Virtual Team Trivia

September 16, 2020

Virtual Team Trivia is a fun remote game that tests your employees’ knowledge.

Also referred to as Remote Trivia Night or Virtual Pub Quiz, Virtual Team Trivia is simple to set up and does not require a lot of materials to play. This game is a subset of team building activities for conference calls, is a perfect game for large groups, and is very similar to Virtual Happy Hour Trivia.

This online team building game develops your team’s competitive spirit and pushes your team to work together to answer questions.

If remote trivia night sounds like a great fit for your team, then take a look at our ideas, guidelines, and tips below.

By the way, we offer facilitated virtual team trivia too.

How to play Virtual Team Trivia

To help get you started, here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own virtual team trivia game.

1. Set your time and app

The first thing you should do is establish a day and time when your team is free to participate in trivia. Friday afternoon is a great choice, since it gives your team something to look forward to at the end of the week and helps ease your group into the weekend. Then, select the virtual meeting software you will use and send calendar invites to your team.

We recommend hosting your virtual trivia via Zoom or Google Meet.

2. Compile your questions

A few days before the game, begin collecting trivia questions. The best trivia questions span a variety of topics and are obscure enough to challenge your team, but not so obscure the questions require Google to solve. For a 45-minute game, we recommend about three rounds with ten questions each, organized from easy to difficult. You can also include a last-minute twist, where the final question is weighted more to mix things up.

3. Assign teams

Once your sign up window has closed, split players up into teams ahead of the event so you don’t waste valuable game time on logistics you can do in advance. These teams should have no more than six people to ensure every team member gets a chance to participate. Task your team members to spend a few minutes before the game coming up with a quirky team name and appointing a team captain, who will then submit the team’s answers during trivia.

4. Play the game

On the day of Virtual Team Trivia, lay down some ground rules once everyone has gathered for the event.

Examples of good rules for virtual team trivia are:

  1. No Googling or asking friends or family members for help
  2. Teams get 30 seconds per question to answer
  3. Only the team leader can send private messages with the team’s answers to the host

Once everyone is clear on the rules, it is time to start! For each question, separate each team into breakout rooms to discuss their responses. Teams have 30 seconds to come up with answers; teams that answer questions the most quickly and accurately earn points. As the host, remember to keep track of each team’s points.

5. Calculate scores and announce the winner

After finishing the trivia questions, calculate the scores for each team. If any questions are weighted differently, then make sure to add extra points. When you are done calculating, announce the winning team. To further emphasize the team building element of Team Virtual Trivia, leave time at the end of your virtual meeting to celebrate with your team and hang out together for a few minutes.

Virtual Team Trivia tips

Your first time hosting a virtual pub quiz does not have to be a stressful experience. Here are some tips for pulling off your first Virtual Team Trivia without a hitch:

  • To create a more pub-like atmosphere, give your team the ability to bill a drink to the company, so your group can enjoy a refreshment together.
  • Include some team building jokes to break the ice
  • Test out the video conferencing app you plan on using prior to the game.
  • Use a random team generator to split your employees into teams, or consider dividing your team members up intentionally based on various organizational goals.
  • Come up with a prize for the winning team ahead of time.
  • If you must leave after a certain time, then pass on your hosting controls to another so your team can continue hanging out.
  • Use trivia as an opportunity to develop team building skills

Virtual Team Trivia apps

Prefer to have some additional guidance when holding Virtual Team Trivia?

Here’s our list of popular virtual trivia apps:

These trivia apps take the pressure off of constructing your own game by either providing a virtual quiz interface or deck of questions that your team can answer. Some of these apps are playable on your phone!


We hope your team enjoys Virtual Team Trivia Night!

Once you complete your trivia session, check out our master list of online team building activities for ideas on what your team can do next.

Author: Jessica Chen

Team building content expert. Jessica has a double major in English and Asian Studies, and experience working with teams across cultures; including 3+ years in Taiwan.

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