Updated: July 10, 2022

Best Corporate Team Building Activities in Kansas City, MO & KS

Here is our list of fun corporate team building activities in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.

Corporate team building activities in Kansas City are unique and exciting events where coworkers escape from the office and get to know each other better. Examples include checking out a Royals game, throwing axes at Woodchux, or completing an escape room. These activities aim to develop team members on a personal and professional level while building morale.

These ideas are similar to corporate event ideas in Kansas City and Kansas City work outing ideas.

This list includes:

  • Team building activities for small groups in Kansas City, MO
  • Team building activities for large building groups in Kansas City, KS
  • Team building activities for adults in Kansas City
  • Corporate team building ideas in Kansas City

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List of corporate team building activities in Kansas City

Kansas City is a unique and fun place full of exciting and entertaining things to do. If you are looking for the best team development activities in the city you will not have to look far. You can easily find activities perfect for your team’s temperament and personality. Here is the complete list of corporate team building activities in Kansas City.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

virtual trivia

With Ultimate Trivia Showdown, you get a fun and well-trained guide to lead your group through 90 minutes of trivia and games. However, this is not your typical pub trivia. With mini-games like Majority Rules and Champion Challenge, your team will have loads of fun along the way and will feel like contestants on a game show. You can host Ultimate Trivia Showdown at your location or a rented Kansas City venue.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts have never been more fun than with ScavBoss. During this exciting game, teams must work together to solve complex puzzles and riddles using a variety of clues supplied by an expert host. One of the best parts of this two-hour facilitated event is that you can personalize it to your team with different themes and locations. Both indoor and outdoor hunts are available. Scavenger hunts encourage your team to think critically and work together.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. Chiefs Game

You are missing out if you have never been to a Chiefs game. The Kansas City Chiefs are endlessly entertaining. This dynamic event is one of the best team building activities for large groups in Kansas City. Coworkers get the chance to socialize with each other away from the office. New and deeper relationships form while coworkers engage in more personal ways. Plus, cheering on the 2020 Super Bowl Champs is an exciting time. Be sure to check the weather before you go, as sometimes the games are cold!

Check out a Kansas City Chiefs game in the fall.

4. Royals Game

The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team. The boys in blue entertain fans of all ages. Taking your team to a Royals game is an excellent team building activity because employees get a chance to relate on a personal level. When you remove the restrictions and atmosphere of the office, coworkers move past work relationships and become friends. Be sure to check the schedule because the arena plans special nights like firework displays.

Head to a Kansas City Royals game this season.

5. Sporting KC

Soccer is steadily growing in popularity. Taking your team to a Sporting KC match is one of the best company outing ideas in Kansas City. Team members deepen relationships and get to know each other better while cheering on this soccer club in an informal and fun setting. One of the best things about the Sporting KC stadium is that it is in northwest Kansas City in the Legends shopping center. There is ample parking and restaurants available. Plus, it is easy for team members to bring their whole families to one of these games.

Catch a Sporting KC match.

6. World War I Museum

The World War I Museum is one of the top-ranked museums in America. This incredibly impressive museum presents the lead-up, history, and aftermath of the war clearly and concisely. The World War I Museum is dynamic and informative. One of the museum’s best features is the tower outside where ycan view of the whole city. A trip to the museum is both somber and enlightening, and teams can grow together as they experience it. Plus, there are fascinating temporary exhibits that change regularly, so there is always something new to learn, even if you have been before.

Take a trip to the World War I Museum.

7. Up-Down Arcade Bar

The Up-Down Arcade Bar is conveniently located in downtown Kansas City near Union Station. This fun bar has over 50 arcade games from the 1980s to the 1990s. On top of those games, there are Skee-Ball alleys, life-size Jenga, and Connect Four. Plus, you can play Nintendo 64 with your group, as well. Up-Down is 21+ so plan accordingly if you have younger staff. This bar is one of the best team building activities for adults in Kansas City because coworkers get to interact informally. There is also a full bar with 50 beers on tap.

Check out Up-Down Arcade Bar.

8. The Culinary Center

A cooking class at The Culinary Center is one of the most exciting and tastiest team building activities for adults in Kansas City. During the course, team members will learn a new skill and spend time in a non-work environment. Plus, the whole group will enjoy some delicious food at the end. You can work with the staff to choose a class that fits your team. For example, there is everything from a “fun lunch” to a mystery box cookoff in which participants have three hours to make a meal without recipes from a secret box of ingredients. Team members savor delicious food created by each other while developing relationships.

Learn more about The Culinary Center.

9. The Basement

Escape rooms are some of the best corporate team building ideas in Kansas City. These unique and challenging games require coworkers to unite on a common task. Teammates must solve puzzles to escape a themed room. The Basement Kansas City offers two different types of escapes, both sure to be riveting. In The Basement, your group has been kidnapped by a serial killer and you must find your way out as a group. This creepy game is a funnel puzzle that requires communication and organization to escape.

Check out The Basement.

10. Woodchux

Axe throwing is an amusing and unique idea for team building activities for small groups in Kansas City. During this outing, coworkers get to spend personal time getting to know each other away from the office. Plus, most Americans are not experts at throwing axes, and team members can learn this new skill. Woodchux is perfect for hosting an event because it offers cornhole, foosball, darts, and other interactive games. Depending on the day, there might also be live music. For large groups of up to 270, you can also reserve the entire venue.

Learn more about axe throwing at Woodchux.

11. Topgolf

Topgolf is a fun and unique twist on the classic game of golf. In this version, participants hit micro-chipped balls at targets on the field. These venues are huge, with several levels of hitting greens. Plus,  drinks and food are available at the location in Overland Park. A group outing to Topgolf is a great way to reward team members for their hard work and enjoy a fun night out. Topgolf is unique in it creates an environment for all team members to enjoy golf, even those with no experience. The event unfolds in a way that encourages learning and competition. The whole group should also enjoy a laid-back night with fun food and drinks.

Learn more about Topgolf.

12. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Many locals in Kansas City have lived here for years and have never been to this unique art museum. Even if art is not your passion, this museum is an experience you do not want to miss. Statues, vases, and paintings will amaze museum-goers throughout the museum. There is also an art-based mini-golf course for attendees. With nine holes inspired by art from inside the museum, this putt-putt course is the most unique one you will play.

Check out the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

13. Faulkner’s Ranch

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary team building activity, then consider hosting your event at Faulkner’s Ranch. During a team building event at the ranch, you will walk into a planned and organized event to develop and encourage the whole team. Your team will get exclusive access to the property, so you will not have to worry about other teams. A trained ranch hand will guide your team through all the activities. The best part of the experience might be the buffet-style meal hand-prepared at the ranch just for your group!

Check out a team building event at Faulkner’s Ranch.

14. Game Show Battle Room

If you have ever watched a game show on television and thought it would be exciting to be on one, then Game Show Battle Room is for you. This unique venue allows participants to take part in their favorite game shows. You can choose Classic Showdowns like Survey Battles, Spin and Solve, and What’s That Cost? Or, opt for Primetime Showdowns like Survey Battles, Matchup Wars, and TimeRush. Either way, your group gets to play all three games. The venue is open seven days a week and offers rates for small and large groups. You can take your corporate team building up a level and let team members compete for bragging rights in their favorite game show.

Learn more about Game Show Battle Room.

15. Art Experience

Expressing yourself through art is a fantastic way to relieve stress. Art Experience specializes in team building events that encourage and inspire groups in Kansas City. Whether your team is entirely local in the area or spread out remotely, Art Experience offers classes to suit any group. This shared learning experience creates a sound group dynamic that translates into a thriving office environment. Even better, your group can end up with a personalized piece of art for your workspace!

Find out more about Art Experience.

16. Chicken N Pickle

Chicken N Pickle is a unique restaurant and activity center in northern Kansas City. This venue does everything in its power to offer delicious food and a fun time. Plus, the location is perfectly situated to host larger groups. If you call ahead, then you can reserve enough Pickle Ball courts for your whole group. Otherwise, simply meet up at the location and enjoy delicious food and drinks along with yard games like cornhole and Connect Four. Chicken N Pickle is a great place to hang out, enjoy good company, and catch a game.

Learn more about Chicken N Pickle.

17. Harvesters Community Food Network

Volunteering is one of the best ways to build teams and do good for your community simultaneously. Harvesters Community Food Network is a fantastic organization working hard to serve Kansas City and the surrounding areas. There are many ways to get your group involved with Harvesters. From sorting nonperishable goods to serving meals to delivering groceries, Harvesters makes it easy for you to serve your community. If you reach out to this organization, then they will work with you to set up a group service activity. This activity is a great way to give back to your community while developing your team more deeply.

Volunteer your time with Harvesters Community Food Network and check out this list of group volunteering ideas.

18. The Majestic

The Majestic is a long-standing tradition in Kansas City. This restaurant operates out of a historic saloon building at 10th and Broadway. Today, locals consider The Majestic one of the best steakhouses in Kansas City, and it just so happens to have a fantastic jazz club downstairs. This speakeasy-esque club offers listeners an intimate setting to catch some of the best jazz music available in the city. The Majestic will also work with groups to set up private dining experiences. It is also helpful that The Majestic serves some of the best steaks in the city. Dinner and jazz at the Majestic are among the best team building activities for large building groups in Kansas City.

Visit The Majestic for jazz, dinner, and drinks.

19. PowerPlay Entertainment Center

PowerPlay is one of the most fun venues to host corporate team team building activities in Kansas City. You only need to show up when you host your event at Powerplay. There are event coordinators who work with you and ensure everything is ready for a dynamic and entertaining team building event. From catered meal options and a full bar to private event spaces and play cards to take advantage of all the attractions, your team will enjoy their day at Powerplay.

Learn more about hosting an event at PowerPlay Entertainment Center.

20. FlipSwitchVR

This unique and high-tech event is original to Kansas City and is the first in the area. During an event at FlipSwitchVR, technology puts users into games. While playing, up to four participants use virtual reality sets and are set loose in a 1,200-square-foot arena. The arena offers a variety of challenges, such as fighting zombies in Arizona Sunshine or disarming nukes in ARVI Escape Games. Team members must work together in a unique and challenging way when beating these games, skills that will translate to the office.

Schedule a private event at FlipSwitchVR.


With options abounding, it is easy to plan fun and entertaining corporate team building activities in Kansas City. Whether you prefer a laid-back event or something a bit more exciting, you will surely find a venue your whole team can appreciate. During these activities, team members get a chance to learn more about each other. Plus, they can practice essential office skills, like communication and problem solving, without even realizing it!

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Kansas City

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about corporate team building activities in Kansas City.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Kansas City?

Some good corporate team building ideas in Kansas City are attending a sporting event, like a Chiefs or Royals game, checking out the World War I Museum, or axe throwing at Woodchux.

What are fun team building activities to do in Kansas City?

Fun team building activities in Kansas City must be able to entertain a variety of ages and personalities. For example, taking your group to a cooking class at The Culinary Center allows team members to work together while preparing delicious food. An escape room is also a fantastic idea.

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