16 Best Snack Boxes for Employees

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

Here is our list of the top snack boxes.

Snack box companies are businesses dedicated to curating and sending gift boxes filled with delectable snacks and beverages. Depending on the service, you can select from a list of pre-packed boxes or customize your own snack box. Examples include Bokksu, Love With Food, and Carnivore Club. The purpose of these companies is to save you the time and effort of packing and delivering snacks yourself.

The packages offered by these snack box companies are a great idea for office snacks, corporate gifts and care packages for employees. You can recognize employees and boost the team’s morale by sending a thoughtful snack box.

This list includes:

  • customizable snack box companies
  • snack subscription box companies
  • companies that offer snack boxes for corporate events

Let’s get started!

List of snack boxes

Using the service of a snack box company will allow you to access good-quality snacks from different producers worldwide. Here are the best snack box services, from Universal Yums to Boxybite.

1. Eatfruit

Eatfruit offers a wide range of healthy snacks. The company usually designates an account manager to help customers curate great snack boxes for their staff. You can get tasty snack options like protein bars, veggies crisps, beef jerky, and peanut butter. Also, Eatfruit offers a variety of beverages, including wine, beer, coffee, and tea.

Whether your gift recipient is vegan or requires a gluten-free diet, you can get the best affordable snack options. You will find a list of pre-packed boxes with an assortment of goodies. However, you can always build your own box if you do not see a pre-packed option you like.

The only downside with Eatfruit is that the company does not guarantee allergen-free snack boxes. Nevertheless, Eatfruit is one of the best healthy snack box companies.

Learn more about Eatfruit.

2. Snack Box

Snack Box is a UK-based snack company providing delicious treats. You can choose from a wide range of snacks and curate your own box. You can also surprise your gift recipient with one of the pre-selected boxes. In addition, the company is willing to help you add a personalized message to the box for free.

Snack Box caters to individuals with different dietary requirements, from nut-free snacks to vegetarian-friendly diets. For example, you can opt for “The Healthy Snack Box” for your colleagues who are on a vegan diet. You can also check out the “Movie Night Snack Box,” filled with sweet goodies for a relaxing experience. While curating your box, you can add a variety of biscuits, canned drinks, chocolate, and sweets.

Learn more about Snack Box.

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3. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is one of the best snack subscription box companies based in Japan. The company handpicks exclusive snacks from different vendors in the country. You can access seasonal goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth, such as Japanese Kitkats, beverages, ramen, baked goodies, chips, and candies. Also, each snack package contains information on the products’ ingredients and a 24-page culture guide.

If you subscribe to Tokyo Treat, then you will enjoy discounts on your purchase. The best part is that each assortment is a surprise. Nevertheless, rest assured that Tokyo Treat will deliver the best snacks to your doorstep.

Learn more about Tokyo Treat.

4. Boxybite

Boxybite provides great snack boxes your gift recipients will love. The company curates the boxes with virtual events and work-from-home employees in mind. Therefore, these snacks will be handy during virtual coffee breaks or online parties. Boxybite also offers a wide range of healthy snacks, such as fruits, protein bars, roasted namkeen, and hearty seeds.

The snacks come in just the right portion for each recipient. Boxybite snack box is ideal for small to mid-size teams. You can even add a personalized greeting card inside the box. Also, you can customize the snack box to match your specific needs.

Learn more about Boxybite.

5. Bokksu

Based in Japan, Bokksu is among the best snack box companies that deliver Japanese-style snacks to different countries. This subscription-based service carefully curates boxes packed with tea and authentic snacks. Alongside tasty goodies, you will also get a snack booklet and allergy information about your assortment.

The price for a box ranges from $40 to $50 per month, depending on your selected plan. Bokksu usually curates the box items based on seasonal availability. However, first-time subscribers receive a box filled with snacks from all four seasons. Furthermore, Bokksu offers a selection of vegetarian-friendly snacks and tea featured in their boutique.

Learn more about Bokksu.

6. MunchPak

MunchPak offers snack boxes filled with treats from around the world. You can enjoy various snacks, ranging from sweet to spicy and sour. Also, the boxes contain fun facts about the goodies you receive, including their country of origin. You can choose from different box sizes, with the number of snacks ranging from 5 to 20 pieces.

You can also add soda to your snack box. The company offers a mobile phone app for customers to track their snacking history. With MunchPak, you can customize the snacks in the box to your liking.

Learn more about MunchPak.

7. Vegancuts

Vegancuts is one of the best snack box services providing 100% vegan cookies. Each snack box contains up to ten products. Also, the gift box company offers a flexible subscription plan to fit different preferences. You will enjoy a variety of snacks like vegan mac and cheese, avocado chips, and hummus crackers.

Vegancuts is also one of the companies that offer snack boxes for corporate events. The company carefully curates each box to fascinate in-office and remote workers. If you want to gift your employees a box from Vegancuts, then you do not need to provide any detailed dietary requirements. All products from the company are naturally inclusive and of excellent quality.

Learn more about Vegancuts.

8. Universal Yums

You cannot go wrong with a snack box from Universal Yums. If you would love to have a taste of foods from different countries without leaving your home, then you can subscribe to Universal Yums monthly plans. This snack box company offers delicious treats from different corners of the world.

Inside every box is an educational booklet containing information about the snacks. However, you cannot know what snacks are in your pack until your order arrives. In addition, if you are ordering your first snack box, then Universal Yums will include a gift note inside the package.

Learn more about Universal Yums.

9. Snackly

Snackly offers great snack boxes ideal for different occasions, from team celebrations to customer recognition. You can pick from tons of pre-packed boxes carefully curated by Snackly. But if you are unsure of the goodies your gift recipient loves, then you can ask the recipient to build their own snack box.

Snackly takes pride in promoting sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of snack boxes. Furthermore, the company offers snacks from small to medium-sized businesses in Berlin. You can make a one-time purchase for the snack boxes or opt for a daily or monthly subscription plan.

Learn more about Snackly.

10. NatureBox

NatureBox is one of the customizable snack box companies committed to providing high-quality goodies. The provided snacks do not contain more than ten grams of sugar, hydrogenated oils, and corn syrups.

NatureBox offers a variety of snacks for different work celebrations, whether holiday parties or employee appreciation. Your gift recipient will get to choose their own snacks based on the price value you set. If you would love to add swags to your box, then you can send the items to the company. Furthermore, NatureBox can handle big and small snack box orders. Many snacks feature ingredients believed to reduce stress and improve cognitive functions, such as elderberry, maca, and moringa.

Learn more about NatureBox.

11. Simpalo Snacks

Simpalo Snacks offers branded snack boxes that your gift recipients will find quite impressive. You can customize the box with your preferred color, logo, and personalized message. In addition, the snacks are available in healthy options, from oatmeal bars to cheese bites.

Simpalo Snack is one of the snack subscription box companies. You can also choose from the pre-packed boxes, curated with different events and seasons in mind. Examples include the Holiday Gift Baskets, Office Fresh Fruits, and Employee Appreciation Box. In addition, you can take advantage of the “Variety Snack Box” option to gift your client or colleagues a mix of gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and dairy-free snacks.

Learn more about Simpalo Snacks.

12. Love With Food

Love With Food provides tasty snacks you can use to cure your cravings. The snack boxes from this company are an excellent option for individuals looking to reduce gluten in their diet. You can expect gluten-free goodies made with ingredients of the best quality. Before featuring a snack in the company’s boutique, Love With Food ensures that the item passes their “73-banned ingredients” list.

You can join the Love With Food snack club and receive discounts on your monthly snack box. The good part is that you do not have to commit to the subscription and can cancel anytime without paying a fee. Furthermore, Love With Food offers corporate snack boxes which are fully customizable to your employee or client’s taste.

Learn more about Love With Food.

13. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club is among the best snack box companies for meat lovers. The boxes contain an average of five cured meat snacks, such as meat sticks, biltong, and jerky. Also, you can take advantage of the company’s monthly subscription service to share these delicious treats with your employees regularly.

You can impress your gift recipient by adding an “Exotic Jerky Bouquet.” to your order. This package has 20 long stems of jerky beef aesthetically arranged into a bouquet shape. The pricing for a snack box is around $120. In addition, the box features a pamphlet containing information on the gift box contents. Carnivore Club also includes a list of suggested pairings for your snacks in the packages.

Learn more about Carnivore Club.

14. The Healthy Snack Box

If your employees love to snack on healthy fruits, then you can get a snack basket from The Healthy Snack Box. The company specializes in delivering fresh fruits to customers. You can subscribe to the plan and have a basket of assorted fruits delivered to your staff. Also, you are free to cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Alongside fruits, you will also find a variety of nuts, seeds, and popcorn inside the box. The boxes are available in four different sizes, with the largest containing up to 60 vegan-friendly and gluten-free snacks.

Learn more about The Healthy Snack Box.

15. Healthy Nibbles

Healthy Nibbles is one of the best companies that offer snack boxes for corporate events. The company takes pride in catering to customers’ cravings with healthy snack options. You can get the snack in vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and low-carb options for colleagues on a keto diet.

In addition, the company is willing to work with whatever schedule you want for the snack box delivery. Healthy Nibbles offers corporate gifting services. You can also use the custom branding option to add your company’s logo to the snack box. Healthy Nibbles is willing to work with you, based on your budget, to curate a unique swag bag to impress your guests. The company partners with producers that promote sustainability and use plastic-free packages for their snacks.

Learn more about Healthy Nibbles.

16. Num-Nums Munch Box

If your gift recipient has food allergies, then you can consider a snack box from Num-Nums Munch Box. The boxes are available in three sizes. Before making a purchase, your gift recipient has to specify one or more allergens. Then Num-Nums will help you curate a special gift box based on your specification.

The boxes are pretty affordable, starting at around $13.Your snack box purchase will renew after you make a purchase. Nevertheless, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want. Also, you can click on the “This is a Gift” box when checking out if you would like to purchase a gift without committing to a plan.

Learn more about Num-Nums Munch Box.


One of the best ways to appreciate your employees or colleagues is by gifting a box containing various snacks. However, finding your gift recipient’s preferred snacks at the store and sending them manually can be a hassle. Snack box companies exist to relieve you of this stress. The companies will help you curate a snack box that will impress your employees. However, make sure you have an idea of your employees’ dietary restrictions beforehand. The good part of working with a snack box company is that you can easily access snacks from other parts of the world. Many of these companies also offer subscription plans if you would love to receive the snack box regularly. Whether you want to get snack boxes for a few employees or a pretty large team, you will find a snack box company that offers goodies your employees will love.

Next, check this list of swag companies. You can also check these work from home gifts, last minute gifts for employees, and employee appreciation day gifts.

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FAQ: Snack boxes

Here are answers to questions about snack boxes.

What are snack box companies?

Snack box companies are services that pack and deliver an assortment of snacks in a box. Many of these companies offer snacks that align with different dietary requirements, from vegan and keto-friendly to nut-free and gluten-free. Also, the boxes are usually available in different sizes to fit various budgets.

What are the best snack box companies?

The best snack box companies include The Healthy Snack Box, Healthy Nibbles, Love With Food, Eatfruit, SnackMagic, Simpalo Snacks, Carnivore Club, Tokyo Treat, and Num-Nums Munch Box.

Why should you send snack boxes to employees?

Sending snack boxes to employees is a great way to show that you care and value your worker’s service in your company. Whether you have a remote or in-office team, you cannot go wrong with a creative snack box. You can also send a snack box to employees during a special event to increase attendance and fuel the fun. Furthermore, sending a snack box filled with healthy goodies will be great to encourage your employees if you plan to promote healthy eating in your workplace. Finally, a snack box curated to fit your employees’ diets will go a long way in making workers feel special.

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