23 Best Promotional Product Ideas

By: | Updated: January 22, 2024

You found our list of the best promotional product ideas.

Promotional product ideas are unique branded items that companies can distribute to customers as part of their marketing strategy. Examples include smart bottles, desktop bag toss games, and ClutchSlide. Promotional items aim to market a product or increase brand recognition.

These items are available from corporate swag companies and are similar to company swag ideas for employees, client gifts, and employee gifts.


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List of promotional product ideas

Good promotional materials should be practical, fun, and memorable. The most effective promotional items are those that customers will use and enjoy while also serving as constant visual reminders of your company. Instead of opting for a generic item that might not resonate with your customers, you can get creative and choose unique promotional items.

1. Custom Polyester Full Color Kite

The Custom Polyester Full Color Kite is a triangular kite constructed from durable polyester fabric and sturdy fiberglass poles. This item boasts excellent stability during flight and includes a wire board for added control. You can personalize the kite with various designs, such as cartoons or promotional advertisements. Whether as a promotional giveaway or a thoughtful gift for children, friends, or colleagues, this versatile kite offers a unique and enjoyable way to leave a lasting impression.

Learn more about the Custom Polyester Full Color Kite.

2. Custom Beeswax Wraps

Custom Beeswax Wraps are a flexible and eco-friendly option for promoting your brand. You can personalize these items with your logo or designs and replace plastic wraps with a sustainable alternative. These wraps have many uses, from wrapping sandwiches to covering bowls. Choosing them as promotional products shows your commitment to the environment and can make thoughtful gifts for clients and employees. This product aligns with your brand’s values and sustainability goals, making it a meaningful choice for both your business and the planet.

Learn more about Custom Beeswax Wraps.

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3. Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

The Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set is a versatile and thoughtful gift suitable for various occasions. For instance, you could offer this set for housewarmings, team rewards, themed events, or giveaways. Inside, you will find a W&P Popcorn Popper, a variety of Urban Accent Popcorn Kernels, and a tasty mix of seasonings. The seasonings include Spicy Chili Lime, Sizzlin’ Spicy Sriracha, Cheezy White Cheddar, Sweet Salty Kettle Corn, and Buttery Caramel Corn. These spices offer different flavors to enjoy on your kernals. The gift comes in an eco-friendly kraft box, which adds a touch of class and aligns with your sustainability goals.

Learn more about the Movie Night Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set.

4. Custom Scented Air Fresheners

Custom Scented Air Fresheners offer a delightful way to personalize your surroundings. You can customize these air fresheners with your choice of photos, logos, and text, making them truly unique. These items are also crafted from sustainable materials, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility. With a range of shapes and scents available, Custom Scented Air Fresheners can fit your specific preferences and needs. This gift ensures a fresh and personalized atmosphere wherever recipients place them.

Learn more about Custom Scented Air Fresheners.

5. Plantable Paper Desk Calendars

Plantable Paper Desk Calendars are a fantastic choice for eco-friendly promotional items. Crafted from plantable paper, these calendars offer a sustainable twist. Each calendar page is embedded with wildflower seeds, transforming them into a gift that keeps on giving. Recipients can plant and grow beautiful flowers from the pages, adding a touch of nature to their workspace. You will have the opportunity to review proofs before printing, ensuring your calendars meet your expectations and eco-conscious goals. The production process typically takes about five to seven business days.

Learn more about Plantable Paper Desk Calendars.

6. Desktop Bag Toss Game

This desktop bag toss game is an excellent illustration of unique and fun promotional products. The cornhole lawn game is popular. Some businesses have included the game as part of an overall plan to foster a more positive culture workplace. Unfortunately, only some workplaces have enough room for full-sized games, and stormy weather and cold temperatures in the winter make this team-building exercise unavailable for many teams.

This compact version is perfect for workstations. The wooden game set is 10.25-by-5.5 inches with six mini bags so workers can conveniently put it on their desks. The white and natural wood versions of the game are available for purchase, allowing you to choose the hue that best showcases your brand’s logo. This item is a fantastic gift for current and prospective customers or a lighthearted method of boosting workplace spirit.

Check the desktop bag toss game.

7. Customized M&M’s

Branded M&M’s in your company’s color and featuring your logo are a fun and tasty treat to have on hand for clients, employees, and visitors to your booth at a trade show. Sometimes, promotional giveaways do not have to be long-lasting. An item that meets your customer’s sweet cravings may also do the trick. You can make virtual events more exciting by serving branded M&M’s. A brilliant idea to consider is using candy as a networking break during the webinar.

Check out Customized M&M’s.

8. Robo-Cube Puzzle Fidget Toy

This fidget spinner is sure to be a hit with your customers or coworkers. This 7-inch robot, modeled by Japanese Kumiki puzzles, can transform into a cube or any other imaginative shape and back. The item has an authentic hardwood construction with three stylish colors and coatings. If you brand both the puzzle and the accompanying transparent gift box with your company’s logo, you will have fun promotional items that no one will want to discard.

Check out the Robo-Cube Puzzle Fidget Toy.

9. Ring Light

Ring lights are a unique and entertaining gift to help your employees and clients improve the quality of their photos. In addition, you can attach the ring lights to notebooks and mobile phones to boost illumination during video conferences. Finally, you can brand the ring with your business’s name and logo, so customers will never forget who is responsible for their great appearance in photographs.

Check out ring lights.

10. Pine Tree Planter

If you are searching for a promotional item your recipients will not have already, then you should consider this pine tree planter. The pot is organic, sustainable, and of biodegradable fertile fibers. Made from spruce wood without any adhesives or binders, you can bury the pot directly in the ground. You will not need drainage holes since water, air, and roots can find their way inside. The package includes soil pods, seed packets, wooden stakes, and detailed instructions. The planter comes packaged in a recyclable kraft gift box with a full-color imprint of your design or one of four pre-designed label options.

Check out the pine tree planter.

11. Flower Vases

The ever-increasing popularity of telecommuting has led to a booming market for indoor plants. You can brighten your house or workplace with lush ferns, brilliant flowers, or exotic spider plants. You can take advantage of this trend by sharing branded flower pots. You may add seeds or even a plant itself, like a succulent, so recipients can experience nature in their home. The flower vases can also beautify their workspace.

Check out flower vases.

12. Mini Desk Humidifier

Workspace comfort is becoming increasingly important as thousands of workers work from home. Now more than ever, individuals place a premium on caring for themselves physically and mentally. For this reason, the compact desk humidifier makes for a great promotional item. Humidifiers reduce dry skin, chapped lips, and a dry nose. Moreover, humidifiers may inhibit the spread of airborne viruses. With this humidifier for your desk, you may work comfortably while contributing to a healthier, more sanitary office.

Check out the mini desk humidifier.

13. Neck Wrap

A Neck Wrap is an innovative product for encouraging rest. The Neck Wrap offers heating and cooling options to provide a spa-like sensation without leaving the comfort of your own home. Created to relieve stress and bring about a calm state, this product is ideal at the end of a long and trying day. You can add branding elements to personalize this item and give your customers or clients an unforgettable gift.

Check out the Neck Wrap.

14. Colorful Pocket Picnic Blanket

You will appreciate this item if you have ever had to lug a heavy blanket about during an outdoor event. Folded up, the picnic blanket is only 7.87 × 7.87 inches, making it the perfect size for toting about in a bag. The blanket can withstand even the windiest days thanks to the weighted corners. The product is the ideal all-weather blanket made from ripstop polyester. You can make a statement for your firm by adding your branding on this blanket and the pouch.

Check out the colorful pocket picnic blanket.

15. ClutchSlide

This item is a card holder, a phone strap, and a phone stand all in one. Measuring 3.57 x 2.25 inches, the ClutchSlide contains a branded plate that mounts to the back of any phone. The ClutchSlide then connects to the plate. This detachable part guarantees that your phone will still handle wireless charging. You can keep your most important cards safe with the included card slot. The elastic strap binds the phone to the user’s hand to avert accidental drops. The item also has a fold-out stand to hold devices at the ideal viewing position.

Check out the ClutchSlide.

16. Corporate Magnets

If you have an event coming up, then promotional custom magnets for businesses may be an effective tool for publicizing the date. You can easily distribute the small item to your customers and staff that you are inviting to the event.

Another advantage of corporate magnets is their durability and adaptability. Like custom stickers, you can design your magnets into several shapes and sizes to advertise your brand. For example, including a calendar on your magnet is a great way to promote your company and provide clients with valuable items.

Check out corporate magnets.

17. Spot Bluetooth Finder

If you are searching for marketing promotional product ideas your customers will use, then check out the Spot Bluetooth finder. This device helps you keep tabs on valuables prone to going missing. You can fasten the device to your keys or wallet, then pair it to your phone. The Spot app will allow you to monitor its whereabouts and get notifications when you are about to lose track of a valuable possession. As a result, you will hardly forget your keys and wallets anymore.

Check out the Spot Bluetooth Finder.

18. Cocktail Kits

Folks who appreciate a nice drink would be happy to receive a cocktail kit from your company. The value is far more than that of a branded pen. An ideal cocktail kit would include every item you need for a unforgettable happy hour, such as:

  • Glasses
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Napkins
  • Stirrers
  • Dry ingredients and brew kits

You could also include corporate coasters in your cocktail kit and hand them out as gifts at your next networking event to make a good impression on potential and existing clients.

19. A Desktop Mount for Mobile Phones

Estimates show that the typical American pick up their phone 98 times in 24 hours. Mobile phone holders help reduce that habit. To keep your phone within easy reach, clip this holder onto the back of your computer screen. Even the heaviest iPhone will not be a problem with the magnetic design, which can handle up to 0.6 pounds. Also, with a small design just 0.11 inches thick, this mobile desktop holder is convenient for hybrid workers to slip into a bag and carry with them as they move between workplaces. In addition, you can add your company’s branding for maximum exposure. The desktop mount is one of the trending promotional items that recipients will want to use.

Check out the desktop mount.

20. Ambient Light Wireless Charger

The wireless charger is a brilliant and entertaining idea for bringing attention to your company’s name. The attractive ring of this wireless charger glows green when the device is completely charged and blue when it is charging. The device is compatible with any smartphone that supports Qi charging, and it has a Foreign Objects Detector that sounds an alarm if there is a metal object on it. The aluminum housing is sturdy and effective for dissipating heat. The item is available in either black or white, and the full-color logo stamp gives the product a striking, brand-forward appearance.

Check out the ambient light wireless charger.

21. Vegan Leather Key Ring

The vegan leather key ring is a novel and high-quality promotional gift. This keyring is made of high-quality crosshatch vegan leather and printed in full color for a premium gift at an affordable price. The full-color imprint feature allows you to make a one-of-a-kind design that will stick in the minds of your customers.

Check out the vegan leather key ring.

22. Gift Cards

Money-saving shoppers will be happy to get gift cards to their favorite stores. This promotional item is perfect for you if you manage an online business and want to increase sales. Offering gift cards or discounts makes customers more likely to spend more than the amount of a gift card value they get while making a purchase. A website like Wishpond makes organizing a Gift Card Giveaway simple, which may help you get email subscribers, social media likes, and new followers.

23. Smart Bottle

Having a bottle that cannot keep your beverage at the desired temperature is a major letdown. Stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottles have become so commonplace for dealing with this issue. This Smart Bottle, however, ups the ante by providing a battery-powered touch display top that displays both the liquid’s temperature and a user-selectable comfort zone. This feature means you will never have to worry about burning your lips again.

The bottle’s twin walls provide insulation, and the material is FDA-approved stainless steel with a powder-coated black matte finish. The bottle will maintain the temperature of your drink for up to 24 hours. The screw-on top has a large opening. You may choose a complete wrap, a single- or double-sided brand, or a laser or digital imprint of your logo.

Check out the smart bottle.


Unique promotional items can help your company get needed attention. You can achieve long-lasting effects by creatively thinking of novel products that both please and safeguard consumers. You should consider these one-of-a-kind promotional goods if you want to expand your business or delight customers who positively associate with your brand. Additionally, these one-of-a-kind promotional things provide safety, ease, efficiency, and functionality.

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FAQ: Promotional product ideas

Here are frequently asked questions about promotional product ideas.

What are promotional product ideas?

Promotional product ideas refer to a branded product given out for free by a firm to its customers or employees. Businesses often give out free swag to attract new consumers to raise awareness of their brand or product. Many customers are eager to get free items, and they may use those products throughout the day, making promotional items a cost-effective option for businesses to reach a big audience.

What are some creative ideas for promotional products?

Some creative ideas include a mini desk humidifier, personalized M&M’s, and custom kites. Providing such unique promotional presents at a wide range of events has several advantages for your business, especially regarding brand awareness and reputation.

How do you choose promo products?

When choosing promo products, consider freebies that are both effective and within your budget. Any business would profit greatly since the items would increase the brand’s awareness, making it more noticeable in the marketplace and enhancing its overall credibility.

What kinds of promotional products do people actually want?

As a marketing strategy, providing clients with a promotional item they can use for a long time is a smart move. The item will remind your customers of your brand every time they use it.

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