19 Best Virtual Assistant Companies to Use

By: | Updated: December 11, 2023

Here is our list of top virtual assistant companies.

Virtual assistant companies provide remote administrative, technical, and professional support. These independent contractors support daily tasks management and complex tasks like marketing. Examples of virtual assistant companies include WoodBows, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, and TheTeamsHub. Virtual assistant companies enhance administrative efficiency at a reduced cost.

These companies provide organizations with professionals with virtual assistant skills. These services are similar to HR outsourcing agencies and professional employer organizations.


​This list includes:

  • virtual assistant websites
  • virtual assistant services
  • virtual assistant agencies
  • virtual executive assistant companies
  • virtual administrative assistant companies

Here we go!

List of virtual assistant companies

Virtual assistant companies help with everything from bookkeeping to scheduling and IT. Here is a list of some of the best companies to assist your business.

1. Remote Coworker

Remote Coworker is a top-notch virtual assistant outsourcing company founded in 2013. The company offers HR services, finance, and accounting outsourcing. The company’s clientele includes real estate firms, IT, telecommunications, and business services. Amazon, Aavgo, TheDreamzTeam, and Managed IT Solutions are a few of its clients. Remote Coworker is one of the top virtual executive assistant companies for its history of meeting enterprise-level demands.

Remote Coworker helps businesses set up call centers for better customer engagement. The company also helps businesses develop centralized emails. Remote Coworker develops call centers, SMS, and chat boxes. Thus, consider Remote Coworker if you would like to improve customer engagement. Trained assistants are ready at Remote Coworker, starting at $6.99/hour.

Learn more about Remote Coworker.

2. WoodBows

WoodBows is a reliable virtual assistant company with over ten years of experience. The company prides itself on being one of the top players in the industry. WoodBows only accepts 1% of the job applications it receives. WoodBows provides an extensive list of virtual assistant services. The services include a dedicated account manager and 24/7 email and phone support. Dedicated account managers afford you the assurance of timely, quality service.

WoodBows’ account managers also handle lead generation and CRM management. The company aims to be your one-stop shop for virtual help. As such, WoodBows offers social media management and cold calling. The company also provides website maintenance, amongst other services. WoodBows clients range from entrepreneurs to real estate agents. The company services any business looking to save time and improve sales. Working with an expert starts from $14.90/hr.

Learn more about WoodBows.

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3. Premium Help

Premium Help has worked with over 1240+ happy clients. The company offers a dedicated assistant supported by an internal team. If you need experts with varied skills, then Premium Help is perfect for you. For example, your assistant can help you with paperwork and follow-up with clients. But they can also help with generating traffic for websites using best practices.

The company offers:

  • data entry
  • customer support
  • content writing
  • subtitle and closed captioning
  • web design
  • social media VA

The company aims to grow and ease your business operations. With over ten years of experience, the company has won more than ten awards for its services.

Premium Help’s services are also affordable. The weekly plan starts from $149. You can also hire the company yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

Learn more about Premium Help.

4. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is unique for finding you the right employee in any domain. Hiring through Virtual Employees guarantees qualified on-demand talent with zero overheads. The company’s goal is to turn your 45-hour workweek into a 4-hour workweek.

Virtual Employee helps with sales, marketing, and IT. The employee also helps with content writing, mobile app development, and data entry. You will get an India-based employee from an experienced talent pool. The company also offers a free trial to decide whether you want to use the services. The company’s flexible plans mean you can scale the services to suit your budget.

Learn more about Virtual Employee.

5. Boldly

Boldly is a virtual assistant company that helps businesses manage projects with ease. The company is a leading US virtual administrative assistant company. Boldly streamlines operations in companies with complex, unproductive processes.

The company gives clients access to assistants speaking different languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Boldly’s remote workforce can also help you make marketing materials like logos. Your chosen assistant can write content and provide management solutions. You can hire these premium executive assistants on a flexible monthly subscription.

Learn more about Boldly.

6. Zirtual

With Zirtual, you get a tech-savvy and reliable virtual assistant. Zirtual guarantees a smooth hiring process that produces self-starting remote staff. In doing so, the company has perfected the art of saving your business some valuable time. Their assistants provide:

  • inbox management
  • travel arrangements
  • website support services
  • social media management
  • Google Docs + Microsoft Office Suite
  • web research

The monthly plan starts at $279 per month and goes up to $1699 monthly. Zirtual only works with college-educated virtual assistants from the US. The company’s virtual assistants are college educated and have administrative experience. These workers have skills that will match any professional need of yours.

Learn more about Zirtual.

7. Apex Call Center

Apex Call Center focuses on customer service and lead generation. The company also provides order processing, technical support, and help desks. The company only offers virtual assistant services that involve calls. The company operates with qualified employees in the Philippines, Mexico, and the US.

The company’s clients range from media to e-commerce companies. Apex Call Center also services educational and healthcare institutions. The virtual assistant company helps you handle calls, make appointments, and develop scripts. Customers also get billing solutions, payment processing, and call routing services.

Learn more about Apex Call Center.

8. MyTasker

MyTasker understands the rigor of running a business. Hence, the company focuses on providing top-notch virtual assistant services. MyTasker offers flexible plans for professional services, including:

  • content writing
  • telemarketing
  • classified posting
  • web development
  • digital marketing
  • transcription services

Your assistant provides updates on your project often. Regular updates allow you to keep tabs on work while saving time. Various packages are available to suit different needs. You can sign up for a 20-hour package at 250 USD for 30 days. You can also sign up for a 40-hour package at 450 for 30 days and more. If you are unsure of your needs, then consider MyTasker’s 18 USD per hour plan.

Learn more about MyTasker.

9. Outsource2India

Outsource2India focuses on automating your redundant processes and routine tasks.

The company can help with simple tasks like scheduling appointments and planning events. Data entry, travel planning, and business card scanning are also within capacity. This assistant outsourcer can also help with more complex tasks like data science and legal processing services.

Outsource2India’s services cost between $8 – $10, depending on the nature of your task. The number of hours and skill level you need will also affect cost. Also, experienced assistants will cost more to hire. Still, the pricing is affordable even for individuals. Small businesses can also take advantage of their budget rates. Large companies that need advanced or technical services may pay about $15.

Learn more about Outsource2India.

10. MyOutDesk

With more than 15 years of experience, MyOutDesk has served over 7500 clients. The company is one of the most reputable virtual assistant companies around. MyOutDesk offers administrative support, marketing, inside sales, and sales development. Companies MyOutDesk has worked for include Compass Retirement Solutions and Belami eCommerce. The company also works with Fortune 500 companies like Zillow.

MyOutDesk’s services use FBI-level background checks to ensure data security for clients. They also provide comprehensive grade vetting and a detailed talent-matching process. Plans start at $1,988 per month.

Learn more about MyOutDesk.

11. Prialto

Prialto is a reliable way to offload your admin work with ease. Prialto targets individual clients, teams, and enterprise businesses. The company guarantees increased productivity for those clients regardless of their industry.

Prialto’s assistants can manage low and high-value tasks, including:

  • lead generation
  • prospect development
  • travel arrangements
  • document preparation
  • expense reporting
  • CRM data entry services

You can hire an individual or a dedicated team of assistants for your business. Experts ranging from trained assistants to project directors are available at the ready. These professionals will adapt to your company’s goals and vision. Your assistants can also help you with onboarding new on-site employees.

The company charges $1350 per month for individual assistants. The price starts at $4050 monthly if you need a dedicated team. Prialto prioritizes flexibility and scalability. Hence, you can scale or downgrade your team according to your needs.

Learn more about Prialto.

12. Time etc

Time etc helps businesses stay profitable with cost-effective US-based virtual assistants. Hiring only the top 2% of assistants, the company has completed over one million tasks.

Forbes, The Guardian, and Telegraph have featured Time etc, with favorable reviews. These accolades are due to the company’s focus on helping entrepreneurs. The company believes that great entrepreneurs need brilliant assistants. The company claims to have saved entrepreneurs almost 1.5 million hours.

Dedicated account managers assist you so you can focus on creative work. If you need a team, then the company helps you build a tailored team to meet your company’s goals. Time etc offers a free trial before getting you to commit to anything. If you are not satisfied with their work, Time etc has a money-back guarantee.

Learn more about Time etc.

13. GetFriday

GetFriday provides a personal virtual assistant for 24/7 support. The company has more than 15 years of experience and served businesses in over 80 countries. GetFriday is one of the oldest PA service providers, which explains its reach. GetFriday assists you with personal and business tasks with graduate assistants.

GetFriday’s assistants can help with the following:

  • job hunting
  • travel planning
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • marketing and SEO
  • business process support
  • web development services

You can get the help you need by signing up and choosing a virtual PA. GetFriday has different plans depending on the level of work you delegate. The basic price is $65 monthly, but can get as high as $1120 monthly for the Plus 160 package. The company has one of the best virtual assistant websites, making it easier to hire.

Learn more about GetFriday.

14. UAssist.Me

UAssist.Me has offices in Miami, FL, and San Salvador, El Salvador. The company specializes in administrative work for several industries. The company’s assistants have helped over 300 US businesses. The virtual assistants specialize in technology and web development. Some of this provider’s professionals also provide personal support, consultancy, advertising, and design.

UAssist.Me allows you to choose what plan suits your company. Its plans range from $299 monthly for 20 hours to $1444 for full-time roles. The service is flexible, so you can match your needs as it changes. You get unlimited US calls and a personal assistant with a dedicated workstation.

Learn more about UAssistMe.

15. Smith.AI

Smith.AI is a virtual receptionist for website chat and calls for businesses. This virtual assistant company focuses on calls, scheduling appointments, and onboarding. The company understands that responsive businesses win and keep more clients. Hence, Smith.AI will ensure your phone lines are up 24/7.

Its clientele includes finance, legal, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and e-commerce companies. Smith.AI improves speed-to-lead and will reach out to potential online leads for you. Hence, it boosts revenue and unburdens your staff.

Smith.Al’s notable clients include:

  • Wondermint
  • Hacking Law Practice
  • Merchbar
  • Fagan Fagan & Davis

Your assistants will present the data from the calls in an actionable dashboard. The assistants categorize calls into tables and charts. Noting priority and caller disposition also highlight calls that need special attention. Backed by a money-back guarantee, plans start at $255 per month.

Learn more about Smith.AI.

16. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant provides skilled hands that need little to no training to get started. The assistants help you boost personal and business productivity. Services like this allow you to take time off or focus on the critical aspects of your business. As the name implies, 24/7 Virtual Assistant works round the clock to make your life and business easier.

24/7 Virtual Assistant offers personal services, including:

  • scheduling
  • running errands
  • web research support

24/7 Virtual Assistant also offers business services, including:

  • mobile development solutions
  • online branding solutions
  • lead generation
  • real estate solutions
  • back office

24/7 Virtual Assistant’s VAs are also well-versed in bookkeeping services. The assistants are familiar with Freshbooks, Quickbooks, and Quicken. Also, this virtual assistant company can help with bound sales and data mining. Complex tasks like this cost more, but the plans are affordable and start at $349 per month for 30 hours.

Learn more about 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

17. Wishup

Wishup builds remote teams in under 24 hours. You can hire software testers, bookkeepers, and pre-vetted virtual assistants fast. Wishup provides the top 1% of fully managed talent that are always available to help.

This virtual assistant can also perform product research and email marketing tasks. You can also manage your social media content and email with ease. The company’s assistant can also manage legal and finance contracts. Wishup boasts 500+ satisfied businesses and a high average service rating. The company provides a free consultation with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more about Wishup.

18. Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent is a popular virtual assistant company situated in the Philippines. The company handles business tasks ranging from accounting to marketing. Virtual Assistant Talent provides services for telemarketing, insurance, and real estate companies. The company offers weekly to monthly plans starting at $9.95 per hour.

Virtual Assistant Talent also helps businesses with chat support on their websites. Suppose you need help with bookkeeping. Virtual Assistant Talent manages your books in line with global standards. The company is one of the top virtual administrative assistant companies for HR services.

The company guarantees VA replacement and a no-obligation contract. But it assures your satisfaction with rigorous assessments when hiring assistants. Virtual Assistant Talent offers a broad range of services. Hence it is suitable for start-ups, agents and investors, and small business owners.

Learn more about Virtual Assistant Talent.

19. Arup Virtual Assistant

Arup Virtual Assistant is a great hand to handle various office chores for your business. You get low hourly rates at $6, no hidden fees, and easy signup. Arup Virtual Assistant also offers a pay-as-you-go service. The company boldly advertises its flat rate and no monthly fees.

This virtual assistant website provides services covering:

  • administrative support
  • marketing
  • research
  • design
  • e-commerce support
  • social media management
  • digital marketing

You will be working with experienced virtual secretaries with years of industry experience.

Learn more about Arup Virtual Assistant.


Virtual assistant companies aim to make your work a lot easier. These businesses provide services covering personal and professional tasks. The services include shopping, travel booking, accounting, and marketing. These virtual assistant services save companies a lot in labor costs. Small companies still trying to find a footing will find the service critical to growth. Many virtual assistants are pre-trained and ready to help from day one. The contractors’ skill sets businesses up for success, increasing productivity and sometimes sales.

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FAQ: Virtual assistant companies

Here are some of the most asked questions about virtual assistant companies.

What are virtual assistant companies?

Virtual assistant companies provide virtual assistants to handle business tasks. These assistants offer various customer-facing, accounting, marketing, and management services to remote businesses. The services can range from personal to administrative and technical.

What are the best virtual assistant companies?

Here are some of the best virtual assistant companies

  • Remote Coworker
  • WoodBows
  • Premium Help
  • Smith.AI
  • Outsource2India
  • GetFriday

These virtual assistant companies specialize in different aspects. Some virtual assistant companies focus more on technical work, such as accounting. Others focus on personal chores, such as shopping.

How can I find a virtual assistant?

You can find virtual assistants on many virtual assistant company websites. Many virtual assistant companies have experts in different fields ready to help. The companies also offer flexible plans that scale with your workload.

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