13 Top Sales Training Companies to Use

By: | Updated: January 25, 2023

You found our list of the best sales training companies.

Sales training companies are firms that provide programs that can improve a salesperson’s ability to sell or a manager’s ability to coach a team. Examples include Force Management, SalesLabs, and RAIN Group. Contracting with these companies can improve the exploration and creation of sales skills and techniques. This training often includes topics such as communication skills, client relationship management, and understanding the client’s needs.

These ideas are examples of professional development best practices and are similar to sales books, negotiation books, and sales training programs.

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List of sales training companies

Sales training is a worthwhile investment for organizations that want to scale. However, given the variety of options available, selecting the sales training program or company for your team can be difficult. From FullFunnel to Sandler Solutions and JB Sales, here is a list of the best companies that offer sales training.

1. Winning by Design

If you are looking for B2B sales training programs, then check out Winning by Design. The consulting and training company enables organizations to achieve sustained growth by applying scientifically proven models and programs. These approaches help sales, customer success, and marketing teams in global enterprises and B2B companies achieve lasting impact. The 2012-founded company follows a customer-centered process to build sales teams.


  • Supports different languages such as English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Ranks as the second fastest growing company on the Silicon Valley Business Journal and 147 on the 2021 Inc. 5000
  • Serves over 600 clients in more than 13 countries across the globe
  • Works with leading global organizations such as UberEats, asana, and Citadel
  • Leverages science and the use of data to increase revenue
  • Has private and open courses
  • Serves Fortune 500, startups, and scale-ups

The fully remote company bases its operations on the recommendations of experienced practitioners and operators. Services offered include customer success for impact, selling for impact, and managing for leadership. The company also offers courses such as revenue architecture, prospecting for impact, and account management for growth.

Learn more about Winning by Design.

2. Force Management

Force Management is a company that transforms organizations by focusing on sales revenue, market share, and sales margin. The sales training company also bases its approach on state-of-the-art adult learning models. As a result, companies get to drive effective sales strategies and also reinforce practices that will lead to long-term results.


  • Serves enterprises, startups, mid-market companies, individual sellers, and investors across all industries
  • Customizes every program to goals, team, products, and customers
  • Has different sales training resources, including e-books, videos, webinars, and podcasts

Companies can integrate specific methodologies into the Salesforce CRM with Force Management’s opportunity manager. Teams can then access online reinforcement materials and courses from the command center. The company offers sales training programs with a high adoption range and longevity across organizations.

Learn more about Force Management.

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3. FullFunnel

FullFunnel is one of the best sales training program companies that provides strategies to ensure the sustainable growth of an organization. The company’s sales training model features fully-customized programs. Some sales training programs that organizations can seek from FullFunnel include onboarding programs, managed training, and sales fundamentals programs.


  • Works with renowned companies such as Toshiba, Shopify, and Salesloft
  • Leverages data, technology, and true-and-tried frameworks and processes to ensure effective sales training
  • Offers hands-on peer-to-peer learning, group coaching, and live remote sales training

The company also offers leadership programs that help organizational leaders to attract, manage, and retain a high-performing team. Employees can also get career development services highlighting the necessary job skills. In addition to sales training, FullFunnel provides staffing, consulting, technology enablement, and digital marketing services.

Learn more about FullFunnel.

4. SalesLabs

SalesLabs is a Berlin-based company that offers sales training programs for teams. The company trains teams on starting conversations with prospects and gives handy tips on turning prospects into customers. Other than sales training, SalesLabs also offers individual and team coaching services. The company also provides executive advisory services to help organizations get new industry perspectives.


  • Offers training for onsite or remote teams
  • Supports English and French languages
  • Customizes sales training programs on the needs of an organization

Organizations can also opt for sales workshops for their teams. With these workshops, teams learn current sales practices and processes, tips for diving into new markets, and marketing and sales alignment. These programs can also be vital for workplaces that want to shift to social selling and modern tools.

Learn more about SalesLabs.

5. Sandler Solutions

Sandler Solutions is a fantastic choice of sales training providers for organizations that want to capitalize on their workforce’s personal and professional development. The global sales training provider offers a blended learning approach to shorten sales cycles and grow major accounts. The company uses a proven path with developed, tested, and innovative training programs for over 50 years. Some of the sales training services that Sandler Solutions offers include sales foundations, mastery, certifications, enterprise selling, and negotiating mastery.


  • Services scaling companies, enterprises, and individuals in all industries
  • Offers flexible learning approaches eLearning, virtual, on-site, and hybrid instructor-led learning, and self-paced online learning
  • Trains over 30 thousand individuals per year
  • Has a presence in over 230 locations in more than 30 countries
  • Customizes sales training programs to accommodate organizations’ challenges and goals
  • Follows an approach that offers sustainable results
  • Support different languages such as German, Japanese, Turkish, French, and Portuguese

Sandler’s sales training programs also provide teams with vital insights on sales leadership, prospecting, expanding accounts, and customer success. By working with Sandler Solutions, organizations will benefit from a collection of the best training practices from research, communication, and psychology.

Learn more about Sandler Solutions.

6. The Harris Consulting Group

If you want to get better-qualified leads and increase sales significantly, then check out the Harris Consulting Group. With over 20 years of experience in SaaS and technology, the company leadership prides itself on working with mid-size companies, startups, and global firms. The Harris Consulting Group helps organizations scale their operations through customized sales training that provides real-world sales lessons, leadership, and operational experience.


  • Works with globally renowned brands such as Google, Zoom, Pandora, VISA, Intercom, and headspace
  • Uses the N.E.A.T (Need, Economic Impact, Access to authority, and timeline) selling philosophy to guide teams to stronger execution of duties
  • Offers customized training as per organizational needs
  • Has a wealth of sales training resources such as white papers, eBooks, and webinars

Organizations can also seek sales operations support, advisory services, sales onboarding, launch plans, and ideal customer profiles. The company also offers management, culture, and compensation consulting. The Harris Consulting Group provides sales training services for field sales teams, inside sales teams, cross-sell training, and customer success.

Learn more about The Harris Consulting Group.

7. JB Sales

JB Sales is a fantastic choice if you are looking for salesforce training companies. Founded by Jon Barrows, the company has over a decade of experience in sales training. The firm provides sales training for individuals and teams to help scale the performance of organizations. Organizations have various training choices delivered by a team of experts. For instance, the company offers daily live events that offer practical knowledge from sales experts.


  • Trusted by over 500,000 global companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Meta, Salesloft, and Slack
  • Provides flexible learning options, including live, remote, and in-person training
  • Uses training techniques that leverage process, structure, and actionable strategies that increase potential meetings and qualified leads

Some sales lessons that teams will learn include filling the funnel, personal branding, driving leads to close, customer success, and content strategy.

Learn more about JB Sales.

8. ClozeLoop

As one of the leading B2B sales training programs, ClozeLoop is a fantastic choice for organizations that want to drive a return on their investment. The sales training program will teach teams vital market strategies such as competitive analysis, market segmentation, and pain questions. In addition, sales teams will also learn sales mastery tips such as prospecting, generating consistent resources, and managing buyer resistance.


  • Offers sales training solutions for enterprises, mid-market companies, startups, and investors
  • Teams can access sales training courses on the ClozeLoop University platform
  • Has a variety of sales training programs that suits different organizational needs

The company’s strategy focuses on training B2B sales teams to leverage data, use data to create momentum, drive value, and project accurately. These programs impact sales metrics, prepares coaches and managers to drive performance, and advanced B2B sales skills.

Learn more about ClozeLoop.

9. Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is a company that offers sales, marketing, and customer success training and consulting services for B2B organizations. The company helps firms bring together the right skills and story that will enable winning conversations across sales, marketing, and organizational management. Corporate Vision uses Decision Science to tailor sales training to the needs of every organization. This approach combines the power of social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science to determine the forces that shape how customers make choices. Companies can use Decision Science through the buying cycle to make value situational, specific, and systematic.


  • Is an award-winning company for recognitions such as the 2019 Gold Excellence in Learning
  • Works with organizations in industries such as finance, manufacturing, technology, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications
  • Works with leading global brands such as Wells Fargo, Ceridian, Cisco, Starbucks, and Oracle

Some of the sales training solutions that Corporate Visions offer include memorable marketing, customer acquisition, customer expansion, and remote selling. The company also provides sales kickoffs, product differentiation, and personalization solutions. Sales forces can also benefit from the sales manager, fluency, and must-win deal coaching.

Learn more about Corporate Visions.

10. Factor8

If you are looking for sales training companies that focus on virtual services, then Factor8 is a great choice. The company helps sales teams and individuals improve sales tactics with an award-winning digital sales training curriculum. Organizations get different courses for sales roles such as acquisition, cross and up-selling, and inbound sales. In addition, factor8 offers sales training for reps and managers as well as leadership coaching. The company has a team of advisors with over ten years of experience in sales across varying industries.


  • Offers single-user sales training courses where participants get full access to resources, including training courses and recorded calls
  • Is a recognized sales training company with numerous awards, such as the training and development service provider of the years 2015 to 2020
  • Serves organizations in the B2B and B2C sectors across industries such as SAAS, education, finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, and healthcare

Factor8 also offers manager training that helps participants get tactical job skills such as running pipeline meetings and coaching sales calls.

Learn more about Factor8.

11. Replayz

Replayz tops the list of SaaS salesforce training companies. The organization aims to change the sales game by empowering teams with top industry tips. In addition, the company has the best in-house coaching team that comprises experienced salespersons. The coaching services help sales reps gain confidence, build pipelines, and pass more qualified leads.


  • Has a ‘coach the coach’ program that is handy for sales team leaders
  • Trusted by leading brands such as Oracle, Microsoft, Slack, Bloomberg, and Salesloft
  • Offers a master class that features a digital library of over 100 sales resources, including live pitches, demos, discovery calls, and worksheets

With individualized team call training, sales reps can access a dedicated sales coach.

Learn more about Replayz.

12. RAIN Group

Headquartered in Boston, RAIN Group is a sales training company that strives to unleash sales teams’ potential. The company helps organizations scale by enhancing sales capabilities through award-winning sales training. Some training programs for sales professionals that RAIN Group offer include insight selling, sales prospecting, key account management, and consulting selling. Sales managers can also learn tips for team coaching, management, productivity, and accountability. These training programs are pivotal in creating effective sales conversions, deeper customer relationships, and increased referrals across all sectors. Organizations also benefit through the development of sales structure, strategy, process, talent, and messaging.


  • Serves clients across the globe with offices in the US, London, Toronto, Geneva, and Johannesburg
  • Helps salespersons, professionals, and managers in over 75 countries in the improvement of sales performance
  • Recognized as Training Industries Top 20 Sales Training Companies and won various awards
  • Offers individual, group, and coach-the-coach programs

RAIN Group uses a world-class education system that features field-tested and research-based techniques. Organizations can choose sales training programs such as foundations and advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, key account management, negotiation, and prospecting.

Learn more about RAIN Group.

13. Franklin Covey

As a global leader in helping companies achieve lasting results, Franklin Covey is a fantastic choice of sales training providers. The company focuses on training that will solve the most challenging problem for companies, changing human behavior. The accomplishment of these changes is one of the most durable competitive advantages for companies that want to improve their sales. Franklin Covey uses an award-winning methodology that features sales performance solutions for individuals and teams. The company also uses tools and processes that enable sales professionals to connect better with their customers.


  • With a presence in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Franklin Covey serves individuals and organizations globally
  • Has over 2,000 associates globally
  • Offers world-class sales training solutions for teams, individuals, and organizations that are available in multiple delivery modules
  • Training delivery modules are available in 21 languages

The Franklin Covey sales performance practices help individuals and companies create and execute winning sales strategies. The company serves Fortune 100, Fortune 500, mid-sized to small businesses, educational institutions, and government entities.

Learn more about Franklin Covey.


With sales revenue being the lifeblood of any business, sales training are worthwhile investments for organizations and individuals. These programs can help salespersons to better differentiate competing services and products, giving businesses a competitive advantage. Sales training can also help organizations seize industry opportunities by anticipating customer needs and market changes. To gain the maximum benefits, we encourage organizations to provide training for all sales teams, from junior to senior salespersons.

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FAQ: Sales training companies

Here are answers to common questions about sales training companies.

What are sales training companies?

Sales training companies are organizations that provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tool that they need to maximize and optimize their sales efforts. These companies offer many services, including sales techniques, product knowledge, and customer service skills training. Some sales training companies also provide coaching and consulting services to help salespersons improve their performance and achieve their sales goals. The use of sales training companies can help workforces become more effective in their roles by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

What are the best sales training companies?

With the variety of sales training companies in the market, it can be difficult to select the right option. Some factors that organizations should look for include industry experience, customization options, cost, delivery method, and reputation. Some of the best sales training companies include the Harris Consulting Group, Franklin Covey, and Winning by Design.

Why work with a sales training company?

While it may be an added cost, working with a sales training company offers several benefits to individual salespersons and organizations. A well-trained sales team provides indispensable advantages to a business or salesperson’s career growth.

Here are some reasons why you should work with a sales training company:

  • Improve sales performance: Working with a sales training company may offer your business a competitive advantage. Through these programs, salespersons can improve their skills and techniques, resulting in better sales performance.
  • Enhance product knowledge: Sales training can help the salesforce better understand products or services. As such, your team is better positioned to answer customer questions and address their concerns.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Sales training is a gateway to providing better customer service, building stronger relationships with clients. These programs can help organizations increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Stay current on industry trends: Sales training can help workforces stay updated on current industry trends and best practices. This gives teams a competitive advantage over other industry players.
  • Increase efficiency: A well-trained sales team ensures that companies can work efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity.
  • Enhance team performance: Offering team sales training can help to build a stronger sense of teamwork and collaboration, resulting in improved team performance.

We advise companies to seek sales training companies that offer individualized training programs. Sales training can help organizations improve sales performance, increase customer satisfaction, and stay competitive.

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