Updated: January 20, 2024

17 Best Team Building Resorts

Here is our list of the best team building resorts.

Team building resorts are fun destinations that offer facilities for doing various indoor and outdoor team activities. Examples include The Uprising Beach Resort, Crystal Spring Resort, and Ayers Rock Resort. The purpose of these resorts is to provide the ideal out-of-work environment where teams can unwind, bond, and build camaraderie.

These ideas are similar to corporate retreat locations and are good venues for corporate retreats or company offsites. These resorts use team building exercises to boost teams’ morale and improve team cooperation.


This list includes:

  • resorts for team retreats
  • all-inclusive team building resorts
  • US based team building resorts
  • international team building resorts
  • best resorts for team building

Let’s get to it!

List of team building resorts

Visiting a team building resort is a great way to boost your team’s morale and have fun. The resorts usually provide a dedicated team to plan your experience. From Turtle Bay Resort to Forest Hill Resort, here are the best resorts to visit for a lasting team building experience.

1. The Uprising Beach Resort

Location: Pacific Harbour, Fiji Islands

The Uprising Beach Resort features outdoor adventures for the ultimate corporate team building experience. You can enjoy beachside activities with your colleagues, from beach volleyball to game fishing. Also, you can enjoy snorkeling, ocean kayaking, village tours, and rainforest trekking. The Uprising Beach Resort will tailor the program to meet your team’s expectations.

For a more adventurous experience, your team can reserve a “Terra Trek,” a guided tour at the back of Pacific Harbour. You will also find a zip line just 25 minutes from the resort. The Uprising Beach Resort remains one of the most fun resorts for team retreats.

Learn more about The Uprising Beach Resort.

2. Rough Creek Lodge & Resort

Location: Texas, United States

Rough Creek Lodge & Resort is a nice location for groups to visit. The resort is more than willing to help you plan your experience and organize fun team building activities. Whether your goal is improving nonverbal communication or building camaraderie, the resort will develop a plan to reach your objectives.

Rough Creek Lodge & Resort has an assortment of activities to offer guests all year round. Your group can ride horses, climb walls, or share a team meal at the restaurant onsite. Rough Creek Lodge & Resort also provides facilities for teams who enjoy shooting sports, from sporting clay courses to state-of-the-art shooting ranges. In addition, your booking package includes access to a maze, basketball court, kids’ ranch, boats, and hayride. Furthermore, the resort has a petting farm for guests who would love to meet and greet with goats, rabbits, and ponies. Your team can also roast marshmallows and practice your storytelling skills around one of the resort’s limestone fire pits.

Learn more about Rough Creek Lodge & Resort.

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3. Deerhurst Resort

Location: Ontario, Canada

Deerhurst Resort is one of the best resorts for team building. You get to work with a team that plans experiences to produce your group’s desired results. The resort is home to two public courses. Plus,  guests who want to improve their golf skills can take lessons.

Deerhurst takes pride in customizing the team building program to suit whatever approach different teams prefer. Deerhurst Resort can also help your team host an unforgettable golf tournament. Other activities available at this resort include campfires, boating, and ATV riding. This resort remains a fun destination all year round. During the winter, your team can go skiing, skating, and snowmobiling. In addition, a full-service spa is available onsite with facilities like a steam room, whirlpool, and swimming pool.

Learn more about Deerhurst Resort.

4. Margaritaville Resort

Location: Florida, United States

Margaritaville Resort is a fun destination ideal for groups of all sizes. The resort has a beach club for groups to unwind and share a drink. You can reserve a private cabana and impress your team members with the resort’s commendable beverage service.

Your team can also bond by exploring the dine-in movie theater and live music bar at the Sunset Walk.  You can also book a therapeutic session at the St. Somewhere Spa. Margaritaville Resort is home to four dining areas offering delicious menu options for every occasion. Margaritaville Resort is a lively team building venue offering quality entertainment all year round.

​Learn more about Margaritaville Resort.

5. The Ranch at Rock Creek

Location: Montana, United States

The Ranch at Rock Creek is one of the best all-inclusive team building resorts. This location has all you need for a therapeutic team building experience, from luxury venues to expert instructions. In addition, the resort serves great-tasting dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

The activities to do onsite include mountain biking, ice skating, and even hiking. If your team members are fans of fishing, then you can fish for trout and whitefish along White Creek. The Ranch at Rock Creek also provides onsite instructions for guests who would love to learn archery. Whether you are an experienced archer or new to the skill, you can expect an adventurous experience at  the 3D archery courses. Furthermore, you and your teammates can enjoy customizable treatments at the spa in this resort.

Learn more about The Ranch at Rock Creek.

6. Lake Arrowhead Resort

Location: California, United States

Lake Arrowhead Resort is a beautiful team building site with a natural setting. This area features an outdoor pool, eight meeting rooms, and a spa and fitness center. You can go on different adventures with your team, from guided tours to hiking. The best part is that this resort is close to SkyPark, where your team can climb rocks, ride mountain bikes, and slide down a zip line. You can also go fishing or embark on a boat tour.

Lake Arrowhead Resort has several dining areas serving locally sourced food. The resort once received accolades from California Meetings + Events Magazine as the “Best Mountain Resort.”

Learn more about Lake Arrowhead Resort.

7. Forest Hills Resort

Location: Georgia, United States

Forest Hills Resort is one of the best US based team building resorts. The facilities available in this destination include a private outdoor water tub, meeting spaces, inns, and suites with a luxurious setting.

Also, the resort has a firepit where you and your colleagues can have a campfire experience. For more fun outdoor activity ideas, you can go horseback riding or do archery. Forest Hills Resort also offers a “Chuck Wagon Dinner,” an exciting dining experience that will give you a feel of past times. Your group members will take a wagon ride to a dining area with an old-school setting and live entertainment. Whether you have a small or large group, you will enjoy a team building session doing activities like ice breakers, wine tasting, golfing, and adult go-karting. The resort can plan your event details and even provide an expert guide.

Learn more about Forest Hills Resort.

8. Turtle Bay Resort

Location: Hawaii, United States

Turtle Bay Resort takes pride in providing a luxurious environment ideal for team building. In this destination, you will find two golf courses open to all guests. You can request a lesson if you would like to improve your golf skills.

Turtle Bay Resort has state-of-the-art facilities, including tennis and pickleball courts. The resort also organizes meet-and-greet sessions with ponies. Furthermore, you can explore a five-mile shoreline around the resort with your team on bikes. If your team members are active adventurers, then booking a guided hiking tour is a great idea. In addition, you can enjoy various beach activities with your colleagues, from swimming to snorkeling.

Learn more about Turtle Bay Resort.

9. Spice Island Beach Resort

Location: St. George’s, Grenada

Spice Island Beach Resort is one of the most relaxing destinations to visit with your group. The resort has facilities for a fantastic yoga session. You and your team can bond by taking a yoga class to learn different techniques, from Hatha to yin yoga.

Your team can also relax at the beachside while doing icebreakers. Furthermore, the resort offers an award-winning spa with an outdoor relaxation lounge, sauna, and a cascading water wall. You can also stop at Oliver’s restaurant near the sea for a team dinner. This dining area accommodates different dietary needs and entertains guests with traditional reggae and calypso music. Spice Island Beach Resort is among the most fun resorts for team retreats.

Learn more about Spice Island Beach Resort.

10. Westgate River Ranch

Location: Florida, United States

Westgate River Ranch is one of the best resorts to book if you want to do team building activities in the “cowboy” way. The resort customizes the activities to meet various groups’ goals and specific needs. You can choose from an assortment of activities lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours. Examples include a team challenge course, amazing race, cattle ride, and saddle up and ride.

In addition, your group can enjoy a private 45-minute hayride along the Kissimmee River. The best part of this experience is that you will get an up-close view of animals like alligators, wild turkeys, and hogs. Furthermore, Westgate River Ranch offers private dancing for teams looking to learn new dance moves together.

Learn more about Westgate River Ranch.

11. Lake Shore Village Resort

Location: New Hampshire, United States

Lake Shore Village Resort is an excellent location to plan a perfect team building retreat. You can easily access facilities for fun team building activities like tennis, canoeing, and kayaking. Boat rental services are available for resort guests. You and your team members can also enjoy a lobster cookout during your stay.

Lake Shore Village Resort is one of the most fun team building locations. The resort features lake houses providing scenic water views for guests. The company will provide all your team needs for a successful team building program, from catering and entertainment to WiFi service. You can also access tent meeting areas and dining sites where your team can set up a bonfire. Regardless of the time of the year you visit this resort, you and your colleagues can rest assured that you will have an unforgettable experience.

Learn more about Lake Shore Village Resort.

12. Crystal Springs Resort

Location: New Jersey, United States

Crystal Springs Resort offers fun team building programs that support wellness, sustainability, and local agriculture. Your team can go on a sustainable farm tour to interact with the farmers and the animals. You can also take a guided hiking tour along the Appalachian Trail, located five miles from the resort.

Furthermore, Crystal Springs Resort allows your team to build a bee box with a local beekeeper. After, you and your colleagues will return with jars of honey as an appreciation gift. The resort also offers an experience where you can grow your own mushrooms and learn more about the plants. If your teammates are animal lovers, then you can book a goat yoga or rescue dog meet-and-greet session. Other fun activities include golf, archery, blind wine tasting, and fishing.

Learn more about Crystal Springs Resort.

13. Castel Monastero

Location: Siena, Italy

Castel Monastero is one of the best international team building resorts. This destination offers fun group activities all year round. Your team members can enjoy an exhilarating ride in a vintage car, ride horses, or explore the countryside.

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, you can rest assured that your team building experience in this location will be quite impressive. Castel Monastero is home to three dining areas serving traditional Tuscan cuisine and wines. If your team members are wine aficionados, then you can sign up for one of Castel Monastero’s wine programs. During this 90-minute guided session, you will gain insights into the Tuscan history and traditional wine-making process. Furthermore, Castel Monastero offers various wellness programs, hot air balloon rides, and cooking classes to make the best of your visit.

Learn more about Castel Monastero.

14. Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

Location: Haouzia, Morocco

Mazagan Beach provides a variety of experiences for adventure-loving teams. If your group enjoys the outdoors, then you can do activities like wall climbing, paintballing, and go-karting. You can also practice your shooting skills at the course in the Mazagan forest.

For a more relaxing team building experience, your team can spend time together at the resort’s spa and fitness center and even try laughter yoga. You can also participate in artistic and cultural experiences, such as calligraphy classes, painting, music, dance, and culinary workshops. Additionally, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort offers a nine-hole mini golf course, pickleball court, go-kart course, and bike trails for sports-loving teams.

Learn more about Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort.

15. Delta Riviera Nayarit

Location: Nayarit, Mexico

Delta Riviera Nayarit is one of the best team building resorts with a tropical setting. From beaches to scenic views of mountains, the resort has a breathtaking environment that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues. You will work with a dedicated planning team to organize your team building program.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of your visit to this resort to explore the art and cultural artifacts in Riviera Nayarit. You will also find fitness and wellness centers with state-of-the-art amenities in this location. To unwind, your team can relax and enjoy cocktails at the beach club just a few minutes from the resort. Delta Riviera Nayarit remains one of the best all-inclusive team building resorts.

Learn more about Delta Riviera Nayarit.

16. Ayers Rock Resort

Location: Yulara, Australia

Ayers Rock Resort offers lasting team building experiences where you can learn more about Aboriginal traditions. A campground is available onsite, with facilities like an outdoor kitchen, playground, and swimming pool. Ayers Rock Resort equally offers a variety of hotels located near Uluru. You can access a complimentary resort shuttle bus, parking space, and a volleyball court during your stay.

The best part of visiting Ayers Rock Resort is that you can easily access local attractions and sites. You can spend time with the Anangu and Aboriginal indigenes and learn more about their culture. Also, Ayers Rock Resort offers the “Bush Food Experience.” During this free tour, you and your team can watch a live 45-minute cooking demonstration. Furthermore, your group can go on a nature walk around Uluru and relax at the Red Ochre Spa. You can also book the “Sound of Silence,” an outdoor dining experience featuring a bush tucker-inspired menu. Ayers Rock Resort stands out for providing comfy accommodation options to suit various budgets and tastes.

Learn more about Ayers Rock Resort.

17. Seascape Beach Resort

Location: California, United States

Seascape Beach Resort is one of the best US-based team building resorts. The destination has the perfect view and facilities to give your team an unforgettable team building experience. You can try out the “Pizza Project,” ideal for groups with up to 50 members. During this experience, a chef will guide you and your team through preparing dinner with an outdoor wood-fired oven.

In addition, Seascape Beach Resort conveniently sits near fun local attractions, like Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Gizdich Ranch. Also, the site offers over 15 conference rooms with scenic ocean views.

Learn more about Seascape Beach Resort.


Team building resorts provide amenities and services to facilitate a team building experience. These resorts usually have experts onsite to guide teams through the program. Also, the offered activities vary from different resorts. Typical team building activities provided include hiking tours, wall climbing, fishing, and shooting experiences. Visiting a team building resort is a great way to boost your employees’ morale and encourage creativity. The resorts are also fun places to unwind, break work monotony, and relieve stress. You will often find spa centers in these team building resorts where your team can enjoy therapeutic and relaxing treatments.

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FAQ: Team building resorts

Here are answers to some questions about team building resorts.

What are team building resorts?

Team building resorts are destinations similar to a hotel and offer facilities to meet all your travel needs, from accommodation to food and entertainment. These resorts tailor the programs to meet your team building goal, whether it be communication building or teamwork development.

What are the best team building resorts?

The best team building resorts include Rough Creek Lodge & Resort, The Uprising Beach Resort, Castel Monastero, Deerhurst Resort, Seascape Beach Resort, Turtle Bay Resort, Margaritaville Resort, and Westgate River Ranch.

What do you do at a team building resort?

You can do various team activities at a team building resort, such as hiking, wall climbing, rope courses, and horse riding. Several resorts also entertain teams with local and cultural experiences. For instance, you can interact with locals, assist farmers, and learn more about traditional culinary styles. If you book a beach resort, then you can do activities like boating, fishing, and canoeing. Aside from fun team building activities, the resorts also provide dining areas for sharing group meals.

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