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Here is our list of fun corporate team building activities in Mountain View, California.

Corporate team building activities in Mountain View are fun activities that your workforce can enjoy in the Mountain View region. Examples include rage rooms at Break Stuff, picnic at Cuesta Park, and museum tour at Moffett Field Historical Society Museum. The purpose of these activities is to boost workers’ morale and foster teamwork. These ideas will also make a positive lasting impression on your company.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults, connection-building activities, and small group team building activities. These events are similar to Mountain View Corporate Events and Mountain View Company Outings.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Mountain View, CA
  • team building activities for large groups in Mountain View, California
  • team building activities for adults in Mountain View
  • corporate team building ideas in Mountain View

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List of corporate team building activities in Mountain View

Mountain View is a diverse city home to many cultural, recreational, arts, and fine dining venues. From concerts at Shoreline Amphitheatre to spa day at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage and water sports at Shoreline Lake, here are the best activities for teams in the area.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a team building activity where your team will have an engaging trivia competition. Ultimate Trivia Showdown is not your typical trivia, and even the brightest team player may be in for a surprise. The host will lead your team through high-energy quiz mini-games such as the Champion Challenge and Majority Rules. This faceoff will teach your workforce communication, collaboration, and friendly competition. Be sure to book this activity two weeks before your event and provide a location.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off tops the list of competitive team building ideas in Mountain View. Your team will have fun as they partake in a guacamole-making competition. At the end of the mash-off, you will choose the winner based on factors such as presentation and taste. If you have a large group, the host will start by splitting your group into smaller teams of four to six participants. Then, players will choose the role they want to play. For instance, some can be shade throwers while others are cheerleaders.

Besides the guac-making competition, your team will enjoy other fun activities such as Punacado, Happy Cup, or Trivia-cado. After the match, you can prepare your team to eat the guac and serenade the winning team. The Great Guac Off package includes essentials for a successful event, including food, photos, prizes, and guac-making ingredients. You can add custom trophies, catering, and BYOB for a more engaging team event.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a series of high-energy physical challenges for teams to compete within 5,400 seconds. Since the 60 minutes event involves physical activities, it is more suited for outdoor than indoor spaces. The host can customize the set of activities according to your team’s personality.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Your team can step into a real-life comic book via Superhero Academy. For 90 minutes, the host will take groups of four to eight participants through challenges and puzzles that show an incredible superhero journey. Since the team depends on each participant’s strength to win, Superhero Academy will ensure that every worker participates in the activity. Note that at least one participant per team must have a phone or laptop for gameplay.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

5. Picnic at Cuesta Park

Cuesta Park is an excellent idea if you are looking for picnic areas in Mountain View. The park has a nice tennis area with a practice area and courts. With many picnic tables and a large picnic area with BBQ equipment, you can enjoy a fun-filled day with a large group of workers at Cuesta Park. Workers can also take a leisurely stroll around the park or play baseball or baseball. With plenty of trees and seating areas, a summer picnic at Cuesta Park is one of the best team building activities for large groups in Mountain View. If you want to catch the city-sponsored events at Cuesta Park, such as outdoor movies or music in the summer, then check the park’s calendar.

Learn more about Cuesta Park.

6. Rage Rooms at Break Stuff

As one of the first stress therapies in the Bay Area, Break Stuff is the perfect team building activity where participants will let out any pent anger and stress. Through this outing idea, your workforce will relieve themselves of any work frustrations. The company offers participants a variety of experiences where attendees will destroy inanimate objects in a controlled-chaos environment. Depending on your package, your team can destroy items such as bottles, glass, television, stereo speakers, and computers. If you want to save some bucks, then you can let participants bring in their destruction objects.

Learn more about Break Stuff.

7. Play Soccer at Eagle Park

If you are looking for a field that can accommodate your workforce, then Eagle Park is a great option. Located in downtown Mountain View, you can engage your team in bubble soccer at the vast open field. With lots of shops nearby, players can grab food and snacks and even have a small picnic at the designated picnic areas. A team soccer competition is a fun team building activity that will enhance team bonding and teach friendly competition.

Learn more about Eagle Park.

8. Biking at Bay Trail

Bay Trail is one of the most popular biking areas in Mountain View. The 12.1-kilometre well-maintained trail offers bikers plenty of views and open space for biking. While the Bay Trail is an easy route, it can take approximately two hours to complete. Participants will have a great time exercising and bird watching depending on the time you visit the trail. Bay Trail also has a restaurant on-site, and you can enjoy a meal or snack with your team. If you have participants who do not enjoy biking, then you can let attendees enjoy other activities on the trail, such as hiking, walking, or running.

Learn more about Bay Trail.

9. Concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre

Shoreline Amphitheater is a great pick if you want your team to enjoy an outdoor concert in the Bay Area. The amphitheatre is an outdoor venue that hosts some of the country’s most notable orchestras, symphonies, and contemporary and classical artists. With seating of up to 25,500 attendees, the Shoreline Amphitheatre is the perfect outdoor venue for team building activities for large groups in Mountain View. Your team will enjoy the hi-defining and wild screens in the lawn area. Attendees who do not want to sit on the lawn can either bring low-backed beach chairs or rent a chair on site. The venue has a variety of food, snacks, and drinks. Since Shoreline Amphitheatre can get chilly, advise your team to carry warm clothing and a light blanket.

Learn more about Shoreline Amphitheatre.

10. Museum Tour at Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

Moffett Field Historical Society Museum tops the list of educational corporate team building ideas in Mountain View. The Museum aims to preserve North California’s significant historic sites for future generations. The historical tour will take attendees back to the WW2 era through the exhibits.

The Moffett Field Historical Society Museum’s knowledgeable docents will take your team through the history of the army, navy, and marine activities before and after WW2. The history exhibits also cover the history of the San Francisco Bay Area and its role in national defense and aviation history. The museum exhibits start from the early 1930s and include eras such as electronic warfare, USS Macon, army air corps, the cold war era, airfields, and navigation. A museum tour at Moffett Field Historical Society Museum is the perfect team outing that will educate, fascinate, and capture your team’s imagination.

Learn more about Moffett Field Historical Society Museum.

11. Golfing at Shoreline Golf Links

Golfing at Shoreline Golf Links is the perfect team building activity for golf fanatics in your workforce. This fun activity is also a great way to introduce new workers to a new outdoor activity. Shoreline Golf Links stands on a 750-acre shoreline that allows attendees to play and bird watch simultaneously. In addition, shoreline Golf Links has a course that features 18 challenging holes, 16 acres of water wizards, and a 50-acre sailing lake. For a competitive team outing, let your team enjoy equal parts of challenge and nature’s beauty through a golfing tournament at Shoreline Golf Links. After golf, you can grab a meal at the on-site restaurant and drinks at the full bar.

Learn more about Shoreline Golf Links.

12. Dancing at Alberto’s Night Club

Dancing at Alberto’s Night Club is one of the best team building activities for adults in Mountain View where your workforce can let loose and have fun. Alberto’s Night Club is a bar that offers attendees a combination of dance, bar, and music. With different dance themes each day, you can choose an activity that suits your workforce. For instance, attendees can enjoy salsa, bachata mambo, tango, and Latin night. A night outing at Alberto’s Night Club is also a great team activity where teams can learn about the importance of diversity in the workplace. Since Alberto’s Night Club offers dance sessions at night, this team building activity best suits small teams of less than ten participants.

Learn more about Alberto’s Night Club.

13. Educational Tour at Computer History Museum

While a tour of the Computer History Museum is ideal for technology enthusiasts, your team players will learn the game-changers in the history of computers. The museum features multi-media exhibitions where attendees will get in-depth details of the over 2,000 computer history. Your team will also view the technology-related artifacts that date back to the 1940s. Participants can also play computer games such as Spacewar. If you have technology enthusiasts in your team, then participants will learn computer skills such as photoshop and coding from the pros.

Depending on the experience that you want your team to have, you can opt for demonstrations, self-guided tours, or docile-led tours. Your team will understand the driving factors of computing, including creativity, luck, and brilliant engineering.

Learn more about Computer History Museum.

14. Farmers’ Market Tour at Mountain View Farmers Market

A team tour of Mountain View Farmers Market offers attendees an opportunity to discover seasonal food from local suppliers and farmers. As the third-largest market in California, you can expect to find organic produce, fresh flowers, and baked goods. Mountain View Farmers Market opens every Sunday and features over 80 farm stands. Your team can chat with farmers as they shop and learn about harvesting techniques, types of seeds, and sellers’ favorite recipes for their produce.

Learn more about Mountain View Farmers Market.

15. Spa Day at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage

A spa day at Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage tops the list of relaxing team building activities for small groups in Mountain View. With tons of well-thought-out traditional Thai artifacts and art, your team will get the ultimate Thai massage experience. Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage offers a variety of treatments in relaxing and calm surroundings. Participants can choose between treatments such as the aroma hot stone massage, Thai aroma massage, traditional Thai massage, or deep tissue massage. The relaxing massage treatments will facilitate relaxation and increase workers’ productivity.

Learn more about Sawadee Traditional Thai Massage.

16. Lunch at Eureka

Conveniently located in Downtown Mountain View, Eureka is an all-in-one restaurant where you can share traditional American cuisine with your team. You can try the restaurant’s signature main courses, such as the hand-breaded fried chicken tenders and the Napa chicken sandwich. You can also let your workforce explore the variety of appetizers, gourmet burgers, salads, and desserts on the menu. With a wide selection of drinks, your team will enjoy craft beer, whiskey, wine, and cocktails. You can let your team chat and have a bonding session as participants enjoy Eureka’s selection of food and drinks.

Learn more about Eureka.

17. Swimming at Rengstorff Park Pool

Rengstorff Park Pool tops the list of summer outing ideas in Mountain View. The pool has a slide and a diving board, making it the perfect activity to bring out your team’s inner child. Participants can take turns sliding and splashing as they cool off on a hot day. Your team can also engage in other team building activities at the Rengstorff Park, such as skating, tennis, basketball, and soccer. For corporate team building activities for large groups in Mountain View, you can rent the park’s center and host your events.

Learn more about Rengstorff Park Pool.

18. Water Sports at Shoreline Lake

Shoreline Lake is a 50-acre man-made lake in Mountain View. The predictable summer breezes and the enclosed nature make the lake one of the best spots for teams to participate in water sports. Participants can try out various water activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Your team will also catch the gorgeous mountain views and the sunsets. Participants learning about water sports should visit the lake in the morning, given the light winds. Amateurs can also sign up for kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing classes. If you have participants who do not want to participate in water sports, you can let teams relax on the shores and bird-watch. Be sure to grab food and drinks at the on-site café after the water sports.

Learn more about Shoreline Lake.

19. Tour the Googleplex

A tour of Googleplex is among the most inspiring team building activities for small groups in Mountain View. While visitors can tour the Googleplex, the company does not run tours inside the premises. Walking around Google’s headquarters will give workers a sneak peek of one of the most innovative companies globally. The tour will also promote team bonding and inspire your team to work hard in the best interests of your company. Participants can walk around the headquarters and take selfies next to the Android lawn sculptures, art exhibits, and colorful campus bikes. Be sure to take a team photo at the iconic human-sized desserts and green robot.

Learn more about Googleplex.


Named for the amazing views of the Santa Cruz Mountains that it offers, Mountain View is a great environment where you can enjoy spending time with your team. The city is also home to some of the largest tech companies in the U.S, including Google, Intuit, Samsung, and Microsoft. Mountain View offers corporate teams lots of fun, educational, and thrilling team building activities. While this city in the Silicon Valley region has an urban feel, teams can use many green spaces to escape the bustle and hustle in Mountain View. Be sure to choose fun team building activities suitable for your team’s demographics.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Mountain View, California

Here are answers about corporate team building activities in Mountain View

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Mountain View?

Some good corporate team building ideas in Mountain View include an educational tour at The Computer History Museum, swimming at Rengstorff Park Pool, and a farmers’ market tour at Mountain View Farmers Market.

What are fun team building activities to do in Mountain View?

Some fun team building activities to do in Mountain View include escape rooms at Ryptic Room Escape, dancing at Alberto’s Night Club, and golfing at Shoreline Golf Links.

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