28 Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of great retirement gift ideas for colleagues.

Retirement gift ideas are gifts or awards given to team members upon retirement. For example, gardening tools, novelty mugs with coffee beans, or a personalized greeting from a celebrity. The purpose of these gifts is to show thanks and let the retiree know that their coworkers noticed and appreciated their hard work.

These ideas are subsets of employee gifts and are similar to employee appreciation gifts, work anniversary gifts and employee care package ideas.

This list includes:

  • retirement gifts for women
  • funny retirement gifts
  • unique retirement gifts
  • thoughtful retirement gifts
  • retirement gifts for a boss
  • luxury retirement gifts

Here we go!

Retirement gifts for women

1. Kimono Robe

One of the best retirement gifts for women is a beautiful kimono. This robe is super soft and intricately designed. Most women would love the chance to wrap up in a comfortable kimono, read a book, and drink a cup of coffee or tea. However, if the retiree prefers a classic look, then consider apersonalized robe. This soft and comfortable robe is perfect for enjoying her newfound free time.

Check out this kimono and personalized robe.

2. Spa Gift Box

Gifting a newly retired woman with this spa gift box is a great pampering idea. This set contains everything a retiree needs to relax. For example, an insulated tumbler, soap, and body butter. The goodie box comes with a note you can personalize with special thanks and sentiments.Buy this spa gift box.

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3. Adult Coloring Books and Markers

Adult coloring books make amazing retirement gift ideas. These artistic gifts help to relax your brain along with improving brain function. Coloring can also help improve sleep and focus while reducing anxiety and stress. There are so many coloring books and sets available. 100 Magnificent Mandalas and this floral adult coloring book are great books for a recent retiree. To complete the gift, opt for a nice color pencil or marker set, like these dual brush pens.

Check out these 100 Magnificent Mandalas and a  floral adult coloring book. Complete the gift with these dual brush pens.

4. Gardening Tool Set and Seeds

Gardening is a hobby many folks love. In retirement, many women find ample time to dedicate to this pastime. Gifting a retiree a complete set of gardening tools and some seeds that grow well in your area is a great way to thank them for years of work. Check out this set, which contains all the tools a gardener needs along with a kneeling pad. Plus, the tools come in a matching bag.

Try this gardening toolset.

5. Personalized Wine Bottle and Wine Glasses

There are few better ways to celebrate retirement than with a nice bottle of wine. You can add to the celebration with retirement-themed wine bottle labels along with these creative retirement wine glasses. The retirement party will be fun, and the new retiree will have a unique souvenir to remind them of the company and the going away party.

Buy these retirement-themed wine bottle labels and retirement wine glasses.

Funny retirement gifts

1. Retirement Candle

If the retirement team member has a great sense of humor, then there are several funny retirement gifts sure to entertain, like this creative candle. Every time the new retiree lights the candle, they will giggle at the logo that reminds them that whatever is happening at work is not their problem anymore.

Check out this retirement candle.

2. Retirement Mug and Coffee

Just because a team member retires does not mean they will not drink coffee anymore. Depending on the humor of the retiree, there are several giftable mugs. A few examples are:

To round the gift out, combine any of these mugs with a bag of high-quality coffee or tea. Or, to show a little extra appreciation, some bourbon or other top-shelf liquor.

3. Day Clock

This day clock is a hilarious way to show a new retiree some love, and give them a few laughs. This clock only shows days, rather than hours. This present is a fun reminder that during retirement, time does not matter anymore, though you might want to keep track of days. This novelty gift is a fun way to show appreciation. It also encourages dedicated employees to enjoy their much-deserved retirement freedom.

Here is the day clock for you to check out.

4. Potty Putter

When most folks think of retirement, they often picture golfing. While golfing outside in nature is one way to enjoy the game, there is a way to practice putting at home. In fact, with a potty putter, a retiree can practice their putting game several times a day! The set includes a small green, a putter designed for use while sitting, a ball, and a hole. The putty putter even comes with a “do not disturb” door sign!

Check out the potty putter.

5. Personalized Bobblehead

For a funny retirement gift, consider a personalized bobblehead. When your teammate opens their gift and sees a bobblehead that looks like them nodding back at them, they are sure to giggle. While a new retiree will not have a desk to display their new bobblehead, the trinket will be a great conversation starter when they have visitors. This likeness will also be a fond reminder of working times.

Get your personalized bobblehead.

Unique retirement gifts

1. Scratch-Off Poster

One of the most unique retirement gifts is scratch-off posters. These fun gifts encourage new retirees to enjoy their free time and explore new passions. A quick search on Amazon will yield a wide variety of scratch-off posters.

For example:

These posters are a fun and creative way to reward loyal employees for their years of hard work. You can encourage team members to take advantage of their free time by attempting to scratch off new experiences.

2. Retirement Wine Holder

A great way to help celebrate retirement is to help the retiree redecorate. This wall hanging for their kitchen is a wonderful place to start. This wine holder says, “Retired…Time to Wine Down.” There is storage for four bottles of wine and cutouts to hold four wine glasses. It would be extra special to include a bottle of wine with the holder.

Get your wine holder.

3. Retirement Ideas Book

Sometimes, new retirees need ideas on how to fill their time. When team members spend years working as part of a group with goals and tasks, it can be overwhelming to plan free time day after day. With a 101 Fun Things to do In Retirement book, a new retiree will have a hundred ideas at their fingertips. You can save team members from boredom with this creative and idea-filled book.

Pick up 101 Fun Things to do In Retirement.

4. Personalized Travel Journal

If the new retiree has big plans to travel, then consider getting them this personalized travel journal. You can choose the color and emboss the name on the cover. This memento gives your team member the gift of memories and new adventures.

Find a personalized travel journal.

5. Mystery Book Box

A common theme in retirement gifts is filling time. When a team member decides to stop working, they have hours of each day to pass. That thought can be overwhelming. Any gift that fills that time with something meaningful is a great gift. For example, if your coworker likes to read, then get them a blind date with a book in this mystery book box. This gift is environmentally friendly as it saves gently used books from a landfill and gives them a new home. Your team member might unwrap their new favorite book in retirement.

Order your mystery book box.

Thoughtful retirement gifts

1. Sentimental Box with Vases

Showing team members how much you appreciate them in a meaningful way can be difficult. This box with decorative vases is one of the most thoughtful retirement gifts. The outside of the box reads, “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched…Congratulations on your retirement.” These heartfelt words combined with the rustic vases create a beautiful display or centerpiece for a table. To make the gift even more unique, fill the vases with flowers before gifting the box.

Check out this box with decorative vases.

2. Animate the Retiree

If the new retiree has a favorite animated show, then many companies will make them part of the show. Maybe your team member will not make an appearance on The Simpsons. However, you can gift your teammate with an image of them animated in the style of their favorite show. Many artists on Etsy will animate a person in the theme of a show. Framing this picture is a nice touch, as well.

You can find an artist to animate a retiree.

3. Celebrity Shout-Out

If your retiring coworker has a celebrity crush or a superfan of a certain celebrity, then check out Cameo. This site allows you to purchase personalized greetings from stars for various occasions. For example, there might not be a better way to wish a happy retirement to the biggest cooking fan out there than a special greeting from Alton Brown.

Get a celebrity shoutout.

4. Personalized Travel Bag

With retirement comes more time for travel. Likely, the retiree has been building a travel bucket list over years of working. Now that time is on their side, team members might be ready to hit the road. One of the most thoughtful retirement gifts is a personalized travel bag. You can check out Etsy to find the perfect style bag with an embroidered name on the outside. This bag will likely be part of many exciting journeys as the retiree explores their bucket list.

Find a personalized travel bag.

5. Grandkids Sign

If the new retiree is a proud grandparent, then consider this “grandkids make retirement even sweeter” sign. This rustic sign is a great way to show your teammate what to look forward to in retirement. To make the gift even more sentimental, ask the retiree’s spouse for some pictures of the grandkids and include them with the gift!

Buy this sign.

Retirement gifts for a boss

1. Personalized Whiskey Flight

Personalized gifts make meaningful retirement gifts for a boss. If you had a fantastic boss who made coming to work easy, then finding an impactful gift is essential.If your boss enjoys winding down with a drink, then consider a personalized whiskey flight. Many artisans on Etsy can create these unique glasses holders. Plus, the artist can put any words you would like on them. From simple text like your boss’ name to an elaborate and sentimental message, there is a designer out there who is up to the task. If you do not think whiskey is the best route, then there are also beer tasting sets and wine glass sets as well.

Check out a personalized whiskey flight.

2. Airbnb Experience

Most people recognize Airbnb as a company that rents out homes and rooms for travelers, yet the company also sells experiences. Some of these experiences make great retirement gift ideas. Depending on where you live, you can find cooking classes, animal encounters, or outdoor adventures. Check out their webpage to see what experiences are in your area and your price range, and gift one to your boss on their retirement.

Find an Airbnb experience, and check out this list of the best Airbnb online experiences.

3. Golf Clubs

Golfing in retirement may seem a little cliché. But, gifting your boss a set of clubs upon retirement is an incredible and thoughtful gift for golfing types. This gift shows the team cares about the retiree’s interest and thinks a great deal of them. If your team pools funds together, then you can get a pretty nice set of clubs. Then, plan a golfing trip to help your boss break in retirement and their new equipment.

4. Personalized Cutting Board

If you think your boss will be doing some entertaining in retirement, then this personalized cutting board might be the perfect gift to celebrate years of service. Made from high-quality walnut and stained a rich, beautiful color, this cutting board will be the ideal way to serve anything to friends or family whenever your boss entertains during their retirement.

Check out this personalized cutting board.

Luxury retirement gifts

1. Nitro Cold Brew Keg

Just because a coworker retires does not mean they will stop drinking coffee. One of the best luxury retirement gifts is this Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This unique coffee maker not only makes delicious cold brew coffee, it stores and dispenses it from a nitro keg. This kit ensures smooth and flavorful coffee in each cup. Plus, the drinker will save money in the long run by not having to run to the coffee shop for a cup of joe.

Get a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

2. Champagne and Personalized Flutes

Generic gifts do not exactly scream luxury. However, a nice bottle of champagne and personalized flutes are a grand gesture for a retirement gift. If you visit a nice liquor store, then the staff will help you find a bottle of champagne that is the best bang for your buck. Then, order some personalized flutes from Etsy or a local craft shop, and you have a fantastic and luxurious gift.

3. Masterclass Subscription

With so much free time in retirement, one of the best things to do is learn a new skill. A fantastic gift for a retiree is a subscription to Masterclass. With an annual subscription, your team member can learn to cook from Gordon Ramsey. Or, any other number of skills like photography, acting, writing, sewing, and more.

Find a Masterclass subscription.

4. Luxury Sheets

One thing many folks look forward to in retirement is ditching the alarm clock and being able to sleep late. In that vein, a high-end comforter and set of sheets is an amazing retirement gift. There is much debate on the best set of sheets, but many folks agree bamboo or linen are must-haves. As far as a comforter, choose one that is durable, soft, and breathable.


Retiring is a bitter-sweet moment. Sometimes, the employee works at different companies, and sometimes even in different countries. Other times, employees spend their entire careers in one place. Either way, retiring is a major decision. Rewarding an employee with a retirement gift thanks them for their hard work and congratulates them on a job well done.Retirement is no small moment. Employees spend countless hours and endless amounts of effort and energy working with team members for a company. It is essential to remind a teammate that their work did not go unnoticed and that their team will miss them. Finding a meaningful retirement gift is an excellent way to make a new retiree feel appreciated.

Feel free to also check out this list of luxury gift options and virtual retirement party ideas.

We also have a list of retirement messages and wishes for coworkers.

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FAQ: Retirement gift ideas

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about retirement gift ideas.

What are some good retirement gift ideas?

A good retirement gift idea is an item or experience that is meaningful. For example, an Airbnb experience, a bottle of champagne and personalized flutes, or a gardening toolset.

What are the best gifts to give retirees?

The best gifts to give retirees are activities or products that they will use in their free time and involve something they enjoy. A few ideas are golf clubs, a nice robe or kimono, or a subscription to Masterclass to learn a new skill.

How do you choose a retirement gift?

To choose a retirement gift, first, consider the recipient. It is best to think about their likes and skills and what they enjoy doing. If they are active and plan to spend retirement adventuring, then a travel journal or bucket list scratch-off poster are great gifts. However, if the retiree is a homebody, then books or a cold brew, nitro coffee machine would be meaningful.

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