18 Best Sales Consultants to Partner With

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

You found our list of the best sales consultants.

Sales consultants are professionals who work with companies to identify gaps in sales strategies and provide techniques to improve overall processes. Examples include Altus Alliance, Oliver Wyman, and Sales Dock. The purpose of these consultants is to review a company’s sales operations and ensure that businesses clearly understand their clients’ needs. Sales consultants also advise organizations on increasing their sales and growing revenue.

Sales consultants are similar to sales training programs, DEI consultants and HR consultants. These companies can support professional development activities.

This list includes:

  • sales consulting agencies
  • sales consultant companies
  • sales enablement consultants
  • freelance sales consultants
  • sales management consultants
  • sales strategy consultants

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List of sales consultants

Sales consultants often have years of experience in sales and strategy implementation. These individuals can provide vital insights that can redirect a company’s selling strategies and guide teams. From L.E.K. to Magnus and Bain & Company, here is a list of the best consultants that provide sales guidance services.

1. Cordence

Boasting worldwide expertise and capabilities, Cordence is a fantastic choice of sales consultant companies. The company has a team of experts who use diverse perspectives to create solutions for the most difficult situations. With over 17 years of experience, Cordence delivers tangible value by providing client-specific sales strategies. The sales consulting company has member firms in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. Cordence has a team of over 3,500 consultants in 22 countries. Besides commercial and sales excellence consulting, businesses can also seek strategy, innovation, change management, and operational excellence services.

Learn more about Cordence.

2. Altus Alliance

Founded in 1999, Altus Alliance helps businesses accelerate revenue growth. The company has a track record of creating and executing successful sales strategies. To scale operations, the firm helps enterprises identify revenue and sales processes, strategies, technologies, and KPIs. Altus Alliance focuses on a flexible and effective engagement model to assess and optimize sales processes. Altus Alliance is a commendable partner for businesses that want to identify new markets, set up new sales channels, or optimize current processes.

Learn more about Altus Alliance.

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3. Accenture

Accenture is one of the best sales consulting agencies for large companies. The organization aims to grow customer expectations by capitalizing on self-optimizing systems and accelerating growth through change. The company cares deeply about its services’ impacts on both clients and communities. Accenture uses unique strategies to drive sales, such as maximizing brand purpose and curating high-impact creative ideas to bring data-driven experiences. The company improves organizational sales strategies by helping companies redesign tools, teams, and processes. Accenture also executes and optimizes multi-channel campaigns and provides vital customer insights. In addition, the company transforms marketing and sales through outcome-based and automated campaigns across the consumer journey.

Learn more about Accenture.

4. Rose Garden Consulting

If you want to build a world-class sales team, then Rose Garden Consulting is a great partner. The sales consulting company helps accelerate sales experiences by leveraging data insights and solving challenges. Rose Garden Consulting also drives revenue growth by changing the sales culture, customer journey, and organizational processes. Consulting begins with a team assessment that will assess factors affecting performance. The company then works with teams and leaders to plan and execute solutions.

Learn more about Rose Garden Consulting.

5. Oliver Wyman

As a global leader in management consulting, Oliver Wyman is an excellent choice of sales enablement consultants. Oliver Wyman has over 6,000 professionals in 30 countries. The firm partners with businesses that want to make bold improvements in sales strategies and increase margin growth. The consultants capitalize on unique data analytics and years of experience to provide effective sales and marketing strategies.

Some of the sales-related consulting solutions that Oliver Wyman offers are pricing and margin improvement, customer value management, and product and offer design. The company also provides marketing effectiveness, channel strategy, and sales force effectiveness consulting services. The consulting group combines specialized expertise and industry knowledge in risk management, organizational transformation, and operations to deliver the best sales strategies.

Learn more about Oliver Wyman.

6. Strategy&

With over a century of experience, Strategy& provides clients with a depth of sales knowledge. The company combines strategic experience and technology to make real change. Some of the marketing and sales contributions that Strategy& provides include marketing strategy and operating models, sales force strategy and effectiveness, and portfolio and brand management. Companies could also benefit from sales organization design, digital marketing, and commerce strategies.

Another key sales area that Strategy& uses to drive change is advising on customer experience journeys. Businesses learn how to strike a balance between the generation of value for the business and the customer. Businesses can also get advice on areas that affect sales, including pricing and profitability, service and engagement, and customer analytics. Other vital sales-related areas include segmentation and value proposition development. Strategy& provides sales consulting services for diverse sectors, such as chemicals, financial services, consumer markets, and health.

Learn more about Strategy&.

7. L.E.K.

As a global business advisory firm, L.E.K. tops the list of sales enablement consultants. The company follows a different approach that helps expose organizational inertia and blind spots. Through these services, businesses can find the most profitable path. L.E.K. helps companies optimize their sales and marketing strategies by drawing insights from markets, customers, internal structures, and business environments. The team of experts then models the insights and advises on which steps businesses should eliminate and which steps to keep.

Some of the L.E.K. sales and marketing capabilities include brand, pricing, channel, and marketing strategies. Companies can also partner with L.E.K. to improve loyalty, customer experience, new product consulting, commercial excellence, sales force effectiveness, and customer targeting. Other areas of expertise are private equity, capital projects, data and analytics, and performance improvement. L.E.K. works with companies in diverse industries and sizes.

Learn more about L.E.K.

8. Magnus

Magnus advises on market strategies to accelerate business growth. The company works alongside organizational leaders and teams to design effective and long-term processes, structures, behaviors, and skills. Some sales consulting services businesses can benefit from include market and competitor insights, business purpose and mission setting, and brand proposition development. Other notable sales consulting services include customer experience mapping and data optimization. Through these ideas, businesses can align their sales and marketing strategies with business goals.

Learn more about Magnus.

9. Korn Ferry

With years of experience, Korn Ferry is a great choice for companies looking for sales management consultants. The firm helps build sales strategies that propel businesses to thrive in evolving marketplaces. Korn Ferry focuses on long-term consulting partnerships. Businesses can opt for sales-related solutions like go-to-market, sales role and talent, and operating model and structure consulting. Other services include sales compensation, training, executive search, and customer experience. Through these ideas, organizations can align teams, technology, and processes. While Korn Ferry focuses on large sales organizations, the company also provides consulting services for middle-market and small businesses.

Learn more about Korn Ferry.

10. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global firm that helps companies realize meaningful growth transformations. The company uses strategies that help businesses innovate more sustainably, build thriving workforces, and achieve lasting results. McKinsey & Company provides a variety of sales consulting services. For instance, new companies can benefit from branding, while existing companies can seek rebranding services. Other sales-related services are consumer and shopper insights, customer lifecycle management, digital marketing, and customer experience. Additional sales solutions include pricing, sales management, marketing return on investment, and organization capabilities strategies.

Learn more about McKinsey & Company.

11. Boston Consulting Group

As a company that helps organizations seize competitive advantages, businesses cannot go wrong with Boston Consulting Group as their choice of sales strategy consultants. The 1963-founded company helps organizational leaders and teams build lasting advantages by orienting operations around customers. Boston Consulting Group also leverages agile processes, analytics, and test-and-learn cultures to drive sustainable change.

Boston Consulting Group offers digital sales, personalization, and sales channel strategies. Other contributions that businesses can benefit from include customer insights and revenue management. Organizations can opt for the Fabric, Marketing Catalyst, or BrightHouse sales consulting packages. These services enable businesses to build technical and human capabilities for data-driven, agile sales and marketing.

Learn more about Boston Consulting Group.

12. EY

EY works with enterprises to identify technological, employee, and innovation gaps. The company provides insights that enable businesses to take on the market with new confidence. One key area that can boost sales is customer experience. Through EY’s sales consulting, organizations can learn how to approach their customer experience with purpose and empathy. Businesses can also build high-impact and sustainable customer experiences that add value to an organization, consumers, and society. Other notable sales consulting areas are adapting to emerging technologies, designing with the customer at heart, and ever-changing customer expectations. With a presence in over 150 countries, EY provides local knowledge with global experience.

Learn more about EY.

13. Bain & Company

As a firm with a global presence and extensive experience, Bain & Company is a fantastic pick of sales strategy consultants. The firm’s unique approach to change management helps structure and achieve sustainable results. In sales consulting, Bain & Company puts consumers first. The company’s approach also tests every element of customer experience while ensuring optimal interactions. EY provides sales consulting services such as product and portfolio management, pricing optimization, and consumer sales and ecosystem. Other notable solutions are brand and customer strategy, B2B go-to-market, and sales management. Businesses can also take advantage of Bain & Company’s Bet Promoter System, a platform that measures company loyalty.

Learn more about Bain & Company.

14. Scott Leese Consulting

Scott Leese Consulting is a good bet for businesses or individuals who want to work with freelance sales consultants. With a positive track record and years of experience, Leese aims to empower individuals to create effective and sustainable sales processes. The sales consultant focuses on sales strategies, teams, processes, and infrastructure. Businesses can seek out Leese for solutions such as sales strategy, strategic partnerships, competitor landscape, and departmental collaboration and alignment. The consultant also provides data audits, compensation planning, sales operations, and forecasting consulting services. Scott Leese Consulting has a track record working with local and international companies like Google, Hoopla, Hearth, and Salesloft.

Connect with Scott Leese Consulting.

15. Sales Dock

Sales Dock tops the list of sales consulting agencies for B2B businesses. The company helps organizations and individuals leverage opportunities through its hands-on approach and expertise. Sales Dock provides pipeline management, customer management, buying process, and sales methodology consulting. The company also delivers complex sales education to teams through sales soft skills lessons. These services enable businesses to manage customers, structure sales departments, and lead customers through the buying journey. Sales Dock has a great portfolio with global organizations like Forcepoint, Tableau, and Ysoft.

Learn more about Sales Dock.


JJELLYFISH provides market expertise and execution strategies to partnering businesses. The company leverages a scientific approach to early-stage and existing sales processes. Using this approach, the JJELLYFISH team engages with an organization’s target market, tests current approaches, and executes sales strategies. During the customer discovery phase, businesses get guidance on market research, fieldwork execution, meeting frameworks, and value proposition. The market development consulting stage entails contact research, sales prospecting, pipeline growth, project growth plans, and pitch deck development. JJELLYFISH has experience in driving revenue for businesses across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Learn more about JJELLYFISH.

17. Cedar Management Consulting

If you are on the search for sales management consultants, then Cedar Management Consulting is a good bet. The global strategy consulting, analytics, and research firm has over 35 years of experience across multiple industries. Cedar Management Consulting follows an approach that focuses more on calculated and calm responses as opposed to short and quick fixes. Some of the company’s sales expertise areas include customer experience journeys, sales force effectiveness, and loyalty and customer value. Additional expertise areas include channel, e-commerce, and brand strategies. The company also advises clients on process innovation, business technology, strategic human capital, and finance. Cedar Management Consulting takes clients through their entire journey, from strategy formulation to execution and implementation.

Learn more about Cedar Management Consulting.

18. Skaled

Skaled accelerates the growth of enterprises and emerging companies. The firm leverages the team’s experience, including sales leadership, enablement, and operations experts, to drive measurable and sustainable results. Skaled provides sales consulting solutions like operations, enablement, transformation, and organizational alignment consulting. Businesses can also benefit from LinkedIn sales strategy, B2B sales process, and modern outbound strategy consulting. Skaled works with growth stage, midsize, and enterprise companies.

Learn more about Skaled.


Increasing sales is one of the main objectives for most businesses. However, growing sales revenue is often challenging, even for renowned organizations. Sales consulting is a clever way for businesses to pinpoint venture pitfalls. While sales consultants are experts in the field, there is no one-size-fits-all option for all businesses. However, we have simplified your search for commendable consultants who will provide expert knowledge in the sales sector.

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FAQ: Sales consultants

Here are answers to common questions about sales consultants.

What are sales consultants?

Sales consultants are professionals who provide expert advice and guidance to businesses that can be pivotal in improving sales processes and revenue flow. Sales consultants may also work with clients to identify new business opportunities and help them to close deals. These professionals may work independently or as part of a consulting firm.

What do sales consultants do?

Sales consultants play a vital role in the growth of businesses. Organizations looking for general sales advice are better off with general consultants. However, industry-specific consultants advise on particular industries, services, or products.

Here are some roles of sales consultants:

  • Analyzing sales data and identifying areas for improvement: Sales consultants often start by studying current sales processes and strategies. These professionals then use the information to develop new plans and tactics to help the company achieve its sales goals. Data analysis can be pivotal in identifying new market opportunities, developing new sales channels, and creating more effective sales techniques.
  • Training sales teams: Depending on the needs of a company and sales process audit reports, consultants may train salespersons. This training often includes ways to improve selling skills and communication. Sales consultants can also train teams on product knowledge, sales negotiation, and customer service.
  • Identifying new business opportunities: Sales consultants can help companies to explore new markets and seek new customers.
  • Negotiating deals and closing sales: Sales consultants may work closely with organizations to negotiate sales deals on behalf of a company and close sales.
  • Providing ongoing support: Sales consultants may offer ongoing support and guidance to organizations, especially sales teams. These professionals often need to monitor sales progress and make adjustments where needed.

Sales consultants bring valuable expertise to businesses. With the right consultants, entities can improve sales processes and boost revenue growth. Even as an added business expense, sales consultants can be a valuable resource for any company looking to scale.

Who are the best sales consultants?

Sales play a key role in the success of a business. While the task may seem simple, closing a sale is often challenging for new salespersons or when dealing with new products and services. Even with an in-house sales team, companies can boost their performance by working with sales consultants. These professionals will advise on the areas that need improvement and offer sales-related advice. However, choosing sales consultants may not be simple. Some factors that businesses can consider to ensure they get the right fit include industry experience, digital skills, cost, and culture fit. Additional factors to consider include availability, communication skills, and flexibility. Some of the best sales consultants include EY, McKinsey & Company, and Korn Ferry.

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