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16 Best Sales Training Programs

Here is our list of the best sales training programs.

Sales training programs are courses, workshops, or seminars that assess and improve the skill level of salespeople. These programs maximize sales success so your salespeople can win more business and help you stay competitive. Examples include Mastering the Selling Process Specialization by Coursera, Introduction to Sales by GoSkills, and The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization by Sales Engine. The purpose of these programs is to help your team execute sales plans better.

This type of training is a form of professional development and corporate workshop topics and is similar to leadership training programs and HR training programs.

This list includes:

  • free sales training programs
  • online sales training programs
  • sales training courses for beginners
  • sales training programs for companies
  • sales manager training programs

Here we go!

List of sales training programs

Your sales team may function well without a sales program, yet these trainings can help your staff close more deals and serve customers better. Here are some of the best programs for sales training.

1. Bespoke Online Training

This course is a good choice if you are looking for online sales training programs to boost your team’s productivity. The course involves interactive training where participants learn how to use animations, video, and audio to sell products. The learning sessions last for around 20 to 40 minutes, meaning you can easily fit sessions into your sales team’s schedules.

Whether your employees have smartphones and PCs, participants will be able to learn on the go. The cost and length of the course vary, meaning that your business can customize the program to fit your budget. MTD Sales Training runs this sales program.

Learn more about Bespoke Online Training.

2. Engage Selling

This sales training program is a great way to assess and train your team. Before your team starts running the program, the program vendor, Colleen Francis, performs a thorough assessment of your team. The vendor uses this assessment to create a customized program that focuses on particular areas of weakness in the sales team. The cost of the program depends on the vendors’ assessment.

The course explores general areas like:

  • sales processes
  • sales training and support
  • sales organization
  • sales performance management.

The course guarantees that your team will be able to execute sales strategies effectively. In addition, your team can take this course online or on-site.

Learn more about Engage Selling.

3. Inbound Sales

With rising demand for free sales training programs, HubSpot created this course for sales managers and inbound marketers. In this course, you will learn the intricacies of inbound sales methodology. You will also learn the following:

  • how to identify potential buyers
  • how to sell to these potential buyers by highlighting value propositions
  • how to make personalized presentations.

After completing the course and its exams, you will receive a certificate that you can add to your website or LinkedIn profile. The system takes a little over two hours to complete.

Learn more about Inbound Sales.

4. The IMPACT Selling Seminar

The IMPACT Selling Seminar is an excellent example of sales training programs for large companies. This Brooks Group-run training covers all the necessary sales topics in a simplified format. A sales trainer designs and verifies the course, and there is a skills analysis for sales representatives. This analysis helps the sales representative determine what to focus on in the seminars.

In this program, participants will improve on the following:

  • effective questioning
  • pre-call planning
  • positioning
  • sales and margins

The seminar runs over six two-hour training sessions. Your team will also learn to adapt to different buying styles, helping your salespeople sell better to clients. There is no fixed price for this course. Rather you will receive a quote based on the number of employees participating.

Learn more about The IMPACT Selling Seminar.

5. Sandler Training – Sales Certification

Sandler Training – Sales Certification helps sales reps and managers uncover clients’ pain points. Also, trainees learn to follow up on sales reinforcements to convert leads into sales.

In this course, the instructors encourage the participants to think outside the box and question sales norms. The programs will give your salespeople all the tools to create sustainable action plans for consistent sales.

Sales manager training programs like Sandler Training teach your employees to:

  • build a selling system
  • maintain control of the sales team
  • proactively pinpoint problems
  • focus on the right prospects

You can pace yourself as you learn because there is no fixed deadline. However, the course lasts between 12 to 24 months, with classroom and online options. The cost per participant is $2,500, and there must be at least ten trainees before the course can run.

Learn more about Sandler Training – Sales Certification.

6. 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performances

This course includes 24 videos, workbooks, training models, and role-playing exercises. These features are essential in understanding the nuances of selling. The program lasts for three months and features instruction by Brian Tracy. Upon completion, learners will have a more thorough understanding of buyer psychology and be able to differentiate between cold and hot prospects.

This online training sales program explores critical sales areas, including:

  • identifying the need of the buyer
  • prospecting
  • overcoming resistance
  • gaining trust and credibility
  • getting referred
  • closing
  • selling value

The program cost is $997 and is excellent if you want your sales team to have a refresher on the tenets of good selling.

Learn more about 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performances.

7. Winning With Relationship Selling

Based on the principles of the popular book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Winning With Relationship Selling focuses on building positive relationships that drive sales. Relationship sales professionals will benefit a lot from this course.

The program explores leveraging human buying and selling psychology to boost conversions. These sessions help your sales team highlight value propositions and unique service advantages.

The program offers two training options. The first option is training once a week for about eight weeks, while the second is training three times a week for less than eight weeks.

This course grants salespeople certification credits for project management, accounting, and HR. The cost varies based on your location. However, the price typically hovers around $2,000.

Learn more about Winning With Relationship Selling.

8. Introduction to Sales

This program is a good example of sales training courses for beginners. The main focus here is introductory training in sales. The price is around $199 per year or $29 per month if you buy the course as an individual. However, if you buy the classes as a team, then the course costs $14.50 per month.

In 31 practical lectures, you will get tips and tools necessary for more success in sales. You will also gain all the advice required to develop the right personality and psychology to connect with customers better.

The program offers personalized learning tools and video tutorials for flexible education. Additionally, there are no rigid deadlines so you can learn at a comfortable pace. There are many quizzes to ensure you remember all you learned. GoSkills run this sales training program.

Learn more about Introduction to Sales

9. Richardson Sales Performance – Consultative Selling

For 40 years, Richard Sales Performances has offered sales training programs for salespeople. Consultative Selling is one of many sales training programs for companies the learning platform runs.

In this course, you will explore how to identify cognitive dissonance among clients and how to interact with customers properly to sell. You will also learn how to develop relationships to boost sales.

After completing this program, you should be able to communicate convincingly to close deals. You can run the program offline or online. The training lasts four hours even though you can choose a self-paced option. The course includes video content, polling, group drills, on-the-job assignments, and polling. You also have practical exercises in the program.

Learn more about Richardson Sales Performance – Consultative Selling.

10. Foundations of Consultative Selling

Foundations of Consultative Selling is one of the top choices for learning relationship-based sales. High-value sales need more than a basic understanding of sales, which is what this sales program teaches. Your team will learn the skills to master complex, high-value sales. This sales program teaches how to build, nurture and leverage a relationship with big clients.

The topics you will cover include:

  • communicating value
  • building rapport
  • overcoming objections
  • speaking with different customers
  • avoiding sales mistakes

You can customize this program to suit your team’s needs and training budget. By customizing the program, the course focuses on your business needs through virtual training sessions and coaching. You can combine both on-site instructions and virtual workshops to get enough training.

Learn more about the Foundations of Consultative Selling.

11. Smart Calling College

Smart Calling College best serves sales representatives who connect with customers over the phone. The course will teach participants how to interact with buyers, make follow-up calls, and resolve objections.

You also get access to an online forum to interact with other learners, a workbook that gives you practical knowledge and live coaching sessions to sharpen your skills. The program is 100% online and lasts for four weeks. The modules are about 2 hours long but can be self-paced.

The payment structure is slightly unconventional since the program structure caters to teams. The first participants from the team will pay $895, while consequently, participants will pay $795. At the end of the training, your sales team will be able to use the phone to engage and convert leads efficiently.

Learn more about Smart Calling College.

12. Virtual and Online Action Selling

Action Selling created this program to teach the trainees how to apply different selling skills to increase company productivity. The program goes deeper to explain complex real-life scenarios and interventions.

Through role-playing and interactive learning, students learn the proper methods and techniques for selling different product classes.

In this online course, there is a 120-minute video to lecture participants. Each participant will be paired with eight role-play actors and two moderators. These two extra parties will help access and improve the skills of the trainees.

The price of the course depends on the level of certification you prefer. For associate-level certification, you pay $195, and for professional-level certification, you pay $895.

Learn more about Virtual and Online Action Selling.

13. Mastering the Selling Process

Mastering the Selling Process is an outstanding choice offered by Northwestern University through Coursera. You can access this program for free or get a certificate if you are a paying Coursera customer.

Mastering the Selling Process is divided into four sub-courses:

  • building a toolkit for sales processes
  • prospecting and segmentation
  • pitching and closing
  • connecting with sales prospects.

The program contains readings, videos, and quizzes that test your progress. You will also have to grade your work. This program works well for professionals whose primary goal is not getting a certificate but gaining knowledge.

The course touches on different topics that teach you how to make sales efficiently. This course takes around six months to complete. If you are looking for a cheap option for your sales team to learn new skills, then this program would work for you.

Learn more about Mastering the Selling Process Specialization.

14. Negotiation Experts – Sales Negotiation Training

This sales training program is an experiential sales course that focuses on negotiation. This program aims to sharpen the skills of your employees so that you do not lose deal due to weak negotiation. The course combines procurement and sales negotiations and uses simulations to train employees.

In this program, your sales team learns how to meet targets by learning the buyers’ tactics and leveraging on sales relationships. You can customize the training to suit your organization.

This course teaches:

  • how to create value for customer needs
  • close deals faster
  • learn the power of persuasion
  • keep control of meetings

Whether you choose classroom learning or virtual learning will affect how long you spend on the program. For classroom learning, you spend three days and for online learning, you spend up to six sessions. The cost of the program is $2,530.

Learn more Negotiation Experts – Sales Negotiation Training.

15. Hoffman Training

Hoffman Training lasts only one day but is robust and value-packed. The course targets sales managers and reps in particular. During the training, you and your sales team learn the intricacies of converting a prospect to a paying client. This workshop teaches you how to get a prospect’s attention and win their business.

If your company has struggled to maintain a connection with clients, then this workshop may be the boost you need.

The way you sold the previous year may not work next year. This program will delve into how to adapt to new trends in sales and leverage new tools to increase returns. The price for this program varies, and you will need to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Learn more about Hoffman Training.

16. Sales Excellence Suite

Sales Excellence Suite is an excellent course for support staff, IT professionals, and sales representatives. This program contains 24 courses covering sales self-management to sales cycle management. All the topics highlight important skills that certain workers in your sales team need to have.

Every section in this course comes with customized interactive tutorials, final exams, game quizzes, and application activities. These activities engage you in a fun way so you can retain more information. Furthermore, because of the course’s experiential format, you can transfer your theoretical knowledge into actionable behaviors after completing the program.

This training takes you around 120 hours to complete, but no worries. You do not need to rush as you can pace yourself online. However, since this program does not have a fixed price, you must contact the program vendor directly for fee information.

Learn more about Sales Excellence Suite.


Sales keep business alive. The business world is fast-paced and competitive, and your sales team needs to be on top of its game to increase revenue and improve margins. A great way to stay updated is to enroll in sales training programs. Investing in the right program for sales training increases the ROI of your business as your salespeople outsell your competitors and build relationships for future business. Thankfully, these programs are flexible, from in-person seminars to virtual instructor-led training and packaged courses. You can choose from the numerous options available, many of which are customizable time and cost-wise, so you do not have to break the bank.

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FAQ: Sales training programs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about sales training programs.

What are sales training programs?

Sales training programs are courses or workshops that help improve the skill level of the sales team in a business. These programs aim to equip your team with the tools and resources to outsell your competitors and bring new business. Sales training programs also help you and your sales team keep up with the fast-changing world of technology and business.

What are the best sales training programs?

Here are some of the best sales training programs.

  • Richardson Sales Performance – Consultative Selling
  • Introduction to Sales by GoSkills
  • Mastering the Selling Process by Coursera
  • The IMPACT Selling Seminar by The Brooks Group
  • Smart Calling College
  • Winning With Relationship Selling by Dale Carnegie

When choosing sales training programs, consider the program’s budget, specifications, and features.

How do you find a good sales training program?

When seeking a sales training program, first, know what you want to learn. There are a lot of sales skills and programs that tailor their services. Knowing what you want will reduce the stress of sieving through thousands of options.

Next, you can consider the sales training program by analyzing the training curriculum, customization abilities, price, training delivery, and reputation.

Analyzing the curriculum will help determine if the program has the necessary content to give you value for your money. You can also ask past trainees for an opinion of the work. Also, knowing the customization abilities of the program helps you determine the program’s flexibility.

Finally, consider the training delivery. You have to decide if you want in-person or online training and if the training will have a facilitator or not. Your salespeople can also help you decide the right approach to the training, so it is a good idea to consult them.

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