10 Real Team Building Advantages

September 29, 2020

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Team building advantages are reasons to introduce team building exercises in your organization. Some of the benefits of team building are that it prompts communication, promotes creativity, and boosts employee morale. This article contains all the justification you need to dedicate time and resources to team building.

These advantages are the opposite of team building disadvantages.

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So, here is the list!

List of team building advantages

From fostering trust and teaching cooperation to sparking productivity, here are all the main team building advantages.

1. Encourages strong team communication

Whether you unfurl a human knot, solve a murder mystery, brew a barrel of beer with your crew, or host a book club, team building means talking.

One of the more compelling advantages of doing team building activities together is the ability to jumpstart conversation. Communication is key for any team, especially teams that work remotely. To work well together, teams need to be able to give updates, ask questions, and express ideas.

Team building games challenge teams to communicate quickly, clearly, and calmly to complete puzzles in limited amounts of time. Activities like virtual happy hours or buddy calls encourage teammates to form more intimate connections through casual chats.

Team building gets employees in the habit of expressing ideas and talking with teammates. Shy teammates might take months to open up to coworkers, but successful team building icebreakers can get folks gabbing in minutes. When the activities end, conversations continue. Teams fall into the habit of communicating, which means quicker results, less conflict, and happier employees.

2. Builds trust for teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork requires a lot of trust, and team building activities build trust fast. No team member can win a team game alone, so your coworkers come to rely on teammates’ help and expertise. More informal activities such as team meals or show-and-tells inspire teammates to view each other on a deeper and more intimate level.

One of the huge team bonding advantages is that teams who develop solid relationships through team building spend less time second-guessing and double-checking each other and more time working. A trusting team runs like a well oiled machine. Team members do not waste time bickering, tattling, or snooping. Your teammates know that every member of the team is looking out for all other members, freeing up each individual employee to focus on the task at hand.

3. Teaches cooperation

No employee is an island. As sports team owner George Shinn once said, “There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” Companies succeed when employees work together towards a common goal.

Team building teaches cooperation. Employees learn to depend on coworkers and how to achieve more together than apart. One of the best team building benefits is that team exercises encourage collaboration. Some employees may be so used to solo work that teamwork becomes a struggle. Team building spurs your teammates to work together in low-stakes, high-fun situations, making it easier to coordinate on actual projects in the future.

4. Uncovers strengths & weaknesses

Ten years ago, a woman named Susan Boyle made a big stir on the show Britain’s Got Talent when she dazzled the audience and judges with her lovely singing voice. Her frumpy exterior made everyone underestimate her. When she started singing, spectators were speechless.

As humans, we tend to make quick judgments about other people that can make it hard to see an individual’s true potential. When we only see someone in one way, for instance by job title, we overlook other abilities.

In the course of team building activities, coworkers occasionally reveal surprising strengths. For instance, perhaps Lucinda in accounting is a talented artist who can lighten the graphic designers’ workload during crunch-time. Maybe Art in human resources is a classic car buff who can give you tips on woo-ing a muscle-car-loving prospective client.

On the flip side, team building can also uncover potential weaknesses. Maybe Abed gets frazzled when trying to beat the time. Perhaps public speaking is not Troy’s strong suit.

Team building activities give a more holistic view of team members’ abilities which can translate to utilizing your employees more effectively in the workplace.

5. Promotes creativity

Team building places your teammates in new and challenging situations that promote outside the box thinking. From engineering marshmallow and spaghetti towers to writing a poem one line at a time, team building activities present unusual situations that encourage uncommon approaches. Your teammates learn to innovate and bring new ideas to the workplace.

During team building exercises your team members display unique ways of thinking. Your team can glimpse teammates’ imaginations.

Creativity links to higher levels of productivity and increased employee satisfaction, making it a great trait to encourage at work!

6. Develops problem-solving skills

In a perfect world, the hardest problem we would face at work would be choosing a restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Unexpected stumbling blocks pop constantly, and how our teams respond to issues determines our ultimate success.

Team building helps your employees fine-tune problem-solving skills. Exercises present challenges like fleeing an escape room, finding all objects on a scavenger hunt, or whipping up a gourmet meal with less-than-gourmet ingredients. Your team may be lone McGuyvers, but team building activities force your coworkers to work together with teammates to resolve tricky issues. Teams learn to tackle challenges as a group, which is a much different process than solo problem solving.

Teams that problem solve effectively work faster and face less conflict. Employees apply critical thinking skills to complications. Also, your team is more likely to frame “problems” as “challenges” and respond to obstacles enthusiastically.

Learn more about developing team building skills.

7. Sparks productivity

One of the advantages of team building is the productivity power-up factor. In the same way a red mushroom super-sizes Super Mario, team building activities bulk up super employees.

“But how?” you may ask. “Won’t taking time away from work to play games make employees less productive?”

Quite the opposite, actually. Workers that tackle endless tasks and attend back-to-back meetings are easily fatigued. Focus lessons, motivation tanks, errors increase, and speed declines. Over the course of many months, this can result in a loss of thousands of dollars for the company.

Team building offers a welcome break from the grind. It breaks workers out of ruts and presents the chance to do something fun. By shaking up routine, team building activities offer your employees a much needed rest and recharge. Your teammates resume work with revived interest and new perspectives.

Not to mention, team building fast tracks the development of skills like communication, cooperation, creativity, and problem solving. Teams learn to work well together very quickly. Time you might have used to figure out team dynamics you can now dedicate to other endeavors.

8. Boosts employee morale

Employees want to work for companies that value and reward a job well done. When you design thoughtful, engaging, and fun team building experiences, you show your teammates that you care about good work experiences.

Many people picture awkward or boring ice breakers when they think of team building. Actually, there are a ton of fun options for team building. You can compete to mix up a groundbreaking bowl of guacamole, eat your way through the neighborhood on a food tour, gallivant through a museum, or build bikes for children in need. Perhaps your team wants to attend a monster truck derby or concert together. Maybe an adult field day obstacle course is more your team’s jam. Whatever the venue, team building can uplift employees’ spirits and make positive work memories.

Team building activities celebrate the achievements and strengths of your company and your teams. Team building can be a way to acknowledge accomplishments or a chance for employees to socialize and build relationships. Team building helps employees make meaningful connections with peers and makes your team feel more involved in the company at large.

Also, scheduling team activities sends the message that you value your group’s development and want more than a bunch of task-robots. When you put a lot of care into your team building efforts, employees take notice and reciprocate that care with stellar performances.

Here are more ideas to quickly boost employee morale.

9. Humanizes workforce

It can be hard to picture our coworkers outside of work. Sometimes we forget that our teammates are more than engineers, marketers, salespeople, executives, or administrators.

Team building activities invite us to see our coworkers as human beings. Suddenly, our boss recites Shakespeare while stuffing marshmallows in his mouth, or a quiet colleague shares the story of how she once backpacked through Africa. Perhaps we find out that our colleagues are parents, volunteers, or passionate hobbyists. The fact that team building humanizes the workforce is a huge advantage that deepens relationships and fosters greater understanding between teammates.

Work is an important part of our identities, but it is not our only identity. Many other factors define us, such as our families and friends, interests, hobbies, and beliefs. Learning more about our teammates’ lives helps us to respect our teammates on different levels, which breeds trust and respect in turn.

10. Builds company culture

Culture is the art, traditions, values, education, history, and experiences that a group shares. This term is much more than a label. We do not merely inherit culture, but participate in it, create it, and contribute to it.

Team building gives your company an opportunity to form company culture. Your employees are the most essential building blocks of your organization. Each team is like a mini-version of your company. When you put effort into team building, you consciously sculpt your teams to be representative of the whole. How you build your teams is how you build your company. Or, more accurately, how your teams will build your company. Skills and values learned through team building guide your teams’ efforts.

Plus, team building gives your employees the chance to design and add to the company culture. There is a big difference between an organization handing employees a guide and announcing, “this is what we believe and do,” and an organization gathering employees together for an exercise and asking, “what do we believe and do?” These efforts help employees feel like they are part of something bigger and have the ability to make an impact.

Team building advantages include guerilla marketing opportunities for your company. Hopefully, your teams become your organization’s champions. By sharing positive team experiences with others, your employees can help attract other talent to the organization and improve the overall perception of the company.

Learn more about how to build company culture.


There is a reason more and more companies are investing in team building measures. Team building results in a more engaged, more inventive, more satisfied workforce, which in turn ensures better overall organizational performance.

Though team building takes time, the effects are immediately observable. While the long term impact will reveal itself over months or even years, your employees’ delight will be instant. Enjoy watching spirited discussion follow and new friendships form, and soak in all those smiles!

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FAQ: Team building advantages

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about team building advantages.

What are team building advantages?

Team building advantages are workforce improvements your organization can achieve by setting team building measures in motion.

What are some advantages of team building?

Team building offers many benefits. Some advantages of team building include boosting employee morale, prompting communication, and teaching cooperation.

Why should organizations invest in team building?

Organizations should invest in team building because the return on investment is substantial. Team building fosters stronger relationships, which frees up resources previously devoted to conflict resolution and decreases levels of employee turnover. Productivity raises post-team building as employees learn skills like communication and problem solving which streamline workflow.

Does team building work?

If you work at team building, then team building works for you. Team building is not a one-and-done deal. It requires regularity and careful consideration. However, if you work to create engaging team building efforts that stimulate your team, the rewards will be well worth the effort.

Author: Angela Robinson

Team building content expert. Angela has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and worked as a community manager with Yelp to plan events for businesses.

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