24 Best Team Building Gifts for Workplace Giving

By: | Updated: December 21, 2023

You found our list of the best team building gifts.

Team building gifts are items or experiences businesses give employees to boost team spirit and foster cohesion among recipients. Examples include the Lawn Darts Set, the Cocktail Shaker Gift Set, and the Jockey Box Retro Cooler. The purpose of these items is to strengthen relationships and increase workplace motivation and productivity.

These items are similar to corporate gifts for employees, gifts for new employees, employee appreciation day gifts, and gifts for coworkers. Businesses can use these items to increase workers’ morale for work, improve the company culture, and boost employee engagement.


This list includes:

  • free team building gifts
  • inexpensive team building gifts
  • small gifts for team members
  • team building gift bags
  • teamwork appreciation gifts

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List of the best team building gifts

Gifts can be helpful in building a cohesive and high-performing team. From the Crockd Pottery Kit to the Rubik’s Augmented Reality Cube, businesses can offer employees these items to foster genuine connections.

1. Game on! Chess and Checkers Gift Set

The Game on! Chess and Checkers Gift Set is a fantastic choice of team building gift bags. The set includes wooden chess and checkers pieces, a playing board, and play instructions. Employees can carry the set to social events, the beach, holiday destinations, or play at home. The set also has a canvas storage pouch for easy carrying.

Check out the Game on! Chess and Checkers Gift Set.

2. Lawn Darts Set

Made with durable and lightweight material, the Lawn Darts Set is a gift teams will relish. The set includes three red and three blue darts with rounded tips for safe use and easy throwing. The weather-resistant material ensures that individuals can use the lawn darts indoors or outdoors. In addition, businesses can imprint the logo or message on the mat and boost brand image as users play.

Check out the Lawn Darts Set.

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3. Promotional Watercolor Paint Set

With eight different colors, the Promotional Watercolor Paint Sets is a clever pick of teamwork appreciation gifts. The item will give teams a technology break as they play with different colors and boost their creativity. The set comes in a compact container with a mixing space and a paintbrush. Since it is a non-toxic coloring medium, individuals can use the Promotional Watercolor Paint Sets for diverse creative projects. You can even hand these out before a group paint-and-sip event!

​Check out the Promotional Watercolor Paint Set.

 4. Mini Waffle Maker

The Mini Waffle Makers is a great pick of team building gifts. Recipients will relish making sweet or savory waffles within a few minutes, whether in their homes or the office. The Mini Waffle Maker has a nonstick coating, making cleaning a breeze. Businesses can offer workers the item and let teams enjoy personalized snacks, breakfast, and desserts.

Check out the Mini Waffle Maker and check out more office breakfast ideas.

5. 63-Piece Custom Full-Color Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking for gifts to foster employee interactions, then the 63-Piece Custom Full-Color Jigsaw Puzzle is a clever pick. Featuring white-and-gray paper boards, the item provides an option for companies to add hidden messages. With the full-color custom imprinting options, brands will enjoy extra visibility whenever employees solve the puzzles.

Check out the 3-Piece Custom Full-Color Jigsaw Puzzle.

6. Freestanding Basketball Hoop

Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations, the Freestanding Basketball Hoop is a great choice of gifts for team building. The item features steel and plastic materials and is easy to install. Recipients can place the item in the office or at home and enjoy basketball in their free time. Since the Freestanding Basketball Hoop is portable, individuals can move the item anywhere and enjoy stable gameplay. The item allows users to exercise, reduce stress, connect, and improve their basketball skills.

Check out the Freestanding Basketball Hoop.

7. Gourmet Expressions Kraft Stonewall Cocktail Gift Set

The Gourmet Expressions Kraft Stonewall Cocktail Gift Set is a thoughtful team building gift idea. The kit includes a Bloody Mary drink mix, olives, and pickled crunchy carrots. The kit also includes a bartender tool and a knife with a multipurpose blade to slice, peel, and pick cocktail ingredients. The Gourmet Expressions Kraft Stonewall Cocktail Gift Set is the ultimate team building gift to bring fun to groups.

Check out the Gourmet Expressions Kraft Stonewall Craft Cocktail Gift Set.

8. Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

Featuring an impressive stainless steel material, the Cocktail Shaker Gift Set is a classic item recipients will love. The 250-milliliter capacity item includes a spoon and an ice tong in a gift box. The Cocktail Shaker Gift Set enhances the mix of flavors and corrects the dilution of drinks. Employees who want to improve their cocktail crafting skills will relish the item.

Check out the Cocktail Shaker Gift Set and more virtual happy hour kits.

9. Pass the Remote ​

The Pass the Remote kit is a top choice of team building gift bags. Individuals will receive an assortment of snacks to eat as they catch up on their favorite shows or hang out with their colleagues. Some of the delicacies in the gift bag include sriracha, onion potato crisps, and glazed pecans. The gift bag also includes custom blue-light-blocking sunglasses with a case. Businesses can also personalize the Pass the Remote gift bag with a card for each recipient.

Check out the Pass the Remote.

10. Crockd Pottery Kit

Gifting employees the Crockd Pottery Kit is a great way to encourage creativity. Recipients will have an art therapy experience while encouraging meaningful conversation and healthy competition. The kit contains two bags with eco-friendly and locally sourced clay to make up to four pieces. Individuals will also receive wooden Crockd pottery tools, conversation starter cards, and design instructions. The Crockd Pottery Kit is a clever gift to foster a spirit of camaraderie among users.

Check out the Crockd Pottery Kit.

11. Customized Beer Tap Handle

Featuring handmade natural wood, the Customized Beer Tap Handle is a great gift for teams. The tap handle comes with two chalkboard decals that recipients can apply on the side. This item attaches to the top of a beer faucet, making it easier to pour drinks. Craft beer lovers can carry the tap handles in social events and boost brand visibility. Employees can also use the beer tap handles during team building events.

Check out the Custom Personalized Beer Tap Handle.

12. Jockey Box Retro Cooler

If you are looking for practical and inexpensive team building gifts, then consider the Jockey Box Retro Cooler. The item’s sturdy design allows recipients to easily carry the cooler for outdoor events like parties and picnics. In addition, the Jockey Box Retro Cooler comes with two faucets for pouring different kinds of beverages at the same time. Available in blue or white, the cooler also ensures recipients consume their beverages at the preferred temperature.

Check out the Jockey Box Retro Cooler.

13. Campfire S’Mores Kit

The Campfire S’Mores Kit is an ideal gift to promote camaraderie among remote teams. Individuals will connect as they make marshmallows and have an online camping experience. Each set contains four graham cracker sheets, two Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, and four marshmallows. Individuals will also get two toasting sticks. Businesses can choose the four- or nine-serving Campfire S’Mores Kit.

Check out the Campfire S’Mores Kit and more s’mores kits.

14. Ultra Sound Custom Logo Speaker & Wireless Charger

The Ultra Sound Custom Logo Speaker & Wireless Charger tops the list of small gifts for team members. The item features a dynamic stereo sound and high-definition Bluetooth technology speaker. With up to two hours of playtime, recipients can charge their devices as they listen to their favorite tunes. Due to its compact design, employees can use the multi-functional item during company-wide events or on the go.

Check out the Ultra Sound Custom Logo Speaker & Wireless Charger.

15. Personalized Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Game

The Personalized Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Game is a fantastic pick of teamwork appreciation gifts. Users will receive meal inspiration from seasonal and year-round food suggestions. Individuals can use the nine-piece dice game to shake up meal routines at home or during company-wide parties. Recipients will also get an eco-friendly drawstring bag for easy carrying and storage. The Personalized Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Game is a perfect gift for fostering team connections.

Check out the Personalized Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Game.

16. Extravagant Affair Naturally Aged Cheese Gift

Featuring gourmet provisions, the Extravagant Affair Naturally Aged Cheese Gift is great for any business. Individuals will receive an assortment of medium cheddar, mild cheddar, and pepper cheese. The gift set also contains a beef summer sausage recipe, sea salt crackers, olive oil, and chocolate cookies. In addition, the item comes with an eco-friendly cutting board and a cheese knife.

Check out the Extravagant Affair Naturally Aged Cheese Gift.

17. Personalized Luxury Donuts

If you are hosting a team building event, then you could consider offering Personalized Luxury Donuts. Recipients will get a variety of freshly baked donut flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, and salted caramel. The donuts also come with a sweet edible disc decoration with a brand message or logo. Brands could even imprint fun prompts like games for individuals to engage in during a team building event.

Check out the Personalized Luxury Donuts.

18. Rubik’s Augmented Reality Cube

The Rubik’s Augmented Reality Cube is a fantastic pick for businesses searching for small gifts for team members. The expert technologies allow brands to embed video content or a 3D logo on the Rubik’s Cube. Recipients can then use an app to scan and solve the Rubik’s Cube from their devices. Businesses could offer teams the item during events and hold a competition to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Check out the Rubik’s Augmented Reality Cube.

19. Stainless Steel Tea Infuser for Cups and Teapots

The Stainless Steel Tea Infuser for Cups and Teapots is a handy team building gift for tea lovers. Individuals can use the infuser to brew tea and share it with their colleagues or loved ones. The item features a unique design with micro-holes to keep loose tea in the filter. Thus, individuals can enjoy their brews without floating tea leaves. The strainer also has foldable handles that fit into mugs, cups, and teapots.

Check out the Stainless Steel Tea Infuser for Cups and Teapots.

20. Promotional Large Water Gun with Tank

As a recreational and practical item, the Promotional Large Water Gun with Tank is an excellent pick of inexpensive team building gifts. The water gun features an eco-friendly recyclable material and is available in a variety of attractive colors. Given its lightweight nature, individuals can use the item during fun events, outdoor picnics, or visits to the beach. The Promotional Large Water Gun with Tank is also essential for cooling off during summer and playing fun water games.

Check out the Promotional Large Water Gun with Tank.

21. Feel-Good 7-Piece Spa Kit

The Feel-Good 7-Piece Spa Kit is the perfect way to appreciate and reward teams. Individuals will receive self-care essentials, including a sponge scrubber, a loofah on rope, and a handheld brush. The kit also contains a padded sponge with an elastic strap, a pumice stone, and a callous soother. The items come in a clear zippered bag that individuals can use to carry daily essentials. The Feel-Good 7-Piece Spa Kit promotes self-care, boosting productivity among teams.

Check out the Feel-Good 7-Piece Spa Kit.

22. Izzo Skee-Golf Putting Game

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for teams, then consider the Izzo Skee-Golf Putting Game. Individuals will fine-tune their putting skills without needing an actual golf course. The putting game features an innovative compact storage case design that ensures easy use. The item is also compatible with real golf balls, making it handy for friendly competition. Since the Izzo Skee-Golf Putting Game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the item is an excellent addition to offices or homes.

Check out the Izzo Skee-Golf Putting Game.

23. Custom Silver Camper Binoculars

The Custom Silver Camper Binoculars are gift options travel enthusiasts will love. The item features a four by 30 magnification for better visual acuity. The item also comes in a black pouch with belt loops and rubber grip handles. Whether bird watching or hunting, individuals can get a close-up look and in-depth perception and create memorable experiences. Recipients can also use the Custom Silver Camper Binoculars in sporting events, concerts, or stargazing.

Check out the Custom Silver Camper Binoculars.

24. Thank-You Notes

If you are looking for free team building gifts, then consider giving participants thank-you notes. These cards are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to appreciate teams. With Punchbowl, users can customize each aspect of a digital thank-you card. Businesses can even add their logo to the digital envelope. Consider adding a note with a casual or professional message. Also, remember to address the recipients appropriately, using correct names, pronouns, and titles. Once the card is ready, Punchbowl lets you send it digitally through email or text message. These notes are a quick way to show your thanks.

Check out the thank-you notes.


Team building gifts are some of the most effective ways to improve team dynamics and strengthen relationships. Through these items, businesses can foster a sense of unity and appreciation among team members and build a positive and motivating work environment. Check out our list of gift ideas for team building, and consider incorporating these thoughtful items into your gifting culture.

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FAQ: Team building gifts

Here are answers to common questions about team building gifts.

What are team building gifts?

Team building gifts are items businesses give employees to foster team cohesion and promote collaboration within a group of individuals working together toward a common goal. The right choice of team building ideas will also enhance an organization’s overall effectiveness and success.

What are some of the best team building gifts?

Investing in team building gifts can be a meaningful and impactful way to support and strengthen your team. These gifts can be tangible items or experiences that encourage teamwork, communication, and bonding. However, the key to choosing team building gifts is focusing on activities or items that encourage collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Also, consider the interests and preferences of your team and choose items that will create positive experiences among recipients. Some of the best team building gifts include the Game on! Chess and Checkers Gift Set, the Custom Silver Camper Binoculars, and the Feel-Good 7-Piece Spa Kit.

Why is giving team building gifts important?

Building a strong and cohesive team is essential for organizational growth with the increasing competition in business sectors.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses should consider giving team building gifts:

  • Fosters team cohesion: Team building gifts can help foster a sense of togetherness and unity among team members. These items can create a shared experience or identity that promotes cohesion and a sense of belonging. Team members who connect are more likely to collaborate effectively and work toward common goals.
  • Boosts morale and motivation: Team building gifts can boost morale and motivation by showing appreciation and recognition for employees’ efforts and contributions.
  • Enhances team communication and collaboration: Some team building gifts like lawn darts or campfire s’mores kits require teamwork, communication, and collaboration. These items can allow team members to interact and work together in a fun and informal setting. Hence, teams will learn to collaborate effectively in professional and non-professional contexts.
  • Encourages personal and professional development: Team building gifts can help team members develop valuable skills for their personal and professional growth. In addition, the skills promote individual development, which can improve team members’ overall capabilities.
  • Promotes a positive team culture: The right selection of team building gifts can help shape a positive team culture. These items can set the tone for how team members interact with one another, encouraging mutual respect, cooperation, and inclusivity.

Team building gifts can have a significant impact on team morale, productivity, and overall success. You could consider personalizing the team building gifts to align with your company’s values and mission. If you have a large team, then encourage employees to participate in the selection of gifts.

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