21 Fun Corporate Team Building Activities in Portland, OR

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Here is our list of the best corporate team building activities in Portland, Oregon.

Corporate team building activities in Portland are ideas that put teammates into a new environment and encourage interaction. Examples include obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, and board game events. These ideas aim to get teams intermingling and working together in the city.

The purpose of these outings is to improve cooperation and create a positive work environment. These ideas are similar to corporate event ideas in Portland and Portland company outing ideas.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Portland, OR
  • team building activities for large groups in Portland, Oregon
  • team building activities for adults in Portland
  • corporate team building ideas in Portland

Here we go!

List of corporate team building activities in Portland

From DIY Bar to Bottle & Botega, here is a list of the most fun Portland team building ideas.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a 90-minute experience centered around a collaborative guacamole-making contest. The event flow includes themed trivia, a pun-off, and other fun icebreakers. A host brings all the necessary ingredients and encourages participants to cheer each other on or gently rib each other for maximum fun. You can host this event at any location and add extras like catering or gift bags.

For more information on The Great Guac Off.

2. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a hands-on mystery that tests your team’s deductive reasoning skills. This 90-minute event is mobile, meaning a host will travel to you to set the scene. This experienced gamemaster will lead teams through tricky puzzles and hand out extra clues to deserving winners. Participants work together in small groups against other teams, blending elements of collaboration and friendly competition. This activity teaches teams how to problem-solve collectively and heightens the group’s critical-thinking ability.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

3. The Art of Storytelling

Portland is a city that loves a good story, and The Art of Storytelling is a workshop that teaches attendees how to tell the perfect story. This two-hour professional development session shares the expertise of professional storytellers and passes along step-by-step instructions for memorable messaging. First, attendees hear a breakdown of the elements of a strong narrative before breaking off into groups to craft a quick but compelling anecdote. Groups will then continue perfecting the piece for the duration of the session by responding to feedback.

Learn more about the Art of Storytelling.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness brings a field-day-like atmosphere to the workplace. In this one-hour showdown, teammates face off in fast-paced physical mini-games. A fun and experienced host is on hand to ensure fair play and maximum shenanigans. This event is popular for outdoor playtime and boisterous groups.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Splat Action

Splat Action offers three paintball experiences, including Woodsball, Hyperball, and Airsoft.

Woodsball takes advantage of Splat Actions’ 47 acres of forest and provides teams with 20 standard paintball game formats on various terrains.

Hyperball offers fields outside forested areas and is more fast-paced, using permanent bunkers and a non-standard tournament format.

Splat Action’s Airsoft option allows teams to play on any field of their choice with Airsoft equipment. Participants can either rent Airsoft equipment or bring their own.

For more information on Splat Action.

6. Live Laugh Love Art

Live Laugh Love Art hosts six team-building activities, including pottery, canvas painting, paint pour, glass fusing, custom soy candles, and wood signs.

For example, with a pottery activity, teams choose from over 100 bisque items and make a plate, bowl, or vase. This activity unleashes teams’ creativity and gives participants a project to work on while socializing. Live Laugh Love Art offers mobile events and will travel to you in addition to providing in-studio courses.

For more information on Live Laugh Love Art.

7. DIY Bar

One of the best team building activities for small groups in Portland is a DIY Bar experience. DIY Bar, a fusion of a craft workshop and bar, offers over a dozen DIY crafts. Teams receive the materials, tools, and self-guided tutorials for each project. Crafts include string art, macramé art, mason jar mug, and succulent pots. This provider also offers virtual versions as well as travel-to-you options.

For more information on DIY Bar.

8. K1 Racing

Teams will love racing against one another in a K1 race. This track offers three team-building experiences, including:

  • Indoor Kart Racing: Each team member participates in a practice and qualifying race. The fastest racers on each team will move on to the final race and try to score as many points for their team as possible.
  • Ball Challenge Relay: Teams of three compete in a relay challenge where the race with a soccer ball attached to the kart. The ball is not secured well, so it takes skills to get around the track without the ball falling off. The team that gets to the finish line intact first wins!
  • Pit Crew Challenge: Teams of four compete in this challenge. Each team member removes a tire/wheel and hands it to the next team member. Receiving team members repeat removing and handing over the wheel. The crew that finishes this challenge in the shortest time wins!

For more information on K1 Racing.

9. Helium Comedy Club

The Helium Comedy Club can host up to 275 people for a team afternoon of laughs. The venue will customize your team building event and offers different amenities like:

  • cocktails
  • stand-up comedy classes
  • company-oriented trivia games
  • roasts

For more information on Helium Comedy Club.

10. Wildcraft Studio School

Wildcraft Studio School offers team workshops in traditional crafts, textiles, and Native American arts. Your team can spend the afternoon learning about Native art while doing different crafts like:

  • wood carving
  • leather working
  • spinning
  • natural dyeing

Your team can opt to do a full or half-day experience. The studio also offers a series called “Summer Field Trips” which revolves around spending the day outdoor crafting together.

For more information on Wildcraft Studio School.

11. Birdie Time Pub

Birdie Time Pub is one of the best team building activities for adults in Portland. Birdie Time Pub is where mini golf meets golf simulator meets bar. The pub offers team experiences that include:

  • 9-hole Mini Golf
  • golf and sports simulator with 13 interactive experiences
  • mini putting games
  • board games

When your team finishes playing golf, they can relax and enjoy Birdie Time Pub’s patio area and fire bar.

For more information on Birdie Time Pub.

12. Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social fuses games with cocktails at their 32,000-square-foot venue. Some activities that your team can partake in include:

  • table games like giant Scrabble, Ping Pong, billiards, and Foosball
  • classic arcade games
  • karaoke
  • bowling

Punch Bowl Social offers a host of alcoholic beverages, including draft, craft, and classic beers.

For more information on Punch Bowl Social.

13. 4T Hike Trail

You can get your team outside and moving with a 4T adventure. 4T stands for “trail, tram, trolley, and train”!

First, your team will experience a hike from the Oregon Zoo to the highest point in the city, then down to Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). From OHSU, team members will board the Portland Aerial Tram and soar 3,300 feet down to the riverfront. Next, the team will hop on the Portland Streetcar into downtown Portland for shops, restaurants, and food carts. Finally, everyone will take the Max light rail back to the starting point for the last leg of the loop.

For more information on 4T Hike Trail.

14. Hollywood Theater Night

One of the best team building activities for large groups in Portland is a Hollywood Theater Night. The building is historic and aesthetically gorgeous, and the showings span a range of films to suit many tastes. You and your team can rent a theatre or participate in a public event. In addition, the theatre regularly hosts fun events like outdoor movies and B-Movie Bingo, where viewers mark off film cliches like “teamed up with a rookie animal.”

For more information on Hollywood Theater.

15. Portland Food Tours

Portland Food Tours allow teams to experience the city’s culinary scene. Experiences currently come in three options:

  • Food Carts, Pods, and Patio Tours
  • Downtown Coffee and Donut Tour
  • Willamette Valley Wine Tour

The wine tour includes transportation and explores three different wineries. Meanwhile, the food tours span one mile of walking and four to seven stops. To keep the experience intimate, organizers cap groups at seven or ten, respectively. Thus, this option is more suitable for small teams. Attendees get the chance to interact with staff and owners and hear more about the business and the foodie history of Portland.

For more information on Portland Food Tours.

16. Rose City Rollers

Rose City Rollers is a roller derby rink that regularly runs matches. This high-intensity sport is thrilling and is a sure way to get employees’ blood pumping. The experience will surely be memorable, especially if employees have never watched a match. Not to mention, this outing is a great way to promote female empowerment.

You and your team can arrange for reserved group seating at a special rate or arrive early to find seats near each other in the crowd.

Pro tip: Consider becoming a sponsor and repping your company’s logo at the showdowns.

For more information on Rose City Rollers.

17. Portland Electric Boat

Portland Electric Boat offers stunning water tours of the city. Cruises are available in standard or luxury models and seat a maximum of ten or twelve passengers. The vessels are covered to protect from weather, and heating is available so that you can enjoy the activity during colder months. For especially adventurous attendees, the company offers the option of learning how to steer the easy-to-operate ships. The boats also include stereo sound so that you can play music and invoke a party atmosphere.

For more information on Portland Electric Boat.

18. PDX Fencing

At PDX Fencing, team members can safely learn the sport of fencing. This activity is excellent for stress relief and friendly competition. The venue provides all gear and allows participants to practice with foam or metal swords. An expert coaches class members in proper form and style and remains on hand to surprise safety measures. The venue also offers a meeting room and food options.

For more information on PDX Fencing.

19. Pats Acres Racing Complex

Pats Acres Racing Complex provides go-kart tracks for a day of team racing. The venue offers special packages to groups of ten or more, including a LeMans-style team endurance race. Team members can get behind the wheel and try to out-drive their coworkers during a day of competitive fun. Team races range from one to two hours. For additional bragging rights, the park posts track records on its website. The complex also offers motocross options on weekends.

For more information on Pat’s Acres Racing Complex.

20. Creo Chocolate Experiences

Creo Chocolate Experiences brings a hands-on candy-making experience to teams. The outing starts with a behind-the-scenes factory tour and ends with a chocolate bar-making workshop. Participants also often get to sample different chocolates. The experience is educational, interactive, and delicious and provides teams with a memorable shared experience.

Rates start at $25 per person.

For more information on Creo Chocolate Experiences

21. Escape Games PDX

Escape Games PDX offers five unique escape rooms, including:

  • Portlandia: This experience plays off the hit TV show Portlandia and pokes fun at the city’s stereotypes.
  • Film Noir: This room has a classic-detective-movie theme and includes tropes like the femme fatale. In this mystery, your team steps into the role of detectives and seek to uncover the city’s seedy criminal underbelly.
  • Amnesia: Players wake up in a white room with a vague recollection of registering for a clinical trial but no other memories. The game’s goal is to piece together clues and figure out what brought you to the room and how to get out.

Most challenges are suitable for two to eight players and last one hour.

For more information on Escape Games PDX.


Portland is known for its uniqueness and is a great place to highlight the individual personalities of your team. Exploring the city’s quirks is a shared experience that will bring colleagues closer together and give coworkers something to talk about back at the office. The city hosts a variety of activities suitable for all seasons and teams of all sizes.

Next, check out these lists of team building games and team challenges.

FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Portland, Oregon

Here are answers about corporate team building activities in Portland.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Portland?

Some good corporate team building ideas in Portland are indoor kart racing, Birdie Time Pub, and a Hollywood Theater night.

What are fun team building activities to do in Portland?

Some fun team building activities to do in Portland are First Nature Tours, PDX Fencing, and Bottle & Botega.

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