22 Best Promotional Items Companies

By: | Updated: January 19, 2023

You’ve found our list of promotional items companies.

Promotional items companies are businesses that create corporate swag. These companies provide branded products for organizations to use as marketing materials and appreciation gifts. Examples of promotional items companies include SwagWorx, Quality Logo Products, and Crestline.

Promotional items companies are similar to corporate swag vendors. You can use these services to create items for employee appreciation week, annual company meetings, and small business marketing.

This list includes:

  • wholesale promotional items companies
  • local promotional items companies
  • promotional gift items companies
  • custom promotional products companies

Here we go!

List of promotional items companies

Whether you need branded mugs for a trade show or logo motivational T-shirts for your clients, here is a list of companies to help get you stocked up on promotional items.

1. Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions can add your company information to an array of apparel, electronics, and corporate gifts for customized swag of exceptional quality. Their extensive line of items includes modern gadgets like wireless earbuds and conference speakers as well as more traditional pieces like coffee mugs and notebooks. Though the site requires minimum orders for all items, the website is fine-tuned for quickly zeroing in on the exact products you need to keep ordering cost effective.

Check out Pinnacle Promotions.

2. SwagWorx

SwagWorx provides you with a selection of thoughtfully curated merchandise that looks even sharper with your logo added. You can customize an online shop to let customers and clients select their own swag from a collection you choose yourself. Travel accessories, adventure gear, jackets, and outerwear are all part of the mix. Companies looking for an elevated promotional item line will appreciate the quality SwagWorx offers.

Check out SwagWorx.

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3. Ethical Swag

For companies looking to minimize their environmental impact, Ethical Swag provides an array of fun and useful marketing solutions. Recycled materials feature heavily in these items, many of which are compostable when no longer useful. Organizations can order individual products in bulk or select Swag Packs that include themed items for a more mindful swag gift. The website organizes items by materials, sustainability, and company mission to make conscious shopping a breeze. With goods from reusable tote bags to sustainable bamboo phone chargers, Ethical Swag has the market on responsible promotional products cornered.

Check out Ethical Swag.

4. Fresh Coast Swag

Brand-name items from companies like North Face and Hydro Flask make Fresh Coast Swag a standout among wholesale promotional items companies. Premium products, from polos to hoodies, are ready for branding, all curated with a focus on students and modern-minded customers. In addition to purchasing bulk swag, corporate shoppers can choose their own merch boxes or select ready-made boxes with a pre-chosen assortment. You can find options for a range of budgets and requirements to make customer ordering an easy task.

Check out Fresh Coast Swag.

5. Snappy

By using Snappy for your branded merch needs, you can give your clients and coworkers the power to choose their own promotional items. This company offers top-tier items and a team of consultants to help you make the right choices. Rather than requiring bulk orders, Snappy lets companies create a campaign with an online portal that allows recipients to accept your swag gifts. The item is then created on demand and shipped directly. Without stock to store or haul around, you can keep the distribution process clean and efficient, spending only what your recipients claim for a more budget-friendly experience.

Check out Snappy.

6. Quality Logo Products

For companies needing small orders of everyday promotional items, Quality Logo Products is a great solution. Ballpoint pens, hand sanitizer, and lip balm are all popular selections in this company’s catalog. If your marketing budget expands, you can also find higher-end products like wireless Bluetooth speakers and charging pads. This wide range of pricing and products makes Quality Logo Products a one-stop shop for affordable, customized swag to suit companies with diverse marketing needs.

Check out Quality Logo Products.

7. Totally Promotional

The selection of products offered by Totally Promotional includes many items under a dollar per piece. A dedicated section on their website leads you to cheap swag, offering merch from lanyards to stress balls to USB car adapters. For more discerning marketers, the more premium items include apparel, wellness items, and an array of napkins and coasters to decorate tabletops at company picnics and corporate gatherings. Companies can mix and match their swag to create packages with a combination of cheaper and more expensive items for a balanced blend of marketing magic

Check out Totally Promotional.

8. iPromo

iPromo is a go-to promotional item company for organizations with diverse needs. The website lets you shop by category, price, or occasion, so you can jump straight to the swag that suits your situation. Top brands like Apple and Vans are part of iPromo’s catalog, allowing businesses to adorn Air Pods, Popsockets, and Adidas gear. Categories begin at under $25.00 and extend to $300.00 and up per product, which helps you choose quality items while sticking to your budget. And for milestones like employee appreciation and anniversary celebrations, iPromo provides pre-selected swag packages called BRAGboxes to simplify shopping.

Check out iPromo.

9. Marco Promos

Aside from having one of the cleverest names of the promotional gift items companies on the list, Marco Promos also provides a wide variety of swag products that come with free digital and physical samples. Executive gifts and custom corporate items allow you to target your swag at key clients for a more personalized marketing opportunity. Food gifts are part of the selection, a tasty prospect for getting your company’s name into the hands and hearts of customers who can help build your brand. You can also take advantage of Marco Promos’ Deals of the Week to grab additional swag at markdown prices.

Check out Marco Promos.

10. Crestline

Crestline categorizes their promotional items by industry and item category, inspiring shoppers who are having trouble choosing their ideal swag. For example, restaurants and bars can shop from a selection of cups and coasters, while construction companies can choose hard-hat-shaped stress balls and reflective vests to represent their trade. Some items sell for below fifty cents per piece, an attractive feature for organizations with limited marketing funds. The website also offers a menu for shopping by theme, making it easier to skip straight to the occasion you have in mind.

Check out Crestline.

11. Hit Promotional Products

Hit Promotional Products makes their sustainability reports available online for conscientious customers. High-quality outdoor gear and electronic items make up most of their offerings, along with an attractive collection of kitchen pieces and personal care products. Even whimsical plush figures make an appearance in the product catalog. Shoppers can jump to the new products to see the latest arrivals or search through the deep inventory to find hidden gems. For items with an interactive element, you can view helpful product videos to check out key features before deciding on your swag.

Check out Hit Promotional Products.

12. Orange Planet Promotions

Orange Planet Promotions offers thousands of items that are ready and waiting to wear your corporate logo. You can speak with a branding consultant to ensure your plans are sound and your choices are optimal. Businesses can choose from golf wear and fanny packs for customers, office items such as awards and stress relievers for your workers, and lanyards and displays to create an impression at trade shows and conventions. Orange Planet Promotions will even guide your swag choices by presentation, providing every advantage for your promotional opportunities to soar.

Check out Orange Planet Promotions.

13. Positive Promotions

The product portfolio at Positive Promotions provides some of the most upbeat marketing items you can find. For example, Employee Appreciation Socks is a best-selling category, which clues you in on the spirit of this swag provider! Brand-name items include world-class providers like Carhartt and Moleskine. Depending on the item, you can add your logo in 12 different processes, including embroidery and silkscreen. If time is a consideration on your order, then Positive Promotion lets you shop by turn-around time so you know exactly when your goods will arrive. You can also shop by minimum order quantity to ensure you have enough.

Check out Positive Promotions.

14. Staples Promo

Office supply retailer Staples also operates a promotional item called Staples Promo. This outlet offers popular brands stamped with your corporate seal or company information, with a provider list that includes retail brands like Adidas, Skullcandy, and CamelBak. You can optimize your swag send-outs with recognition programs that regularly ship your swag directly to your recipients. In addition to shopping for swag items, companies needing marketing materials for events can purchase branded banners and table coverings. By promoting ethical practices and diversity as key company standards, Staples Promo wraps up the best products and practices in a tidy package to maximize your branding experience.

Check out Staples Promo.

15. Dynamite Promo

Companies using Dynamite Promo can shop for exhibit supplies and promotional items on the same site. Dynamite provides full-sized floor display kits to turn a simple conference kiosk into the main attraction. A combination of eco-friendly items, traditional swag, and low-priced deals give companies a range of options to choose from. Each category presents a collection of attractive items you can make even more attractive with your branding info. Shop by color if your company has a chosen palette, or add a monochrome version of your logo on brightly-hued items to dazzle your customers. For events and occasions that call for special promotional gear, Dynamite can set companies up from top to bottom.

Check out Dynamite  Promo.

16. Discount Mugs

Despite the name, this promotional item company offers much more than just customized mugs at reduced prices. Discount Mugs provides a full catalog of brandable items, from ballpoint pens to grilling tools. Discount Mugs offers split shipments for companies with multiple locations, allowing you to separate your product deliveries without creating multiple orders. Rush delivery options make it possible to have your swag in hand at the last minute. Specific items can ship to individual addresses for singular promotional experiences for each of your intended recipients.

Check out Discount Mugs.

17. Promo Direct

With Promo Direct, businesses needing marketing swag can shop for unique items like health and safety products to give your promotional goods purpose. Some items qualify for free 24-hour rush delivery, which means your orders will arrive in time for your event, even if you shop at the last minute. A separate selection of employee and customer gifts lets you choose special products to show appreciation for your most important players. You can also select sale items that will help you keep your promotional spending in check.

Check out Promo Direct.

18. U Printing

As a provider of diverse promotional items, U Printing helps companies make their brands visible through an extensive list of products and marketing materials. Customized stickers and packaging let you put your name in front of your customers from the moment they receive your swag. With printed T-shirts and hats, you can dress your team in matching apparel for a visual punch at conferences and corporate events. U Printing’s deep catalog also lets you choose from advertising gear like buttons and magnets to get your message across. With a selection of wellness, leisure, and usable pieces, U Printing provides end-to-end marketing gear to help make your brand memorable.

Check out U Printing.

19. Pacific Promotional Products

Unlike the limited range of products local promotional items companies may provide, Pacific Promotional Products offers global access to a network of suppliers with quality items at prices to suit a range of budgets. Their printing processes utilize the latest technology to ensure your swag makes a lasting impression. Beyond a trove of wearable and usable pieces, this company provides trophies and awards to make key presentations even more special. With Pacific Promotional’s vast catalog, you can pick up tradeshow handouts in the same order as executive gifts and branded appliances.

Check out Pacific Promotional Products.

20. Anthem Branding

Anthem Branding goes beyond just providing the promotional items that other custom promotional products companies offer. This company also works with organizations to create a brand strategy and produce effective packaging designs. These services can help you fine-tune your marketing direction, saving time and money. With a portfolio of top-quality products, you can shift into production mode without missing a beat. For companies just starting their marketing plans, having professional assistance can turn a mediocre campaign into a successful swag promotion.

Check out Anthem Branding.

21. Deluxe

Part of the Deluxe suite of business services is a promotional items division with a listing that reads like a retail catalog. You can zoom in on eco-friendly items, stick with traditional products, and even check out the top 100 bestsellers to see the hottest new pieces in the world of swag. When you are ready to order, you can create a personalized gallery to hold your designs for replenishment. While you can find the typical pieces, you can also shop for party favors, games, and school spirit items to bring a dash of fun to your selection.


Promotional item companies are a great tool for getting your company’s name in front of your target audience. You can also tap into these businesses when you have giveaways and moments of appreciation that call for special treats. Whether you opt for small and inexpensive pieces like ballpoint pens or lapel pins or go big with branded executive gifts for key clients and customers, these companies can help you find the right products for your needs.

Next up, read about unique gift box companies and luxury swag.

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FAQ: Promotional items companies

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about promotional items companies.

What are promotional items companies?

Promotional items companies are businesses that create branded products for marketing. These items are customizable with a company’s name, logo, or slogan. In addition, some promotional items companies provide marketing advisement services for organizations needing help with designs and strategies.

What are the best promotional items companies?

The best promotional items companies are Promo Direct, Ethical Swag, Snappy, and U Printing. These organizations offer selections of products and services that can help businesses find marketing solutions within a range of budgets.

How do you choose a promotional items company?

To choose a promotional items company, decide what items suit your marketing needs. Once you know which products will work, search for a company that offers those items and shop for the versions that fit your budget and schedule. To make it easier to produce branded materials, be sure you have digital files of your logo, name, or slogan before ordering.

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