17 Best Promotional Product Companies for Businesses

By: | Updated: November 06, 2022

You found our list of the top promotional product companies.

Promotional product companies are businesses that offer branded merchandise and promotional products. Examples include Vistaprint, Positive Promotions, and Etsy. These items promote a company’s branding efforts and appreciate employees, customers, attendees, and prospects.

These companies are similar to swag companies, and are great resources for company swag ideas for employees or conference swag ideas, gifts, and items for events.

This list includes:

  • wholesale promotional product companies
  • online promo product companies
  • promotional product retailers
  • promo product vendors

Let’s get to it!

List of promotional product companies

Promotional products allow businesses to market their services and appreciate stakeholders. We encourage companies to order items from suppliers who provide a wide variety of quality products. From AnyPromo to Flashbay and HALO, here is a list of the best companies that sell promotional products.

1. Deluxe

Deluxe has a wide selection of products, such as drinkware, apparel, electronic accessories, and writing instruments aimed at making impressions and deepening customer relationships.


  • Businesses can make large orders
  • Free samples for wholesale customers
  • Flexible customization options
  • Rush production for some products
  • International shipping
  • Competitively priced eco-friendly products made from renewable or recyclable materials
  • Varying minimum order quantities for different products

Deluxe also has in-house designers who provide business logo design services for entities that want to create a brand mark.

Check out Deluxe.

2. Vistaprint

If you are looking for online promo product companies with a vast selection of items, then you cannot go wrong with Vistaprint. With over 20 years in the industry, Vistaprint has been monumental in providing promotional products to businesses in all fields at an affordable price. The company offers holiday cards, bags, drinkware, clothing, canvas prints, and tablecloths. In addition, businesses can also personalize irresistible snacks and candies.


  • Has a logo maker that enables new businesses to create their brand marks in minutes
  • Design services with a team of experts
  • Free samples
  • Special edits capabilities on photos and design templates
  • Festive packaging, including shipping boxes, mailer bags, and hang tags

Businesses can opt for the free basic membership that includes unbranded products and packaging. The other option would be the premium membership at $74.99 annually, which offers access to unbranded products and packaging and up to 40% discounts on all products. With the premium packaging, businesses will enjoy a flat rate shipping rate of $3.99 and free deliveries on orders over $60.

Check out Vistaprint.

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3. Swag.com

Swag.com is a fantastic choice for entities that are looking for promo product vendors. The company offers promo products that recipients will want to keep. From bulk promotional merchandise to custom logo products and delectable treats, recipients will love the variety available at Swag.com. Some promo products that the company offers include apparel, bags, work-from-home essentials, tech accessories, and wellness products.


  • Personalization options
  • Product mock-ups within 48 hours of ordering for approval
  • Free artwork
  • Global shipping
  • Discounts on high-volume orders
  • Swag distribution automation

Sawg.com is a fantastic promotional product avenue for both small and large orders.

Check out Swag.com.

4. Positive Promotions

Featuring an extensive range of promotional products, Positive Promotions is a fantastic choice for entities looking for merchandise. The company’s simplified interface enables businesses to shop by event, recipient, and product. Additionally, companies can shop for office essentials, bags, drinkware, technology, and health and wellness products from renowned brands.


  • Has a user-friendly interface that is ideal for businesses that are celebrating special occasions
  • Offers free samples upon request
  • Overseas shipping to some countries
  • Reasonable pricing with regular discounts on bulk orders
  • Product customization

Positive Promotions is the perfect company that entities can use to send out gifts during special events such as Customer Service Week, Pride Month, or Employee Appreciation Day.

Check out Positive Promotions.

5. Zazzle

Zazzle is one of the best online promo product companies for businesses that want to make small orders. The promotional product store partners with global creators to offer unique item selections. Some products companies can shop for include ornaments, t-shirts, clothing, mugs, coasters, holiday décor items, and playing cards.


  • Quick delivery timeframes
  • Wide variety of customizable products
  • Mobile app that supports ordering, design, and order tracking
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • International shipping
  • Available in other languages such as French, Spanish, German, Korean, and Dutch

Companies can also create their own products with independent manufacturers and use images from the featured entities.

Check out Zazzle.

6. PromoShop

Boasting the creative culture and marketing talent of an advertising agency, PromoShop is an excellent pick for businesses looking for promotional product companies. The company leverages its culturally diverse team to offer some of the world’s best brands. As a result, businesses can carry out smart, bold, and effective marketing campaigns. PromoShop offers products such as apparel, bags, delectable treats, healthcare essentials, and home items. You will also have a vast selection of computer accessories, sports, and outdoor products, travel items, and calendars.


  • Availability of eco-friendly products. Entities can choose organic, recycled, biodegradable, and sustainable products
  • Creative company services such as brochure design, art direction, and custom product development
  • Global sourcing and delivery
  • Inventory management

PromoShop also has support teams and account executives who will guide clients through purchasing and customizing promotional products.

Check out PromoShop.

7. AnyPromo

If you are looking for promotional product retailers with an extensive item range, then AnyPromo is a good bet. Businesses get a wide variety of technology, wellness and safety, office, drinkware, and auto products. The company also offers trade show and event items, wellness essentials, jewelry, and apparel.


  • Over 200,000 customizable products
  • Free samples based on a minimum value
  • Free artwork
  • Free shipping on some custom items
  • No-minimum ordering policy
  • Several holiday event products
  • Products in all industries, such as automotive, construction, insurance, education, and healthcare
  • Features products from major brands like Apple, Nike, and Oakley

AnyPromo has a seamless website design that offers entities simplified searches of promotion products. Businesses can choose the ideal items based on the price range, production time frame, minimum quality, and materials. Other handy item selection criteria include products made in the USA, on-sale items, and rush services.

Check out AnyPromo.

8. Etsy

Etsy is an American firm that focuses on creating vintage and handcrafted items. By featuring different promotional product retailers, companies can access unique products for their recipients. The company offers home décor, jewelry, furniture, clothing, bags, and electronic gadgets. You will also get a variety of art and collectibles, such as paintings, prints, and sculptures.


  • Provides a platform that connects independent creators with consumers
  • Offers unique products that can be difficult to get elsewhere
  • Some sellers accept personalization requests
  • Bulk discounts and shipping policies vary by seller

Etsy is a fantastic company for folks looking for memorable and unique promotional products. However, the company does not offer automated gifting options.

Check out Etsy.

9. Packed with Purpose

Born out of the desire to highlight the importance of creating meaningful relationships through gifting, Packed with Purpose is a venture that businesses should consider. The company offers custom gift boxes for employees, clients, event attendees, family, and friends. Senders can choose their gift boxes depending on their budget, type of gift, and health preferences.


  • Offers gift cards from $25
  • Gift concierge feature that allows businesses to send gift cards to over 500 recipients
  • Companies can shop promotional products by impact. For instance, entities can shop for products whose profits go towards job training or healthy communities
  • Personalization options
  • Offers automated gifting options

The women-owned venture offers gifts that foster deep societal impacts while transforming lives, preserving the community, and enriching communities.

Check out Packed with Purpose.

10. Swag Up

Swag Up is an all-inclusive platform that creates, automates, and distributes promotional products. The company offers promotional products such as packaging materials, clothing, holiday items, accessories, bags, and office stationery. Organizations that want to simplify their search for promo products can opt for the preset packs and customize them as needed.


  • Businesses can automate gifting
  • Integration capabilities with Salesforce, Rippling, Commsur, Postal, Custom API, and Zappier
  • Offers a wide range of high-quality products
  • Free professional design services
  • Swag inventory management
  • Global shipping
  • Free samples and pre-production specimens
  • Bulk discounts

Swag Up offers items from renowned brands such as North Face and Moleskine.

Check out Swag Up.

11. Customon

Customon is one of the best wholesale promotional product companies for businesses that want to send clothing swag to clients, employees, or prospects. The company offers over 50 product variations that will suit every recipient. Some promotional items available at Customon include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, aprons, mugs, and baby onesies. You can check the design categories and select the ideal option based on your goal. For instance, you could opt for funny, music, adult humor, and TV show-themed designs. You can also check out the best sellers category for inspiration.


  • Product design capabilities with an in-house design tool
  • Plenty of creative clothing design inspiration
  • Global shipping within 24 to 48 hours after design confirmation
  • No minimum order quantity

Shoppers can also select items of choice depending on the ideal price range. While Customon does not offer a vast category of products, the platform is an excellent source of quality promotional clothing.

Check out Customon.

12. Flashbay

With a specialty in on-demand manufacturing of custom promotional technology products, Flashbay is an excellent source of company swag items. The company, one of the leading suppliers of branded USB flash drives across the USA, also offers a wide variety of other promotional products. For instance, businesses can shop drinkware, bags, caps, gadgets, and audio items. The company also offers office stationery such as pens and gift sets.


  • Fair prices through the factory direct rates
  • Fast lead times
  • Ten minimum order quantity
  • Next-day delivery of free samples
  • USB flash drives data preloading with product catalogs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF brochures, and electronic vouchers.
  • USB flash drive autorun function once the recipient plugs the drive into their computer
  • Flash lock capabilities to prevent the end user from deleting your data
  • Pantone color matching

The company offers businesses four logo branding techniques, including laser engraving, screen printing, embossing, and laser engraving.

Check out Flashbay.

13. DiscountMugs

With over 20 years of experience in the promotional product industry, DiscountMugs is a fantastic choice of wholesale promotional product companies. The site features innovative products such as glassware, apparel, office supplies, wellness items, tech, mobile items, and outdoor essentials.


  • Large inventory of promotional products
  • A factory-direct pricing strategy
  • In-house printing
  • Product customization options
  • Flexible shipping options

The low minimum order requirement is favorable for small businesses that want to make a lasting impression on a few recipients.

Check out DiscountMugs.

14. Quality Logo Products

With a focus on the best items in the market, Quality Logo Products is an excellent choice for Fortune 500 or small businesses that want to enchant stakeholders. In addition, the company offers an extensive selection of promotional products, including office stationery, bags, tech items, travel essentials, apparel, and wellness products.


  • Low price guarantee
  • A variety of branding options, such as emboss, deboss, foil stamp, full-color, pad print, and screen printing
  • Great quality promotional products
  • Quick deliveries
  • Easy ordering process

Given the variety of products, customers may have difficulty browsing through the entire collection. However, shoppers can select items depending on the event, preferred brands, and the causes.

Check out Quality Logo Products.

15. HALO

HALO is a promotional product company that aims at helping businesses scale by creating connections with stakeholders. With over 42 offices globally and eight fulfillment centers, businesses get the best services as they strive to create lasting impressions on recipients. Through HALO’s account executives, companies can get vital guidance throughout the buying process, from selecting promotional products to delivery. Some of the promotional product categories that HALO offers include tech items, wellness essentials, office supplies, pet products, bags, and outdoor necessities.


  • Flexible delivery options
  • Holiday kits that deliver the magic of the season
  • Seamless integrations with procurement solutions such as SciQuest, SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Perfect Commerce, and GEP.
  • Data collection tools
  • Availability of samples upon request
  • Specific promotional product kits, such as employee onboarding, sales incentives, and service awards.

With the swag kitting option, businesses get creative packaging, personalized cards, box inserts, and secure data collection. The company works with every entity’s unique option, budget, and custom designs to ensure the success of its marketing efforts.

Check out HALO.

16. Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted is a fantastic option for entities looking for promo product vendors. With the company’s team of design experts, businesses can put their logo on almost any product. In addition, the company offers an extensive range of promotional items such as apparel, professional attire, drinkware, technology products, and bags.


  • Promotional product samples
  • Personalized service to assist with product selection and designs
  • Expert product recommendations based on every entity’s budget, needs, delivery timeframe, and wants
  • Custom embroidery options on a wide range of promotional products
  • International deliveries

Buyers searching for unique promotional products can opt for custom awards and incentives. Some good ideas include award folders, clocks, lapel pins, trophies, and plaques. Companies can also check out the selection of medals and offer deserving recipients during corporate events.

Check out Fully Promoted.

17. Staples Promo

With over 65 years of experience, Staples Promo is a leading company in promotional product and design expertise. The company’s industry experts combine in-depth research and real-world experience to deliver solutions that will build other businesses. Staples Promo has an ever-expanding product catalog that includes apparel, bags, toys, outdoor and leisure essentials, and drinkware. In addition, many home goods, tech items, writing instruments, and health and wellness products will also be found.


  • Global product sourcing, which ensures the availability of unique and quality products
  • International deliveries
  • Sustainable practices such as the use of decoration and distribution processes with positive impacts on the planet
  • User reports on purchasing and spending habits
  • Next-day deliveries within the US

With seamless integration with over 350 procurement systems, Staples Promo is a fantastic option for businesses that want to simplify their marketing efforts.

Check out Staples Promo.


The impact of promotional products on stakeholders cannot be understated. However, selecting promotional products for a large group tends to be hectic. Whether you are looking for products to offer event attendees, customers, or employees, we encourage businesses to seek the services of promotional product companies. These providers will ease the entire process, from product sourcing to branding and shipping.

Next, check out this list of the best corporate gifts for employees under $50 or conference giveaway ideas.

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FAQ: Promotional product companies

Here are answers to common questions about promotional product companies

What are promotional product companies?

Promotional product companies are organizations that provide a wide variety of items that businesses can offer consumers, clients, attendees, and prospects. Branded merchandise is a reminder of a company’s existence and level of service. These companies offer promotional product inspiration for both small and large groups.

What are the best promotional product companies?

Promotional product companies offer businesses tons of benefits. For instance, entities get a vast pool of products to choose from at better prices. In turn, these businesses get better at long-term brand exposure and lead generation. Promotional products are also vital for companies that want to boost relationships with workers, event attendees, or clients. The best promotional product companies include Discount Mugs, Quality Logo Products, and Zazzle.

How do you choose a promo product vendor?

Choosing a promo product can be difficult with the variety of promotional product companies.

Here are steps that businesses can take in the search for promo product vendors:

  • Start by setting campaign goals- Rather than sending out products without a goal, we advise businesses to start by defining their objectives. For instance, products that will increase brand recognition may differ from items that will help retain workers.
  • Set a budget- Setting a budget and sticking with it is important in measuring the ROI for promotional products.
  • Consider the recipient’s demographics- Be sure to factor in the gender, age, hobbies, culture, and location of your audience.
  • Opt for companies with a wide variety of products- If you are looking for large group promotional products, then we advise that you lean more towards entities with a variety of products that reflect your brand and recipients’ preferences.
  • Be wary of the item creation, customization, and delivery timeframes- Be sure to find out how long a product will take from ordering to delivery.

The wrong choice of promotional product vendors can result in ineffective marketing results, shipping delays, or wasting a company’s resources.

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