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You found our list of fun corporate team building activities in Sacramento, CA.

Corporate team building activities in Sacramento are exercises that can help boost employee morale and participation at work. Some corporate team building ideas include the escape rooms, the Sac Brew Bike, and the Sacramento zoo tour. These ideas spice up off-site meetings with friendly competition and give employees a change of scenery and pace.

These ideas are examples of group activities, team bonding ideas, and small group team building.

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List of corporate team building activities in Sacramento

The following are some of the best corporate team building ideas in Sacramento that are sure to strengthen bonds amongst coworkers:

1. The Great Guac Off

If you are looking for a tasty way to bond with your coworkers in Sacramento, the Great Guac Off should be on your list. This event aims to please your group’s appetites and aptitude for team building, as it combines fun games, a sprinkle of avocado puns, trivia, and a friendly guacamole-making competition. This exclusive avocado event may be held anywhere in Sacramento, like your workplace, a conference hall, or rental space. The Great Guac Off is one of the best options for fun and easy team building activities for small groups in Sacramento.

Get more details about The Great Guac Off.

2. Museum Hack

Museum Hack is a novel option for Sacramento-based corporations seeking team-building exercises. This experience is an alternative tour group that visits the top museums around California. Museum Hack’s corporate team building activities aim to be the most enjoyable team event you have ever had at a museum. In addition, Museum Hack is unique in that it can tailor the whole museum visit to the preferences of your business.

This activity will take you on a journey to the Bay Area, where you can take in the fascinating artifacts at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Part of Museum Hack’s allure is the guides’ ability to draw parallels between, say, an outlandish artifact from the 10th century and your company’s ideals and goals. Museum escape games and scavenger hunts are available. You could also include wine or host a storytelling course to help your staff become master storytellers who can better connect with and retain customers.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

3. Gingerbread Wars

This activity might also serve as the office holiday party. Gingerbread Wars is a festive complement to any office holiday celebration. This event is a blast and has remarkable team building benefits. Your group will participate in holiday-themed quizzes and other mini-games before competing in gingerbread house-building challenges. After the event, participants can enjoy eating their gingerbread creations and take home a gift. Food, photographer, and BYOB are add-ons you can consider for your event. You may have the event at your workplace, your preferred location, or one of the company’s Sacramento venues. You should note that Gingerbread Wars only accepts bookings for days throughout the holiday season. Therefore, it is best to plan your team event as far in advance as possible.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

4. A Field Day with Xoso Sports

Xoso, a local sports and social company, organizes leagues like softball, kickball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. Pub crawls and field days are just two examples of the volunteer and networking opportunities available to young professionals. In addition, Xoso is available to organize and lead your team building event, with activities suitable for participants of all ages and skill levels. You can choose from activities ranging from trivia contests and competitions to sports and indoor games.

Learn more about Xoso Sports.

5. The Sac Brew Bike

Sacramento Brew Bike is a 15-passenger pedal-powered vehicle that allows urban dwellers to get some exercise inside the city. With five bicycles at your disposal, you may bring along your whole party. This event is one of the fun team building activities for large groups in Sacramento. You can engage in any interesting activities available, including a pub crawl, a treasure hunt, or a tour of the landmarks. To make your journey around Sacramento as relaxing as possible, you can bring your own alcoholic beverages and enjoy the music from the inbuilt speakers.

Learn more about the Sac Brew Bike.

6. Enchambered’s Real Escape Games

Enchambered is one of the most challenging and exciting escape rooms in Sacramento. You and your team can test your puzzle-solving skills at the facility. Three different games are available, making this location an ideal visit for a smaller party. Games like “Containment Breach” and “Skull Witch” are custom-made and have entertainment themes.

Enchambered escape games make you and your team the protagonists. Your team members must work together to solve a series of riddles and escape a room designed to provide maximum tension and fun. This timed adventure tests your teams’ wits and collaboration skills as they try to beat the clock to reveal hidden passages and secrets that unlock the mysteries of each location. If you want to get out of this chamber and escape the room, you will have to figure out how to unlock the door by piecing together the clues. The thrill of trying to escape a locked room is exciting for people of all ages. You can easily spend the whole day playing many games.

Learn more about Enchambered.

7. Natural Foods Co-op’s cooking class

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, open since 1972, is a great place to take a cooking class if you want locally sourced, environmentally friendly food choices. The company’s mission at the Cooking School and Community Learning Center is to provide “farm to fork” classes to chefs of all skill levels. Groups of up to 30 individuals may enjoy authentic Italian, Thai, Indian, or Mexican cuisine or take a class in handmade pasta making.

Learn more about Natural Food Co-op.

8. Improv at Sacramento Comedy Spot

If the idea of learning via laughing appeals to you, then you can book a 90-minute team building workshop at the Comedy Spot. The facility has instructors to guide you and your team through improv games tailored to your sector or government organization, improving communication and self-confidence. You can have at least 12 participants for a physical event at your office or a rented location.

Learn more about Sacramento Comedy Spot.

9. Xtreme Craze

At Xtreme Craze, craziness manifests in every aspect of the activities available. However, if your group is in the mood for throwback antics and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play “shoot the boss,” then you can also have some top-notch laser tag party at the facility. With its catering options and capacity to accommodate big parties, Xtreme Craze is an excellent choice for business teams looking to have good-old-fashioned mind-blowing fun.

Learn more about Xtreme Craze.

10. Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo offers one of the most unique team building activities for adults in Sacramento. During this team activity, you will experience the zoo as you have never seen it before. You can team up with the animal specialists for an unforgettable day at the zoo. Animal specialists at the zoo will tell you interesting tales about the animals, and you will enjoy the discussions on conservation, games, and challenges, with unexpected opportunities for team building. While at the facility, your team can play a scavenger hunt.

Learn more about Sacramento Zoo.

11. Park Picnic in Sacramento

If you are looking for something different for your company’s next event, consider holding a picnic in a park. This team building event may include everybody who contributes to your company’s success, including clients, vendors, community members, and workers’ loved ones. This fantastic business event is a great way to show your thanks to the local community and your hardworking staff.

Bringing together individuals who may not otherwise meet can lead to the development of new relationships, an increase in innovation, and a broadening of perspectives. The best part of this event is that it may be as little as a get-together. There are many opportunities for team building exercises like trivia.

Discover some of the public parks in Sacramento and check out this list of company picnic ideas.

12. Run to Feed the Hungry

Even though the event only takes place once a year, the Run to Feed the Hungry is a fantastic Sacramento team building concept that you should consider making a part of your company’s yearly schedule. Every year on Thanksgiving morning, nearly 27,700 people show up to run either a 5K or 10K. You will not have to worry about missing Thanksgiving dinner since it begins early in the day. You may run as a group of 12 or more people, and all proceeds will go to the Sacramento Food Bank.

Learn more about Run to Feed the Hungry.

13. The Boulder Field

Boulder Field is a climbing gym and fitness facility in a 33,000-square-foot warehouse. In addition, you will find facilities like a training area, café, and lounge. Groups of up to 24 people may participate in a three-hour program to foster cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills. Your team can also split into small groups and play various climbing games according to each member’s abilities. There is no need for your Sacramento team to have any climbing expertise to enjoy this team building activity.

Learn more about the Boulder Field.

14. Red Door Virtual Room

Red Door Virtual Room focuses on creating immersive, interactive, and productive virtual team building experiences. These corporate activities combine two popular trends, the team-building benefits of escape rooms and the immersive experience of movies. Your group will split into smaller teams of two, three, or four members for the duration of your Virtual Room team building event. Players are isolated in their own rooms but must collaborate to overcome the obstacles and complete the game’s objectives. The game is a fun team adventure and an effective team development exercise because of its emphasis on cooperation and immersion.

Learn more about Red Door Virtual Room.

15. The Sac State Aquatic Center

If you would rather spend time in the water, the Sacramento State Aquatic Center is a great place to have a corporate team building event. The center has a Water Enrichment Training program that provides mental and physical challenges to groups of up to 200 participants. When you arrive at the facility, your team will get life jackets, canoes or kayaks, and other land and water-based equipment. You should bring sun protection, swimwear, towels, and water shoes for an exciting time on the American River.

Learn more about the Sac State Aquatic Center.

16. Alpha Fired Arts

Alpha Fired Arts is a paint-your-own-ceramics workshop where you may express your creativity with over 425 different designs to choose. You may paint your piece using stamps and stencils and then leave it at the workshop for glazing and firing. This activity is a fun and creative way to bond as a Sacramento team, considering it takes minimal effort and planning. In addition, there is a pottery and clay sculpting studio at the center.

Learn more about Alpha Fired Arts.

17. VR gaming at Zion VR

Team building may now go into the future, thanks to Zion VR. The activities are customizable to fit your team’s specific requirements and goals, emphasizing improving areas such as trust, communication, and flexibility. You can discover hundreds of games at Zion VR that may help your team with time management, creativity, and collaboration. You will get access to up to ten VR stations, each of which can accommodate two users and is linked with a unified voice chat system.

Learn more about Zion VR.

18. Go-karting at K1 Speed

K1 Speed Sacramento has some of the best team building activities for corporate teams. Exciting activities happen on and off the kart track as teams collaborate to get the most points and ultimately win first place. On arrival to K1 Speed Sacramento, you will divide into three even teams. The next step is to choose a leader and develop a team name that will stick with you throughout the adventure. Each experience provides three distinct activities to boost team morale, group cohesiveness, and productivity, including indoor go-kart racing, ball challenge relay, and pit crew challenge. Regardless of the event you choose, everyone in your party will have a fantastic time, we also provide the option of tailoring your schedule to your specific needs.

Learn more about K1 Speed.

19. Smash Sacramento

Smash Sacramento is the premier rage room in the city. The rage room and axe-throwing lanes offer a safe environment for participants to release their frustrations and have a good time. The rage room here is the primary draw. Players get protective gear, weapons, and objects to destroy. Sometimes, workers need a physical outlet for stress. There is a safe place for your team members to vent their anger and tension.

In addition to the rage room, the facility offers axe throwing, essentially “extreme darts” with axes, knives, and tomahawks. Engaging in activities like axe throwing may enhance a worker’s overall health and well-being, including hand-eye coordination, perception, focus, and self-assurance.

Learn more about Smash Sacramento.


Sacramento is one of the most ethnically, linguistically, and geographically diverse cities in the United States. This multiethnic viewpoint enriches the city’s thriving creative, musical, and food communities. Sacramento is a great place to organize a team building activity. These events serve to increase collaboration, encourage communication, and build trust. Employee engagement increases due to successful team building, which benefits the company’s culture and bottom line.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Sacramento, California

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Sacramento.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Sacramento?

Some good corporate team building ideas include Enchambered, the Boulder Field, and Red Door Virtual Room.

What are fun team building activities to do in Sacramento?

Fun team building activities in Sacramento include rage rooms, go-karting, and pottery painting.

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