Updated: September 08, 2023

18 Best Virtual Team Building Kits for Remote Teams in 2024

You found our list of helpful virtual team building kits.

Virtual team building kits are boxes or baskets of activities that foster teamwork among remote staff. Examples include coffee-making kits, art kits, and cookie-making kits. The best virtual team building kits may serve as icebreakers, team building exercises, or even celebration-starters. Virtual team building kits are an excellent method to promote morale and inspire collaboration if your team members work remotely.

These packs are similar to team building kits and swag bags and are ways to foster virtual employee engagement. You can also use these boxes as virtual employee appreciation ideas and virtual team event ideas.

This article contains:

  • online team building kits for adults
  • remote team building craft kits
  • corporate team building kits for Zoom events
  • virtual team building in a box

Let’s get started!

List of virtual team building kits

The following are some of the top virtual team-building kits to get for your team.

1. Bath bomb-making kit

Your team can enjoy some bath-related chemistry with KiwiCo’s bath bomb kit. Employees can experiment with colorful chemical creations as they craft animal and Earth-shaped bath bombs. Teams will mix ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and food coloring to craft vibrant bath bomb powders. Then, participants will mold and shape the mixtures. The best part is that folks can take this craft home and watch as the bombs create frothy, fizzy chemical reactions when they hit the water. These creative bath bomb projects offer engaging, hands-on experiences for individuals and teams alike. Each project can produce three to six unique bath bombs, making it a delightful and educational group activity.

Learn more about KiwiCo’s bath bomb-making kit.

2. Yoga at home kit

The Yoga for Beginners Kit from Gaiam is a great addition to your list of corporate team building kits for Zoom events. This kit offers all the supplies teams need to start their practice. The set includes alignment yoga mats featuring guides for proper hand and foot placement in poses. This kit lets users modify challenging poses with the yoga block and increase flexibility using the yoga strap. Additionally, the set comes with access to digital workouts to kickstart your team’s yoga journey. Whether aiming for alignment or a deeper practice, this kit provides essential support and resources to get started.

Learn more about the Gaiam yoga at home kit.

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3. Journaling kit

Journaling is a great way to bring mindfulness into the workplace. The Mossery Journaling Kit is a collection of stationery items that help users’ thoughtful journey along. The kit contains essential writing tools and prompts to help employees explore their thoughts, gain fresh perspectives, and learn new ideas. Writing utensils include a needle-tip gel pen, touch fude brush sign pen, and double-sided highlighters. In addition, teams will receive washi tape and two sticker packs. Also, users can enjoy the Mossery Introspect Prompt Cards and a custom drawstring bag. Finally, and most importantly, the set features a beautiful journal, and users can choose from four paper styles. The Mossery Journaling Kit is your teams’ gateway to self-discovery and creative expression.

Learn more about the Mossery journaling kit.

4. Crochet kit

The Dinosaur Crochet Kit is suitable for beginner crocheters. Once teams get the hang of crocheting, folks can order more kits and have regular crocheting parties! These cute little animals are great idea for virtual team building in a box.

Teams will be crocheting Fred the Dinosaur, a charming prehistoric creation who’s “mostly armless.” With this kit, participants will go on a crocheting journey to bring Fred to life, learning the art of making magic loops along the way. The kit includes step-by-step video tutorials, The Woobles Easy Peasy yarn specially designed for beginners, plastic eyes, stuffing, a tapestry needle, stitch marker, and a PDF dinosaur crochet pattern. Plus, you will receive unlimited support over email and text, as well as virtual crochet office hours. For an additional charge, shoppers can add an ergonomic crochet hook. Whether participats are righties or lefties, they can create a delightful four-inch tall handmade creation.

Learn more about Woobles’ crochet kit.

5. Terrariums building kits

The DIY Terrarium Building Kit is a great present idea if you have an office pet lizard or frog. You can download the directions for the terrarium kit, then you can begin putting it together. Your team will have all they need to create a world-class reptile kingdom inside this kit, including soil, charcoal, drainage rock, decorative rocks, sphagnum moss, glass container, and sea treasures.

Low-maintenance houseplants like succulents and cactus can brighten up your home office. Consider terrarium construction kits during one of your zoom events at work. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make your own terrarium, now is the time. As part of a live video conversation, you will learn how to plant and care for your succulents or cactus. Your team will connect over their new plant babies after the session, strengthening their bonds in the process.

Get the Terrarium building kits on Etsy or Amazon.

6. Beer brewing and tasting kit

A beer brewing kit is an amazing experience that allows team members to brew craft beer in the comfort of their homes. The beer brewing kit is a great way to foster team bonding. You will get everything you need to brew a case of beer, including reusable beer-making equipment. Then, the group can meet up to master this new skill over video conferencing. After two weeks, the fermentation process will be complete, and you and your teammates will be able to enjoy the results of your hard work in a group video chat.

Get the beer brewing kit here and check out this list of virtual beer tasting experiences.

7. Japanese marbling art kit

The traditional Japanese art style called Suminagashi portrays the flow of water using absorbent paper and ink. This meditative experience encourages team members to disconnect to engage in an immersive and creative art form. This kit includes all the required equipment to help participants get into a creative mood and connect with their teams. The box consists of a water tray, Japanese marbling ink, 1.5 grams of powdered carrageenan, ten sheets of watercolor paper, tweezers, one Pipette, and a comb.

Get the Japanese marbling art kit here and check out more online group art classes.

8. Virtual campout kit

You and your coworkers may gather around the virtual campfire and tell scary ghost tales with the virtual campout kit. This kit comes bundled with an online experience where a host will lead your team in ghost stories, camp games, and group bonding activities. Before the event, each attendee will receive a package with s’mores ingredients like gourmet monster marshmallows, premium chocolate, skewers, and campfire-scented candles.

Having a campfire night with S’mores, storytelling, and music is a great way to foster a sense of community among your guests.

Check out this list of s’mores kits and more virtual campfire ideas.

9. Work from home survival kits

If you want your workers to be happy, you can provide them with the best work-from-home survival kit. You will undoubtedly get some appreciation, and their productivity will improve. Some of the items in the kit include earplugs, a webcam cover, conference call bingo cards, a fidget cube, and decision coins.

An alternative option is to organize a treasure hunt for a remote team-building activity. You can either purchase pre-made lists on Etsy or create your own. Participants earn bragging rights by being the first to locate an object in their home and return it to their video camera.

Check the work from home survival kits here, and here are more online team Bingo card options.

10. Virtual cooking kits

Taking virtual cooking lessons as a team is an excellent opportunity to learn about other cultures, try new foods, and mingle with your coworkers. With the cooking kit, you can learn how to prepare anything from cookies to fresh pasta, gnocchi to bagels. The kit comes with lots of ingredients.

Priority Experiences provides employees with pizza-making kits that come complete with all necessary components. Try the Ultimate Pizza Challenge kit if you are looking for something more competitive. Or, a sundae kit is a fantastic item for your staff if they are in the mood for something sweet.

Find virtual cooking kits here and check out this list of online group cooking classes.

11. Candle-making kits

These online team building kits for adults allow you to produce a fragrant candle and keep your hands busy. There will be a chance to catch up with your coworkers while you make candles through video chat. You can use candles with scented soy wax to decorate your home office and improve concentration and productivity.

You can get a variety of candle-making kits on Etsy.

12. Soap-making kit

You can get your coworkers into the DIY mood with one of these remote team building craft kits. Each participant will get all the supplies they need to manufacture their own “Melt and Pour” soap with the soap-making kit. You and your employees can engage in lighthearted conversation and have some relaxing fun while learning something new. The soap-making kit will contain step-by-step instructions.

You can buy soap-making kits from Amazon for each of your staff, complete with molds and shea butter.

13. Happy hour kit

Post-work beverages used to be a favorite pastime for many workers. With a happy hour Kit, you can rekindle the spirit of teamwork among your coworkers over a few drinks. Virtual mixology kits are available in various flavors, including mocktails, cocktails, and even holiday-themed beverages. You and your group will have every item you need to mix cocktails. You may upgrade to a gift-quality package that includes elegant glasses. After learning how to mix up some tasty concoctions, you can all enjoy them together in a virtual community.

If your team members do not want fancy cocktails, they can practice the art of making classic traditional cocktails and enjoy happy hour with a new experience.

Get a pocket cocktail kit and check out more virtual happy hour kits.

14. Virtual painting kits

Painting to Gogh is a popular choice for a conventional virtual painting session. This paint kit contains everything your workers need to build their painting masterpieces. You can use a pre-recorded video guide to follow along. This feature enables you to stop and replay as many times as your team desires. Your team members can use the painting materials included in this kit repeatedly.

There are several reasons why this is an excellent team-building kit: A guided team building activity that combines a comfortable setting with a lovely and peaceful watercolor experience will let employees release their creativity.

Get the virtual painting kits here.

15. Virtual Lego building kits

Play with Legos at your home office to reminisce about your youth. In a virtual Lego construction competition, teams may unite around a common goal and compete against each other to win. In addition, participating in Lego contests is a terrific opportunity to strengthen relationships within your team.

The kit will contain everything you will need to create your Lego masterpieces, including a workbook. The activity can promote participatory play and creative thinking.

Get the virtual Lego building kits here.

16. Pottery making kits

Playing with clay is a great way to promote communication and interaction with your team and relive your childhood memories of squishing about in the mud.

Pottery-making kits promote art therapy at home and alleviate work-related stress by allowing employees to engage in creative activities. You can ship boxes with essential pottery supplies to your staff. The package includes materials, sculpting tools, and step-by-step instructions. Using video conferencing, your team will collaborate on their projects while an instructor offers suggestions and pointers.

Get pottery-making kits here.

17. Aromatherapy and oils kit

With this kit, participants will get the chance to learn about essential oils, aromatherapy, their advantages, and how to use various oils and mixes. Team members will also learn to make blends of essential oil. This kit is a tremendous team-building kit for several reasons: Employees will learn how to use essential oils to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a team-building activity, this one is fun since it focuses on employee well-being.

Check out Aromatherapy and Oils kits here.

18. Vision board party kit

This kit is a great way to welcome new interns and workers into the workforce at the beginning of a new fiscal year. Each employee will get a vision board kit by postal mail! After that, set up a video conference call so that everyone can cut, glue, and decorate their boards together. As you develop your ideas and thoughts, feel free to share them with others. A conversation might begin when participants openly discuss their hopes and dreams.

Check out vision board kits online. Alternatively, encourage staff to do it themselves and upcycle household items like magazines and construction paper.

Tips for a successful virtual team building event

You should choose engaging, informative, and enjoyable corporate team building kits for your team building efforts. Requirements for a successful virtual team-building event include:

1. Necessary equipment

Your plan for the exercise’s facilitation should be clear. Most companies nowadays use zoom for their events. You will want to make sure that everyone on your team has the resources and kits they need for participation. All participants should have webcams, microphones, and speakers, whether a group of separate devices or an all-in-one combination.

2. Availability

It is crucial to keep your team in mind when preparing these activities. Before arranging a virtual team building event, you should consider any upcoming deadlines or tasks. In addition, keep in mind that workers may have other responsibilities such as picking up their children from school or taking time from work ahead of schedule.

3. The plan

It would help if you take your time and came up with a game plan. It would be best to clarify what you hope to achieve with the event. If you are unclear about what to do, you can always ask your employees for personalized input. Employees are more receptive to team building activities when they do not see them as a burden. A virtual team-building session may also be a lot of fun!

4. Feedback

After a team building event, gathering feedback is essential to determining whether or not you accomplished your goal. Post-meeting surveys, short-answer questions, or a “raised hands” poll after the meeting are all options to gather feedback.


Virtual team-building activities benefit the firm by bringing colleagues together, fostering teamwork, and inspiring employees to think creatively. Developing these soft talents builds workplace morale, and intelligent company owners know that satisfied workers lead to satisfied consumers. The virtual team-building kits should aid in building team cooperation while also ensuring that everyone has a good time!

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FAQ: Virtual team building kits

The following are some commonly asked questions about virtual team building kits.

What are virtual team building kits?

Virtual team building kits are presents, packages, or experiences that encourage cooperation and foster a sense of belonging among team members.

What are some good online team building kits for remote teams?

Some of the best virtual team building kits include chocolate-making kits, pottery-making kits, or terrarium building kits.

How do you DIY kits for virtual team building events?

To DIY kits, you can ask for feedback from team members, create a plan, and source necessary resources for the virtual event. Be mindful of your group’s requirements and preferences when selecting a virtual team building kit. Then, choose appropriate packages for your staff that will keep them interested through Zoom.

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