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You found our list of fun corporate team building activities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Corporate team building activities in Phoenix are events that foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of camaraderie among employees. Examples of corporate team building ideas in Phoenix include Mystery Room, the Great Guac Off, and escape rooms. These activities are a great way for teams in Arizona to create fun memories and have a good time.

These exercises are similar to relationship-building activities, team bonding ideas, and trust-building activities, and are ways to boost cooperation in groups.

These events are similar to Phoenix corporate events and company outings in Phoenix.

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List of corporate team building activities

The following team building activities can make your next corporate event in Phoenix remarkable.

1. Pinspirational

Pinspiration is a Phoenix-based crafting studio where you can host a corporate party and unleash your employees’ creative juices. The facility allows clients to choose between the Splatter Room Experience or the Main Studio Party. There are dozens of crafts to pick from in the Main Studio for your team members to create their own unique masterpieces. The craft options include home décor, paintings, quote signs, and mugs, each with personalization options. Coworkers may express themselves creatively and share ideas.

The Splatter Room is a more active and collaborative alternative. Your crew will wear shower hats, goggles, coveralls, and boots in anticipation of an immersive experience. After entering the Spatter Room, you can splatter paint all over canvases in the style of Jackson Pollock. Coworkers may work on their own canvases or collectively as a team. In addition, Pinspiration offers Beverages and Bites to customers.

Learn more about Pinspirational.

2. LumberJaxes

The workplace can be a source of tension at times. Throwing axes is a great way for your employees to let off steam. After a safety briefing and demonstration, you and your team can participate in a friendly ax-throwing competition. Participants will enjoy an hour “Round Robin” session to decide their place in the competition, after which they will engage into a bracket elimination tournament to select the final winner. Your team will get light refreshments to enjoy between throws. This team building event will surely be a smash with your team in Phoenix.

Read more about LumberJaxes.

3. Escape the Room

An escape room is one of the most exciting team building activities for adults in Phoenix. Typically, escape rooms are available in an escape room facility. If you are looking for an escape room experience in a location of your choice, Escape Room Races in Phoenix can also help you out. Teams will have to work together and use their problem-solving and communication skills in a couple of team-building challenges that test their intelligence and creativity. The first team to complete their objective by gathering all of the necessary clues wins. The winning team in each competition will get trophies.

Learn more about Escape the Room.

4. The Art of Storytelling

For this activity, your team will learn from a team of professional storytellers, including performers, comedians, and scholars. Your group will learn a simple structure for delivering compelling tales from this team. Employees may implement lessons from the art of storytelling both at work and at home. Every team member, from salespeople and front-line staff, to marketing, leadership, and HR departments may benefit from improved storytelling.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

5. The Great Guac Off

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off all comes down to guacamole making in the final round, following mini-games like Trivia-cado and House Builder. These avocado-themed team building games are perfect for your group, especially if you love avocados. The event includes a fun party host, the guac ingredients and dippers, great prizes, and photographs. Your team can also request optional swag bags and BYOB. You can choose to host the Guac Off at your workplace or one of Team Building’s rental venues in Phoenix.

Learn more about the Great Guac Off.

6. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a team-based, story-driven game that tests your group’s ability to work together to solve puzzles. In Phoenix, you can choose between indoor and outdoor hunts, and we can tailor the experience to fit any theme, including your business or industry. These scavenger hunts are difficult for the faint of heart, and not every group succeeds. However, your team will have plenty of fun competing.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

7. The Murder Mystery Company

At this corporate team building activity, participants will tap into their inner detectives to solve a live-action game of Clue. Your team members will split into two groups: suspects and detectives, each led by a team of professional actors. Each team will receive a binder containing the suspects’ profiles, clues, and goals to aid their work. In addition to being a great and memorable team bonding activity, your teammates will have a lot of fun channeling their intuitive and detective abilities. The facility will provide the necessary resources for the activity, including the sets, clothes, and accessories. If you want to include food and beverages, you will have to pay extra fees.

Learn more about the The Murder Mystery Company.

8. Desert Wolf Tours

This facility is one of the best sites to visit if you want to feel the spirit of the renowned and infamous cowboys, soldiers, pioneers, and outlaws. Excellently trained and well-behaved horses are available for all levels of riders. To ensure the wrangler provides the best possible experience, all group trail rides have a limit of six to twelve riders.

Horn bags are standard on all saddles and you can use them to store your personal goods. The one-hour-long walk winds through the Sonoran Desert, which is awe-inspiring. You can have the wrangler capture stunning pictures of you and your horse while you ride across the desert.

Learn more about the Desert Wolf Tours.

9. Bump and Roll

At Bump and Roll, you can unleash your inner child. You can jump on one of their “human hampster balls” and play a round of bowling at their enormous bowling alley. You can also hop on one of the pool tables and kick the balls into the holes using your foot. You can book the whole facility for the company activity as a lighthearted method to foster a sense of camaraderie among coworkers.

Learn more about Bump and Roll.

10. Cooking with Joni

At Cooking with Joni, the chef will teach your group how to prepare some of her favorite dishes based on French, Italian, Korean, and Thai cuisines during a hands-on cooking class. Cooking classes are excellent team building activities for small groups in Phoenix. You can have the event at Joni’s facility in Scottsdale or your workplace. Learning to cook new dishes can be thrilling and fun for your group.

Learn more about Cooking with Joni.

11. Inferno Escape Room

In Phoenix, escape rooms are the perfect team-building activity. You will have to work with your team in a limited area in a short time. Burned Out and Lit are two of the three office-themed escape rooms at Inferno, where you have to put together clues after having a crazy night of partying. You can book several rooms if you plan a big group excursion since each room can hold between two and ten people.

Learn more about Inferno Escape Rooms.

12. Arizona Science Center’s Makerspace.

In addition to its planetarium and five-story 3D cinema, the Arizona Science Center has plenty of other fascinating exhibits. The CREATE Makerspace is a great place to bring your group if you are looking to bond via cutting-edge technology like 3D printers. You and your team can create LED accessories or laser-etched souvenirs that you may take home. Their facilities are available for an expansive event space or you can opt to bring the party to you with their mobile makerspace options.

Learn more about Makerspace.

13. Altered Combat

You can book an event with Altered Combat, a mobile laser and archery tag business. The company can bring the equipment to your workplace or preferred location for another exciting activity. Unlike paintball, these games do not need as much physical exertion, making them ideal for teams of all ages and skills. You can set group missions for a fun and productive team-building experience.

Learn more about Altered Combat.

14. Taste It Tours

The Take a Taste It Tour is a great idea if you want to get out of the office and get some fresh air team building activities for small groups in Phoenix. You and your team can opt between a day or an evening tour that takes you to at least four local eateries. You will also learn about the history and culture of the area while savoring the local cuisine. Trolley excursions are available, but you will walk between each stop. There are two options for this activity: a pub crawl or a wine and chocolate tour, and it can accommodate parties of 10 to over 100 people.

Learn more about Taste It Tours.

15. Brush Bar

Painting and sip parties are a great team-building choice in Phoenix since you can take a piece of the event home with you. There are a variety of team-building activities, including Painting Musical Chairs, in which participants rotate between canvases as the painting progresses to make the process interesting. The Brush Bar is in Scottsdale, but you can arrange to have the Brush-to-Go painting party and easels at your workplace. Each participant gets a complimentary bottle of wine, paint, and canvases.

Learn more about the Brush Bar.

16. Jake’s Unlimited

Featuring a laser tag arena, bowling lanes, and 170 arcade games, Jake’s Unlimited is Phoenix’s own award-winning indoor amusement park and fun center. Each admission ticket includes unlimited food and beverages.

Corporate team building in Phoenix has never been easier than with Jake’s Unlimited’s hassle-free, all-inclusive party packages. You and your coworkers will have a blast playing games and having a good time together at this venue.

Learn more about Jake’s Unlimited.

17. Simply Smashing Rage Room

The Simply Smashing Rage Room is the place to go if you would rather vent your displeasure on real-world items. You and your team will get golf clubs and baseball bats to smash the office equipment that frustrates you the most, including printers, monitors, and keyboards to smithereens. You should get ready to put on your safety gear and turn up the volume on your favorite tunes while you and your team have a good time. You can pay for a party room for post-event debriefings and even ask for video recordings of the activity for keepsakes.

Learn more about Simply Smashing Rage Room.

18. 5k races

After the long Phoenix summer, a charity race is a terrific opportunity to raise funds and donate to a good cause while staying active. 5K races offer different fun race options, which means even the least athletic people of your organization can participate. The tracks are short enough to stroll, and these races provide plenty of time for socializing and merriment.

Learn more about 5K races in Phoenix.

19. Octane Raceway

Participants of any age can enjoy indoor go-kart racing. Octane Raceway in Phoenix is an ideal location for an exhilarating team building activity for adults. In Octane’s spectacular 13-mile track, your team may race go-karts at speeds of up to 45 mph while encouraging friendly rivalry and celebrating victory.

Virtual reality gaming is also available at Octane Raceway. With Velocity VR, you and your coworkers can experience a lifelike gaming experience where your bodies act as the controllers. The exhilarating and surreal gaming experience promotes group bonding, collaboration, and communication. Octane Raceway provides a broad range of corporate event packages for parties of 10 to 500 people, all of which are customizable to fit a range of budgets.

Learn more about Octane Raceway.

20. Phoenix Glass Center

At Downtown Phoenix’s newest glass-blowing studio and art gallery, you and your team will receive step-by-step guidance through the glass-blowing process from an experienced teacher. You will get a unique bonding experience with your coworkers while you master the skill of glass blowing. You will get to choose the colors and patterns before letting the pros handle the creation of your item. You can create a one-of-a-kind item to take home to your family and friends.

Learn more about Phoenix Glass Center.

21. Phoenix Party Bike

The party boat can accommodate up to 15 people for private parties. Up to 180 persons may ride the fleet’s 12 pedal-powered party bikes, making it a great activity for large groups. You can buy a drink from the on-site liquor shop and enjoy sips as you ride through the streets of Phoenix. You can make your itinerary and make pit stops at your favorite attractions along the road. The disco lights and a high-quality music system create an immersive club-like ambiance. Also, the built-in electric motor makes pedaling a breeze.

Learn more about Phoenix Party Bike.

22. VIP Airsoft Arena

At the VIP Airsoft Arena, you can explore the meticulously-created areas that even the most seasoned gamers find amazing. The on-site store offers professional airsoft gear. The enthusiastic team at the facility provides you with safety instructions and technical tidbits as you make your way through the activity. You can relax with a few beers and pizza after your training session and talk about the parts that went well and what might have been better. Open areas, vast halls, and close-quarter fighting zones make the immersive arenas.

Learn more about VIP Airsoft Arena.

23. Feed My Starving Children

Volunteering can be a good activity to consider if your company’s basic values include giving back to the community. Volunteering for Feed My Starving Children is a great team-building activity, and it also helps a good cause, namely, the battle against childhood hunger. As a group, you may sign up and pick the part you want to play based on whatever physical constraints you have. There will be some friendly rivalry among the various teams.

Learn more about Feed My Starving Children’s group volunteer opportunities and check out more group volunteer options.


When considering team-building activities in Phoenix, it is essential that you prepare ahead and select an activity that is appropriate for that time of year. Summertime is the best time to enjoy several outdoor activities. Employee morale will soar when a corporate team building event instills a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among your workforce. These events are also a great way to show your staff how much you care about them, which will result in higher employee engagement.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Phoenix.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Phoenix?

Some good corporate team building ideas include escape rooms, painting parties, and volunteering.

What are fun team building activities to do in Phoenix?

Some fun team building activities include food tours, archery, and kart racing.

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