Team Building Near Me: How to Find the Best Activities

By: | Updated: August 05, 2022

You probably found this post by Googling team building activities near me, right?

A lot of people do. Team building activities and corporate events are available in almost every city, state and country. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best team building near you. So, we wrote this post to share a few strategies for finding options nearby.

Here it is…

1. Google Search

Google should be your first stop when looking for team building activities in your area. Google rapidly indexes most websites, so if a team building company is available in your city then you should be able to find it.

You’ve probably tried searching for “team building CITY”, for example “team building NYC” or “team building Chicago.” Here are some additional searches that may help you find some new activities:

  • corporate events CITY
  • team outings CITY
  • company outing ideas CITY

You should replace the city variable with the name of your actual city. These searches work because they are closely related to team building, and different enough that Google will often return unique results you may not have seen before.

2. Yelp

Yelp has a very large database of organizations, including team building companies. If you search for “yelp team building CITY” then you can find the relevant page for you. This page will usually list ten activities, which include photos, phone numbers and reviews. The reviews can be helpful for seeing which event types are the most popular. You can view even more options by navigation to the subsequent pages on the site.

Tip: Yelp has a feature that many people don’t know about where businesses can recommend other businesses on the platform. Look at the bottom of a company’s profile to find these recommendations.

3. TripAdvisor

Not every adventure on TripAdvisor is a corporate event, but many of them can be. Try searching for the “top 10 things to do in CITY TripAdvisor” for your city and you may be able to find some unique options. For example, a company may operate food tours for the public but be able to do team building tours as well. Important: you should vet the options to make sure they can meet the standards of a corporate event, which are often higher than public events.

4. Ask a Friend

The team building industry is growing, and more organizations are looking for companies to hire. Chances are that someone you know has attended an excellent team building activity near you. You can ask other HR managers at your company, friends that work for large organizations, your significant other and nearly anyone else.

5. Ask a Competitor

If your organization has done a team event in the city then you already know someone with relevant expertise. Ask your contact at the previous company if they have any recommendations for you to consider. Most companies will be aware of what the competition is doing. Make sure you ask a reputable company to get credible recommendations.

6. Ask an Expert

Have you checked our domain name yet? We live and breathe team building. You can check our locations page which is organized by city, or our virtual team building events.

If you are looking for advice on anything in the industry, including finding the best team building activities near you then send us a quick email at and we will get right back to you with some hot tips.

Final Thoughts

That’s our list of ways to find nearby team building activities. Team building is a great way to bring your employees together, and there are countless options to choose from. You will be able to find something in your community, or at least pretty close to home and work.

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