Indoor Team Building Activities

17 Jul 2023 - 6:45 PM

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You found our video guide to running fun indoor team building activities for groups. These simple yet creative inside team building ideas are ways for teammates to learn to work together and communicate while in indoor spaces. These games are ideal for company retreats, office team building days, employee orientation, corporate events, and group outings.


  • 00:00 - Intro1
  • 00:17 - The Chain17
  • 00:54 - Question Tag54
  • 01:25 - Life Raft125
  • 01:52 - Museum Scavenger Hunt152
  • 02:29 - Maze Mates229
  • 03:06 - Find a Suitable Space306
  • 03:28 - Explore the Building328
  • 03:52 - Gather in Common Areas352
  • 04:13 - Final Thoughts & Bonus Resources413


Welcome to’s guide to indoor team building ideas.

In this video, you’ll learn 5 activities and 3 tips to do indoor team building exercises with your group.

Let’s start!

Activity #1: The Chain

The Chain is a get to know you game that uncovers common ground. The first player stands in the middle of the room and makes a statement, like “I’ve been to Africa,” or “I have more than five houseplants.” Any other players who fit the description race to link arms with that person and become the next link in the chain. That successful player then shares another personal fact, and the process continues until everyone is part of the chain.

This game works well as an icebreaker and also has elements of competition and movement that keep play exciting.

Activity #2: Question tag

Question tag is an indoor team building game that sparks socializing. To start the game, write an icebreaker question on a sticky note and give it to a player. That player must ask at least three different coworkers the question before passing the note off to a new teammate to act as “it.” If you have a big group, you can circulate a couple of different questions at a time. For inspiration, Google “ icebreaker questions.”

Activity #3: Life raft

Life raft is one of the best indoor team building games for problem-solving. For this activity, put down a flat piece of cardboard or mark a square on the floor with masking tape. Players will all have to fit within the square with no body part touching the ground outside the “raft.” If time allows, once your team finishes the challenge, make the raft smaller and restart the game.

Activity #4: Museum scavenger hunt

A team building day at the museum can go way beyond a regular group tour. A scavenger hunt is a great way to make exhibits engaging. You can give groups a list of prompts and challenges like “snap a picture of a piece that describes your mood on Mondays.” Your team will have a fun adventure and mementos to remember the day. Consider also taking your team to attend special events and lectures at your local museum, or even booking some space for a team day or party. For more ideas, Google “ museum scavenger hunt.”

Activity #5: Maze mates

Maze mates is one of the best games to play indoors with teams. This exercise improves communication and teamwork. First, set up a maze using paper, string, or tape. One player will be blindfolded, and their partner or the rest of the team must guide them through the maze using only their voices, no touching. If the blindfolded team member steps with both feet out of the maze, then they must start again from the beginning. You could also play with the rules that they are out and a new team member must take their place.

Now, a few quick tips.

Tip #1: Find a suitable space

Much like Goldilocks, finding the perfect indoor event space is about getting it jussssst right.  Too small, and your group will feel cramped. Too big, and participants might cluster and mingle less. Choose your venue wisely once you decide on your activities. Or, if you have limited options, plan activities around your office.

Tip #2: Explore the building

Just because your activities are indoors, doesn’t mean they have to be in one room. Make full use of your space and send participants around the building. For example, plan an office food tour where every department has a different dish to sample, or book a museum scavenger hunt that helps your team explore exhibits by snapping specific pictures in each wing.

Tip # 3: Gather in common areas

If you’re staying in-office, make use of your common areas like kitchens, canteens, and lounges. Remember that planning a formal event is not the only way to team build. Having gathering spaces like game rooms and break rooms is a great first step to nudging teams together.

That’s it! Now you know how to do fun indoor team building activities for bad weather days, or whenever you don’t have access to outside spaces.

Want more tips? Google “ indoor team building” for even more ideas.

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Question for the comments – what is your favorite indoor activity?

See you next time!

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