14 Best Virtual Escape Rooms in Canada for Teams

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual escape rooms in Canada.

Virtual escape rooms in Canada are online games where players accomplish tasks and exit digital rooms by solving puzzles. For example, Escape The Online Mob, Mobile Escape Games, and Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms. The purpose of these activities is to give a team fun and engaging gaming experience while encouraging team collaboration.

These activities are a subset of online escape rooms and virtual team building activities and are examples of problem-solving games.

This list includes:

  • online escape rooms for large groups in Canada
  • online escape rooms for small groups in Canada
  • virtual escape rooms in Toronto
  • virtual escape rooms in Calgary

Let’s get started!

Online escape rooms for large groups in Canada

1. Adventure Rooms Online And Virtual Escape Games

Your team will have a fun experience playing this 60-minute escape room on Zoom. A live host will assume the role of a player you can control. During the game, you have to guide the host to escape.

A minimum of two players and a maximum of 30 players can play each game. If a team has just two players, then each player will pay a $28 + HST fee each. However, if the team has at least three players, then each player will play $25 + HST each.

Learn more about Adventure Rooms Online And Virtual Escape Games.

2. Escape From Quarantine

Escape From Quarantine is a virtual escape game that doubles as a charity event for children’s hospitals.

In the game, you receive a letter from the president of the Innovations Division to embark on a mission that will take you back in time before the ‘pandemic.’ The game’s goal is to distribute a vaccine to save the world from the pandemic.

To play this game, you need to get an access code. You will receive the code by making donations to the provided link on the organizer’s official website.

A team can contain one to six players. Although the recommended time for the experience is 90 minutes, there is no limit to how long you can play.

Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations benefits from the contributions and you will get a tax receipt for your donations.

Learn more about Escape From Quarantine.

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3. Legends of Canada: Online

Legends of Canada is a complex escape room that fully engages teams. One of the interesting features of the game is that there is no limit to the duration of play.

You can engage on digital devices using browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. A team can consist of one or more players. Instead of paying per player, you will purchase just one ticket for $15 + HST.

To experience this escape room with a large group, divide the group into smaller teams. The game’s organizers recommend about four to five players in a team. Each team will assign a leader to coordinate and lead the game.

Legends of Canada will challenge you and your team to aim for a high score. On the organizer’s official website, you will find a list of players with the highest score.

Learn more about Legends of Canada: Online

4. Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion is a 90-minute virtual haunted house experience. In this facilitated event, teams tour a famously haunted residence and assume the role of paranormal investigators. Teams work together in breakout rooms to solve puzzles and riddles and hunt for clues in hopes of hunting spirits and escaping the mansion unharmed. This experience is ideal for Halloween yet is bookable yearround.

Learn more about Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion.

Online escape rooms for small groups in Canada

5. Haunted Halloween Online Escape Room Game: The Haunting Of Emmie Jenkins

The setting of Haunted Halloween online escape room dates back to January 24th, 1964. You will solve a series of mysterious events through the Preston police. The police received a call reporting gunshots in a house.

On arriving at the house, the police found that all the family members were already dead in different rooms. There was also a note demanding a ransom in return for releasing one ‘Emmie.’

You must find facts relating to the murder and identify who Emmie is.

Learn more about Haunted Halloween Online Escape Room Game: The Haunting of Emmie Jenkins.

6. Escape The Online Mob

Escape The Online Mob is a virtual escape room offered for teams in different parts of Canada. The theme of the game centers around escaping a mob following a jewel heist. You and your team members are not partakers in the heist. However, you have to establish an alibi to prove that your team was not at the crime scene when the criminals stole the jewels.

Also, you must fish out the actual criminals and find the stolen jewels’ location. The experience lasts for 60 to 90 minutes on Zoom.

Learn more about Escape The Online Mob.

7. Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms

The Mystery Mansion live-hosted games are great for small groups with less than ten members. The escape rooms come in four different themes, including:

  • Night Terrors: Alex wants to get rid of his nightmares about the Sleepyman, who he has been dreaming of since childhood. Your role is to act as Alex’s subconscious for 75 minutes. You and your team will work together to discover what is causing the nightmares before it gets too late for Alex.
  • D’vile’s Curio Shoppe: This escape room requires you and your team to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Estelle, who disappeared after visiting the Curio Shoppe while searching for her missing boyfriend. Your team must discover the truth behind Estelle’s disappearance in 75 minutes.
  • Sleepyman: Sleepyman is also one of the challenging horror escape rooms hosted by Mystery Mansion. For you and your team to aim the game better, you must have first played night terrors and D’vile’s Curio Shoppe. The game’s goal is to put an end to your nightmares in 90 minutes.

A minimum of two players can play in any of these escape rooms during the set time. If you do not want to play within a specified time, then you can buy a different version of the detective’s office for $30 + tax.

Learn more about Mystery Mansion Escape Rooms.

8. Mobile Escapes Games

Mobile Escapes organizes several escape rooms that are great for large teams in Canada. Some of the escape rooms include:

  • The Cyber Drop: In this escape room, you aim to gain admission into the Secret Security Service Academy. However, you must prove yourself worthy by taking a test in a timeworn classroom. Explore the classroom and solve puzzles to complete the simulated missions in one hour.
  • The Prestigious Booking: The fun part of the prestigious booking is that the game reverses the aim of an escape room game. Instead of escaping, you will aim to get into the final winners’ room. You have to solve clues and puzzles to make your way into the room in 60 minutes.
  • Once in a Blue Moon: You have to escape a room where a Halloween-obsessed oddball locked you within 45 minutes. The game simulates a period where there was a blue moon on October 31. You must escape the room, making your way to an observation tower

You can try a demo for each of the games. You can play on a video conferencing platform like Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. You and your team will play in groups with a maximum of five players in each group.

The price goes for $14.99 for each player. Once you have generated a link for the game, you can only use the link within five hours from when the link becomes active.

Learn more about Mobile Escapes Games

Virtual escape rooms in Toronto

9. Escape Manor Online Escape Rooms

Escape Manor hosts some online escape rooms, which include:

  • Society of Themis: You received a letter requesting that you should look for a man who went missing. The missing man left some conspiracy theories behind, and the ideas are the only lead you have. In about 60 to 90 minutes, you must find the missing man. You will also discover if his theories are true or were all in his head. A group of at least four players can play a game. A player will need access to a YouTube account and a Tiktok account. To play, you have to make just one purchase per group of about four players.
  • The Swiss Account: You will play the role of a detective who just got out of the Academy. You learned about the kidnap of a united Nations officer. The United Nations requested help from local authorities, and you decided to help. Completing the mission will get you a job with INTERPOL. To play this game, you will need a group of up to four players for an average of 60 to 90 minutes. There is no time limit for the game’s duration. You can make one purchase for each group. Also, you will need an email address and free accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and LinkedIn.
  • Finding Ceasar: You have gotten a job with INTERPOL. For an average of 90 to 120 minutes, you assume the role a secret detective. Your mission revolves around preventing a notorious criminal, Ceasar, from stealing a necklace called Andromeda. You will embark on your mission by disguising yourself as a criminal. Then you have to gain the trust of Ceasar and trick criminals to prevent the theft of the priceless necklace. You will need an email address to play. Also, you need to be in a group of four players to play the game on a video conferencing platform.

The price for each game costs $39.99 plus Tax.

Learn more about Escape Manor Online Escape Rooms

10. Jam Escape Rooms

Jam Escape Rooms are available in two options: the classic game options and the premium game options.

Some of the rooms classified under the classic game options include:

  • Home for the Holiday: In this game, you and your team members must crack security riddles in some rooms. You attended a holiday party organized by your company at a local museum. The security officers locked you in a secluded area without realizing that you were there. You must escape the room in time by solving security puzzles.
  • Space Escapers: In this game, a mysterious planet showed up on the edge of our solar system. After embarking on a mission to find out about this new mysterious planet, your spaceship had issues. The spaceship began to sink into a gravitational pull. You and your crew must crack the codes to reboot the ship and escape the gravitational pull before time runs out.

A host will guide you through the game on your devices. The host will divide the team into smaller groups. Each group will race in time to escape the room. The price is about $26 to $36 for each player.

Learn more about Jam Escape Rooms

11. Looking Glass Adventures Escape Rooms

Looking Glass live-hosted escape room experience is great as a virtual team building activity for teams in Canada. The company offers three escape room themes, which are:

  • Mystery at Maryweather Mansion: This game challenges you to find what possession is most valuable to the fictional archeologist, Maryweather. In the game, Maryweather has her collections in jeopardy. You and your team members will search through Maryweather’s mansion to find one valuable item. Within one hour, you must decipher which collection is the Archeologist’s most valuable possession.
  • Operation Flamingo: In operation flamingo, you and your team members will play the role of secret agents. You have to gain access to a mastermind’s house and find your way around the house. Your primary goal in one hour is to retrieve some dangerous and mysterious items in the house carefully.
  • Walden’s Wizarding Shop: Evil forces lurk around the shop of a Wizard called Walden. You and your team will prepare your wands and help Walden put an end to the evil forces. You will direct the host to take action and solve puzzles. At least four players can play a game. For each player, you will pay a $30 + HST fee.

Learn more about Looking Glass Adventures Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms in Calgary

12. The Locked Room Escape Games

The Locked Room hosts exciting escape room games. A locked room gamemaster will lead you for about 55 to 65 minutes during the game. The organizer charges a fee of $150 for gameplay by at most eight players.

Some of the escape games by The Locked Room include:

  • Oswald’s marvelous museum: Your Uncle, Oswald, likes to collect new antiques. However, Oswald mysteriously disappeared after bringing home a particular antique. You must find your missing Uncle before time runs out.
  • Billy Bonker’s candy factory: You run a candy shop in this escape room. However, your competitor, Billy Bonker, opens a new candy factory in town and steals your recipe. It has become challenging for you to compete in the candy-making business. You have to take action to steal your recipe back.

Besides Zoom, you have other online options to play the game. First, start a meeting on your desired platform. Then set up a microphone, webcam, and speakers before the games begin.

Learn more about The Locked Room Escape Games

13. Della’s Story Online Escape Room

Della’s story escape room centers on the story of a 60s scoop survivor called Della. Della was long taken away from her family and nation and grew up on a farm. Her sister was also present on the farm, including other indigenous children.

Later in the 80s, she returned to her nation and learned a lot about her family.

The escape game is ideal for small Canadian teams of three to eight players. Nevertheless, the organizers can accommodate groups of different sizes.

For 90 minutes, you will learn the story of Della while solving clues.

Learn more about Della’s Story Online Escape Room

14. ConnecTeen Escape Room

ConnecTeen specially designs their escape room to teach mental health resources to players.

In this game, you are in a history class. The teacher speaks about a history paper due in one week. However, you have not started writing. You also remember that you have other papers to complete that same week. Then anxiety sets in. You have to find help and escape.

Learn more about ConnecTeen Escape Room


Virtual escape rooms are great for small or large teams. The games aim to escape a room or the site of the game. Playing an escape room game doesn’t mean the entire team has to play as one group. You can divide the team into smaller groups to build the team’s competitive spirit.

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FAQ: Virtual escape rooms in Canada

Here are answers to questions about virtual escape rooms in Canada.

What are some good online escape rooms for Canadian teams?

Some good online rooms for Canadian teams include Della’s Story Online Escape Room, Jam Escape Rooms, and Mobile Escape Games. These escape rooms are great for building your team and giving team members a fun experience.

What are the best virtual escape room companies in Canada?

The best virtual escape room companies in Canada include Escape Manor, Looking Glass, Mobile Escapes, and Mystery Mansion.

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