22 Top Team Building Activities in Chicago, IL

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best team building activities in Chicago, Illinois.

Team building activities in Chicago are ways you can bond and spend quality time with your colleagues in the Windy City. For example, your team can explore Navy Pier or watch a show at The Chicago Theatre. These activities exist to break the ice, improve communication, and motivate employees.

These ideas span indoor team building, outdoor team building, small group team building, and large group icebreakers.

These ideas are similar to Chicago corporate event ideas, group activities in Chicago, and Chicago corporate outings.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Chicago, IL
  • team building activities for large groups in Chicago, Illinois
  • team building activities for adults in Chicago
  • corporate team building ideas in Chicago

Let’s get started!

List of team building activities in Chicago

A team building activity can be a learning exercise or even a fun experience that helps reduce stress. From touring The Lake Effect Brewing Company to playing Fox in a Box Escape Game, here are activities you can do in Chicago to build your team:

1. Superhero Academy (Top Rated)

superhero academy

Your team members become heroes in an exciting 90-minute team building event where you step into the thrilling world of a comic book adventure!

Superhero Academy offers the following:

  • we will meet you at the location of your choice with all the necessary materials
  • participants collaborate with colleagues to form powerful superhero or supervillain teams.
  • team members play exciting games that put your superhero abilities to the test and bring out your extraordinary talents
  • our host will share engaging comic-book stories and provide intriguing background information
  • teams solve captivating puzzles and face challenging obstacles that will require your team’s collective skills

Superhero Academy empowers your team to tackle challenges head-on and unlock their inner heroes. Make sure to explore this thrilling activity for your next team building day!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

2. Field Day (Popular)

Field Day lets employees play interactive outdoor games and competitions! This high-energy 90-minute event boosts trust, relationships, and essential workplace skills.

Your Field Day experience includes the following:

  • hosted at a location of your choosing
  • materials and equipment for each game provided
  • accompanied by a highly skilled host from teambuilding.com
  • nostalgic outdoor games and innovative competitions
  • team photos for your office or social media platforms

Field Day fosters teamwork, promotes friendly competition, and cultivates camaraderie. To ensure an unforgettable team building experience, make sure to explore the realm of Field Day.

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Staff Favorite)

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is all the excitement of a cook-off with no stoves needed!

This avocado-centered event includes:

  • 90-minutes of guided activities by a highly engaging hosts
  • Warm-up challenges and icebreakers to master teamwork and earn extra ingredients
  • All ingredients on-site and set up
  • A guacamole-making challenge followed by a judging round

To ensure a well-rounded experience, we arrange for all the ingredients and supplies to be at your chosen venue. This high-energy activity offers a great opportunity to build strong connections, have fun, and indulge in delicious snacks.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs and a fascinating area to visit, whether to tour the facilities or watch a match. Touring Wrigley Field is among the exciting team building activities for large groups in Chicago, Illinois. The stadium organizes private and public tours lasting an average of 80 minutes. Larger groups may have to experience the tour in small batches.

If your team has sports fans, then you can also book tickets to watch a baseball game at the stadium. The Wrigley Field’s official site reveals information on promotions and game tickets.

Learn more about Wrigley Field.

5. Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is an awesome place to visit and examine the exhibits with your team. You can locate the zoo off Lake Shore Drive. The zoo is home to hundreds of animal species from around the world. You can have an up-close view of the animals based on their mood. Admission to the zoo is free. You can also explore the plant garden in the zoo. The zoo management offers a seasonal opportunity to volunteer in planting tomatoes, weeding, and harvesting. Furthermore, the management organizes seasonal activities and animal interactions that last for an average of ten minutes.

You can extend your visit to include eating at the zoo’s dining locations. The Patio at Café Brauer serves cocktails, wines, and burgers while also catering to a vegetarian diet. Also, the Park Place Café offers Mexican and Italian food in outdoor and indoor seating.

Learn more about Lincoln Park Zoo.

6. TILT at 360 CHICAGO

TILT is a thrilling ride experience at 360 CHICAGO, where your team can feed their eyes with the city’s fascinating views from a 1,030-foot distance. The experience is unique and intriguing because guests get a downward-facing view above Chicago. An observation can last for about three minutes.

To enjoy the ride, you must purchase separate tickets for general admission to 360 CHICAGO and TILT.

Learn more about TILT at 360 CHICAGO.

7. 10pin Bowling Lounge

Bowling and dining at 10pin Bowling Lounge are among the most fun corporate team building activities in Chicago. The lounge is a large bowling alley in downtown Chicago. You will find about 24 bowling lanes and a full-service kitchen.

Aside from bowling, your group can play ping pong, billiards, and shuffleboard. You can turn your experience at the bowling alley into a friendly competition among your team. The lounge also sells items like trophies, shirts, and glassware you can award to the winner.

Learn more about 10pin Bowling Lounge.

8. Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tours

Chicago has a rich history of gang-related mayhem, and the Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tour takes visitors to the heart of these locations. This two-hour, one-and-a-half-mile walking tour takes guests around the Chicago Loop Vice District. Walkers can learn more about speakeasies, underground tunnels for bootleggers, and famous gangsters like Al Capone. Notable stops include Congress Hotel, Death Alley, and Palmer House. If your team is more interested in food, then you can also check out the Gangster Food Tour. Hosts will take you around notorious Prohibition-Era locations to try pizzas, prime rib, and Chicago hot dogs. This historical tour will bring both frights and delights to your team.

Learn more about Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tours.

9. Sakura Karaoke Bar

The Sakura Karaoke Bar provides facilities for your team members to have a blast while singing their favorite tunes.

The lounge features a dance floor with LED lighting, a stage, karaoke rooms in different sizes, and bars where you can watch live sports. The VIP room can accommodate up to 25 guests with additional features like a projection screen, an improved sound system, and HD.

You cannot bring in outside food and beverages. But your team can order from the lounge’s kitchen serving tasty Western and Asian dishes.

Pro tip: You can use the occasion to give funny titles to participants, like the best singer, the next Oscar winner, or the best duet.

Learn more about Sakura Karaoke Bar.

10. The Chicago Theatre

Watching a show at The Chicago Theatre is one of the most relaxing team building activities in Chicago. The theater serves as a venue for many comedy and music shows in Chicago. You can get tickets for your desired show at the box office or through the Ticketmaster app. You cannot bring outside food to the venue, but your team can stop for a bite around the theater’s premises. Although the theater does not offer cooked food, you will still find a variety of beverages and snacks.

This activity will allow your team to spend quality time together and bond.

Learn more about The Chicago Theatre.

11. The Lincoln Park Farmers Market

Exploring Lincoln Park is an interesting activity to do in Chicago. You can locate the market in the Lincoln Park High School parking lot. Your team can learn about various fruits, vegetables, and flowers. You will also find many areas to grab a bite. The market can run irrespective of the weather condition. It would be best to check the weather forecast before visiting the site. Also, you should ensure that your team members dress appropriately for the weather.

Furthermore, your team can volunteer to help keep the market running smoothly. Volunteering allows your team to work together, help the community and improve communication. Your group can still explore the market after your volunteering shift ends.

Learn more about The Lincoln Park Farmers Market.

12. Emporium Logan Square

The immersive team building activities for adults in Chicago include playing Arcade Games at Emporium Logan Square. The arcade bar offers several games, from Air Hockey and White Water to Godzilla and Galaga. Although the center does not allow outside beverages, you can bring your food. The bar menu features a wide range of cocktails, craft beers, and wine selections.

A fun aspect of visiting Emporium with your team, making your experience worthwhile, is getting to engage in the scheduled game tournaments or dance to a live DJ’s performance.

Learn more about Emporium Logan Square.

13. The Great Escape Room Chicago

The Great Escape Room provides immersive games that allow teams to collaborate and test their problem-solving skills. The games are available in three themes, which are:

  • Infirmary: You got locked in an operating room with a patient who needed heart surgery. You will use clues to operate a machine that will perform the surgery and save the patient.
  • Escape the Colosseum: This escape room has an ancient Roman theme and a two-hour duration. You will follow clues left by Spartacus to escape prison.
  • Poker Night at the President’s Bunker: You got locked in the president’s bunker while touring the White House. You must figure out an escape plan before the time is up.

The rooms can accommodate up to ten players each. Depending on the room you book, your experience will last for one or two hours.

Learn more about The Great Escape Room Chicago.

14. Museum of Illusions

Your team will not believe their eyes while visiting the Museum of Illusions! Visitors can check out the illusion rooms, installations, and images. The illusion rooms consist of exhibits such as The Tilted Room and The Reversed Room, which trick you into not knowing which way is up. One of the installations is the Beuchet Chair, which forces your sense of perspective. Unusual images like holograms and optical illusions will test your eyesight. Event planners can even book the space to host a private function. This trippy visit is a sure way to get teams laughing!

Learn more about the Museum of Illusions.

15. Redline VR

Playing virtual reality games at Redline VR is among the immersive corporate team building ideas in Chicago. Redline VR is a virtual reality bar located in the heart of Ravenswood, Chicago. You can access all arcade games within your reserved time. Your game will start with safety guidelines and equipment usage explanations. The game duration ranges from 30 minutes to two hours.

Redline VR also provides virtual reality escape rooms and arcade games. If your group does not wish to play virtual reality games, then you can just stop by the bar to only grab a drink. The bar serves various beers, wines, and creative cocktails.

Learn more about Redline VR.

16. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the city’s best museums, located steps away from Lake Michigan. The museum collects thousands of artworks from different parts of the world. You will find works of various artists, including Pablo Picasso, Olowe of Ise, Andy Warhol, Katsushika Hokusai, and Joan Mitchell. Your team will gain insight into art representation worldwide and bond while learning each other’s views on the exhibits.

The museum occasionally offers free admission to Illinois residents. You can also find dining restaurants to share a meal with your colleagues around the museum area.

Learn more about The Art Institute of Chicago.

17. The Catcade

The Catcade is an arcade lounge and a non-profit charity that cares for rescue cats. This lounge is a nice place for your teams to relax and chat while playing with the adorable kittens. You can also access free WiFi and arcade games.

The Catcade organizes a 90-minute yoga experience where you also get to interact with the lovely cats. Before planning your visit, you should ensure that none of your group members has a severe cat allergy.

Learn more about The Catcade.

18. William W. Powers State Recreation Area

William W. Powers State Recreation Area is a lovely area located on Wolf Lake. The site offers many opportunities to do fun activities, except swimming and camping. Your group can find a good spot to fish species like walleye, largemouth bass, yellow perch, and northern pike. You can also find a shaded area under cottonwood trees to enjoy a picnic. If your group has 25 or more members, then you should register with the park office before your visit.

Learn more about William W. Powers State Recreation Area.

19. Big Mini Putt Club

The most fun team building activities for small groups in Chicago, IL, include playing indoor Mini golf at the Big Mini Putt Club. You will find a nine-hole golf course in this location. The golf-course owners built the facility to be challenging and deliver a unique player experience. You can reserve a tee time for up to two to four players. Your experience will last for up to 45 minutes.

Learn more about Big Mini Putt Club.

20. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a fun place to visit in Chicago. The location is famous for many attractions, including the Centennial Wheel. You can climb the wheel to get a 360 degrees view of Lake Michigan and Chicago. The intriguing experience will take your team about 200 feet above the ground. Groups with at least 20 guests will get a special booking rate.

In addition, Navy Pier hosts a series of entertaining activities ranging from lake cruises and golf games to live music and dance performances. These activities are also excellent for bringing your team together and sharing a memorable experience. You can check Navy Pier’s event calendar to see the upcoming events and choose the best experience for your group.

Before or after your experience, you can dine in any restaurant like Giordano’s, serving amazing stuffed deep-dish pizzas. You can also have the famous ‘Cheezborger’ at Billy Goat Tavern.

Learn more about Navy Pier.

21. Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box hosts escape rooms in four unique themes, which include:

  • Zodiac: You only have one hour to escape from a serial killer’s lair or become the criminal’s victim.
  • The Bank: Your team will work together to steal diamonds from a local bank.
  • The Prison: You must take advantage of a riot and escape jail or remain in your cell for life.

The escape rooms can accommodate three to six players, but you can book several rooms if your group is large. Your group size, reserved day, and time will determine the game’s price.

Learn more about Fox in a Box Escape Games.

22. The Lake Effect Brewing Company

Touring The Lake Effect Brewing Company is also one of the exciting team building activities for adults in Chicago. The company offers Saturday tours where interested guests can learn about brewing and get an up-close view of the barrel rooms and bottling area. Your group members will also get a can of their preferred beer each.

Learn more about The Lake Effect Brewing Company.


Chicago is one of the largest and most populated cities in the US. The city is famous for having fascinating museums, lively neighborhoods, and iconic attractions. With fantastic food, lakeside views, and friendly people occupying the city, Chicago provides a vibrant environment to engage in team building activities. From parks to amusement centers and bars, you will find many places to visit and spend time with your team.

Next, check out these lists of community-building ideas and relationship-building exercises.

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FAQ: Team building activities in Chicago, Illinois

Here are answers to questions about corporate team building activities in Chicago.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Chicago?

Good team building ideas for corporate groups in Chicago include watching a show at The Chicago Theatre, relaxing at The Catcade, experiencing TILT at 360 CHICAGO, visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, and playing arcade games at Emporium Logan Square.

What are some fun team building activities to do in Chicago?

Some fun team building activities to do in Chicago are singing at Sakura Karaoke Bar, visiting the Wrigley Field, bowling at 10pin Bowling Lounge, and exploring Navy Pier.

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