19 Best Pricing Consultants to Work with

By: | Updated: December 20, 2023

You found our list of the best pricing consultants.

Pricing consultants are professionals who work with businesses to ensure prices are competitive and maximize product and service revenue. Examples include Boston Consulting Group, Homburg & Partner, and Iris Pricing Solutions. The purpose of these professionals is to guide tactical pricing guidance to businesses that will promote overall organizational growth.

These consultants are similar to HR consultants, workplace culture consultants, and payroll consultants.


This list includes:

  • software pricing consultants
  • pricing experts
  • pricing strategy consultants
  • freelance pricing consultants

Here we go!

List of pricing consultants

Pricing decisions can significantly affect an organization’s success. With the help of pricing consultants, businesses can set the right value for their products and services. From Roland Berger to L.E.K. and  Strategy&, here is a list of the best consultants that offer pricing solutions.

1. Bain & Company

As a globally renowned firm, Bain & Company is an excellent choice for organizations looking for pricing strategy consultants. The firm focuses on helping ambitious change-makers define the future with various consulting services. Bain & Company helps build dynamic pricing capabilities that enable businesses to set the right price and capitalize on all revenue opportunities. For instance, with B2B pricing services, organizations can identify ways to increase short-term profits.

Bain & Company’s team of experts can help organizations improve across various areas. These capabilities include price setting, price strategy, operating model, price getting, and analytical capabilities and tools. Organizations can also identify communication gaps and link their pricing strategy with consumer interactions. The company follows a comprehensive approach to pricing that addresses customer segmentation, negotiation, short innovation cycles, and complex pricing models. Bain & Company has a successful record working on over 1,500 pricing strategy projects globally.

Learn more about Bain & Company.

2. Putnam

Founded to provide classical strategy consulting, Putnam is an excellent choice of pricing consultants. The firm helps businesses to develop holistic pricing capabilities and strategies that support overall growth. Examples of pricing solutions Putnam offers are product or service value communication, economic stakeholder tools development, and value maximization. The company works with diverse businesses, including top pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Putnam has a team of over 200 consultants in the UK, the US, and Ireland.

Learn more about Putnam.

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3. Roland Berger

Roland Berger focuses on helping the world master business strategies to secure sustainable growth. Through the firm’s pricing consulting services, organizations will establish robust business models, explore new possibilities, and leverage new technology. The company’s experts can help organizations determine a smart pricing strategy. Roland Berger also has expertise in building data-driven and value-based pricing strategies. Other notable solutions that businesses can seek are the execution of price increase campaigns, refining monetization models, and the evaluation of pricing tools. Businesses looking for long-term solutions can benefit from the company’s coaching on price negotiations. The 1967-founded company has over 3,000 employees in more than 50 offices worldwide.

Learn more about Roland Berger.

4. Homburg & Partner

Homburg & Partner provides sales, pricing, and strategy solutions. The Homburg & Partner team has a track record of increasing market orientation, market share, sales, and profitability. Through strategic pricing solutions, businesses can achieve sustainable market success, drive significant value for price and sales management, and achieve set growth targets. The company has over 20 years of experience working with capital market organizations, private equity investors, and family-run foundations. Homburg & Partner also works with businesses in diverse industries like healthcare, industrial goods, and chemical industries.

Learn more about Homburg & Partner.

5. Boston Consulting Group

Founded in 1963, Boston Consulting Group partners with businesses to solve the biggest pricing challenges. The company works with entities to build a sustainable competitive advantage and drive positive impact. Boston Consulting Group has a team of pricing experts who work alongside organizational leaders to build processes and capabilities and unlock the power of pricing. The company starts by strengthening internal capacities by leveraging technology. Businesses can also get tips on the best incentives for their sales force, how to optimize packaging, and leverage ecosystems.

Some of the pricing strategy solutions that Boston Consulting Group offers include B2B pricing, revenue growth management, and B2C pricing. Organizational leaders will learn tips such as understanding the end user and the importance of combining data and automation in their pricing.

Learn more about Boston Consulting Group.

6. Simon-Kucher

Established in 1985, Simon-Kucher is a fast-growing global consultancy focusing on growing businesses through scientific methods. The company uses an approach that creates long-term and sustainable growth instead of short-term tactics. Simon-Kucher achieves sustainable business pricing by optimizing price, product, marketing, innovation, and sales. For instance, partnering businesses can achieve better results through trust, advocacy, and loyalty, as opposed to cost reduction alone. Some pricing solutions companies can seek from Simon-Kucher include price differentiation, low-cost competitors, pricing models, and fair exchange for value. The company helps businesses build strong internal pricing capabilities that align with financial goals and commercial strategies.

Learn more about Simon-Kucher.

7. Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman partners with businesses that want to make bold improvements to increase their margin growth. The firm has a team of experts in pricing, marketing, and sales strategies who capitalize on analytical insights and unique data capabilities. The company works with businesses across diverse sectors, such as automotive, financial services, education, industrial products, and the public sector.

Learn more about Oliver Wyman.

8. L.E.K.

If you are looking for pricing strategy consultants, then L.E.K. is a good bet. The global consulting firm helps organizations understand and leverage pricing and eliminate discounts as a selling technique. Organizations can establish the links between businesses’ pricing and performance with L.E.K.’s consulting services. Some of the pricing solutions that L.E.K. offers are market and competitive dynamics analysis, product and service attributes, and pricing models. Additionally, businesses can identify causes of margin leakage, discover ways to enforce pricing policies, and design analytical tools with long-term pricing capabilities. The company follows an approach that focuses on its deep expertise, in-depth research, and long-term success.

Learn more about L.E.K.

9. ZS

ZS leverages science, technology, and data to help businesses make intelligent and innovative solutions. The company has consultants who apply their expertise and bring bold ideas to life. Thus, businesses can develop value-driven strategies focusing on customer benefits and a reasonable return on investment. Organizations can seek pricing-related services such as analysis, strategy, architecture, and execution. With over 35 global offices, ZS serves diverse industries like healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, private equity, and industrials.

Learn more about ZS.

10. Kearney

Kearney is a leading global consulting firm in over 40 countries. The partner-owned firm has a team of consultants passionate about bringing innovative change to organizations. Kearney provides pricing-related solutions like strategy, product choice, and price setting. Other notable services revolve around discounting, monitoring, and channel pricing. Businesses can also leverage the firm’s proprietary Pricing Full Potential Analyzer, a reliable tool that provides profit generation estimates at 100% power. The company works with businesses of all sizes and types, including Fortune 500s, governmental organizations, and nonprofits.

Learn more about Kearney.

11. McKinsey & Company

As a global consulting firm focusing on changing the world, McKinsey & Company is a fantastic choice of business pricing experts. The company capitalizes on building capabilities for increased margins and superior pricing management to promote sustainable profitability. The pricing consulting firm uses a strategy-before-structure approach. Thus, the experts will start by identifying areas that require improvement and then work alongside the organization to develop people, tools, and systems. The pricing consulting services include data-driven insights, proprietary training, and enterprise-quality software.

Learn more about McKinsey & Company.

12. The Cambridge Group

Founded in 1975, The Cambridge Group helps organizations develop and execute strategies. The company focuses on demand strategies that enable businesses to align their resources to meet market needs. The Cambridge Group also promotes profitable growth by ensuring pricing and promotion strategies align with customer demands. Some pricing solutions that businesses can seek from The Cambridge Group include pricing strategies, product portfolio customization, and market insights. Businesses can also learn how to capitalize on different distribution channels, expand profit margins in consideration of the consumer, and make market predictions. All these solutions enable businesses to capitalize on variations in customers’ willingness to pay and demands across channels, markets, product segments, and seasons.

Learn more about The Cambridge Group.

13. Iris Pricing Solutions

Iris Pricing Solutions aims to improve organizations’ profitability and market share with a focus on pricing. The company commits to delivering research solutions, tools, systems, capabilities, and management processes that align with short- and long-term goals. One of the main solutions that the firm offers is strategy development. Through the service, organizations learn how to develop the best pricing frameworks, discount effectively, and capture value in pricing. Additional notable solutions are pricing research, analytics, and training for sales teams, senior management, marketing departments, and sales teams.

As a firm specializing in pricing strategy, the company also offers a variety of proprietary tools, research techniques, and processes for analyzing pricing challenges. While the company’s main focus is pricing, organizations can also benefit from innovation, customer loyalty, brand strategy, and customer experience services. Iris Pricing Solutions serves businesses in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the United Kingdom, and Latin America.

Learn more about Iris Pricing Solutions.

14. Strategy&

Boasting a proud history in consulting, Strategy& is an excellent partner for pricing solutions. The company’s rich professional culture leverages over a century of experience. With the teams’ in-depth expertise, businesses can navigate challenging landscapes and win in their market. Strategy& focuses on an approach that supports price optimization, from assessment to design and implementation. Companies can access vital solutions through pricing consulting services like price setting, implementation, and control. Strategy& focuses on long-term solutions as opposed to quick and ineffective changes. Strategy& serves diverse industries like healthcare, consumer markets, automotive, technology, and the public sector.

Learn more about Strategy&.

15. ScienceSoft

If you are looking for software pricing consultants, then ScienceSoft is a good bet. Businesses can leverage the firm’s 15 years of experience in financial software. The ScienceSoft pricing software automates and updates prices across selling channels. Thus, businesses achieve price-performance visibility, discount management, and price optimization. Some key features are initial price calculation, strategy planning, segmentation, optimization, and profitability monitoring. Additional features include negotiation, dynamic, and promotional pricing management.

Other than software pricing solutions, ScienceSoft also provides software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and help desk services. The global IT company operates internationally with offices in North America, Europe, and  the Middle East. The company serves both non-IT enterprises and software product companies in diverse sectors like oil and gas, banking and financial services, and manufacturing.

Learn more about ScienceSoft.

16. Accenture

Accenture envisions and executes sustainable business change. The firm enables organizations in diverse sectors to drive growth by leveraging intelligent pricing. Through AI for pricing solutions, businesses get access to real-time insights that focus on competitive intelligence, market signals, and changes in consumer preferences. These insights are pivotal in creating and launching effective and sustainable pricing scenarios. Some AI pricing capabilities are proprietary algorithms, real-time notification, a cloud native platform, and configurable pricing modules. Accenture has a presence in over 50 countries and more than 200 cities.

Learn more about Accenture.

17. Analysis Group

Analysis Group blends efficient project management, quantitative analysis, and client service. The company has a team of consultants who combine experience and skills that will solve modern pricing challenges. Businesses get a range of custom pricing solutions across geographies, product types, and channels. Some of Analysis Group’s capabilities are price evaluation and pricing strategy development. The firm also offers pricing, reimbursement, and contracting arrangement implementation. Other than pricing solutions, the company is also renowned for its expertise in healthcare analysis, finance, and economics consulting. Analysis Group has 14 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Learn more about Analysis Group.

18. Guidehouse

Guidehouse combines expertise and resources to solve problems across industries, sectors, and geographies. The company provides a multi-functional view of pricing and market access. Some of the pricing solutions that Guidehouse provides are launch excellence, new product planning, payer marketing, and reimbursement policy. The firm has a presence in over 50 locations across the world. The company works with diverse industries like life sciences, financial services, national security, health, and the public sector.

Learn more about Guidehouse.

19. Katherine Ka Wan Leong

Katherine Ka Wan Leong is a fantastic choice for companies looking for freelance pricing consultants. The London-based consultant specializes in market access and life sciences strategy pricing solutions. Katherine Ka Wan Leong also has a track record in delivering projects encompassing launch pricing, landscape assessment, indication sequencing, and portfolio optimization.

Connect with Katherine Ka Wan Leong.


Coupled with promotion, pricing can be a game-changer for driving profitable growth in businesses. However, pricing and revenue development remain major challenges for most enterprises. Many firms must align pricing strategies with customer demand to leverage their pricing power. Businesses may also struggle with losses that could occur due to changes in pricing. Working with qualified and reliable pricing consultants can help businesses optimize their prices for deeper insights and varying consumer markets.

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FAQ: Pricing Consultants

Here are answers to common questions about pricing consultants.

What are pricing consultants?

Pricing consultants are professionals who help companies determine the optimal prices for their products or services. These individuals analyze the cost of products and services, market trends, competition, and cost structures. The consultants then recommend pricing strategies that maximize revenue and profitability.

What do pricing consultants do?

Most businesses make pricing decisions without proper market analysis. However, by working with a pricing consultant, businesses can make better decisions without negatively impacting profitability and clientele.

Here is a list of the roles of pricing consultants:

  • Conducting market research and gathering data on customer demand, competitor pricing, and relevant market factors
  • Analyzing and leveraging data to determine the optimal price for products or services
  • Making recommendations on pricing strategies and price points based on the results of market research and data analysis
  • Assisting companies in implementing pricing strategies and monitoring their effectiveness
  • Advising businesses on vital price adjustments as needed, considering factors like changes in market conditions and consumer preferences
  • Helping companies optimize their pricing to maximize profit and revenue while also maintaining market competitiveness
  • Identifying and solving factors that cause pricing challenges in a business

When working with pricing consultants, businesses must be open to experimenting with different pricing execution plans and strategies. Entities must also evaluate their goals and also pay attention to the competition to achieve a pricing equilibrium.

Who are the best pricing consultants?

Pricing consultants are a great investment for businesses that want to have robust pricing strategies. With the right choice of consultant, businesses can price their services and products to match their profit goals. However, choosing pricing consultants can be a challenge. Some factors that organizations could consider are relevant industry experience, use of data-driven approaches, flexibility, cost, and availability. Some of the best pricing consultants include The Cambridge Group, Accenture, and Simon-Kucher.

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