Updated: February 13, 2024

18 Best Team Building Activities in Mountain View, CA

Here is our list of fun team building activities in Mountain View, California.

Team building activities in Mountain View are fun activities that your workforce can enjoy in the Mountain View region. Examples include rage rooms at Break Stuff, camping at Black Mountain Backpack Camp, and bowling at Mountain View Bowl. The purpose of these activities is to boost workers’ morale and foster teamwork. These ideas will also make a positive lasting impression on your company.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults, connection-building activities, and small group team building activities. These events are similar to Mountain View Corporate Events and Mountain View Company Outings.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Mountain View, CA
  • team building activities for large groups in Mountain View, California
  • team building activities for adults in Mountain View
  • corporate team building ideas in Mountain View

Let’s get to it!

List of team building activities in Mountain View

Mountain View is a diverse city home to many cultural, recreational, arts, and fine dining venues. From a spa day at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage to solving The Great Chip Heist Mystery, here are the best activities for teams in the area.

1. Field Day (Staff Favorite)

Field Day is an action-packed event designed to boost morale, strengthen relationships, and cultivate essential workplace skills. Teams will go head-to-head in energetic outdoor games and competitions.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes with an amazing facilitator
  • innovative games and familiar schoolhouse favorites
  • nostalgic activities that spark players’ inner child
  • chances to take team photos for your office or social media

In addition, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the game materials. Field Day is a great bonding experience that gets your team out of the office and into the sunshine.

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Top Choice)

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is a high-energy experience that offers engaging icebreakers, mini-games, and a guacamole-making competition.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes with an incredibly entertaining host
  • mini-games and competitions designed to maximize team engagement
  • tasty guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • optional secret ingredients to shake up the recipes
  • a guacamole mash-off and judging round

Best of all, we will bring all the ingredients to the venue of your choice. If you are looking for a fun event that helps teams bond, then check out The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

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3. The Art of Storytelling (Popular)

If you are looking to improve your team’s ability to make connections, then consider The Art of Storytelling. This immersive experience goes into detail about how to use narratives to engage audiences.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 120 minutes with talented facilitators
  • the five elements of an engaging story
  • valuable insights into language, emotion, and structure
  • techniques for effective communication and presentation skills
  • practice time for attendees to hone their new skills
  • in-depth feedback from the hosts

To make planning a breeze, we will bring all the needed supplies to the venue of your choice. To help your team connect and inspire others through stories, be sure to check out The Art of Storytelling.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. The Great Chip Heist Mystery

The Great Chip Heist Mystery is a thrilling experience at the Computer History Museum. You can participate in this mystery adventure with a group of 6 to 60 players, breaking into smaller teams for competition. In this interactive adventure, teams of three to five players must solve the disappearance of valuable computer chips.

You will dive into the case with a briefing, suspect list, map, and multiple clues. As you explore the museum’s exhibits, you will uncover information about the suspects and their motives. Along the way, teams will enjoy brain teasers and challenges. The team with the most accurate answers identifying the culprit, their motive, and the method of the crime wins. The entire experience takes about two and a half hours.

In addition, your admission ticket to The Great Chip Heist Mystery also grants you access to the museum’s fascinating displays on the history of technology. From a corporate event to a fun outing with friends, The Great Chip Heist Mystery is a fantastic way to explore Silicon Valley’s roots and history.

Learn more about The Great Chip Heist Mystery.

5. Mountain View Mine Adventure Mini-Golf

The Des Plaines Park District runs Mountain View Mine Adventure Mini-Golf, an 18-hole course inspired by an old mining town theme. The course features beautiful creeks, bridges, rock formations, and waterfalls. Golfers will play among a mix of intriguing artifacts and signage, creating a visually appealing and fun environment. The course’s obstacles change seasonally, creating a dynamic and challenging experience.

Visitors can refuel at the concession stand, which offers a selection of favorite snacks, lunches, soft drinks, and ice cream treats. Further, Mountain View Mine Adventure Center is a great location for hosting memorable events like birthday parties, corporate outings, and fundraising gatherings.

Learn more about Mountain View Mine Adventure Mini-Golf.

6. Mountain View Bowl

At Mountain View Bowl, you can enjoy a great mix of engaging activities. Lanes are open to the public daily, offering a social and fun-filled experience. Bowling enthusiasts will love the option of both five-pin and 10-pin bowling.

When you get hungry, you can check out the menu, which features appetizers, pizzas, wings, and sweet treats. The venue also offers a selection of nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks. For those with a competitive spirit, the alley offers leagues to join, regardless of your bowling expertise.

Mountain View Bowl is also the ideal venue for corporate events, team gatherings, and fundraisers. Firms can check out bowling packages, shoe rentals, meeting spaces, and catering services. For a fun-filled team outing, consider stopping by!

Learn more about Mountain View Bowl.

7. The Haunted Palace Escape

Teams will have a blast checking out The Haunted Palace Escape! Ten to 60 players can enjoy this game in small groups of three to six. Hosted at Sports Page, teams will follow clues and solve puzzles to escape. The team that escapes the palace the quickest wins! The experience takes around two and a half hours, and tickets include one drink voucher for Sports Page. If Sports Page does not work for your team, then Bay Mystery can host this experience at a venue of your choice. When looking for team building activities for large groups in Mountain View, California, be sure to consider The Haunted Palace Escape.

Learn more about The Haunted Palace Escape.

8. Savvy Cellar

Since 2010, Savvy Cellar has been treating Mountain View to a wide range of delicious wines, beers, and bites. Teams will find a variety of wines, from sparkling to red to sweet. Folks can order flights to taste more drinks, choosing from mystery, cab sav, or customer’s choice flights. Beer lovers can enjoy brews on tap or from a can. To go with the drinks, folks can order snacks like a Mediterranean plate, charcuterie board, or truffle popcorn. Then, colleagues can head to the cozy indoor seats or heated patio to enjoy their outing. Best of all, Savvy hosts regular events featuring live music, artists, and winemakers.

Learn more about Savvy Cellar.

9. East West Bookshop

Team members interested in the mystical world will love stopping by East West Bookshop. This store is the largest metaphysical bookstore and gift shop in the US. Shoppers can find products from around the world that offer insights into body, mind, and spirit. Popular book titles include Thriving as an Empath, The Wisdom of the Shamans, and The Four Agreements.

If folks are more interested in unique gifts, then they can check out the large collection of items, like crystals, jewelry, art, teapots, and incense. Available crystals are museum quality, and collector Bill Kaunitz curates the selection.

Learn more about East West Bookshop.

10. Los Altos History Museum

The Los Altos History Museum is free to visit, making it a budget-friendly pick for activities to do in Mountain View. The museum is home to several year-round exhibits, such as Making Connections: Stories from the Land and the agricultural exhibit and gardens.

Making Connections details the history of Los Altos and the surrounding valley. Visitors will learn about the individuals and events that shaped the area. The agricultural garden is home to local plants and agricultural farm equipment. Folks can check out trays for drying apricots as well as a rebuilt tractor similar to the one originally used on the land.

Groups of ten or more can arrange for guided tours. Teams can also keep an eye out for rotating exhibits and regular events, such as El Camino Real: Changing California and neighborhood block parties.

Learn more about the Los Altos History Museum.

11. Ristorante Don Giovanni

Teams looking for a delicious bite to eat should stop by Ristorante Don Giovanni. This restaurant has offered a taste of Italy since 1997. Diners can enjoy classic dishes like Margherita pizza, oysters Rockefeller, and chicken piccata. Giovanni’s offers a large selection of drinks to pair with the meal as well. In addition, the restaurant offers catering, so firms can bring these tasty dishes straight into the office. From bruschetta to lasagna, teams will love Giovanni’s classic flavors.

Learn more about Ristorante Don Giovanni.

12. Black Mountain Backpack Camp

Outdoorsy teams should take a trip to visit Black Mountain Backpack Camp! This budget-friendly location only costs a couple of dollars per night per camper. Located at the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, this campground is the only one on Midpen lands. The site is relatively small, offering four single sites and one group site. To get to the campground, folks will have to hike a mile and a half from the parking lot. Once at the site, teams can check out the preserve’s other available activities, such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Learn more about Black Mountain Backpack Camp.

13. The Pear Theatre

Colleagues looking for team building activities for adults in Mountain View should check out The Pear Theatre. This event center was founded in 2002, and it aims to showcase intellectually stimulating and emotionally powerful productions. Examples of previous shows include Bull in a China Shop, Frankenstein, and Falsettos. Visitors can also check out the theatre’s community events, such as improv workshops and cabaret shows. If you are looking for some snacks for the show, then you can visit the concession stand. Diners can enjoy cookies and pastries from The Midwife and The Baker, and then folks can grab a beer made by Shaka Brewing Company. Be sure to add this theatre to your agenda for a thrilling performance!

Learn more about The Pear Theatre.

14. Break Stuff

As one of the first stress therapies in the Bay Area, Break Stuff is the perfect team building activity where participants will let out any pent-up anger and stress. Through this outing idea, your workforce will relieve themselves of any work frustrations. The company offers participants a variety of experiences where attendees will destroy inanimate objects in a controlled-chaos environment. Depending on your package, your team can destroy items such as bottles, glass, televisions, stereo speakers, and computers. If you want to save some bucks, then you can let participants bring in their destruction objects.

Learn more about Break Stuff.

15. Eagle Park

If you are looking for a field that can accommodate your workforce, then Eagle Park is a great option. Located in downtown Mountain View, you can engage your team in bubble soccer at the vast open field. With lots of shops nearby, players can grab food and snacks and even have a small picnic at the designated picnic areas. A team soccer competition is a fun team building activity that will enhance team bonding and teach friendly competition.

Learn more about Eagle Park.

16. Bay Trail

Bay Trail is one of the most popular biking areas in Mountain View. The well-maintained 12.1-kilometer trail offers bikers plenty of views and open space for biking. While the Bay Trail is an easy route, it can take approximately two hours to complete. Participants will have a great time exercising and bird watching, depending on the time you visit the trail. Bay Trail also has a restaurant on-site, and you can enjoy a meal or snack with your team. If you have participants who do not enjoy biking, then you can let attendees enjoy other activities on the trail, such as hiking, walking, or running.

Learn more about Bay Trail.

17. Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage

A spa day at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage tops the list of relaxing team building activities for small groups in Mountain View, CA. With tons of well-thought-out traditional Thai artifacts and art, your team will get the ultimate Thai massage experience. Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage offers a variety of treatments in relaxing and calm surroundings. Participants can choose between treatments such as the aroma hot stone massage, Thai aroma massage, traditional Thai massage, or deep tissue massage. The relaxing massage treatments will facilitate relaxation and increase workers’ productivity.

Learn more about Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage.

18. Eureka

Conveniently located in Downtown Mountain View, Eureka is an all-in-one restaurant where you can share traditional American cuisine with your team. You can try the restaurant’s signature main courses, such as the hand-breaded fried chicken tenders and the Napa chicken sandwich. You can also let your workforce explore the variety of appetizers, gourmet burgers, salads, and desserts on the menu. With a wide selection of drinks, your team will enjoy craft beer, whiskey, wine, and cocktails. You can let your team chat and have a bonding session as participants enjoy Eureka’s selection of food and drinks.

Learn more about Eureka.


Named for the amazing views of the Santa Cruz Mountains that it offers, Mountain View is a great environment where you can enjoy spending time with your team. The city is also home to some of the largest tech companies in the U.S., including Google, Intuit, Samsung, and Microsoft. Mountain View offers corporate teams lots of fun, educational, and thrilling team building activities. While this city in the Silicon Valley region has an urban feel, teams can use many green spaces to escape the bustle and hustle in Mountain View. Be sure to choose fun team building activities suitable for your team’s demographics.

Next, check out this list of get-to-know-you activities.

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FAQ: Team building activities in Mountain View, California

Here are answers about corporate team building activities in Mountain View

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Mountain View?

Some good corporate team building ideas in Mountain View include dining at Ristorante Don Giovanni, shopping at East West Bookshop, and visiting the Los Altos History Museum.

What are fun team building activities to do in Mountain View?

Some fun team building activities to do in Mountain View include sipping at Savvy Cellar, competing at The Haunted Palace Escape, and playing a few rounds at Mountain View Mine Adventure Mini-Golf.

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