton tops the list of third-party payroll consultants. The 1924-founded company is also one of the leading independent audit, tax, and advisory firms worldwide. The company has a team of discreet professionals who provide targeted solutions for business challenges, including payroll. Thus, organizations can simplify their payroll functions by outsourcing from Grant Thornton. The company is well-versed in confidentiality and security payroll administration issues. Some of Grant Thornton’s payroll capabilities suitable for any business include payroll processing, tax calculation, electronic payments, and issues relating to cross-jurisdiction payroll.


  • Serves the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe
  • Has a large team of over 62,000 employees
  • Recognized among the Top 5 Firm for IPOs and Russell 2000 audits

Organizations also get payroll analysis and reports in different forms. Besides payroll processing, Grant Thornton also offers business solutions like managing employee databases and personnel files, issuing employment certificates, and tracking workers’ absences. Grant Thornton serves public, private, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and industries.

Learn more about Grant Thornton.


Payroll consultants are a must-try for organizations that want to simplify business operations. With their knowledge and experience, these consultants help organizations manage the financial and administrative aspects of paying employees efficiently and compliantly. By outsourcing these responsibilities to payroll consultants, businesses can reduce their workload, minimize errors, and update themselves on the latest laws and regulations. Using a payroll consultant who provides automated systems will simplify payroll functions for employers and employees.

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FAQ: Payroll consultants

Here are answers to common questions about payroll consultants.

What are payroll consultants?

Payroll consultants are professionals who provide expertise and assistance to businesses in regard to their payroll processes. These consultants help companies with payroll tasks, like compliance with state and federal tax laws, setting up and maintaining payroll systems, and employee compensation and benefits. Payroll consultants also help businesses navigate regulation changes, such as new tax laws, and can provide training and support to in-house payroll staff.

What do payroll consultants do?

Payroll consultants provide a wide range of services to help businesses manage the financial and administrative aspects of paying their employees.

Some of the specific tasks payroll consultants may perform include:

  • Setting up and maintaining payroll systems: This may include configuring software and ensuring proper integrations with other systems, such as HR and accounting platforms.
  • Compliance with tax laws: Payroll consultants ensure that organizations withhold and file necessary taxes on time.
  • Managing employee compensation and benefits: These tasks may include designing and implementing employee compensation and benefits plans and providing guidance on issues such as overtime pay and vacation time.
  • Providing support and training to in-house payroll staff: Payroll consultants may provide payroll-related training to employees and offer ongoing support as needed.
  • Helping businesses navigate changes in regulations: As laws and regulations related to payroll can change frequently, payroll consultants help businesses stay up to date and ensure compliance.
  • Generating reports and analytics: Payroll consultants can generate reports and analytics that help businesses better understand and optimize their payroll processes and manage their workforce.

While outsourcing payroll services may be an added cost, businesses can capitalize on the financial and administrative aspects and run their enterprises efficiently.

Who are the best payroll consultants?

There are no one-size-fits-all payroll consultants for all businesses. Thus, entities must consider all factors to get the right fit. For instance, payroll service providers offer varying services at different prices. Some factors that businesses should consider before committing to a payroll consultant include the availability of necessary features, customer service, ease of use, and industry specifics. Some of the best payroll consultants include ADP, Vero HR, and Grant Thornton.

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