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You found our list of fun corporate team building activities in Miami, Florida.

Corporate team building activities in Miami are excursions that get employees out of the workspace for bonding time in a new environment. For example, art tours, scavenger hunts, and trips to amusement parks in and around Miami can allow teams to relax and reenergize. These activities aim to educate, inspire, and promote connections among teammates in a non-work setting.

These ideas include small group team building activities, fun group activities, and team building exercises. The activities are also similar to group outing ideas in Miami.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Miami, FL
  • team building activities for large groups in Miami, Florida
  • team building activities for adults in Miami
  • corporate team building ideas in Miami

Here is the list!

List of corporate team building activities in Miami.

Great weather, gorgeous scenery, and exciting energy create an ideal atmosphere for workers to connect. From dining and dancing to experiencing world-class art, here is a list of the best team building activities in Miami.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

virtual team trivia is a great virtual social event

Teams have the chance to show just how smart they are with Ultimate Trivia Showdown. These hosted 90-minute events provide high-energy trivia tournaments that require true collaboration. Teams can combine their mental powers in several competitive rounds to test their knowledge of the odd and obscure. In addition, players practice communicating while developing a sense of time management and engaging in friendly, fast-paced competition.

You can learn the details of Ultimate Trivia Showdown and book a session for your team.

2. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

Team members become spies for the day, solving puzzles and searching for clues to help them uncover which agents are working against their efforts to save the world. Each thrilling 90-minute session includes an expert entertainer who leads employees through their tasks. These dynamic games will get team members thinking in new and exciting ways as they collaborate to bring down the bad guys. There are twists and turns along the way to make the game lively and keep players on their toes.

There is more to learn about how Espionage! works.

3. Superhero Academy

Your team can become the heroic crew the world needs in Superhero Academy. The mission to save the world requires collaboration and ingenuity, with workers using their unique abilities to assist the team. Players have 90 minutes to conquer the villains and declare victory, guided by expert hosts who keep the sessions entertaining and educational. These exercises include puzzles and games presented in a fun format. Each challenge offers novel teamwork principles and encourages different ways for teammates to bond.

You can read more about Superhero Academy.

4. Minute Madness

A Minute Madness event will test your team’s physical abilities through creative and highly challenging one-minute games. Players have 60 seconds to complete their tasks successfully before the buzzer sounds. Every contest tests of agility, focus, and all-out cleverness. These high-energy, 90-minute sessions feature entertaining hosts who know how to get participants fired up.

Get more details about Minute Madness.

5. Hidden Stripey Guy

This scavenger hunt is a classic search book brought to life! Teams hunt through a familiar neighborhood or a new city in search of their prize in the striped shirt. Cooperation is key as the task unfolds, with players working together as they explore the terrain. Hidden Stripey Guy is an ideal team building activity for getting employees into the world for a modern take on I-Spy that lets them explore their surroundings.

There is more information about Hidden Stripey Guy.

6. The Art of Storytelling

Workers can enhance their communication skills in this seminar-style activity focused on the importance of storytelling dynamics. Teams learn from expert storytellers how to utilize stories to improve daily and professional lives. Then, with instruction and exercises that demonstrate the impact of these crucial abilities, employees have the chance to put their learning into practice during this 90-minute session.

You can read about The Art of Storytelling in more detail and find out about bookings.

7. Joia Beach

You can take your team on a getaway to a luxury beach oasis in the heart of Miami. Located on Watson Island, this enchanting shoreline is ideal for hosted events, cocktail parties, or just a day of relaxation in the sun and surf. The Europen-inspired atmosphere includes small bites and craft cocktails for visitors to enjoy. Beachcombers can enjoy breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline as the sun sets over the ocean.

You can see if a trip to Joia Beach is the right for you.

8. Art Deco Segway Tour

The classic Miami art deco is alive and well and available for teams to take in via Segway. You can plan a guided tour of Ocean Drive, South Point Park, and Miami Beach, all notable locales in the historic art deco movement. Landmarks on this excursion include Versace Mansion, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, and Lincoln Road Mall. Lovers of art, architecture, and history will find much to enjoy.

More information is available about Art Deco Segway Tours.

9. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This historic landmark from the Gilded Age is a bit of Old World Italy nestled on the shores of Miami. This cultural gem is a trip through history and a chance to explore a monument from another time. There are guided and audio tours around the grounds, including a trek through the estate museum and a stroll among lush gardens and outdoor habitats. There are also educational programs centered around conservation and a farmer’s market open on Sunday mornings for weekend team building excursions.

You can check into the specifics about a trip to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

10. Salsa Mia

Salsa Mia is an immersive cultural experience that merges music, food, and entertainment. Teams can enjoy Sip, Savor & Salsa, a South Beach spectacular where attendees can dine on authentic Latin food and drink mojitos on the sand. Bachata and Salsa dance lessons kick the celebration into high gear. With pre-party and after-party events at Mango’s Nightclub, the fun of Salsa Mia lasts well into the evening hours. It may be one of the fieriest team building activities for adults in Miami.

There are more details available about Salsa Mia.

11. Everglades Tour

An airboat ride through the Everglades brings adventurous teams face-to-face with the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S. Teams can discover this significant wetland habitat home to endangered species like manatees and Florida panthers. Expert guides are on hand to help riders spot the crucial elements and find prime photo opportunities. With the wildlife show, employees can see alligators up close and even have their photos taken with the babies in the reptile family!

You can look into what an Everglades tour includes and find booking information.

12. Dezerland Amusement Park

You can treat the team to all the games they can handle at South Florida’s largest indoor attraction. Visitors will find go-karts, trampolines, video games, and rope courses under the same roof. Parties between 10 and 1000 attendees qualify for private events, or teams can enjoy daily play passes that allow a few hours of gameplay excitement in several combinations.

The list of attractions and prices is available at Dezerland Amusement Park.

13. Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

The lush tropical flora of the region is on grand display for the team to enjoy at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. The space is a sanctuary of natural beauty with water features and wildlife scattered among exhibits displaying edible and flowering native plants. Though teams can visit and explore the gardens at any time, there are also several spaces to reserve for private events, such as the Japanese Garden or the Butterfly Gallery. Admission is free, making the garden an ideal option for teams with limited budgets.

You can find out more about Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

14. Wynwood Walls

When your team steps into the world of Wynwood Walls, they enter an open-air gallery that houses a collection of street art from around the world. This one-of-a-kind art space has welcomed graffiti artists to contribute to more than 50 murals for over a decade. Art lovers on the team can wander and explore or take a lesson from local artists. These masters share the principles of their craft and help budding painters put them into practice on a canvas of their own.

Details and information are available at Wynwood Walls.

15. Sailing in Coconut Grove

A sun-soaked getaway on the high seas can bring workers together for a different bonding experience. There are tours ranging between two and eight hours, and even sunset cruises take advantage of the stunning horizon views. With occupancy restricted to six passengers on each vessel, these excursions make exciting team building activities for small groups in Miami.

The information at Sailing in Coconut Grove will clue you in to pricing and schedules.

16. Coral Gables Venetian Pool

Teams can take a dip in a distinctive Florida attraction that draws tourists from around the world. Crafted in 1923 from coral rock, this intriguing private pool holds 820,000 gallons of natural spring water. There are waterfall and grotto features for guests to explore, as well as two lookout towers with views of the city. The facility is a quick 15-minute drive from Miami and well worth traveling for an afternoon of poolside relaxation and bonding.

Details about booking tickets for Coral Gables Venetian Pool can help you plan your outing.

17. Sweet Caroline Cocktails and Karaoke

At Sweet Caroline Bar, cocktails and karaoke become a pub-style team building activity with music as the guest of honor. This award-winning bar offers private rooms for corporate team building ideas in Miami, giving nervous singers a safe space to share their hidden talents with the crew. With over 300,000 songs cued up and craft beverages from talented Miami mixologists, you can find the ideal ingredients to put everyone in the mood to croon their favorite tunes.

You can read more about how to reserve a room at Sweet Caroline Cocktails and Karaoke.

18. Allapattah

Allapattah is a diverse and visitor-friendly neighborhood filled with unique team building activities for large groups in Miami. The region is a welcoming blend of cultures where employees can enjoy southern and Latin food and grab drinks in one of the authentic Dominican bars. Visitors can also take in one of the largest contemporary art collections in the U.S. at the Rubell Museum, home to over 7,200 exciting works by more than 1,000 renowned artists.

Details about Allapattah can help guide plans for your team building activity.

15. Miami Design District

Teams can spend an afternoon exploring Florida’s best modern architecture with a visit to Miami Design District. This vibrant, upscale neighborhood combines the best in design, fashion, art, and dining in a single deluxe destination. There are shops to browse in, exquisite diners to try out, and art in galleries and public exhibits scattered throughout the grounds. Visitors will also find unique backgrounds for viral-worthy photos to share on social media.

You can discover more about planning a team building activity in Miami Design District.

20. Candle Land

For a different kind of creative team building activity, teams can try their hand at making their own scented candles. Attendees can choose their own vessels and customize a high-quality signature scent before mixing and pouring soy wax to finish their creations. Classes last up to 90 minutes, with drying time included. Private experiences are also available for teams who prefer a more exclusive setting.

You can find out more about a team building event at Candle Land.

21. Chica Nights

Teams in the mood for connecting over a playful evening of dining and entertainment will love Chica Nights. This immersive experience features fire dancers, live music, and some of the most artful food in Miami, courtesy of celebrity chef Lorena Garcia. With off-the-charts energy and an environment that invites interaction, employees with a taste for the nightlife are in for a special time.

There is more information about Chica Nights regarding times and reservations.

22. Little Havana Walking Tour

Your crew can share the closest thing to a Cuban vacation with a walking tour through Little Havana. The culture in this famous Miami neighborhood merges Caribbean and Latin influences to create a singular regional flavor. These tours take visitors through the colorful shops and restaurants, with stops for cigar rolling, rum tasting, and sampling traditional dishes. There are even mojito classes and salsa lessons to round out a true Havana-style team building activity.

You can find details about Little Havana Walking Tours to get your team building activity planning started.

23. Artechouse

Inspiring innovation and creativity are part of Artechouse’s mission. This immersive art experience brings team members into the age of digital artistic expression. Teams can lose themselves in a maze of colossal screens with high-def projections, tinker with interactive installations, and change the art as they interact with each display. For tech-heads and art nerds on the team, this team building event is a must.

Details about Artechouse will help you coordinate your team building activity.

24. Bayside Marketplace

You can soak up the sunshine while exploring the classic boardwalk vibes of Bayside Marketplace. This open-air shopping and entertainment attraction features shops and boutiques to wander through, restaurants to hunker down in, and even a dinosaur safari exhibit featuring 30 life-sized replicas of the giant beasts. Nearby Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel offers an elevated perspective of the downtown Miami skyline for team members who love seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view.

You can read more about Bayside Marketplace to see what a team building activity for your crew could be.

25. Shake-A-Leg Outdoor Activities

Team bonding hits the water in these customizable corporate team building activities in Miami. Employees can learn important group dynamics such as conflict resolution and problem solving while engaging in sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and Eco-Island adventures. These real-world activities create a different set of connections and enhance skill sets folks can take back to the workplace.

Information about booking activities at Shake-A-Leg will help you decide on your activity.


Miami offers a welcoming atmosphere that lends to a variety of exciting team building activities. Whether you tap into the electrifying nightlife, discover the artful aspects of the city in galleries and museums, dig into the multi-cultural culinary scene, or head to the beach for some outdoor fun, you have a world of possibilities waiting for you.

Next, check out these lists of outdoor team ideas and summertime team building activities.

FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Miami

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about team building activities in Miami.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Miami?

Trips to artistic locations like Wynwood Walls, Artechouse or Rubell Gallery are great corporate team building activities for teams with an eye for contemporary art. Nature lovers will enjoy Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and fan boat tours of the Everglades. If you have foodies on your team, then a guided tour of Little Havana can satisfy their cravings for Cuban food.

What are fun team building activities to do in Miami?

Dinner at Chica Nights or a visit to Allapattah will entertain employees with a taste for regional food and drink. Dezerland Amusement Park and Shake-A-Leg are good choices for teams who like physical challenges. For teams with a more leisurely sense of fun, sailing through Coconut Grove, a visit to Coral Gables Venetian Pool, or a day lounging on the sandy shores of Joia on Watson Island can turn your team building activity into an actual day at the beach!

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