21 Virtual Events Gifts & Boxes for Work

By: | Updated: February 25, 2023

Here is our list of the best virtual events gifts.

Virtual events gifts are thoughtful items you can give your team during online get-togethers. For example, coffee collections, spa experiences, electronic devices, and dining gift cards. The purpose of these gifts is to show your appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication. You can also give these presents at virtual events to thank a guest or commemorate a significant occasion.

These presents are similar to corporate gifts, conference swag, and staff swag. You can use these ideas as conference giveaways, as loot for virtual conferences or in care packages for employees.

This list includes:

  • swag boxes for virtual events
  • virtual event gift boxes
  • speaker gifts for virtual events
  • corporate gifts for virtual events

Here we go!

List of virtual events gifts

Presenting virtual events gifts to your team members can help boost morale by showing your appreciation. You can commemorate a special occasion or a significant achievement with gifts given at online events. With some creative shopping, you can select goodies that demonstrate your appreciation while considering the hobbies and interests of your team members. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing gifts for virtual events.

1. Coffee or Tea Samplers

A sampler of flavored coffees or teas makes a thoughtful gift for the hot beverage drinkers on the team. You can assemble samplers as personalized swag boxes for virtual events or order them online from companies specializing in coffee and tea tasting sets. In addition, you can include customized mugs, tea diffusers, and other beverage-related items. There are selections to dazzle both coffee and tea fans.

These samplers from 1-800-Baskets make delightful choices for your coffee or tea lovers.

2. Spa Experiences

Sometimes, a relaxing massage is just what your coworkers need. You can treat colleagues to a day at the spa to restore and rejuvenate. You can send a gift card or electronic gift code from a local spa directly to the recipient for this online event gift. If you want to create a more personalized present, then send the card in a box filled with other self-care goodies. A note thanking your associate for all they do is a welcome touch.

You can choose spa gifts for your associates from Spa Wish.

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3. Wine Subscriptions

The wine lovers on your team will appreciate receiving subscriptions to wine clubs. Several subscriptions feature selections of reds, whites, and rosés. You can select a few for a three- or six-month subscription or send a certificate that allows the recipient to choose wines. Then, your team can open their boxes and toast each other online when their new bottles arrive each month!

Take a look at the wine subscriptions from Winc Inc. to get started.

3. Dining Experiences

Great food is a thoughtful gift that most folks love! Ordering gift cards for restaurants your associates love makes gifting simple, especially for larger teams. You can coordinate personalized dining gifts that combine a few more minor restaurant certificates. There are also in-home experiences featuring personal chefs who will create a special menu for your coworkers. Being treated to a favorite meal will make your team members feel appreciated.

Check into dining experiences for your teammates at Eat With.

4. Chocolate Samplers

If there are chocolate fans on your team, then you can order an array of fancy chocolates for them to savor. You can also create gift boxes for virtual events that include a selection of chocolates that your team members know and love. Sending a gift that caters to their tastes is a great way to acknowledge their interests. When you assemble these thoughtful gifts and send them yourself, you show your coworkers how much you value them.

Find curated chocolate gifts to tempt your associates at Bar and Cocoa.

5. Dessert Samplers

A sampler of designer desserts makes delicious virtual event gift boxes. If your associates have a favorite restaurant, then you can send them samples of the best desserts on the menu. You can also find sites online that arrange dessert samplers to simplify the sending process. Giving a collection of tasty desserts as a remote event gift will help make the moment memorable, no matter the occasion.

You can find a tasty selection of dessert samplers at Gold Belly.

6. Art Pieces

Small handmade art pieces from creative outlets like Etsy make winning gifts for your online events. There are artworks for a wide range of tastes and decors, and the artists offer personalization for many pieces. You can choose works that reflect hobbies, interests, or favorite activities. A print with your team members’ names will let them spruce up their desk or home space with a thoughtful memento. Plus, you can show off the pieces during the gathering and turn your virtual event into an impromptu online art gallery.

You can search Etsy for handmade art pieces to give as virtual event gifts.

7. Uplifting Books

You can select a few books with uplifting topics for virtual event gifts with a positive growth theme to send your associates. Titles written by thought leaders emphasize the positive side of life, work, and personal development. A book that captures the spirit of optimism may suit your whole team. You can also choose individual titles that speak to each team member specifically to personalize your gifts. If you send the books yourself, then add a personal note to the front page as a thank-you to the recipient.

This curated list from The Guardian has some uplifting books that can work for you.

8. Houseplants

Small houseplants make gifts that keep on growing long after the online event! You can order from online outlets that carefully ship each purchase. If you favor a more creative option, then you can put together a selection of seeds, soil, and pots in a lovely gift box for your recipients. Some simple printed instructions included in the package will help them get their gardens growing.

There are several options for sending houseplant and plant arrangement gifts at Lively Root.

9. Flowers

You can brighten the desks of team members by sending colorful bouquets. A pretty arrangement of flowers in a pretty vase makes a thoughtful gift for virtual events. There are selections for special occasions that let you mark a significant occasion or a successful project. Flowers are also a great option as speaker gifts for virtual events to show appreciation to your special guests.

Check out UrbanStems for pretty possibilities.

10. Fitness Gifts

Equipment, gym memberships, and fitness trackers are excellent virtual events gifts for health-minded associates. You can choose home-based pieces like workout bands, small weights, and chin-up bars to help your crew stay in tip-top shape. Topping up their tracker app subscription can be a welcome gesture for workers who track their steps. You can also purchase fitness memberships for your gym enthusiasts or extend their existing memberships as a thoughtful treat.

For fitness gift inspiration, check out Be Well Solutions.

11. Yoga or Meditation Sessions

You can help your team members relax by sending certificates to a nearby yoga studio or meditation center. You can also send them accessories for their yoga or meditation practice. A gift subscription to a yoga or meditation app will also help them practice home-based relaxation. If you want to get a bit more creative, then package a certificate with a desktop Zen garden for a gift set that will get the relaxing vibes flowing.

You can start your yoga or meditation gift search at Everyday Yoga.

12. Wireless Ear Buds

Wireless earbuds make thoughtful corporate gifts for virtual events. These handy gadgets can help your associates move freely without cords or cables. Earbuds without wires also make it much easier to enjoy music, audiobooks, and podcasts while working. During calls, your team members will have great sound and freedom to move about their space without missing important details.

This selection of wireless earbuds from Amazon is a great place to start shopping.

13. Fun Experiences

Your virtual events gifts can encourage your workers to get out of the house for a fun time! From amusement park tickets to cinema outings to theater tickets and more, there are experiences to suit each associate and their individual sense of fun. You can choose an experience that includes the family of the associate to make sure their loved ones can get in on the fun. By giving your team members activities to enjoy, you help promote a better work-life balance for them, in the truest sense.

You can choose from various fun experiences to gift to workers at Giftly.

14. Diffusers and Sound Machines

Essential oil diffusers and natural sound machines make thoughtful virtual event gifts that create a relaxing atmosphere. You can select a sound device with nature sounds and white noise to minimize background noises. You can also create a swag box that includes a desktop diffuser, a set of scented oils, and instructions for blending pleasant aromas. These devices are ideal gifts for helping your associates maintain a peaceful environment at work or home.

For gifts that reduce stress, check out this Bed, Bath & Beyond to find diffusers with built-in sound machines.

15. Subscriptions

For teammates who enjoy reading and literature, you can gift subscriptions to magazines, audiobooks, or podcasts. Subscriptions are available as gift cards or online codes you can email directly to recipients. There are even book-of-the-month subscriptions for the avid readers on your team. A thoughtfully chosen title or collection can light up an attendee’s day!

For digital subscriptions, check out Hello Subscription.

16. Liquor Gifts

You can order liquor gifts such as distillery samplers, cocktail tasters, and liqueur collections to give team spirit a little lift! For the dark spirit fans on the team, there are selections of whiskey, bourbon, and rum to whet their whistle. If you have mixed drink lovers, then you can send a mixing kit of mini-cocktails and add-ins. Be sure to research online to find guidelines for shipping liquor, as laws vary among states.

Curates liquor gift collections are available at In Good Taste.

17. Glasses and Barware

A new set of whiskey, wine, or highball glasses is a virtual event gift that helps your associates kick back at the end of the day! You can create a gift set that includes glasses and a few fun mixology tools. In addition, there are websites that can etch names and logos glasses of all shapes and sizes for an added personal touch. With new gadgets on their bar carts, your attendees will have all they need for a great time.

You can check out a few options for glasses and barware at Personalization Mall.

18. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to encourage your team members to enjoy a gift of their choosing. The gift cards you select can be physical or virtual. There are gift cards for entertainment and dining, shopping, and even experiences available in stores and online. Gift cards can be customized with art, photographs, and graphics to make the gift specific to the recipient.

Options for many national and online brands are available at Gift Card Mall.

19. Streaming Subscriptions

You can treat your team to a month or two of a favorite streaming service as a thoughtful virtual event gift. Most streaming services offer gift cards that allow you to choose preset amounts. Some amounts may exceed a month of service, in which case the recipient can apply the extra to a second or third month, depending on the amount chosen. These services may also offer gift subscriptions for the recipient to apply directly to their account without a gift card.

Great options for subscription gifts include Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max.

20. Desktop Gadgets

Your associates will appreciate gifts that make their work easier and their workspace more fun. Desk accessories such as wireless keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, and USB mug warmers are examples of items your remote teammates will appreciate. If there are fun-loving workers on the team, then you can choose whimsical office gear as gifts. Items such as solar-powered bobbleheads, fidget spinners, and magnetic sculptures are amusing gifts that will brighten days.

Check out the desktop gadgets at Amazon to get some ideas.

21. Electronics

You can choose handy electronics as gifts for online events that put the digital world within reach. Hands-free hubs such as Amazon Echo and Google Home can make your associates more efficient around the house. Entertainment devices like Roku will remind your teammates to enjoy their time away from work. You can also gift tablets, wireless phone chargers, gaming systems and accessories, and other electronics to help your associates feel plugged into the 21st Century.

Here are some electronics from Sharper Image to get you started.


When you give your team gifts during virtual events, you show your colleagues how much you appreciate them and the work they do. With a range of possibilities available for virtual events gifts and boxes that include themes from food and wine to rest and relaxation, you can choose an appropriate gift for every member of your team. You might have as much fun selecting and creating your gifts as your associates will have receiving them!

Feel free to check out these lists of retirement gifts, swag bag ideas, and work from home gifts.

We also have a list of the best virtual thank you ideas for work and a list of fun ideas for virtual corporate events. Plus a list of corporate gift boxes, and list of virtual event companies.

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FAQ: Virtual events gifts

Here are answers to common questions about virtual events gifts.

What are virtual events gifts?

Virtual events gifts are presents given to teammates during an online get-together. These gifts are items chosen thoughtfully to show appreciation for recipients. Occasions for giving virtual events gifts include major work accomplishments, teambuilding activities, and get-togethers to boost team morale. There are also gift-giving opportunities during holidays, work anniversaries, and farewell events for departing team members.

What kind of gifts should you send to attendees of online events?

Coffee and tea samplers, handmade art, electronic gadgets, desktop toys, and snack boxes are great choices for online events gifts. You can also choose experience gifts such as spa trips, amusement park tickets, or restaurant gift cards to give associates during a virtual get-together. Some gifts for online events are purchased and sent online, while others are assembled and shipped by the giver. No matter the occasion, the best gifts reflect the interests of the attendees.

How do you send boxes to virtual event attendees?

You can pack gift and swag boxes yourself and send them through the postal service or a parcel carrier such as UPS or FedEx. To save time and hassle, you can also order gift boxes online through companies that offer delivery. Laws for sending alcohol vary from state to state, something to consider when sending packages as virtual events gifts. Websites for alcohol gifts will alert you to which states allow shipping of wine and liquor.

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