10 Best Virtual Holiday Party Companies

By: | Updated: October 17, 2023

You found our list of the best virtual holiday party companies.

​Virtual holiday party companies are firms that offer virtual holiday celebrations and experiences to remote teams. These celebrations occur on an online conferencing platform, like Zoom or Google Meet. Examples include Gingerbread Wars and teambuilding.com. The purpose of these services is to provide remote teams with the chance to connect and celebrate holidays together. Such parties also help celebrate differences when remote members are from different cultures and backgrounds.

These companies help businesses come up with holiday party activities and virtual holiday team building activities to host a great virtual holiday party. To ensure you have good holiday party etiquette, consider sending out holiday party favors and holiday messages to your team.


This list includes:

  • virtual holiday event companies
  • virtual holiday team building companies
  • virtual Christmas party companies
  • virtual Christmas party entertainers

Let’s get to it!

List of virtual holiday party companies

Virtual holiday party companies host fun and engaging parties to celebrate the holidays online. Here is our list of the best companies for virtual holiday parties.

1. Virtual Holiday Party

Virtual Holiday Party is among the best virtual holiday event companies. The firm plans holiday-spirited events your team will remember. The company has a small team that manages the parties.

Virtual Holiday Party organizes every element of your holiday-themed functions, including:

  • Christmas parties for your office employees
  • Published guides to make remote parties more fun
  • Helping the teams shop for Secret Santa gifts
  • Stocking filling and mistletoe positioning

Setting up your holiday event with them requires only a few steps, and their event specialist helps plan the party according to your budget. The specialists will help choose suitable activities and also customize the function. The firm’s customization option extends to adding keynotes and gift exchanges.

Additionally, Virtual Holiday Party provides gift selection services. The firm offers a variety of gift packages they mail to your guests.

​Here are some of the gift options you can order:

  • Mixed Holiday Gift Bag
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Gingerbread Kits
  • Food Lovers
  • Custom Swag

The gift package includes professionally wrapped gifts, safe packaging, and shipment anywhere within the US.

Note: This option is a teambuilding.com brand.

Learn more about virtualholidayparty.com.

2. Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread Games hosts fun team building holiday-themed activities for small and large groups. The company hosts gingerbread house-making competitions every three months. The company’s professionals have all sorts of cooking and crafting experiences and ensure a memorable experience for their customers. Each virtual party includes 90 minutes worth of activities.

The exercises included in the holiday events are:

  • Icebreakers and warm-up games
  • Trivia and challenges
  • Gingerbread-making competition
  • House pitches and voting
  • Wrap-up and prizes

Gingerbread Games also provides shipping for the gingerbread kits.

The kits contain the ingredients required to make the gingerbread man and house, including:

  • Pre-baked ginger cookies
  • Icing
  • Confectionaries

Your team will enjoy their holidays with the fast-paced gingerbread competition, which engages every team member in the fun-filled contest.

To schedule your holiday event and determine the price, you will fill out a form on their website. The company also has a facilitator to guide you through planning elements, from the schedule and budget to game materials and customization options.

Note: This option is a teambuilding.com brand.

Learn more about Gingerbread Games.

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3. teambuilding.com

teambuilding.com is among the best virtual holiday team building companies. This platform is great for keeping your team’s spirit high during the holidays. The company hosts several virtual team building events for your virtual holiday party. You can choose from about 25 unique events that last about 60 to 90 minutes.

Here are some of the activities the company offers for holiday celebrations:

  • Epic Holiday Party is a customizable event for groups of more than 100 participants. This virtual celebration also includes mailing cocktail kits and gifts to make the party fun and memorable.
  • Winter Trivia is a one-hour game in which employees will answer winter-related questions. You can compete as a team or individually.
  • Ultimate Holiday Game Show is a 90-minute virtual experience where teammates face off in holiday versions of classic game show games.

Booking your virtual holiday party is quite simple. You can fill in the form about your schedule and budget, and the firm will contact you.

teambuilding.com also provides customizable options and add-ons for your kits. For example, you can ask for a cohost when holding holiday parties for larger groups.

You can see our virtual holiday party options here.

4. Julia Charles Event Management

Julia Charles Event Management offers a virtual platform that teaches how to create handmade wreaths in its online sessions. This event is great for your virtual holiday party, as your team can bond and have fun in this interactive lesson.

This company has floristry experts to guide your team in designing and making wreaths. The event requires a minimum of 20 participants. You can contact their team to customize the kits according to your requirements. However, their wreath-making workshop offers products for any season or celebration.

Here are some examples of the seasonal wreaths the company offers:

  • Autumn wreaths with dried wheat, corn, and leaves
  • Summer wreaths with dried flowers and leaves
  • Christmas wreaths with dried fruit, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks

The company will provide a kit that includes all the tools and supplies needed to make a wreath. You can also ask the firm to add extra items to fit your crafting needs.

The company also offers festive treats and gift boxes. The boxes include goodies from pies and puddings to wines and gift cards.

You can choose from some of these Christmas gift boxes:

  • Themed gift boxes
  • Corporate gift boxes
  • Luxury Christmas gift boxes
  • Bespoke Christmas gift boxes

Holiday wreath-making will be a fun addition to your virtual holiday party. Your team’s family members can also engage in this event to celebrate the holiday season with full spirits.

Learn more about Julia Charles Event Management.

5. Cocu Social

Cocu Social offers online cooking and baking classes. In addition, Cocu Social conducts private events with celebrity chefs. The remote attendees enjoy making feasts as a way to spend quality time together during the session. Baking and cooking holiday dishes is a great way to spend the day. You can work with a celebrity chef to bake special desserts like rum and fruit cake or apple pie.

Your team will enjoy baking and interacting with a celebrity chef virtually. The event provides a platform to have a unique and fun experience with Michelin-starred and TV show chefs. You can choose a recipe that every participant can make with the basic ingredients and tools. The event starts with a live Zoom session that all participants can join. Then, the professional chefs will teach the recipe you pick, and the members will follow along in their homes.

The chef will teach participants how to bake desserts and interact with your team. The cooks will provide a complete entertainment package to keep the holiday spirit alive. However, each session should have 20 or fewer participants.

Compared to other holiday party options, a virtual baking class is a cost-effective way to have a fun virtual holiday party. Furthermore, at the end of the party, your team gets to enjoy the dessert they made with their own hands.

Learn more about Cocu Social.

6. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is one of the best free online platforms for playing a trivia game at your virtual holiday party. Trivia games give your party an entertainment boost. Kahoot Holiday Trivia is a fun game for events like Christmas, which makes it the best platform for virtual Christmas parties. Holiday-themed trivia will help you set the tone for a joyous and festive occasion. With these trivia questions, you can have an entertaining and memorable virtual holiday party.

The platform has a holiday calendar with different holiday-themed trivia games. Kahoot! even has a 30-day holiday special plan in which you play one trivia game each day. The best part about this company is that it offers free and premium packages.

Here are some of the holiday Kahoot! trivia sessions for your holiday celebrations:

  • Christmas Movies
  • Winter Joy
  • Twelve Questions of Christmas
  • Hannukah
  • Winter Holidays Around the World
  • New Year’s Eve Traditions

Kahoot! offers virtual events according to your audience. You can use the premium and ready-to-play themes or personalize the game.

Learn more about Kahoot!

7. Fancifull Gift Baskets

Gift-giving makes the holiday season special, and you can incorporate it into your virtual setting with Fancifull Gift Baskets. The company offers a wide range of options to add to your gifts. The premade baskets include fine alcoholic drinks, nonalcoholic drinks, assorted chocolates, and holiday-themed baked goodies. Additionally, shoppers can also customize the baskets.

Fancifull has a range of gift-giving options for Christmas as well, making it among the best virtual Christmas party companies.

​Here are some of the available holiday-themed baskets:

  • Thanksgiving Gift Baskets
  • Christmas Gift Baskets
  • Holiday Gift Baskets
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets
  • Easter Gift Baskets

The gift baskets include a variety of items, such as snacks, drinks, flowers, food, and paintings. Incorporating this gift-giving session into your virtual party is a great way to celebrate. You can send these gifts to remote members and celebrate the holiday season with style.

Learn more about Fancifull Gift Baskets.

8. Class Bento

Class Bento has virtual team building sessions that include expert guidance. The company offers online chocolate-making classes with DIY kits for holidays and other events. A chocolate-making session can be a fun and engaging activity for a virtual holiday party. You can create your own unique Christmas or Thanksgiving special chocolates.

You can take one of these classes to level up your holiday celebration:

  • Hot chocolate bombs
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate-tasting and pairing experience
  • Holiday truffles
  • Chocolate bonbons

The craft kits include the ingredients and tools you will need to make chocolate, which will be sufficient for two or three participants.

​If you select their team building package, then your kit will include the following:

  • One pound of chocolate
  • Peanut butter cup filling
  • Almonds & pecans
  • Oreos
  • Caramel
  • Cup molds
  • Dipping tongs

You can also include a virtual chocolate-tasting session in your holiday celebration. The session will include making and tasting chocolates and combining them with wines and other food items. This company will help make your virtual holiday party a success!

Learn more about Class Bento.

9. Teleparty

Teleparty is an online company that allows you to watch movies and TV shows together in real time. Watch parties can be great for your virtual holiday party, as holidays are about spending time together. Watching holiday classics can make your virtual celebrations memorable.

Teleparty helps you synchronize video playback across multiple devices. This feature saves you time and ensures all participants enjoy the movie together. The site also has a chat feature, where you can share your reactions in memes and GIF form. The website only requires users to download their app extension.

​Some of the popular streaming services Teleparty supports are:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime

Here are some tips to make your virtual holiday party engaging with movie watching:

  1. Select a streaming service the majority of attendees subscribe to.
  2. Create a poll to choose a classic holiday movie.
  3. Preorder snack supplies, like popcorn, to enjoy during the movie.

Teleparty is a great way to have a movie night at your virtual holiday party. The site is free to use, and members can access it from anywhere in the world. You will only require an internet connection and a compatible device to join in.

Learn more about Teleparty.

10. The Grable Group

The Grable Group is an entertainment company that provides a variety of services, including virtual entertainment options for holiday parties. You can consider The Grable Group for your function if you want virtual Christmas party entertainers.

The firm works with comedians, musicians, artists, and even magicians. You can book your virtual party with their amazing and entertaining online shows. The Grable Group has a diverse range of virtual performances perfect for holiday parties.

​Here are some of the shows you can book:

  • Live musical performances can add liveliness to your party. You can hire melodious singers and musicians from the company to set the holiday mood for your virtual party. Kodi Lee and Broken Roots are among the famous musicians you can book.
  • Magic shows are another entertainment option the company offers. Virtual magic shows can become the life of your virtual holiday party. The magicians have great tricks to keep enthusiasm and magic element alive in virtual sessions. Some of the famous magicians available for a virtual party are Mac King, Eric Jones, and Derek Hughes.
  • Stand-up comedy shoes are a great way to make your virtual holiday party successful. The addition of a comedy show will add fun and laughter to your virtual holiday party. You can hire famous comedians Marty Simpson, Robert Mac, and Michael Jr.
  • Holiday game shows are the perfect way to bring holiday vibes to your virtual party. To make the event more fun and interactive, you can even call a host. You can book virtual games, holiday shows, and entertainment shows.

You can use these options to make your holiday celebration more fun. The standard length of the sessions is 45 minutes. However, you can also ask for shorter sessions.

Learn more about The Grable Group.


Virtual holiday party companies have become popular as more organizations have started to host online events to celebrate holidays with their remote teams. You can have a festive and entertaining virtual holiday party with the companies we have listed. These virtual holiday party companies provide the chance to interact and share special occasions.

From virtual cocktail parties to online cooking classes, there are countless options available for organizations to choose from. Virtual holiday party companies will ensure your event is well organized, engaging, and tailored to your requirements. Also, these celebrations will promote camaraderie and celebrate cultural differences between remote employees.

Next, check out our articles on hybrid Christmas ideas, holiday icebreaker questions, and office Christmas party ideas.

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FAQ: Virtual holiday party companies

Here are answers to questions about virtual holiday party companies.

What are virtual holiday party companies?

Virtual holiday party companies specialize in creating and hosting online events for folks to celebrate the holidays together. Virtual holiday companies provide a complete package of services, including planning and coordinating virtual events and providing technical support. Most companies also offer specific activities and online sessions to include in holiday celebrations.

What are the best virtual holiday party companies?

Some of the best virtual holiday party companies include providers of virtual team building events, entertainment, games, and gifts.

These companies specialize in holding virtual sessions. While some firms offer a complete package for the event with different activities and games, other companies have specific events for virtual holiday celebrations.

Why should you hire a company to host your online holiday party?

Hiring a company to host your online holiday party ensures a hassle-free virtual session. Some benefits include professional expertise, creating engaging and fun events for the party, technical support, and services like sending gifts or supply baskets. These companies have professionals on their teams that design and host the activities for the session. The hosts also have expertise in keeping the audience engaged and promoting camaraderie among remote teams.

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